Ochungulo Family release hot new banger

After going their separate ways to pursue their solo careers, it makes us excited to be able to report that the boys of Ochungulo Family are finally back together again and they have marked that fact by releasing a hot new song, “Liquor Store“.

Ochungulo Family’s Benzema Declares Interest In Mungai Eve- ‘Ukiachwa Niko Hapa’ (Video)

Benzema had gone his own way leaving Dmore and Nelly the Goon behind to pursue his solo dreams but he has now returned to the lads and they are firing from all cylinders! They had previously released an album titled Tamasha about 9 months ago and even had a small listening party for friends and family.

The song stays true to their playful nature of doing things with lyricism that makes elevates as much as it entertains. They’re currently on their media tour popularising their latest release and this is clearly a plan from their new record label and management company, Black Market Records which had previously signed Gengetone group Sailors Gang. Check out the song the group have teased below:

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Gengetone Group Ochungulo Family Finally Re-Unite (Screenshot)

Ochungulo Family is undoubtedly one of the most sought after Gengetone groups in the country. Their separation months ago was a huge blow to Gengetone fans. Their message before splitting had everyone convinced they were never getting back again.

”To all our Fans…We wanna say Thank you for the support you have given us the past for few years. You have been good to us, God has been good to us and the music has been good to us. We have reached a point we have different goals and targets. So the decision of us splitting is a mutual feeling and we saw that as the best way forward. Again, Thank you so much for the support!!! We shall meet again. God bless you all”

Brothers Re-Unite

They also deleted all their songs from YouTube and Nelly the Goon took over the YouTube channel. Shortly after, one of their members, Benzema, released a song without his brothers, Dmoore and Nelly the Goon.

Good news to Gengetone fans; the group has finally re-united and are set to release a banger dubbed ‘Kamua kamua’.

One of their fans reacted;

”????hamkuachana???? Alaaa niiiicceeee”

This is probably the best news today for any Gengetone lover. Ochungulo Family hardly disappoint. I bet their new music will be a hit song. The video premiers in 2 days on YouTube.


Ochungulo Family Send Message To Fans After Splitting Up

Ochungulo Family was without a doubt one of the best Gengetone group in the country. No one could think that this group would ever split. However, they have now made it official that they have gone their separate ways.

In addition, they have sent a gratitude message to all their fans who supported them and their music.

Image result for ochungulo family

”To all our Fans… We wanna say Thank you for the support you have given us the past for few years. You have been good to us, God has been good to us & the music has been good to us. We have reached a point we have different goals & targets. So the decision of us splitting is a mutual feeling and we saw that as the best way forward. Again, Thank you so much for the support!!! We shall meet again. God bless you all.”

Some of their fans expressed how disappointed they were about the split up.

”The only group I thought will never split.”

”You were the best group of the wave hands down…best of luck to each of you…”

Image result for ochungulo family

What Next?

Additionally, the group’s songs were all deleted from YouTube and Nelly the Goon took over the channel. No member of the group has talked about his next move. However, before they met up, they were all doing solo music. Most of their fans are still in shock and wonder if they’ll do music or not.

Change is inevitable. All we can do is wish each one of them good luck in their next endeavors.


Gengetone Group Ochungulo Family Split, Delete Their Songs From YouTube

Popular Gengetone group Ochungulo family, consisting of Benzema, Nelly The Goon and D’more have decided to split up. The group is one of the most sought-after Gengetone groups in Kenya.

It is not yet clear why the group has split up but their YouTube channel has been taken over by Nelly the Goon. Their songs, which had millions of views collectively, have also been removed from their YouTube account. The group has been in existence since 2018. Before they met, they were all solo artists. Ochungulo Family first gained sizeable traction with the release of Bora Uhai, by NellytheGoon and D’more, in 2018.

Image result for about ochungulo family

They quickly followed it up with the release of ‘Krimino’ and ‘Na Iwake’, a Gengetone banger which also introduced Benzema as part of Ochungulo Family. Both of the songs set the stage for the group’s success.

Benzema, popularly known as Alejandro is one of Ochungulo’s most talked-about members thanks to his explicit lyrics and antics. Last year, he was featured on rapper Noti Flow’s single Foto Moto.

This also happens weeks after Sailors Gang’s member, Lexxy Yung announced he left secular music for Gospel.

No matter what the reason is, the group splitting is something that will affect their fans deeply. Personally, am a huge fan of their music. But I believe they will sort it out soon.

ONE ON ONE: “Acha kukataa na pesa zangu!” Breeder LW calls out Benzema (Video)

Fast – rising Kenyan rapper Paul Baraka, well known as Breeder LW, has fired shots at Benzema- who is one third of the Ochungulo Family.

The two artists who collaborated and released a song, Do Re Mi late last year seem to be at loggerheads. The song which has managed to get 530,000 views over the past 11 months has been a massive hit. The choice of words used in the song are rather stunning.

In an interview with Caroline Mukami from Ghafla, the Genjeness hit maker promised to take legal action against Benzema. Breeder LW revealed that the artist who also goes by the name Alejandro, owes him so much money to the tune of  KSh3.5 million which he claims to be his royalties.


Benzema is a creative genius but we don't say it enough
Benzema Alejandro

He said “Akona pesa yangu mingi…Nikona court case inakuja soon…He has millions of shillings…Benzema has been stealing my royalties…so asijifanye ni pesa zake anakuja kusafisha”. Apparently this has been going on for a year and it seems that Alejandro has been avoiding the hip hop artist for quite some time.

He added that he has tried to reach out to Benzema but to no avail. The Ni Kubaya artist plans to sue if he will not be paid back his money. Will the two artists ever work together again despite the differences they have?

Are they going to settle their differences one on one or is the matter going to be settled in court? I am also eager to see how this story unveils. Seems there is a new beef in town so let us enjoy it for as long as it lasts!




The new age artists’ signature style can be tagged as a uniquely Kenyan Hip Hop sound

It’s now official.

The Kenyan hip hop scene has become of age. The present hip hop artist generation are out on the street, outdoing themselves with unbelievable, never-before-seen talent. We have finally found a signature beat that solely speaks and identifies as Kenyan Hip Hop.

Wikipedia, on Hip Hop: “…stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhymic speech that is chanted. It’s defined by four key stylistic elements: MCing/rapping, DJing/scratching with turntables, breakdancing and graffiti writing….”

Present day Kenyan hip hop outfits have perfected the art of sampling beats or bass lines from records (or synthesized beats and sounds), and rhythmic beat-boxing.


Ethic Entertainment, Ochungulo Family, Boondocks Gang, KRG The Don, Magix Enga…….

*This list is not conclusive. It stars in a great extent, other equally talented outfits.

This new sound didn’t debut with the Z-generation artists. They have gone on to perfect the sound that debuted with the Nairobi club-banger by the artists Mayonde and Stonie Jiwe. The track was a huge success.

A few months back, Ethic broke out with a catchy, infectious track, tagged Pandana. That track received an instant stamp of approval by fans – who outdid themselves uploading short dance videos. More favorites followed in quick succession:

Na Iwake, by Ochungulo Family, that stars the amazingly talented Nelly The Goon and Benzema.

Rieng, a punchy rhyming track popular on the party scene, by Boondocks Gang.

Wabebe, by Gwaash ft. 34GVNG.

Amongst other awesome releases (it’s hard to keep up).


What greatly resonates with this new hip hop style is that the artists and their producers haven’t over-hyped the genre with an exotic, upper class feel that’s common with the older generation hip hop artists. The videos aren’t shot in upscale neighborhoods with heated swimming pools as a back drop, but in mid-level suburb streets – Dagoretti, Doonholm, Githurai and the ilk.

The cast do not break the bank dressing in Gucci and Armani. They do not use expensive jewelry and unrealistic, hired video vixens – madem wa mtaa wako tu sawa. Teens across the country appreciate and connect with this!

In the USA, that’s exactly how hip hop started in The Bronx, and became a revolution.

The only case of extravagance in a video appears on Mathogothanio by KRG The Don and Boondocks. The video has rides not for the everyday kid, up and including a Ford Mustang 2017 model (they are forgiven – it’s a huge track with awesome beat flow and seamless rap).

Self-appointed moral policemen would be quick to trash the new generation Kenyan hip hop music as ratchet level, vulgar and unsuitable for the average teen. It’d be wise to remember we, read millennials, have grown up on a dirty staple of American rap: Lil Wayne, T.I, Future, et al. These rappers are the real definition of dirty and vulgar. The real problem is that with Kenyan artists, you get to hear the actual lyrics.

Message? Be real, support your own.


In videos, videos, observe some restraint: Thou shall not have a dancer twerking seductively in the national flag. (The Na Iwake video).

Keep up the spirit. Let’s make this signature style truly Kenyan.




Ochunglo family fashion “Mbinginji imekulwa na ndogi” to their Banger taste

Ochungulo family are at it again with a new hit; one that is currently 6th on trending with steadily rising views and counting.

“Mbingiji imekulwa na ndongi” is  now a banger  just days after  an audio of a kid saying the same statement  in a Meru accent went viral. Talk of utilizing opportunities.

Even from caption below the song, they say that the little kid’s  accent and voice is wonderful.

To the team they thought she deserves recognition at her young age so that her future is reserved in Kenya’s archives.

Clearly  Ochungulo Family makes music out of anything

This comes just a month after the gengetone groupie deleted their song  “Kong’o” from youtube.  Reason?  We don’t know.

“Mbinginji imekulwa na ndogi”

“Mbingiji imekulwa na ndongi” transalates to the dog ate the gum-I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

But who cares?!! A nice song was made out of it.The chorus is simply made up of the little boys statement.

Further the song  itself is made of  pure creativity revolving around the simple phrase hence coming up with a club hit.


As expected there is no line that will auger well with the Kenyan holier than thou souls.  And well, this song is all about having fun but also carries all sorts of vulgarity.

But well that is not the point for a club banger the song is just about those things that our regulators say they should stay in clubs.

Need I explain more?

Alehandro “the love doctor” leaves a sensational touch in the second stanza.

The song also fits in the signature Kenyan music that’s currently rising in the face of Ethic, the sailors among others.

As we wait for the video to this song we shall keep dancing to this tune appreciating the boy’s effort.

And for rating purposes I give them a 6/10. Listen and give us your thoughts.

Ochungulo family aping the Kansoul?

New age music has gained it popularity in recent months and so far it has been well received.Further more groups keep cropping up on a daily basis.

On the other hand there are those that have clearly acquired their niche in the Kenyan Music industry. I am talking about the likes of Ochungulo Family.

The Kaa na mama yako hit makers are a team to watch  out for. Why? This is because they have done so well.

However for some time I have noticed similarity between their music and that of the Kansoul.

…Aping the Kansoul?

The genge masters, the Kansoul are definitely a force to reckon with.They even have been a support system for these young lads.

Ochungulo family have enjoyed the chance of collaboration with the Kansoul in some of their songs like, Na Iwake remix. A song that geared their popularity in the Kenyan Music scene. For that we appreciate the talent  of the team.

However, since then if you are keen enough you would   notice the similarity between the Kansoul’s music and Ochungulo family.

Not hating but their style is quite similar, to the extent that at some point as you listen to Nellythegoon’s style of rap you would easily mistake him for Mejja.

Their beats too seem to lean to the Kansoul’s style of making music.

To make matters more interesting in their latest song Kong’o video, their way they did it is so typical a style by The Kansoul.

Having Tumblers filled with booze as props and so on this is a complete replica of what the genge  boys do.

So I will ask again is Ochungulo family aping the Kansoul?Well you guess is good as mine. Yes I feel they are.

Clearly that is not so good especially for a now celebrated crop of musicians.