5 Kenyan celebrities who are great examples of masculinity

When you think of masculinity which celebrities come to mind? That is a question I had asked a couple of my friends as we sat down having some rather interesting conversations. The truth is a lot of Kenyan celebs are nothing more than simps. They are weak men who you can’t trust you have your back in a bind know would you even want them in your corner should you ever been pressed.

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So you can imagine how difficult it was for us to come up with celebrities whose masculinity were respect but also whom we feel have shown themselves to be as steady as a rock when it comes to supporting their friends and families. No this isn’t about celebrities who haven’t had any scandals and are seen as upstanding members of society. That is because a lot of celebrities who your girlfriend who think are good men I am merely localised Will Smiths.

And by that I mean that they are too scared to rock the boat so they try and talk the line of what is considered acceptable by the Overton window and don’t say an opinion that is considered controversial even if it might truly be what they think or feel on a subject.

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We narrow the list down 2 about five celebrity we feel any Kenyan man would do well to emulate. That is because they are not only stoic but they are loyal and have the cojones to stun shows down on their opinions and thoughts and defend them and should they be proven wrong they have no problem apologizing and switching to adapt to the face of new evidence. These five Kenyan celebrities are:

Andrew Kibe

A lot has been said about him. He is an example of a man who tried and failed and tried again and though he has been met with a lot of failures in life he has also risen each time he has failed. Currently, he is a huge masculinity influencer who is teaching men to better themselves and while a lot of sensitive weak men and their families girlfriends find him to offensive to learn from he actually has a lot of germs there a lot of men who appreciate just how much he has taught them.


What can be said about him? He teaches men how to better themselves physically mentally healthy them financially. of the type of man you want around you in a fix in fact you probably would want your sons to grow up into a man that mirrors him.


Classical masculinity is known by certain traits. Described as stoicism, loyalty to one’s kith and kin and privacy. These are some of the qualities we see in literature from classical Greek stories such as the Iliad and the Odyssey on into more contemporary sources such as The Red Badge Of Courage. And your shinski has displayed these commendably. An example of his loyalty would be him bringing his former bandmates; Collo and Roba on stage with him for a Kleptomaniax reunion even though he doesn’t have to seeing as he is a bona fide star on his. He keeps his family respected by observing privacy.

Cyprian Nyakundi

This pic was influenced by my older mentor who said that even though his name isn’t necessarily as we now these days to young men, she was the first person to begin discussing the red pill and the manosphere in East and Central Africa. He has shown an abundance of conviction for his principles understood by them to the point of being harassed not only despite government’s past and he manage that all before use the age of 30.
He has built a business so he is a model of financial freedom and this is something every young man should aspire to. His opinions are sometimes divisive and polarizing but he stays ten toes down regardless of how badly he sometimes gets pilloried.

Oga Obinna

I am beginning to get an appreciation for the man because of just how loyal he is to his friends. Decided to check on his friend 2mbili’s crucifix and his champion in his case after he was abused by his babymama. The type of friend you really do want around you someone who will take all your battles as his own. That is loyalty. He has his own flaws as we all do as men and human beings but his redeeming qualities are of such immense value it is hard to argue that he isn’t a man was respecting.


This is a man who genuinely wants to see his friends succeed. he you can go to with a problem and he will try and help you solve it. In this time and time again and an example of his loyalty is when he was ironically caught cheating on his wife. Through the friends you was in a WhatsApp group with under the bus. That is an admirable quality because there are no virtues in the foxhole. He goes as far as to create opportunities for his friends to drive using his own platforms that is an admirable quality.

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Unbridled hunger for success: Nyashinski’s path

I don’t know whether or not you were around when Nyashinski was part of Kleptomaniacs and that was a thing because I wasn’t around but I was having a drink with one of my mentors and the topic of what I call “Old school” Kenyan entertainment came up.

My guy was telling me about how they were the closest thing Kenya has ever had to teenage heartthrobs -back in 1999. Apparently, when they started their career, they were in Patch (Nairobi School). They used to make girls of their day go gaga and even their appearance on the cover of Insyder Magazine was a high selling edition. And that was before they had produced their hit song “Tuendelee”.

Nyashinski was one of the recipients of the unprecedented move by the then administration Nairobi School to help nurture their talent. So as you can see, the school you choose to educate your child in can actually factor heavily into the mentorship and eventual pursuit of your talent.

Why was that important for me to mention? Because we are going to look at just how hungry Nyashinski was for success. Because after he cleared high school, he and his friends continued producing music. However, the reality of our economy especially at the time, entertainment did not pay well enough for our favourite acts to live off the proceeds of their art.

Realising this, Nyash decided to go abroad. And while he was in America, he worked as a long distant truck driver. But all in all, he never lost his passion for music. According to him, all through that time, he just kept writing and making music. Makes a lot of sense when you learn of just how lonely the job of being a long-distance truck driver can truly be in America. You’re largely alone the entire time.

And so he kept securing his bag (the job actually pays up to 100K USD per year) and saving it. As soon as he could come back to Kenya, he did and he worked with a producer called Beat ya Keggah who was introduced to him by Nonini and their first hit was born.

So by the time Nyashinski was returning to Kenya, he had an intimate understanding of how to manage his finances and he added this to his already storied experience as an artist, you can understand why he was destined for greatness on his second stab at it.

Why is this important? Because I do not believe any of this would have been possible were it not for the administration of Patch. The school whether implicitly or complicity, allowed Nyashinski to pursue his craft. But what if he had learnt money management more effectively from an earlier age?

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Nyashinski needs to teach Kenyan celebs how to be a celebrity family man

Nyashinski is one of the few celebrities who can teach his male counterparts healthy and wholesome ways of how to maintain their status and still be a functional husband and father because he understands a key factor: the difference between secrecy and privacy.

Nyashinski’s Wife Zia Opens Up On Why They Keep Family Off Social Media

You see, like every other Kenyan celeb out there, his DMs is choke-full of members of the opposite gender shooting their shot at him trying to either enjoy a stolen moment or perhaps even steal the position of wife from Zia Bett.

Lovers, Zia Bett and Nyashinski

But he has his head on straight and he understands priorities and for him, his wife and family is a chief priority. So he keeps his business private thus protecting it from all the demons. We see and know that he is a married man and father but beyond that, ask yourself, what do you really know?

Nyashinski Celebrates Birthday With Message Of Hope To Netizens Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

And it is because he respects his family enough to keep their business private that Nyashinski has given his family a fighting chance. First, should he decide to get involved with some random snatch, the bearers of said snatch know not to try to implode his life because there is a hard boundary there. Any woman who decides to help him scratch his itch knows that he cannot be distracted from focusing on being a great husband and father.

Nyashinski stays in his lane and that’s why he’s always winning

And as a result, they would all know to toe the line. They would understand that unlike with Mr Seed or Jamal Roho Safi, any disrespect these women send at his wife would not be tolerated.

Nyashinski’s hot wife opens up about struggle with weight loss months after giving birth (Photos)

And should he decide to be the solitary outlier of Kenyan celebrities who does not have any hanky-panky outside of his wedlock, then he wouldn’t have lost anything because his brand is firmly rooted in you not knowing a damn thing anyway.

Zia Bett
Mrs Nyashinski, Zia Bett

As a result, he has peace, his wife, Zia Bett has peace and more importantly, their family knows peace because even when they stumble and have to deal with an issue, they have all the privacy they need to navigate choppy waters. I hope Anerlisa Muigai is taking notes here.

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Kenyan artists are mining gold hosting live shows, and not stopping even after the pandemic

Hollywood star Idris Elba proved his prowess away from the screen to host an electric live show tagged Africa Day Benefit Concert @ Home in celebration of Africa Day, on 25th May 2020. The concert was break from the normal, thanks to changing times occasioned by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The exclusively African show was awash with a stellar cast of regional celebrities to make the online concert a digital musical talent footprint. In normal times, this cast would have graced the red carpet in the characteristic VIP treatment vibe, but well, times change.

Idris Elba had a terrific time hosting stars Bebe Cool, Yemi Alade, Sauti Sol, Burna Bwoy amongst others. Also making an appearance was South African stand-up comedian and TV host, Trevor Noah.

Closer home, Kenyan stars have had to re-package their brands to remain relevant in the dynamic industry. In the earlier times physical shows and concerts would give an artist instant feedback from their fans, but would be a handicap of sorts – their fan base would be restricted. Only the artists familiar with their work would be available.

A live, online show has a greater reach. An artist easily interests and captures followers beyond their normal fan base. This is great, especially post-pandemic with promise of sold out shows inclusive of the new following achieved in live YouTube and IG shows.

In Kenya, it’s hard to credit the most memorable live show. The list is impressive. They have had to learn on the job – there’s no handbook to learn from!

Music fans have been treated to the One Day Concert, by the eclectic performing artist Juliani. This show had a striking ‘Fight Inequality – Fight Covid-19’ theme. Another regular concert that took refuge online is the iconic Koroga Festival on Sunday 24th, which featured artists Zzero Sufuri and the Boondock’s Gang, live.

Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade

The perennial star Nyashinski has made a mark with his IG show. The Decimal Chronicles concert tagged the ‘Curfew Edition’ was lit, notably songstress Bridget Blue kicking it off with her single, Cheza.

Naiboi has teamed up with Avril, and H_Art the Band live on diverse dates and kept their followers on their toes. With such talent and vigor seen with Naiboi, the energy seeps right through the digital barriers.

Besides the music stars, celebrated mix-master DJ Bash became the first Kenyan entertainer to do a 24-hr live IG show. That’s previously unseen on these shores – uninterrupted, sizzling performance.

In this industry, things and trends change in an instant. Regardless of how things get after the global pandemic is brought under control, the live shows by our artists will be to stay. They’ve timely uncovered a hitherto-ignored digital gold mine, and its infinite possibilities.

Nyashinski is back with a new single dubbed ‘Balance’

Nyashinski is back with a new single Balance. He has been away from the music scene for some few months. One thing we know for sure is that he always comes back with a bang. Balance is just a new hit and I can assure you that it is worth your time.

Nyashinski is one talented guy and I think he always tries to give his fans his best. I would spend a whole 24 hours listening to his work. Also, he has proved that he can always do better whether in a collaboration or as a solo artist.

He is one guy who has kept his plans out of the public leaving people wondering what he is planing. In addition to the secrecy he has maintained his style of music, something that has seen him maintain his fan base.

It comes at a time that we didn’t accept. Remember that he has been concentrating on marketing his music globally as he posts on Instagram.

Nyashinski is back with a new single dubbed 'Balance'

Balance has been produced by one super producer, Cedo. This guy is also talented and gives his clients work the best.  Worked as Nyashinski’s producer for sometime now and his work does not disappoint.

What is the message in ‘Balance’?

To start with Nyashinski is known to do inspiration songs. The song Balance is not an exception. Also his style sets the theme so clearly.

Secondly, there are lines that you ain’t gonna miss; Kwa mahustler wangu kuna different ways Kwa masiku mbaya kuna better days Upcoming anaenda kuwa major paid Kwa madame wadaku atakuwa razor blade. This is an encouragement to the hustling nation. He couldn’t have said it better than this.

Nyashinski is back with a new single dubbed 'Balance'

Also in there is this one where he talks about ones parent bring up the best. Piga madeal no time for sleep Shine mpaka waone wananeed kuquit Show stopper None better Kaa uko sure mathako alizaa go getter Lift up your hands tuna win for ever The best usiwai forgetta Balance.

In conclusion, this is the best song I have heard in a long time. Keep the fire burning Nyashinski. Balance gets a rating of /10.

Below is a link to the audio.

Nyashisnki, Njugush honoured by YouTube for amassing followers 

Rapper Nyashinksi and comedian Njugush were among those honored by YouTube during it’s awards which were held yesterday.

The two creatives, together with Real House helps of Kawangware, Africha Movies, and KTN News, were presented with the Silver Play Button by Google.


The Silver Play Button Award is given to YouTube content creators who reach or surpass the 100,000 subscriber mark.

Other awards include the Gold and Diamond Creator Award presented for 1 million subscribers and 10 million subscribers respectively.

“Because of you, today YouTube presented me with this silver plaque for reaching 100,000 subscribers. Thank you all for subscribing to my channel, this one is for you ? also, big congrats to the other recipients on attaining this milestone in content creation.” said Nyashinski on social media.

Njugush missed the event because he’s currently on vacation with his family in Dubai.

The awards seek to celebrate creativity and talent across the continent including those with the most subscribers. It’s in its second year now.


Ignored! Nyashinski shares how fan embarrassed him after requesting a photo with Jua Cali 

Rapper Nyashinski found himself in an awkward situation after a fan ignored him for a photo with Jua Cali.

Just like everybody else, celebrities also have their embarrassing moments and for Nyashinski, it all came after standing to a more popular guy than him.


Nyash shared that the fan walked to him and exchanged greetings only for him request him to take a picture with Jua Cali.

“There is this time, I was standing next to Jua Cali. So, this guy comes, approaches us and he was like Nyash niaje. then he is like I like your songs nikamwambia thanks. Then he took his phone and told me unaeza nipiga picha na Jua Cali?” he said. 


Nyashinski drops yet another hit weeks after releasing KEBS

Singer Nyashinski is back with yet another new hit called “Hello” just weeks after he reminded Kenyans of his rap skills.

The singer and rapper dropped Hello yesterday and it’s already climbing on YouTube in terms of views. The song is about love and relationships, something that the singer has sung a lot for the better part of this year.

The song has been produced by Ogopa DJs and the video done by Gorilla Films. Unlike Hello, his previous song KEBS was a pure rap song and a reminder to the industry that he still can rap.

Watch the video below: