Most Kenyan musicians don’t know their worth and it’s sad

Despite being super-talented and all, you’ll be shocked to learn that most Kenyan musicians don’t really understand their worth. This is a sad fact of life!

So, here’s the scenario, you are are dead broke despite being an accomplished musician. You’ve dropped three new singles since the year began.

To add to that  you have thousands of followers on your own social media pages, meaning you can easily pull crowds to a gig.


Someone, say a fraudulent promoter, approaches and asks you to perform at an out of town gig for Ksh. 10,000 and you agree because you need to sort out some bills and what not.

Who’s the fool here? Is it the promoter or the musician. It’s definitely the latter and I’ll explain why.

You see, Kenyan musicians should be aware of their worth and stop undervaluing themselves. When they accept paltry amounts for out of town gigs, they are unknowingly setting a bad precedence.

Event organizers are always in constant communication. If word goes around that you charge a certain amount for a performance, your rate card is set.


The next time an event organizer calls the musician up, they will probably offer them the same amount or much less.

At the end of the day, a musician will be bitter for getting bad rates yet they are being offered such meagre amounts because of the precedence that they set. It’s your fault bro!

Musicians should know that it’s okay to turn down amounts they are not comfortable with and that their personal needs or debts should not come before their crafts.

If a musician  needs a manager to help them evaluate how much they are worth, they should go ahead and get one. It’s totally okay!

This way, they’ll get paid what they are worth.  The musician, will also be able to do more things. Instead of performing at many small gigs and being underpaid, just have one or two and get your worth.

Some of the musicians who have been smiling all the way to the bank because they understand their worth are the likes of Naiboi, Khaligraph, Sauti Sol, Otile Brown, Nameless, Avril, Fena Gitu, King Kaka, Octopizzo, Nyashinski, just to name a few.


If you’ve been wondering how come they always have a new song every now and then it’s because they are getting paid what they are worth.

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Kenyan musicians have done so many collabos this year and we’re really impressed

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t but Kenyan musicians have dropped so many collabos since the year began. If you are a huge fan of local music, like yours truly, I’m you are also impressed.

For the first time in a long while, there’s something good to say about the local entertainment industry. We’re barely five months into the year and we’ve seen the most unexpected collabos. It’s such an exciting time to be alive.

Artist have not only realized the importance of doing collabos, they have also decided to step out of the comfort zones. On a light note, I’m pretty sure Kenyan musicians agreed that 2019 is the year of working together.

What I love most about this is that our artists are not only working with their fellow Kenyan musicians, they are also crossing borders and working with acts from Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana and Jamaica.

The likes of rapper Khaligraph Jones have featured on four great collabos since we crossed over into 2019. The songs are; Japo Kidogo, Kiboko (Remix), Megarider (Remix), and Chukua Selfie which was a campaign but still counts.

Papa Jones aslo featured Nigerian rapper Ycee on Gwala which was released in January this year.

If you’ve noticed, Naiboi is also doing a lot of collabos this year. He has two songs with Kristoff, a song with Brown Mauzo. He was featured on Chukua Selfie. His new song with Vivian and Savara dubbed came out a few hours ago.

Arrow Bwoy has also been breaking his back when it comes to music collabos. He has a song with Demarco, another one with Cecile. He has also worked with Gabu and Jovial

Other artists who’ve dropped good collabos this year are; Willy Paul, Timmy Tdat, Nyashinki, Jua Cali, Avril, King Kaka, Mr Seed, The Kansoul, Rankaddah, Rankaddah, Mayonde, Ochunglo Family, just to name a few.

To say the least, I am impressed. I can’t help but imagine how many more great collabos we’ll see before the year ends. I hope this also serves as a wake up call to artists who have been shying away from collabos.

What are some of your favourite local collabos this year? Leave a comment below.

Kenyan musicians who’ve been struggling to make a comeback and what they need to do

Kenyan musicians who were household names 10 years (or so) ago have been struggling to make a comeback in the last few years. However, their efforts are neither here nor there. It’s almost as if they are wasting their time.


Truth is, time flies. Maybe you treated Kenyans to a big hit in your heydays. For one reason or the other, you decided to slow down or take a break as you bask in your success. Maybe you just got lazy, who knows?

Somewhere along the way, perhaps after 5 (or so) years, the musician decides to go back to studio to record songs. More often than not, what motivates them is the fact that their bank account are not as fat as they used to be.

They hurry to release the songs. However, the songs don’t do well. They can’t even get 10,000 views on YouTube. This comes as a shock to many artists who were big back in the day. They find it hard to believe that their fans have moved on.

You see, 5 years is such a long time. Hundreds, maybe thousands of new musicians have cropped up since the old guns took a break. Naturally, some of them won the hearts of music fans.

As such, when the old guns make a comeback after so many years, they find it hard to penetrate the industry. Perhaps they sound the same way and this makes it even harder.

Instead of releasing many songs that no one bothers to listen to, these old guns should come face-to-face with the fact that they are no longer the household acts that they were a decade ago.

In so doing, they will come to the realization that they need to work with new-age musicians to regain relevance and break through in the local industry.

Accepting that you are no longer at the top takes a lot of humility. Actually, it’s a laudable act. The sooner most old guns realize this the better.

Some of the old guns who have been trying to make a comeback include; Mr. Lenny, Kenzo, DNA, Nonini, Kendi, Kenrazy, Big Pin, Julani, just to name a few. I hope one day they will get an eye-opener.

Watch DNA’s latest single dubbed Lokko below.

Nyashinski totally killed it on this collabo with Yemi Alade and Harmonize

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has been on a roll! Since the year began, Konde Boy, as he fondly refers to himself, has released chart-topping hits such as Niteke, Kainama, Show Me What You Got and Tepete.

However, for one reason or the other, of his four recent releases by, only two songs stand out for many people and that is Show Me What You Got where he featured Yemi Alade and Kainama where he featured Diamond Platnumz and Burna Boy.


Today, we’ll talk about his collabo with Yemi Alade. The audio was released more than 6 weeks ago, while the video just came out a week ago.

It’s a beautiful song. No doubt. As such, it does not come as a surprise that it has been getting good reviews and getting featured on continental playlists.

A few days ago, Harmonize did us one better. He released the remix of Show Me What You Got featuring one of the best continental acts and one of our own – Nyashinki. It’s a good time to be alive, isn’t it?


If you are thought that the song could not get any better then think again. Nyashinki adds a beautiful vibe to this song that is so hard to describe. You will only feel the difference if you listen to the version of the song where he is not featured.

But then again, we weren’t expecting anything less seeing how talented Nyashinki is. He is one of the few local musicians and who can sing and rap. I digress.

In the song, Nyashinki delivers very
smooth vocals. His lyrics are well thought-out and flow with the instruments.

At some point he says “Uko too fine au ni three fine, you and your cheap wine you must be new I’m good for your, bad for your hair uko cute ukidance underwear.”

And there’s way much more, just listen to the song. You’ll agree with me that he totally killed it. Nyashinki is truly the greatest of all time.

Listen to Show Me What You Got (Remix) below and tell us what you think.


5 impossible music collabos we’d love to see before 2019 ends

A few days ago, Octopizzo revealed that he was willing to work with nemesis Khaligraph Jones if the song would line his pockets. Although the chances of this happening are close to zero, it got me thinking about other impossible collabos that we’d love to see.

You see, the essence of doing in a collabo is to grow an artist’s fanbase. For instance, Khaligraph’s fans would get to know about Octopizzo or appreciate his music and vice versa if the two artists ever do a collabo.

There’s also the obvious fact that two or more music greats are bound to create something magical if they ever work on a song together.

That being said, here’s our wish list of collabos:

1. Nyashinki and Otile Brown – After listening to Nyashinki and Juma Jux on Incase You Don’t Know, I couldn’t help but imagine what a Nyashinki and Otile Brown collabo would sound like. We are really looking forward to the day when they’ll give us a treat.

Nyashinki and Otile Brown

2. Arrow Bwoy and Vivian – This collabo should have happened a long time ago. I mean why not? Vivian’s smooth vocals would really blend well with Arrow Bwoy’s seductive dancehall sound. Get into studio guys!

Vivian and Arrow Bwoy

3. Sauti Sol and King Kaka – They may not see eye to eye but I’m sure you also get the feeling that a song by these great musicians would be nothing but pure bliss. You remember Sauti Sol’s collabo with Khaligraph dubbed Rewind? Think along those lines and then add King Kaka’s storytelling skills.

Sauti Sol and King Kaka

4. Nadia Mukami and Naiboi – I live for the day these two musicians will release a song together. Thinking about it just gives me goosebumps. If a collabo between Naiboi and Nadia comes to pass, it will be the biggest song in 2019. You want to bet?

Nadia Mukami & Naiboi

5. Masauti and Steph Kapela – Nothing beats a bongo-infused rap song. Absolutely nothing. It’s for this reason that I feel Masauti should do his next collabo with one of Kenya’s best emcees – Steph Kapela. What I love about Steph Kapela is that he is versatile, he could end up singing if they ever do a collabo.

Masauti and Steph Kapela

Which are some of the collabos that you’d like to see before the year ends? Leave a comment below.

Willy Paul uko wapi? Nyashinski drops two hot singles dubbed ‘Free’ and ‘Finyo’

Singer Nyashinski has done it again.

The veteran MC has released two new songs dubbed ‘Free’ and ‘Finyo’ back to back.

It’s the second time the singer has pulled such a move after he dropped two songs early this year.

Double treat

Though the two songs don’t have a video yet, they are getting a lot of views already and they are from his solo upcoming album “NYASHINSKI”.

Listen to the two songs below:

Nyashinski collabos with international artists after lucrative deal

Rapper Nyashinski has collaborated with American super producer DJ Diplo and Danish singer MØ in new song dubbed “Stay Open”.

The song, which is for Tuborg’s music campaign dubbed Stay Open was produced by Kenyan producer Musyoka.

Turborg open gives Kenyan artists a platform to work with international artists and show case their skills. It’s now in it’s second year.

“I took the Stay Open theme and flipped it by rhyming about a beautiful woman who I am asking to stay open to my suggestions. Working with DJ Diplo and MØ was also great. It is an opportunity I appreciate getting,” said Nyashinski. 


Musyoka said he loved the project especially how it gives Kenyan’s culture a platform.

“This track is all about being open to ideas, cultures and perspectives from all over the world. It shows what Kenya has to offer culturally and musically,” he said.

Listen to the song below

Ignored! Nyashinski shares how fan embarrassed him after requesting a photo with Jua Cali 

Rapper Nyashinski found himself in an awkward situation after a fan ignored him for a photo with Jua Cali.

Just like everybody else, celebrities also have their embarrassing moments and for Nyashinski, it all came after standing to a more popular guy than him.


Nyash shared that the fan walked to him and exchanged greetings only for him request him to take a picture with Jua Cali.

“There is this time, I was standing next to Jua Cali. So, this guy comes, approaches us and he was like Nyash niaje. then he is like I like your songs nikamwambia thanks. Then he took his phone and told me unaeza nipiga picha na Jua Cali?” he said. 


Behind the scenes: Sauti Sol team up with Nyashinski for new song

It’s a collabo many have been secretly imagining for along time now and it has finally happened. Popular boy band Sauti Sol have collaborated with top singer Nyashinski for their new track “Short and Sweet”.

The song is already out and the video will be dropping any minute from now.

“Even before I came back to Kenya, I was always in awe of the works of Sauti Sol,” said Nyashinski.

“It’s amazing how we struck a cord almost immediately, and we’ve grown to become friends. I always believed this (working together) was going to happen at some point; the actualization is an honor – to be part of their Afrikan Sauce project.”

Polycarp added: “Working with Nyashinski was absolutely amazing. This collaboration was inevitable and we knew that both our sounds would fuse so well together but it honesty came out better than we ever expected it to.”

“Short and Sweet” is the fifth single of their upcoming album “Afrikan Sauce” which is currently in the kitchen and will we be served pretty soon.

Other songs in the album include: Melanin (Ft. Patoranking), Rewind (Ft. Khaligraph Jones), Afrikan Star (Ft. Burna Boy), Girl Next Door (Ft. Tiwa Savag) and Live and Die in Afrika (Remix) (Ft. Rick Ross).


Nyashinki wins Lillian Muli’s heart

Lillian Muli has been smitten with secular singer – Nyashinki, the beautiful Citizen TV anchor couldn’t hide her feeling any more.

Nyashinki is perhaps the most romantic man in Kenya because ladies just can’t get enough of him especially after her dropped his new single dubbed ‘Malaika’,

The singer has won the hearts of Kenyans with his new romantic song, Lillian Muli is among those who have been smitten with Nyashinki.

“Uko na tabia za kupendeza roho…Tabasamu ya kupapasa macho….Sauti yako nikiiskia pia natulia yanipunguzia hasira nazo….Urembo wako ulininasa roho…” Nyashinki sings in his song.

Lillian Muli couldn’t hide her feelings, she took to social media to tell Nyashinki how she feels about his new romantic song.

“@realshinski Malaika I am so in Love with this song this is so beautifully written and sang,” Lillian Muli wrote on Instagram.

Watch ‘Malaika’ in the video below: