Nyashisnki’s “Lift Me up” will definitely make you fall in love

For a guy that is celebrating  20 years in the Music industry, Nyashisnki definitely is a force to reckon with. Just as he was a star back in the days of Swing swing he brings us a new love song dubbed “Lift Me Up”.

The jam is all about being in love especially with the person we care about. He plays around with lyrics so well. No wonder every girl goes crazy over him, Me included. The sad story is that he is now engaged or rather married.

I mean Nyash how?? Why ??? But Oh well I wish you well thank you for the good music.

Ok now let’s break down this big tune.

Lift me up

The Bebi Bebi hitmaker makes love sound like that best thing that can happen to anyone. He starts off with bits of praises to the woman he loves.

He says, Every time you’re around me I feel love(Another one for my one and only Another one for my one and only)
Lift me up!


Clearly describing what he feels when with his woman. He feels loved, as though she is his oxygen. We know oxygen is different but we get it!

Further Nyash says she is more of an addiction to him. Ladies, why did he get married again? Oh yeah, she lifts him up. Girl ain’t you lucky!!!

Truth be told Nyashinski is always good at his game. The Lyrics are well done not forgetting the vocals too.


The Cedo produced beat was shot in South Africa, where we are shown lots of oceanic scenes and ambience. This creates a blend with Nyanshiski’s lyrics and musical vibe.

The video too is not too busy, we only see Nyashisnki and the vixen who acts as the song’s subject. That is another unique thing his music it’s not too busy thus easy to watch and enjoy.

We will keep asking for more Nyash in the meantime we will gravitate to “Lift me up.”

Rating I will go with an 9/10. Your thoughts?