TV stations in Kenya hire ladies based on their breasts and beauty – popular lawyer Ahmednassir 

Some Kenyans believe that in this day and age, female TV anchors who are curvy and beautiful are being favored over those who are less “blessed” regardless of their skill and education.

Popular lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi who is known to speak his mind, seemed to fall in this section.

According to the well-paid lawyer, TV stations in the past had women who were beautiful but still had brains, now, he believes, they are just curvy and beautiful.

“We have many professional ladies for (instance) Anne Soy, Beatrice Marshall, Sophie Ikenye, Catherine Wambua, with foreign media and judged on their professionalism while our local TV girls seem to be hired on the size of their bosom and beauty,” he said Twitter. 


Ahmednassir’s sentiments were led by an interview he watched of renown journalist Catherine Wambua Soi who works with Al-Jazeera. According to the lawyer Soi  understands her work.


Ken Minjugu fired just hours after being promoted and asked to fill Larry Madowo’s job

Hours after being give a new show and expected to fill Larry Madowo’s shoes, details have come out to show that Nation Media Group has fired Ken Minjugu before he even started.

Ken had been announced as the man who will fill Larry Madowo’s position and even host Side Bar, a show which Larry had been hosting.

“All things said and done you have to acknowledge that the course of things can change but as for now am preparing to go live on air,” Ken said on Thursday.

Word has it that Ken was fired because he was a bully and didn’t get along with Muraya Kariuki, the managing acting director according to sources.

“He has been reported several times by at least six reporters including anchors but nothing has materialized,” said a source who spoke to Kenyans. 

“The editor does not have soft skills and he is a bully to almost everyone in the station,” the source indicated.