I had to break up with my boyfriend after having a threesome- Rapper Noti Flow 

Rapper Noti Flow has revealed that she had to end her relationship after having a threesome.

In an interview with Pulse Magazine, the controversial rapper shared that having the threesome made her relationship collapse because she’s a jealous lady.

“It was my boyfriend, another girl and I. We broke up a few weeks later because I was too jealous. I loved him so much and that memory was a bad one. I also found out that they hit it out again without me. That was the end,” she said. 

Where to touch

Noti Flow
Noti Flow

The singer also confessed what makes her lose control when in bed with a man. According to Noti Flow, her nipples are way too sensitive for touch.

“Well, if I really like someone, a nice kiss gets me there but then again, my nipples are way too sensitive. One touch and I am down,” he said. 

Noti Flow’s  Make-up free photo leaked online and fans cannot believe this is the real her! (Photo)

Rapper Noti Flow who is now part of Nairobi Diaries has always had this ‘bad girl’ vibe as seen on most of her videos and photos shared online.

I hear she sees herself as the Kenyan ‘Rihanna’ and this is why she likes to walk around with promiscuous outfits leaving no room for imagination as she shows off everything to everyone!

Noti Flow
Noti Flow

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Away from that she is also a very beautiful lady judging from most of her Instagram photos. However, we have every reason to believe that she wears layers of makeup to cover up her natural looks now that her make-up free photos were recently leaked online.

Not that she looks scary but the real Florence Kutoto aka Noti Flow we saw on the Make up free has left many questioning whether anything about her is real…but that is a topic for another day.

Anyway checkout the photo below: Say something nice!

Noti Flow
Noti Flow without her make up