“I want a boyfriend!” Diamond Platnumz ex rumored side chick desperately in need of a man

Official Lyyn has not been making headlines for a while now; probably because Tanasha had already caught everyone’s attention with her break up stories shared on social media.

Official Lyyn

Even with this, rumor has it that Diamond Platnumz is back with Wema Sepetu and from the look of things; these two are about to shut down the East African entertainment industry after confirming that the stories are true!

Anyway, seeing that Diamond Platnumz will never be available again now that he is back with the love of his life; Ms Lyyn recently went online to reveal that she wants a boyfriend.

Lyyn  is lonely

Through her Instagram page the lady wrote;

I want a boyfriend

However edited it later but thanks to the power of screenshots, we have her original post!

Is official Lyyn lonely?

This also comes as a big surprise since Lyyn was also rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Idris Sultan who also happens to be Wema Sepetu’s Ex boyfriend.

Official Lyyn with Idris

Lyyn and Diamond Platnumz

Well, we cannot confirm what may have pushed official Lyyn to share such a post; especially with all the money she has been collecting from her clients in the past few years.

Official Lyyn

But all we can say is rumors linking Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu have now started giving Simba’s exes sleepless nights; because they know East African fans will definitely applaud and accept this relationship with open hands!

Diamond Platnumz young ex side chick moves on with Idris Sultan

In Bongo, celebrities only date fellow celebrities and this is why they often get to share partners knowingly!

After Diamond Platnumz dumped official Lyyn for Tanasha Donna, seems like the lady moved on with her life; and is now said to be warming  comedian Idris Sultan’s bed!

Idris Sultan

This comes almost a year after the lady was publicly disowned by Diamond Platnumz; who exposed her for trying to break off his relationship with Tanasha Donna.

Tanasha claps back at Official Lyyn

With rumors linking Official Lyyn to Diamond Platnumz, Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna was among the first people to defend her hubby!

Official Lyyn

According to Tanasha not everything shared on social media is true and even after proving to be a good wife; Diamond Platnumz still cheated on her.

Official Lyyn moves on

Anyway as Diamond Platnumz new hole took a turn for the worst with their public breakup; former side chick Official Lyyn is currently having the time of her life!

The lady is said to be in a low key relationship with Idris Sultan! They both stepped out for a lunch date only for Lyyn to share a photo hiding Sultan’s face; but forgot his unique rings!

Official Lyyn with Idris

Fans on social media have given ahead to congratulate the two the relationship since they are both in the same age group.

Others have advised the two to use this opportunity to build an empire since they are young and hot for the Entertainment business!

“Siwezi kusema kuwa sitarudiana na Diamond” Says Official Lyyn

Official Lyyn who was once Diamond Platnumz lover has come out to reveal that she is not in a position to predict whether she will get back with the Tanzanian star or not.

She revealed this during an interview with Clouds FM during her media tour in Tanzania. According to her it’s impossible to tell whether her relationship with Diamond is dead for good.

Lyyn went on to add that they could rekindle their old flame or decide not to since things have not been so good between the two.

“Siwezi kusema kuwa sitakuja kurudiana au nitarudiana na Diamond kwasababu Mungu ndiye anapanga kila kitu.”

Lynn’s music career

Having started off her career as a video vixen, Lynn now says that she will be focusing on how to her music grow.

Kwa sasa nimebase sana kwenye kufanya muziki hivyo video vixen nimeiweka pembeni kidogo

Official Lyyn

Judging from all the interviews she has been doing lately; fans feel that she talks more about her past relationship with Diamond Platnumz and not promoting her music.

“Diamond Platnumz alijitambulisha nyumbani kwa wazazi wangu” Official Lyyn reveals unknown details about her affair with Simba

Diamond Platnumz Ex lover official Lynn seems to have a few more things to reveal about her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond and ex-bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter mend their differences

As many know, Official Lyyn was not just a basic side chick but one that Diamond Platnumz was in love with to a point where she got pregnant for him and was ready to start a family together.

However, word has it that Diamond’s mum was against the relationship because at that time, Zari seemed like the perfect daughter in law who she wanted for her son.

At this point Official Lyyn had lost her pregnancy at 5 months and this was the beginning of the end of her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond Platnumz ready to pay bride price

Speaking just recently during an interview with a popular Tanzanian news outlet, Lyyn for the first time opened up about Diamond meeting her parents.

Official Lyyn

According to Lyyn, her parents were okay with her dating the singer despite them knowing that he has a wife. But since he is a Muslim, this was okay and Lynn would have been allowed to live like his wife.

However along the way things changed and the two separated – and till date word has it that they rarely see eye to eye! Watch the interview below!


Amazing! Diamond Platnumz ex girlfriend’s word of advice to the young ladies looking up to her

Official Lyyn has lately been maintaining a low profile especially now that Tanasha Donna has been on the limelight following her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Despite her silence, Official Lyyn has been working on her music career that has not only been doing well in Tanzania but East Africa as a whole.

Official Lyyn

Away from that, the lass is currently in Dubai for the One Africa Music fest and as usual fans claim that she is with Diamond Platnumz who also happens to be there.

Official Lyyn to young ladies

Not quite sure whether the two are together but the truth is, Official Lyyn seems to be maturing up. Well this is because earlier today the lass went on to share a few words of encouragement to all the young ladies who look up to her.

In a detailed post, Lyyn advised young ladies not to give up despite the many hardships life throws their way. She went on to write saying,

Official Lyyn

Kuna muda natamani nirudi kwa yule LYN wa miaka kumi na saba au sita nimwambie “LYN wewe ni tajiri, unanguvu, una umaarufu mkubwa, una nguvu pia” pengine angeongeza nguvu ya kupambana sababu Ningekuwa zaidi ya hapa nilivyo sasa. Mdogo wangu unayenifuatilia kila siku, jipe moyo, jiamini kuwa unaweza, kuna mengi kwa ajili yako yanakuja, usiruhusu mtu akukatishe tamaa, au akupotezee muda FIGHT FOR YOUR DESTINY YA ELA YOOTE!

Diamond ex lover Official Lynn kicked out of her mansion?

Word making rounds on social media is that singer Official Lyyn aka Irene was apparently kicked out of her huge mansion; which has been put on the market for anyone looking to rent it.

This is after Dalali Kiongozi’s page shared a photo of the house which looks exactly like Lyyn’s home leaving many wondering whether Diamond Platnumz decided to take it back – leaving the lass homeless.


Lyyn new home

Well, during a recent Instagram live session Official Lyyn went on to show off her new mansion.

Although she did not mention whether she has been kicked out of her former house, the lass proved to be doing just fine unlike what TZ Instagram gossip groups were claiming.

check out photos of her new mansion below.