Which female celeb hasn’t bleached? Noti Flow’s TBT photo leaves Kenyans convinced that Carolite actually works(photo)

Seven out ten female celebs in Kenya have lighten their skin according to our understanding.

From Lilian Muli, Avril, Bridget Achieng, Huddah Monroe to Vera Sidika among others, Kenyan female celebs have really turned to skin bleaching in hopes of looking better for the gram. In fact, it seems Akothee is the only one who hasn’t tampered with her skin.


Well, a TBT photo from socialite Noti Flow from way back has left many tongues wagging. Noti Flow, who used to be in the US, became a topic of discussion yet again after an old photo made its way back to social media.

In the photo, the young girl is darker than how Vera Sidika used to be. And after bleaching, she now looks lighter than Julie Gichuru on typical sunny day.



D*Kmatized! ‘Prezzo’s bedroom skills drive me crazy’ confesses Amber Lulu

Several women have publicly confessed that once rapper Prezzo gets you under the sheets, that’s all you will be thinking about because he’s a beast when it comes to beating the P.

Huddah Monroe started it all saying Prezzo gave her the best sex she’d ever imagined and if there’s one ex on her list she’d go back to, it would be definitely him.

Rapper Noti flow also made the confession saying that Prezzo’s game drove her crazy. She even nicknamed his pipe the ‘Devil’s D’.

In Love

Prezzo’s lover Amber Lulu has revealed that she’s so much in love with the rapper and is even thinking of settling down with him all thanks to his D game.

The Tanzanian socialite said that many people might have dated Prezzo but none has had a truer relationship with him like her.

“You can be with Prezzo, roll with him but you can never be the best more than me. Love is a connection, I understand him and he understands me. I’m not trying to taunt anyone, anyone can date Prezzo, but they can never reach the level of relationship Prezzo and I have,” she told Dizzim Online.

The video vixen also went on to confess of how she’s has been d**ckmatized by the Naleta action rapper in the interview.

Prezzo moves on with rapper Noti Flow despite her calling him a ‘mama’s boy’?

Wonders shall never seize to end if indeed Prezzo and Noti Flow are now an item. This comes shortly after the fella shared a photo chilling with the lady and from his caption – there relationship might have moved from friendship to lovers.

However, no one really saw this coming as Prezzo and Noti have always shown to have bad blood because of uncle Muss…but seems that we did not read in between the lines to realize that Noti Flow is actually Prezzo’s type and since the two are single it would be easy to be together unlike uncle Muss who has a wife.

Uncle Muss with Noti Flow

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Anyway, not quite sure what the two are up to but it will soon come out in the open since these celebrities don’t know how to keep their private lives off their social media pages.

Noti Flow also happens to have deleted all Mustafa’s photos making it obvious that she is now done with him. But will she last with Prezzo?

Noti Flow and Prezzo
Noti Flow and Prezzo