“Pray for the family” Noti Flow speaks after ex girlfriend is hospitalized

What I have learnt about this beautiful world full of sin is that I come first. Never putting anyone or anything above me and truth is – that is how it should always be.

No one is worth your peace or happiness and if anything – when life comes at me, I tackle it however best I can, just to save my soul – remembering today is bitter but tomorrow could be sweeter….if not, ill fight until the end.  I believe I am not just a decoration for the universe, my life has value, i can never trade it for another and once the sun sets….i have no power to rise it.

So yea – tough times, alot of depression among the youths, drug abuse and among other things – but believe me, your story might sound sad and exhausting – but we all have our struggles.

Others actually have it worse – but the difference between you and them is how much you value your own life, how often you appreciate your own life, remember you came to the world alone…no friends, didnt even know the person that carried you for the 9 months or the man responsible for the sperm that made you….i mean that should tell you alot, right?

Noti speaks about ex

Anyway with that said…..there are rumors surrounding Noti Flow’s ex girlfriend, King Alami who is currently hospitalized at KNH and according to the rapper she cannot speak on the matter since it is a police case.

However addressing fans, shes requested for some financial help to cover the growing hospital bill as well as prayers for Alami who is in critical condition. Through a post shared on her page, Noti wrote;

In yet another post Noti added that;

I understand y’all are concerned and would like to know but my hands are tied. This is a criminal matter and I don’t want to interfere with police investigations.


Why Noti Flow will never date a man again

Former rapper/socialite Noti Flow recently gifted her girlfriend King Alami a brand new car, just to show appreciation for the love they both share.


This move however took many by surprise, that is judging from how relationships continue to fall apart each and every day; and obviously in this case netizens wanted to know whether the car’s logbook was in King Alami’s name or in Noti’s name….you never know whether they’ll last or not.

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However worry not. This is because Noti Flow now says that she is done searching around and is ready to settle down with King Alami. Maybe not officially for now, but in 10 years or so…the rapper has promised a fancy wedding between her bae.

Maybe, in 10, 11 years we’ll get married. My mom and my dad have met her. They all like her. I even show them the tattoos. My mom likes Noti. I came out to my dad when I was 14; he said as long as you are not getting pregnant, I accept. My mom found out when I was 18.

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Done with men

Unfortunately for the boy child, Noti Flow says that so far she has had her share with men and prefers dating women now. In fact, she has no plans of ever entertaining a man in her life now that she is a full blown lesbian.

Speaking about her sexuality and future with King Alami, Noti said;

Now I am a full-blown lesbian. I don’t think I’ll ever go back