KRG Da Don: Why Benzema (Alehandro) should sue him for rapist remark

KRG Da Don had a rather interesting reaction to finding out the rather sudden and shocking news that Ochungulo family were breaking up. Rather than the normal reaction of shock or horror, he decided to congratulate the group for refusing to work with Benzema whom he alleged was a rapist.

‘A Rapist Shouldn’t Be Your Partner’ Krg Congratulates D’more And Nelly the Goon For Splitting Up With Benzema

The allegation is one that has been plaguing Benzema who even made a song about the matter explained that it was one of the most traumatic events of his life when he was falsely accused of rape. So for KRG da Don to go for this seemingly to the rest of us out of the blue is perplexing.

I found myself wondering why he would decide to take such an uncalled for shot at Benzema/ Alehandro and I thought that given they are both rappers, and hip-hop is simply a bloodsport, he was attacking because he had caught the scent of blood but then I realized that this is KRG Da Don.

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And by that I mean that he usually does this. He is something of a troll, he simply attacks other artists to keep his name in the headlines. That is why KRG Da don went after Miracle baby of Sailors. And while at the time I thought it was legitimate beef, this recent attack makes me think otherwise.

KRG Da Don
Sailors Gang and KRG Da Don before their beef

Sometimes, even I am wrong. And while it is a rare occasion to behold, it still does indeed happen. And that is why we are here today. KRG decided to troll Alehandro/ Benzema and i think he should sue him for the damage such an allegation does to an individual’s name.

KRG vs Benzema: Stop responding to everyone with an opinion

To put someone through that trauma a second time should be dealt with severely and while I would have rather told Benzema to physically handle their dispute (I am learning from a mentor I have that sometimes a quick punch to the mouth instils discipline), I don’t think that would be as gratifying as making him have to part way with some of his money in retribution.

Benzema is a creative genius but we don't say it enough

And as such, I need to advise Benzema to sue KRG Da Don who has a penchant for ostentatious posts on social media. That means there is probably something he can get from the man as a way of saying pole and that’s a good thing.

Krg The Don Vs Sailors: Where mentorship fails

The rapist remark is one that can kill careers anywhere in the world but especially for someone whose career depends on getting sponsorship deals and other endorsements, especially since alot of the key decision-makers, are women and rape is a crime that disproportionally targets women.

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Ochungulo Family split will play out exactly like Camp Mulla’s

Ochungulo Family have shocked the world by not only announcing that they were splitting but also by going as far as to delete all their content off YouTube! This not only shocked me because of the fact they were my favourite Gengeton group but mainly because it was very telling of the underlying animosity.

Gengetone Group Ochungulo Family Split, Delete Their Songs From YouTube

Whatever the three former members of Ochungulo Family can say about the breakup to assuage fears, the fact that their content has been deleted off YouTube reeks of internal strife and animus as it is the type of move that is reminiscent of the statement, “cutting your nose off to spite your face”.

Ochungulo Family
Ochungulo Family with Mejja

D.More, Nelly the Goon and Benzema are doubtless talented artists who have actually been branching out and doing their own songs either as collaborative artists or having solo songs that they invite other artists to share in but they were primarily known for being the members of Ochungulo Family who would regal us with humorous and entertaining song lyrics even in their club bangers.

“He doesn’t use protection!” Noti Flow exposes Ochungulo family’s Benzema

And this reminds me of a group I used to love while I was actually still a small boy; Camp Mulla. For whatever reasons they had, they decided to call it quits. And each member of the group, from Shappaman, KusMa, Karun and Taio Tripper decided to pursue a solo career. They even released EPs of their own which gave credence to their individual ambitions but Kenyans weren’t exactly receptive.

Ochungulo Family
Ochungulo Family with a banner of their logo and a female fan

And they failed to have the same chemistry in their music as solo artists as they did as a group with different artists infusing their own styles into each track. And Ochungulo Family will doubtless suffer from this fact too. Each member is talented indeed but how will they combat the nostalgia their fans have?

Ochungulo Family to pay school fees for ‘Mbiginji’ girl

This would also complicate the fact that event organizers will for a while only want to book Ochungulo Family and not the individual artists. This is a problem because if only one of the former members appears at an event, will he be allowed to perform the entire catalogue of the group on his own?

Ochungulo Family's  Benzema
Benzema aka Benzema Alehandro a former member of Ochungulo Family

And speaking of that issue, another comes to mind: they do not have a huge catalogue of work as individual artists. Ochungulo Family for the longest time and over quite afew years was the vehicle for their creativity and musical talent.

Ochunglo Family keeps setting the pace for Gengetone artists

Perhaps I am simply ranting as a hurt fan in mourning for Ochungulo Family but I will counter that argument by saying that Kenyans rarely, if ever, forgive such a betrayal. When you think back to the years gone, name me a group that went their separate ways and Kenyans came back to embrace the solo careers of the members… Outside of Nyashinski, I will wait. Or perhaps Benzema, D.More and Nelly the Goon will be the guys to prove me wrong. I can only hope.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family in better days

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Surfing the wave: Ochungulo Family releases Pandemic

Ochungulo Family is out to ride the Corona Virus wave with their latest release, Pandemic. The jam, contrary to what the name might suggest, the song isn’t really about the disease.

The song which is produced by Moti di Don doesn’t rely on stereotypical Gengeton instrumentals, rather, is heavily flute based before cutting to the keyboard and drum kit.  Alehandro opens the track with a verse that celebrates the use of weed. At some point, he goes in on the fact that terrorists don’t currently have anyone to bomb and Pastor Ng’ang’a doesn’t have anyone to con. Fantastic dark humour! Interestingly, in the video, he has chosen to show off his skinny frame as he raps in short shorts while he is bare-chested.

NellytheGoon handles the chorus before going on to list different situations that are just about as bad a pandemic as Coronavirus such as not having a Samsung charger, having a handsome girlfriend and running out of weed. What is interesting about the jam is that it is a follow up single to the previously released Make Up which saw them actually rap and they did a fantastic job of it. This leaves me wondering whether we are seeing them purpose to diversify their sound.

But back to the track, Dmore rounds up the trio’s verses of the very catchy song. No seriously, it has to be some sort of an earworm. Dmore’s verse is performed in a playful way -he isn’t really rapping but more reciting a children’s rhyme. Remember the ones we all sung as children? Something akin to that. Check out the jam below:

Ochungulo Family are also in the Twa Twa mode

With the new Twa Twa wave, Ochungulo family were also not left behind. They also adapted the famous phrase to make a song.

Anyway, it is always good to go with the crowd but at least change the meaning in the song. In this jam, they used the Twa Twa to explain the pastor’s message with sound actions.

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But as we say, for this groups to sell, the message has to be vulgar. Even though the group is not my cup of tea, the way they delivered the Twa Twa message will leave you laughing.

It is so funny how the Ochungulo group did the lyrics. I mean you can already feel like what the pastor was saying is actually in motion.

Twa Twa is a sexual song imitating the pastor

Ochungulo Family are also in the Twa Twa mode

But it is a bit funny how all the groups took advantage of the trending phrases and in a couple of hours, they all had a tune.

The things that they all do to earn a living. Even if Ezekiel Mutua was to ban this phrase Twa Twa, I think it already meaning then.

I do not have to translate the lyrics in this. Am sure you can already guess the message without going wrong. Ochungulo family and the pastor seems to have connected only that they had to bring out the sexual theme.

Twa Twa is explained in many ways. Inaezakua shuma irare dani ama pia kutwaga kazi twa twa twaaaaa!!! Vile tu utaamua imaanishe kwako pia ni sawa. this song was made after Ochungulo family saw a video from a widely celebrated wife of a pastor who preached words of wisdom to the church. Enjoy, sex si manmade achana na rugby na futibo.

In addition to the crazy lyrics, what is funny is how they have used the effects of the pastor’s voice. In conclusion, they get a rating of 5/10.

Audio below.

Ghetto anthem artists are like ‘Small Kiosks’

Ghetto anthem artists are like ‘Small Kiosks’. It is a time when new age music is really taking over the Kenyan music industry. This is the kind of music that we refer to as ghetto anthems. We are a time where content does not matter. Everybody is singing about sex, drugs, women and twerking.

Ochungulo family ghetto anthem

To start with, today everybody is forming a group in their hood and before we even know it they have a song. It is said that music is an art and it goes hand in hand with talents.

We have producers who have really tried to promote our musicians and it is a good thing. We are only lacking honesty to tell people that what they are singing is trash. First, we need to ask ourselves which direction our music should go.

Why are they Like small kiosks?

To start with we all know what kiosks are. This are small structures either in an estate or at the side of the road. They are so many that they have to compete for customers. In the same ghetto anthem artists can only be compared to kiosks. Why? Today we have more than 10 groups all singing in the same style.

Rico Gang; Ghetto anthem

With this I call them kiosks because we are tasked to choose where we should buy or invest our energy. I mean look at all this people

Ethic Entertainment

Rico Gang

Boondocks Gang

Ochungulo Family


Zzero Sufuri and so many others.

There is a question that all these groups need to ask themselves. What makes them unique from the other group? If they cannot answer this then they are as good as dead.  Common sense dictates that they will be out of the market even before they know it.

You know that music is a competition. We as the fans are the judges in this case and all we will have to do is say may the best team win.

Even the shops when the consumers are tired and not interested in whatever is being sold they shift making the other shop to close. In the near future we will be forced to listen to only one group.

Why so?

If all this group stick with the same style then we will have to chose from others. They only need to restructure their music before their target audience is tired. I will pose these question here, Who do you think will carry the day in this ghetto anthems in future?

Be the judge. Do not argue with me on this because you’ll later come to confirm this when maybe only Ethic or Sailors or Ochungulo will take the day. Am not a prophet or a judge but truth be told.

Collaborations are all some musicians need to survive

Recently collaborations have become the order of the day. Left, right, center you’ll find artists attempting this. Could it be the only way to save sinking legends. Everyday we are waking up to new collaborations some of which we didn’t think would work.

Looking at the Kenyan music industry, tremendous growth has occurred. We have seen the rise of new artists. The new age artists are quickly taking on the music platform from the long time legends.

Kenyans taking collabos far

These new musicians seem to have understood what their audience want and have also embraced collabos. I feel like this is the only thing left for most musicians.

Reasons why collaborations are keeping some artists relevant

You all know of big names who even after releasing hit after hit are slowly going down. Well, this could be one of the reason they need to do collabos. Look at how the new musicians are doing it. Ethic and Ochungulo family are making it up there especially with their remixes.


Have you all noticed that King Kaka is also using this trick?King Kaka is known to be doing better but I’d say that is not the case nowadays.  Recently he has featured in two collabos which seem to be doing better than his single releases. The one with the Kansoul and also Butita and Dj Shiti seem to have sold him.

Below is a link to a collabo between King Kaka and  Kansoul.

Look at it this way, would watch yourself fall or merge with a new person in the industry to survive? I would go for the latter. We all need to remain relevant especially in this industry. Also artists like Otile Brown and Arrow boy are also doing good. Recent collabos are something that I feel is all about being relevant.

The music industry is changing and some of this artists need something to lean on. Someone like Otile now needs to go internationally and even try and get Mbosso for a collabo. This will enlarge the market for his work. Let this people also avoid local collaboration.

Anyway if this is what is left, then I would wish that Nameless does something with a super artist..

Ochungulo family: Our parents were against singing about s@x but relaxed when they saw we have following 

Viral music group Ochungulo family have revealed that when starting out, their parents didn’t exactly like their content.

The group, which has three members, Nelly, Benzema and Dmore who are all from Langata, recently appeared on Kiss Fm Breakfast show where they revealed that their parents changed their mindset once they noticed they had fans.

“There was trouble in the beginning where they felt we were singing a lot of nasty words but with a little bit of convincing, they noticed our fans love our music so they got pretty excited,” said the members. 

Nothing changes


The group, who came up with the word Ochungulo — Luo of ants — after joining, said that they won’t change their style of music despite what people say.

“We will not stop for anything. We will still give Kenyans good music even when promoters do not pay. They think of us as children but we have learned. Now we are strict.” they said. 



Ochungulo Family release yet another fire hit “Aluta” as fans chill for “Position” remix with Ethic 

Ochungulo family are the new kids in the block that you can’t just pass by. Nellythegoon, Dmore and Benzema who make up the group, have teamed up with Exray and Gwaash for their new hit “Aluta”, a dancehall jam that is sure set to take over the clubs.

“Aluta” was released yesterday and is already taking over the online space, raking in almost 30,000 views in just 24 hours.


The song was mixed and mastered by Ashi Akatsa while the video was done by Ivan Odie. The song comes just days after Ochungulo family revealed that they are in studio with Ethic working on “Pandana remix”. The two agreed to work on the remix after the group posted on social media asking who they should feature.

Watch the video below


Kansoul and Ochungulo Family give Kenyans multiple reasons to dance with new hit

The Kansoul and new kids on the block Ochungulo Family have teamed up for a new song called Na Iwake. The last time The Kansoul worked with upcoming artists was when they released “Position” last year with controversial group Ethic.

The song was a straight banger and Na Iwake is sure set to be another.

New acts

Ochungulo family consists of Demore, NellyTheGoon, and Benzema are known for tracks such as “Kirimino” and Bora Uhai.Bora Uhai is the song gospel singer Willy Paul was accused of copying from them.

Na Iwake is a straight dancehall jam that will sure make you wish it’s a Friday.

Watch it below: