Nyashinski and producer Cedo have had a falling out over a Sh10 million deal

A disagreement over a multi-million deal between rapper Nyashinski and his long-time friend and music producer, Cedric ‘Cedo’ Kadenyi, is believed to be the reason behind Nyashinski removing 20 of his hit songs from Spotify and Apple Music.


Copyright shambles? Nyashinski unable to provide the Tecno contract, goes dark!

A recent spot check by Nairobi News revealed that over 20 of Nyashinski’s tracks, which were previously available on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, have been taken down. Popular songs such as “Kebs,” “Hapo Tu,” “Mungu Pekee,” “Aminia,” “Properly,” “Marathon Runner,” “Kabla Tudie,” “Lift Me Up,” “Malaika,” and many others are no longer accessible on these platforms, although they remain available on YouTube.

Further analysis shows a common factor among the removed songs: nearly all were produced by Cedo. Nairobi News has learned that the fallout may have stemmed from a disagreement over a deal worth over Sh10 million.

A source disclosed, “From what I hear, the two had a falling out over a deal exceeding Sh10 million. Shinski secured a major jingle deal with a telecom company and offered Cedo Sh1 million to produce the jingles, which Cedo initially accepted.”


Nyashinski and Tecno sued in Copyright Infringement Case

However, Cedo later wanted to know the actual value of the deal through his contacts at the telecom company. “Cedo and Shinski have a long history together, and they know each other well. For some reason, Cedo had an instinct to find out the worth of the deal, considering their past dealings with telecom companies,” the source explained.

This revelation led to a confrontation. “To his surprise, Cedo found out that Shinski had signed a deal worth over Sh10 million for the jingles and was shocked to be offered only Sh1 million. He demanded a higher payment, which triggered their disagreement,” the source continued.

In response, Nyashinski reportedly pulled most of his songs produced by Cedo from streaming platforms. “This means Cedo won’t earn any royalties from those songs where they share publishing rights. It’s puzzling why Shinski would take such a step, considering it also affects his own earnings,” the source concluded.

Nyashinski Regrets Missing Madaraka Festival Due To Visa Issues

In a heartfelt message, Kenyan music icon Nyashinski revealed his team’s visa applications for the Madaraka Festival USA Tour were denied. Despite the organizers’ efforts, the tour will proceed without him.

“We were incredibly excited for the tour,” Nyashinski said, apologizing for any inconvenience caused.

The Madaraka Festival, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, is a renowned event showcasing African music, culture, and community across the US.

Kicking off on May 25th in Dallas, the festival tours thirteen cities before culminating in a two-day extravaganza in Seattle, coinciding with Juneteenth celebrations.

While Nyashinski’s absence is a blow, a stellar lineup of other African artists is still set to perform.

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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and consulates often face backlogs, leading to delays in processing visa applications.

According to a report by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), wait times for visa processing have increased significantly in recent years.

Copyright shambles? Nyashinski unable to provide the Tecno contract, goes dark!

The court is poised to make a decision in a copyright infringement lawsuit involving renowned artist Nyamari “Nyashinski” Ongegu, who was sued by Nigerian music producer Sam Are Eliapenda over a lucrative endorsement deal he secured with Tecno Kenya Limited in May 2023.

Magistrate Selina Muchungi announced that she would render a judgment on June 10 after Nyashinski once again failed to furnish the court with the brand ambassadorial contract he signed with Tecno, as previously instructed.

The contract’s contents have been a point of contention since Sam Are announced his intention to sue Nyashinski last year, alleging that the rapper used the hit song “Wach Wach,” which he produced, to promote Tecno Camon 20 without obtaining his consent or providing compensation.

While Sam Are and Nyashinski each own 50% of the publishing rights to “Wach Wach,” the rapper possesses 100% of the master rights to the record.


In a copyright lawsuit, the court asks Nyashinski to produce the Tecno contract

Based on the division of publishing rights, Sam Are contends in court documents that he is entitled to a portion of the endorsement deal’s proceeds, but Nyashinski has not cooperated.

In February of this year, Magistrate Muchungi ordered Nyashinski to produce the contract before the case’s next hearing on March 13. However, Nyashinski’s legal team, Humphrey & Co. Advocates, informed the court that they were unable to present the agreement.

They argued, “The brand ambassador agreement is subject to a non-disclosure agreement, a confidential agreement which we cannot produce in court.”

Subsequently, Magistrate Muchungi issued a new directive, instructing Nyashinski’s legal team to provide the contract within 14 days.

During the third hearing last month, Nyashinski’s legal representatives still had not produced the contract.


Nyashinski and Tecno sued in Copyright Infringement Case

Nyashinski’s lawyer, Eddie Omondi, contended that they could not disclose the contract without a formal written request from plaintiff Sam Are, outlining reasons for requiring the confidentiality agreement.

The magistrate then instructed David Katee, representing Sam Are, to file a formal application.

Nyashinski’s legal team was directed to submit a response to the application by the next hearing date on May 6.

However, on May 6, Nyashinski’s lawyers had not filed a response or produced the contract, despite Sam Are’s lawyer serving them with the application.

Nyashinski’s legal team claimed that their client was unavailable, but the magistrate rejected their request and ordered them to file a response to Sam Are’s application.

Both parties were instructed to file their submissions by June 10, when compliance would be confirmed, and a ruling date would be determined.

In a copyright lawsuit, the court asks Nyashinski to produce the Tecno contract

Rapper and vocalist Nyamari ‘Nyashinski’ Ongegu has requested the court for additional time to provide complete contract documents regarding an ambassadorial deal he inked with Tecno Kenya Limited.

The deal, sealed in May 2023 and purportedly worth millions of shillings, lies at the core of a Copyright infringement lawsuit filed against the popular singer by Nigerian producer Sam Eliapenda Jedidah, also known as Sam Eli.

According to court documents obtained by Nairobi News, Sam Eli alleges that Nyashinski endorsed the Tecno device Camon 20 using the hit song ‘Wach Wach’, which he produced, as part of a brand endorsement deal with the smartphone manufacturer.

Appearing in a virtual court session before Honourable Justice Selina Muchungi for another mention of the case, Nyashinski’s defense team, Humphrey & Co Advocates, requested more time to fully comply with the documents requested by the plaintiff’s lawyer, James T. Makori Advocates, before setting a hearing date for the lawsuit.

In February 2024, Sam Eli requested the court to compel Nyashinski to produce royalty reports for five songs he produced for the ‘Lucky You’ album, including ‘Flowers’, ‘Wach Wach’, ‘Too Much’, ‘Showman’, and ‘Top Form’, as well as the brand ambassadorship agreement with Tecno Kenya Limited.

During today’s hearing, Sam Eli’s legal team confirmed receiving royalty reports for only three songs and requested the remaining documents. Nyashinski’s lawyers argued against producing the brand ambassadorship agreement, citing confidentiality under a non-disclosure agreement.

Regarding the royalty reports for ‘Showman’ and ‘Top Form’, Nyashinski’s lawyers stated that they only provided reports for the songs demanded by formal request.

However, Sam Eli’s team insisted that there was a formal application for all five songs, prompting Justice Muchungi to issue fresh directions. The court directed Nyashinski’s defense team to produce the royalty reports for ‘Showman’ and ‘Top Form’ songs, as well as the brand ambassadorship agreement, within 14 days. Justice Muchungi also granted seven days for Sam Eli’s team to review the documents upon being served, scheduling the next mention for April 12, 2023.

Zia Bett Showers Nyashinski With Affection, Celebrating Their Enduring Love

In a heartwarming display of affection, Zia Bett, the renowned Kenyan fashionista and wife of celebrated rapper Nyashinski, took to social media to express her unwavering love for her husband. Attending an event together on Friday, November 24, the couple radiated joy and camaraderie, captivating their audience with their undeniable chemistry.

In a heartfelt caption accompanying a series of photos from the event, Zia eloquently expressed her admiration for her husband, stating, “Living my happily ever after, one day at a time, with the one who makes every moment magical. 💖✨”

The images captured the couple’s infectious laughter and intimate conversations, revealing a deep connection that transcends the limelight. Zia, a fashion icon in her own right, exuded elegance in stylish outfits, complementing Nyashinski’s casual yet charismatic attire.

Their love story has recently taken center stage, as Nyashinski serenaded his wife with his latest release, ‘Perfect Design,’ a heartfelt ode to their unbreakable bond. The accompanying music video features Zia prominently, creating a visual narrative of their love journey, from the initial spark to their enduring commitment.

Nyashinski’s lyrics, infused with emotion and sincerity, paint a vivid picture of their unwavering love. In lines like “In my mind, babe, is where you spend most of your time, baby,” he expresses the profound impact Zia has on his life.

The palpable chemistry between Nyashinski and Zia Bett elevates ‘Perfect Design’ from a musical masterpiece to a visual love story that resonates with fans across Kenya. Their unwavering affection serves as a testament to the power of love, inspiring and captivating audiences worldwide.

Nyashinski and Tecno sued in Copyright Infringement Case

Acclaimed Kenyan rapper Nyashinski is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit from Nigerian music producer Sam Eli Are. Are claims that Nyashinski used his beat for the hit song “Wach Wach” to promote Tecno Mobile’s latest smartphone, the Camon 20, without his permission.

Are alleges that he met Nyashinski in a Nairobi studio in 2020, and that the rapper asked to use one of his beats for his album “Lucky You.” Are agreed, and sent Nyashinski a number of his beats. Nyashinski chose the beat for “Wach Wach,” and recorded the song a few days later.

After the song was released, Are says that he sent Nyashinski a contract to formalize the terms of their agreement. However, Nyashinski never signed the contract.

Are claims that he is entitled to a share of the profits from the Tecno endorsement deal, as he is the copyright holder for the beat that was used in the commercials. He is seeking damages of Sh10 million from Nyashinski and Tecno.

Nyashinski has denied the allegations, and says that he has a valid contract with Are. He also says that he has already paid Are for the use of the beat.

The case is still pending in court, and it is unclear how it will be resolved. However, it is a reminder of the importance of copyright protection in the music industry.

Nyashinski Not Far From Downfall: Here’s Why He Should Quit Rapping And Stick To Singing

From a truck-driver based in the US, to a musical star smelting millions from his music- Nyashinski is the epitome of pure talent that almost went to waste. The ‘Hapo tu’ hitmaker made his comeback in 2016 after working abroad and quitting music for a while.

The song Tuendelee by Kleptomaniax totally changed the music industry in Kenya. The lead bad boy being Nyamari Ongengu, popularly known by his stage name Nyashinski, was a favorite because of his lyrical prowess. But the group went ahead and split up.

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Rapping Vs Singing

Nyashinski the former Kleptomaniax makes a comeback - The Standard Entertainment
Kleptomaniax back in the day-Google

Bearing the latter in mind, Nyashinski’s exemplary talent is slowly fading despite his comeback. And just like Eric Omondi predicted, Kenyan musicians are not giving their all and are being overtaken by Tanzanians. It’s all about consistency. And Nyashinski is not an exception.

Taking a look at his songs that are flawless, Nyash keeps it simple by singing along; not necessarily rapping. A good example is his love songs, Malaika, Hello, Bebi Bebi, just to mention a few. The songs have garnered millions of views, in comparison to his rap songs; some of which he recently released. I bet you didn’t know about them. He just posted them on YouTube, just like that. And all of them have less than 100K views.

The point is, love songs tend to sell more. And most of them are just through singing without conglomerating rap in them. And this is what Nyashinski should stick to- or else netizens will end up forgetting his name in the near future.

Second Baby onboard! Nyashinski’s wife spotted rocking huge baby bump

Nyashinski performance at the swearing-in ceremony of Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has left everyone focused on his wife Zia Bett who they all believe is pregnant with their second child.

Call it blessing on blessing I mean, barely two years after their first born and Zia already has another one on the way; and although I’m assuming she’d have wanted the information kept secret – sadly it got out courtesy of the outfit she wore at Sakaja’s swearing in ceremony.

Dressed in a body hugging black dress and a light brown trench coat – Zia Bett tried her very best to hide the bump but with all the cameras at the event; surely – she didn’t think she’d get away with keeping the pregnancy on the low.

Zia Bett and Nyashinski

Having wedded at a secret ceremony in 2019 – the two have become a power couple that many admire especially with how secretive they are about their private lives.

However whether private or not – they continue to prove that entertainment can still work without having to publicize everything;  especially judging from how we’ve seen several comedians wash their dirty linen in public.

Anyway, checkout a photo of Zia Bett rocking her bump.

Nyashinski’s Promises Lifetime Experience In Upcoming Concert

Singer/rapper Nyashinski is one of those artistes fans believe in. Not only does he deliver but his music speaks in a language that both the young and old understand; which explains why his fans are overly excited about his Shin City concert set to go down 16th April.

Nyashinski presents Shin City

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Although this is not his first concert (remember the YouTube live one) Nyashinski’s team has promised something better; and real as fans will watch him perform live, interact and even learn a thing or two about him. Describing the upcoming concert the team said;

Shin City is the fictional brainchild of Nyashinski that will provide an opportunity for fans to immerse all their senses in an incredible collaboration of music, experiential, and story-telling.

Nyashinski back and better

With hit songs like Mungu pekee, Hapo tu, Free – among others, we can see why there’s already too much hype around the concert despite it being weeks away.

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But looking at some of the comments left under his new posts, fans are pushing the singer to hold concert sooner; but of course this is a request he cannot fulfill, if indeed they want to see what a life time experience means.

The concert will also attract a host of celebrities – coming together to support one of their own; but again, we already know Nyash is a whole vibe on his own.

Nyashinski’s Wife Zia Opens Up On Why They Keep Family Off Social Media

By just viewing their social media pages, you’ll probably end up in a cul de sac; and think they’re both single. Nyashinski and his wife’s prowess in keeping their family off social media is a conspicuous one. Zia, who gave birth just before the first COVID-19 case in the country was announced in March, hasn’t revealed the face of their first born son just yet.

She struggled with baby fat afterwards, but lost weight in a few months.

Body Struggles

On her Instagram, Zia shared a before and after photo of her body showing her transformation since her delivery. Most women were inquisitive of her weight loss and wanted to know how she did it.

”I’ve really debated posting this transformation, only cause I can’t believe that’s how I’d been walking these streets and no one told me ???? But honestly, after bringing life into this world, anything beyond taking care of a newborn is a favour ????????‍♀️ Though for me, I vividly remember looking in the mirror and just hating how I looked and felt. I didn’t wanna feel like that anymore. I knew I could look better, I knew I could feel better”

Happy Family Off Social Media?

Nyashinski Renounces His Twitter Account After Lying To Fans Of His Wife's  Expectancy – KenyaBuzz LifeStyle
Nyashinski and Zia-Google

Shinski and Zia are among the few celebrities who happen not to be social media fans as such, and this plan tends to work to save relationships.

”I think for us we wanted to date and have our relationship outside of the media; just to protect it.”

‘We spend a lot of time as a family with him”

Zia also disclosed that she doesn’t like anything about her family to be divulged to the public.

Nyashinski on the other hand, supports her lover and does the same. They are true epitomes of a perfect couple.

Nyashinski Celebrates Birthday With Message Of Hope To Netizens Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit everyone hard in one way or the other. Most businesses have shut down, companies have laid off workers and some have been furloughed. All we can do now is just survive. No one knows when the pandemic will come to an end, but one thing’s for sure, it’s here to stay. President Uhuru’s decision to lock down the country got even more people stranded. Celebrities joined hands to try and convince him on behalf of netizens to open up the country. They haven’t succeeded. The third wave has taken even more people. You never know who’s next.

Message Of Hope

Legendary RnB artist, Nyashinski turns a year older and Kenya celebrates  his music prowess - Ghafla! Kenya

However, singer Nyashinksi has his message of hope during this tough time. The ‘Hapo tu’ hitmaker has encouraged netizens to be there for each other and hold on for there are better days to come. In addition, Nyashinski has decided to release three songs on his birthday today to keep his fans entertained. In an emotional message, he wrote,

”Hey Fam,
I pray with you in 2021 and that you and your loved ones are keeping safe. I did some easy songs during this lockdown and would like to share them with you. My goal is that despite the hopelessness people may find themselves in, we can still find hope in each other by being light and pillars of hope.”

Meanwhile, Happy Birthday Nyashinski!

Nyashinski’s wife serving hot looks on her special day, 9 months after welcoming bouncing baby boy

Nandi girl, Zia Bett is a first time mom, lucky enough to have had her body snap back barely months after gracing the delivery room.

The fashion designer and stunning beauty welcomed her first child with hubby, Nyashinski born Nyamari Ongegu on Friday, March 13 in a private event.

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And just 9 months later, the young mom looks like a million bucks!

Zia Bett flaunts hourglass figure

A dear Zia went mum for months, keeping her motherhood journey under wraps and fans in the dark on their new bundle of joy.

Zia Bett serving some hot looks

Fortunately, it is birthday month and she can hide no more.

The curvy, chocolate-skinned beauty has set the Internet ablaze after stepping out in a stylish, tight-fitting red dress with a sling bag in place and the animal print heels on point.

A photo you will easily mistake for a hot campus babe, living her best life while the sun still shines.

Keeping it simple but cheeky;

“Birthday Month ???????? Accepting early gifts in form of MPESA & food. Thanks. ????”

Nyashinski’s wife looking like a million bucks months after welcoming newborn

A photo that left fans drooling over the stunning beauty, who despite her simplicity, housed some undeniably killer looks.

It is all happy birthday to the Nandi girl on her big day!

What do you have to tell her?

Nyashinki reveals how he found his way back to music years after calling it quits! (Video)

Rapper Nyashinski has been sharing unknown stories about his life after he left Kenya for the United States. Speaking to Senator Sakaja through his first YouTube video shared a few days ago; Nyashinski narrated how different and difficult life was back in the State.

According to Nyashinski, his life was reduced to that of a loner due to the long hours he drove around around. However this being the only well paying job, Nyashinski says that he had somehow learnt to accept his new life now.

I accepted that this is my life.

However, thanks to a close friend; Nyashinski says he got one of the best advices that saw him bounce back into making productive music.

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According to Nyashinski, this friend asked him to make positive use of the pressure he was feeling from the fatigue, stress and new life abroad.

So back in the States, my friend told me to just go in the studio and exert that pressure as a lyricist.

Back to making music

Having been blessed with the ability to write good music; Nyashinski found himself doing what he loved most and that is ‘being creative’; And with time, the young man was back to making music.

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I did not have to release the songs. But I found myself listening to a beat, creating a song and wanting to perfect it and then I want people to listen. That is how I found myself back into the music world and came back home.

Nyashinski opens up about lonely life as a truck driver in the United States!

Nyashinski’s music journey started way back when he part of Kleptomaniax; a group that changed the Kenyan music industry. Back then, Robba, Collo and Nyashinski were the hottest males in the industry; and their rap bars made it impossible not to love them.

However, it got to a point where the boys had to quit the group; in order to focus on other things like studies and work. Nyashinski however moved to the United States with his family; an experience he recently opened up about on his first episode of his YouTube show.

Speaking to senator Sakaja, Nyashinski went on to reveal that he had completely quit music when he moved abroad. This is because he probably hoped to land a better job; but little did he know the tough life awaiting for him in the States. He went on to openen up saying;

Father of one, Nyashinski

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“When we moved abroad, I had completely quit music. I was working back in the States as a truck driver, I used to drive a lorry, trying to survive. That experience taught me a lot. Two things that were life-changing for me back then was one, when I was here, I was a star.”

Humble and lonely life

According to Nyashinski, the celebrity life he was used to back in Kenya was reduced to nothing. Life in the States humbled him to a point he started missing the special treatment he was used to.

“People recognised me everywhere and we were doing what we loved. I moved from a place where I was known and getting a bit of favours here and there to a place where no one knows me. No special treatment and you must work because you have to eat. That was coupled with the fact I was used to having people around me to a lonely life of driving a truck.”


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The celebrated singer and hit maker went on to add that his life at some point got so lonely. Driving around for long hours left him feeling like he was trapped in a cage; hence teaching him to make good use of the little time he could spend with fellow drivers.

“There you are alone for over 16 hours. You only stop to fuel, sleep, shower and use the bathroom. So you find yourself enjoying small conversations with people you meet for five minutes. At least it was away from that cage. I accepted that this is my life.”


Nyashinski talks about months-old son for first time (Video)

Months after welcoming newborn baby with wife Zia Bett, Nyashinski talks about his son’s future.

During his recent sit-down with Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja, the politician out of the blues, questioned about the singer’s family and kids, before Nyashinski opened up about his months-old son.

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At the time the interview was being recorded, Nyashinski revealed that his son was 2 months old and hoped he would grow up healthy, happy and with a good name. “Those are the three biggest things I hope for, even more than money,” he stated.

Legendary rapper Nyashinski

He further admitted that getting a kid had completely changed his perspective about life.

Now able to know how it feels to be a father not just to a child, but to a young soul that is expectant of a good life, better than that of his dad, with dreams that need to get accomplished eventually.

Lovers, Zia Bett and Nyashinski

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The Hello singer bashed individuals whose ego had seen them classify people into certain backgrounds while at the end of the day, all that a parent desires is to meet their child’s basic needs and more.

The problem is our level of thinking; that the only way of guaranteeing your child their needs is money. So you do everything you can including not being a present parent for your child. Just to ensure your kid grows up around wealth. Only to find that by the time you get that wealth, you have already lost your child.

Father of one, Nyashinski

The rapper and long-time lover, Zia Bett welcomed their bouncing baby boy around March, roughly three months after their private traditional Nandi nuptials in November 2019.

Details of their baby’s exact age however remain scanty but we wish the new parents well. Listen in;

Nyashinski stays in his lane and that’s why he’s always winning

Have you ever wondered what sets Nyamari Ongegu, better known as Nyashinski apart from other artists? Well, I have figured it out, kind of.

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To date, the Malaika hitmaker is the only Kenyan artist who took a long hiatus and when he came back, he was even bigger.


Most of his peers have never understood how he has managed to do this because some of them have been trying to make comebacks in the local music industry but have failed miserably.

For starters, Nyashinski is really talented. Some people even refer to him as creative genius and I agree with them.

His musical talent is not forced. It’s almost as if he was born with it. It’s natural so all he has to do is just cultivate it.


The second and most critical aspect is that Nyashinski always stays in his lane. He does not release songs to ride on a popular wave.

If he did, then you would have seen him on a Gengetone jam but you see, he stayed away from it even when that is what everyone wanted to listen to at the time.

Nyashinski also does not compete with anyone. He just does his thing and releases it when he feels it’s the right time.

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I doubt he is bothered by the songs that Sauti Sol, Khaligraph or even Otile Brown put out or how fast they are releasing songs.

If you ask me, that’s one of the things that makes him a cut above the rest i.e staying in his own lane.

If an artist keeps worrying about what his or her competitors are doing, they end up being distracted and the chances that they might want to mimic their competitors are very high.

Video of Nyashinski and wife looking all loved-up months after welcoming newborn sparks wild reactions

It has been a while since we got to hear from rapper Nyashinski and his wife, Zia Bett especially after confirming pregnancy before Covid-19 hit.

Sure to it, the first-time parents must have been overwhelmed with their newborn to even afford time to spoil each other with love in a bubble of their own.

Well enough, the two have finally let go of parenthood after their lovey-dovey video lit up the Internet.

Mrs Nyashinski, Zia Bett

Spotted hanging out and all over each other like first-time lovers, a dear father Nyashinski spoils his wife with random kisses on her cheeks as they walk along. Bashing:

Social distancing ni wewe.

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Only for his Nandi girl to tear him down:

Brush meno ????

R&B artist, Nyamari Ongegu better known as Nyashinski

Honestly, the artist seems delighted to have bagged himself a wife and a baby consecutively and can´t get over that fact.

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Blown off by his street romance, a smitten Zia Bett bubbles with happiness. Have a look:


To this, both envious and impressed fans commented:

kim__chunchu Walahi this is painful ????. Don’t hurt us Dear Krash!


atraxspits_blitz Shinski alipata Jiko. Na hizi stove za mtaa joh, mafuta hazina????


wilkinsfadhili Weeeh leo kutanyesha baaaaas????????
_shugu__ Must be nice
wambui_wa_naivasha ♥️such a lovely Couple
pinnoh wengine wetu tunaumia ..u know nyash always bae to some of us????????????????????????????????????????????????
gidysoro Social distancing muhimu????????????

Nyashinski’s prowess is unmatched!

To date, there is only one Kenyan musician who has taken a musical hiatus for many years and when he came back he was even bigger. That person is Nyashinski.

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As such, most music fans are never quite worried when he does not release a song for several months because we know that something is definitely in the works.

A few days ago, he reaffirmed the notion that he is the supremo or gwiji, as he fondly refers to himself in his songs, when he dropped his new jam dubbed Balance.


Although, it’s the second song that he has released in 2019, he’s constantly on people’s lips never mind the fact that he has not shot a video for any of his releases this year.

The way I see it, the musician whose real name is Nyamari Ongegu, is in a league of his own. His prowess is unmatched.

I doubt he even sees other local singers as his competitors. He goes about his business and success follows him because, let’s be honest, he extremely talented.

Nyashinski does not look like a person who is bothered by the fact that who has many songs this year and whatnot. Perhaps other musicians should follow his footsteps.

Listen to his latest jam dubbed Believe below.

Should secular artists continue releasing gospel music?

The local music industry is very interesting. The reason I’m saying this is because what happens is the exact opposite of what is expected under normal circumstances.

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For instance, you expect that secular artists, who often viewed as wayward, will release songs that mock God and tell us to disregard his teachings since they don’t really believe in Him themselves.

On the other hand, gospel artists, who are perceived as upright by members of the society, are expected to spread the word of God, win more souls to Christ and live according to his teachings.

Sauti Sol

However, what happens on the ground is different. More often than not, gospel artists do very little in spreading the word of God and the truth is secular artists have won more souls to Christ.

If you look at the songs which have been released by both sides over the last few years, I’m pretty you will agree with me gospel artists have abdicated their role.

If you are in doubt, perhaps you should ask yourself when was the last time that you listened to a gospel song and felt like it touched your life.


On the other hand, there are countless songs by secular artists that you listen to and you feel like God will never leave you in your time of need. They are Nadia Mukami’s Maombi, Sauti Sol’s Kuliko Jana, Nyashinski’s Mungu Pekee etc.

This really got me thinking because I can tell you for free that this trend is not about to go away. I often wonder if the so called secular artists should continue releasing gospel songs.

And the answer is yes because at the end of the day, the main goal is still achieved. The truth is that gospel artists are no longer serious about God’s work and we must give it to their secular counterparts for stepping up.

Listen to Maombi by Nadia Mukami below.

Nyashinski brings his A-game in new track tagged ‘Glory’ (Video)

Rapper Nyamari Ongegu, popularly known as Nyashinski and formerly of Kleptomaniax, has released a new jam and it’s really dope.

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The song titled Glory, which is the first single off his album Lucky You, is without a doubt one of his best releases yet – all of the people who have already listened to it claim that it is fire.

Nyashinski is in a league of his own. He makes music that will make you standing in ovation as you listen to him. He is the one of the best rappers that this country has ever had. Man, I would listen to him all day.

Glory is such a dope jam. Nyashinski’s wordplay and flow on it is really something. He is a rapper extraordinaire, if you are looking for Kenyan music that you will enjoy then look no further.

His rhymes on this track will make you scratch your head as you try to make sense of what he is saying. The song is well-arranged and believe you me, you won’t resist the urge to hit the replay button a couple of times.


He has a unique voice which makes you want to keep listening to him as he flow. I don’t know about you but he is a rap god.

The beat on this track is also on point. Other than the fact that it’s really catchy, it also blends well with the voice of Nyashinski. The producer deserves a pat on the back.

The video is really dope and you just want to keep watching it. I love the concept and the execution. I bet you don’t have an idea how hard it is to make an impeccable black and white video but the director still did it.

Watch Glory below and tell us what you think. Kudos Nyashinski.

Nyashinski and wife finally welcome their first baby!

Rumor making rounds on social media is that Nyashinski and his wife, Zia Bett welcomed their first child a few days ago as announced by the singer.

Through his Twitter handle, an excited Nyashinski went on to announce the arrival of his baby saying;


Thank you God for the most precious gift

He however went on to use baby crying face emoji’s and a Red heart just to show how exited he was for the arrivals of his young one.

Baby’s gender

If you remember a few weeks ago, a twitter page beloved to be be run by Nyashinski’s fan shared some important news; announcing that Nyashinski was about to become a dad.

The news spread like wild fire leaving many with mixed feelings. However many chose not to believe since this was a pseudo account; which would mean the news was not legit.


But barely 2 weeks later Nyashinski himself announced the arrival of his baby; and from his excitement, seems that the new daddy in town is ready to start his daddy duties!

Nyashinski weds

Back in 2019, Nyashinski and his now wife, Zia Bett held a low-key traditional wedding that saw close friends and relatives attend!


His wedding was however received with sadness and bitterness from angry female fans; who could not come into terms with the fact that Nyashinski was officially off the market!

Well now he is not just a husband but a committed dad! Although his baby’s gender, face and name remains hidden, fans hope that they will soon meet the lovely baby!

¨Well deserved!¨ Kenyans laud Nyashinski for emerging a top music earner, offers them loans in return

Kenyan rap sensation, Nyashinski topped the list of top 20 earners in the music industry, according to the Music Copyright Society of Kenya.

In a list released by the Copyright society board, the rapper came second, following closely after boy band, Sauti Sol.

To his surprise, Nyamari Ongegu could only thank his fans and media stations for the support.

Rap sensation, Nyashinski

¨A big ‘Thank You’ for supporting and for giving my ideas a chance¨ he penned.

To all the stations who play my music and all my fans who request for it.. a big ‘Thank You’ for supporting and for giving my ideas a chance. I appreciate you. ????❤️

To all his competitors and fellow artistes:

To all the other artists, congrats and keep up the…..

Well, and to his die-hard fans:

naaaaaah KUJIENI LOAN ????????????????????

Nyashinski comes second among the top 20 earners list by MCSK

This was a list that incorporated artistes across the board – both Secular and Gospel.

King Kaka, Les Wanyika, Otile Brown, Octopizzo, Nameless, Khaligraph Jones, Jua Cali and Tanzania´s Susumila were the other secular artistes listed.

Tanzanian Gospel singer, Christina Shusho, Kenya´s Mercy Masika, Eunice Njeri, Gloria Muliro and Sarah Kay came out as the female gospel artistes on the list.

Collo, Bahati, Willy Paul, and Ringtone were the ´Gospel´ male artistes included, as well as Daddy Owen.



His fans commended him for a job well done, lauding:



Nyash all the time????????????????????????????????


Congratulations Shinski


Big time ????????????


Your music is timeless???? You deserve the best????



And for the loan-seekers:

????????????unakopesha kwanzia ngapi

Nyashinski gets freaky with a female fan while performing in LA

Kenyan rapper Nyashinski has always been one who avoids interacting with female fans looking for a dance while he is performing on stage!

For years now we have known him to love his mic more than getting fans on stage to dance with him.


However this seems to have changed  during his latest performance in LA; where he undeniably gave his Kenyan fans living in American a good time.Thanks to a video which Ghafla managed to get, we finally got a chance to see how things went down during his show.

Fan love

Despite him being a married man, it appears that female fans could not keep their hands off him! As seen on the video below one of his fans got up on stage and things got freaky between the two.

Nyashinski shuts down LA show

The lady is seen dancing on Nyashinski who was lying down on the stage before breaking off the dance! Judging from how the crowd was cheering there is no doubt that they enjoyed watching the two perform on stage.

Nyashinki and wife expecting first child?

Anyway this comes just a few weeks after the singer was said to be expecting his first child with his wife.


The two have been married for a few months now and judging from the ruracio photos; Nyashinski’s wife is seen hiding what appears to be a baby bump!

Nyashinski’s pregnant wife

However, the couple has refused to address the rumors; but since it’s impossible to hide a baby bump or a baby… we shall give the two time and see whether they will announce the arrival of their baby!

Baby rumors false? Nyashinski responds to stories claiming his wife is pregnant with their first child

Rumor has it that Nyashinski and his wife Zia Bett are expecting their first child in just a few weeks!

This comes barely a year after the two held their traditional wedding that saw only family and friends attend!

Nyashinski’s wedding

However, his wedding also came as a big surprise since he had earlier denied being involved with Zia Bett; only to later make her his wife and the mother of his future kids!

Nyashinski’s wife pregnant?

Anyway, we cannot confirm whether the pregnancy rumors are true or not; but looking at photos from their traditional wedding it’s easy to spot Zia trying to conceal her grown bump!

Zia hiding baby bump?

Responding to the story, Nyashinski did not also deny nor confirm the story as he wrote ‘Clown’ while reposting the story!


“Am gonna be a daddy soon!” Nyashinski

Singer Nyashinski has left very many ladies heartbroken after announcing that he will soon be a father!

Nyashinski with his beloved, Zia Bett, late last year during their traditional wedding ceremony

Through his twitter handle the beloved and handsome Kenyan lover shared the good news; however not very many ladies could digest this since he has always been a dream fantasy for many Kenyan ladies.

After living in the United States for years, we can confirm that indeed Nyashinski is the real definition of a real African man. Well, this is because he came back and found himself a stunning Kenyan wife!


Baby on board

Having walked down the aisle a few months ago, seems that Nyashinski’s wife was already with child!

Nyashinski with his wifey

According to the Kenyan singer his baby will be arriving in a few weeks and judging from the tweet; Nyashinski can’t wait to be a daddy soon!

Nyashinski, Vanessa Mdee and Fik Fameica release hot banger ‘Rush’ alongside Fully Focus (Video)

Popular mix master Michael Ndung’u, better known as DJ Fully Focus, has released a song with some of East Africa’s finest acts and it’s a big tune.

The song dubbed Rush features Nyashinski (Kenya), Vanessa Mdee (Tanzania), Fik Fameica (Uganda) and as such, it is not a surprise that it has been ruling the airwaves since it came out a few days ago.

Vanessa Mdee
Vanessa Mdee

After listening to this jam, perhaps you will agree with me that i’s such a beautiful composition. The artists who have been featured in it were well thought out since each of them brings something different to the table.

For instance, well all know that Nyashinski, whose real name is Nyamari Ongegu, has a good flow. He’s an artist who will leave you scratching your head because of his unique ability to play around with words.

On the other hand, Fik Fameica spices up this song because unlike Nyashinski and Vanessa Mdee, he is singing in his native language and maybe, just maybe he is the reason why this song is so infectious.

Fik Fameica

Vanessa Mdee has a beautiful voice, the kind that most people, including yours truly, would not mind listening to for a whole day and that’s not a secret.

The decision to include her in Rush was wise because she not only has a melodious voice but also because she brings some Bongo vibe in it.

DJ Fully Focus
DJ Fully Focus

Notably, the hook by Fully Focus was also impeccable. Believe you me, you will find yourself singing along to it after listening to this jam a couple of times.

I also loved the beat on this jam. It’s so catchy and I would not be surprised if I saw people dancing to it the next time I attend a party or go to a club.

Listen to Rush below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!