Samidoh’s relative vehemently denies dating Oga Obinna

Samidoh’s alleged cousin, Bernice Saroni, has vehemently denied rumors of a romantic relationship with musician Oga Obinna. The businesswoman expressed her disappointment in the spread of such unfounded claims.

One fan questioned Saroni’s stance against dating married men, given the alleged relationship with Obinna. “So she said she does not date married men, and this what?” the fan commented.

Saroni responded with frustration, stating, “Woiee, inauma sana (it hurts so much). My friend, I do not share.”

The rumors originated from a video Saroni shared on her TikTok account, showing her with an unidentified dark-skinned man. Sharp-eyed internet users noticed that the man was wearing a black watch and ring strikingly similar to Obinna’s.

Further fueling the speculation, Saroni posted a picture of herself and the mystery man enjoying breakfast, accompanied by a love ballad playing in the background.

In response to the growing buzz, Obinna took to his social media page to share a photo of his accessories, captioned “vitu hufanana” (they resemble each other).

Saroni’s denial and Obinna’s attempt to clarify the matter have done little to quell the persistent rumors. Despite their efforts to dispel the claims, the speculation continues to circulate online.

Obinna & Bernice Saroni- Love In The Air?

Online detectives have unearthed intriguing clues that suggest Obinna and Bernice Saroni, two prominent figures in the Kenyan entertainment industry, might be the latest celebrity couple in town.

The speculation began when Bernice shared a seemingly innocent photo on her TikTok account, featuring a couple holding hands. While the faces were not visible, eagle-eyed observers noticed that the ring and wristwatch worn by the male in the photo were strikingly similar to those frequently sported by Obinna.

Fueling the rumors further, Bernice and Obinna were spotted enjoying each other’s company in a car, both singing along to Jay Melody’s romantic hit song “Nakupenda.” The intimate moment, captured on video, added more weight to the growing suspicion of a budding romance between the two.

In response to the mounting evidence and online chatter, Obinna took to social media to address the situation. Without explicitly confirming or denying the relationship, he shared a photo showcasing his own ring and wristwatch, accompanied by a playful caption that hinted at the possibility of imposters attempting to emulate his style.

“Ati Pete na Saa Imedo?ūü•Īūüôą. I know there are imposters out there trying to copy my style and swag. Guys, stop. Yaani mtu ametafuta Pete na watch hadi mkono ametafuta yenye inafanana na yangu surely‚Ķguys stop it.ūüė§,” Obinna wrote.

Obinna’s cryptic response further fueled the intrigue surrounding his relationship with Bernice. While he refrained from providing definitive answers, his playful acknowledgment of the rumors only heightened the anticipation among their fans and followers.

Obinna Still Interested In Amber Ray Despite Being Rejected, Promises To Take Care Of Her Children

Comedian Oga Obinna is still pursuing socialite Amber Ray, despite her recent statement that she could never date him because of his baby mama drama. In response to her interview, Obinna assured her that he would handle his baby mama drama and asked her to focus on him.

He stated;

“Amber don’t worry I’ll handle my baby mamas you just focus on me!” Obinna wrote.

Obinna already has 3 baby mamas; who he has been at loggerheads with, mostly because of access to kids.

In response to Obinna’s proposal to date Amber Ray, the mother of two claimed that she would never date the Former Kiss FM presenter. One of the reasons she said was the baby mama drama she’s been witnessing Oga Obinna undergoing.

‚ÄúHaiwezi. Haiwezi kwanza vile naskia baby mama wake ni stressful sana, staki stress za baby mama. Haiwezi but namwishia all the best he is a good guy I have met him severally we have done job mingi pamoja, he is a good guy yeah,‚ÄĚ Amber Ray expressed.

Obinna’s advances¬†comes in the wake of Amber Ray’s recent breakup with her fianc√©, Kennedy Rapudo, which prompted Oga Obinna to publicly express his desire to date her on social media.

Oga Obinna sets his eyes on newly separated Amber Ray

Oga Obina makes fun of Amber Ray and Rapudo’s split and adds that he would be willing to look after Amber Ray’s children.

The former Kiss 100 host has always had a tremendous crush on Amber Ray, and he once said that the only woman he was ready to wed was Amber Ray. His ideal automobile was a Range Rover sports.

Oga Obinna’s best friend is Amber Ray, despite the fact that their friendship has never been the subject of any amusing “Bestie Bestie” scandals. Oga has always expressed interest in Amber.

The stand-up comedy was quick to take action and defend Amber Ray after learning about Rapudo and Amber Ray’s breakup.

He thinks Amber shouldn’t surf around him and that he would take Amber Ray now that the chance has been presented to him.

Oga Obinna is shown in a video on his Instagram page flaunting his Range Rover Sport and saying that he is heading to Amber Ray’s house to console her.

Comedian Oga Obinna Reacts After Amber Ray’s Breakup With Kennedy Rapudo

Comedian and TV host Oga Obinna is making no secret of his crush on Amber Ray, who recently hinted at a breakup with her baby daddy Kennedy Rapudo.

Obinna has confessed several times that Amber Ray is his celebrity crush and that he would not hesitate to start a relationship with her if he had the chance. In a recent video, he said, “Jam imepungua mtu anisaidie na Ranger Rover sasa… Watoto nitalea,” which means “Someone help me with a Ranger Rover now… I’ll raise the kids.” He then shared another video of himself driving a Ranger Rover.

Obinna has also begged Amber Ray to pick up his calls, promising to take care of her and her kids. So far, he has shared five videos about Rapudo and Amber Ray’s relationship.

On Friday, socialite Amber Ray hinted at a breakup with her baby daddy Kennedy Rapudo with a series of cryptic messages. She confessed on social media that all was not well in her relationship and that she had been in a draining environment for a while. She said that her peace and safety had made it impossible for her to stay, and that she had to choose herself.

Amber Ray also admitted that the coming few weeks would be hard for her.

Obinna’s flirtations with Amber Ray have sparked amusement among their fans, who are eager to see if the two will eventually get together.

Random woman begs Obinna for on-night-stand

Oga Obinna, a comedian and blogger, showed surprise after a female fan boldly requested a one-night stand from him.

Obinna posted a screenshot of the message he got from the fool on his Instagram page, promising that if he granted his request for one night of love, everyone will go.

“Obinaaa, just one night stand and then everyone should go.”

The comedian didn’t know whether to reply to the message by deleting it, accepting the request, or blocking the Instagram user.

He did, however, acknowledge that he was moved by the young woman’s bravery.

“Wheh!!!ūü§£ūü§£ūü§£ūü§£ūü§£ūü§£ I like to believe in myself!!! Things, however, are three… Do I block you, delete, accept?”

Fans who follow Obinna on Instagram had a variety of reactions to his decision to make the post public.

Following the message, they aired various viewpoints. Majier49 remarked;

“This dem would be a man, I don’t think you would see him like this, it would be one thing, accept it.”

Others counseled him to accept the woman’s offer of one night of sex.

Shocking! Amber Ray confirms to us she’s a gold digger

Socialite and mother of two Amber Ray confessed that she is attracted to money in an exclusive interview with Oga Obinna.

The socialite asserted that she is not one; rather, she describes herself just as a mother and a diligent woman who works for various brands.

“Sijaikuwa socialite, just because I’m popular and I have a big ‘bum bum’ people regard me as a socialist cause they don’t have any title to give me… I am a mother, a happy wife, and a businesswoman.”

She continued, saying that she needed someone who works hard to acquire money since she can’t date someone who doesn’t have any.

“Mimi ni bibi ya Tajiri,lakini nikona biashara zangu tu kando, at the end of the day siezi date mtu hana pesa…at the end of the day money attracts money.”

She continued, saying that she needed someone who works hard to acquire money since she can’t date someone who doesn’t have any.

“I was very disappointed, mtu nillikuwa na yeye the minute alipata pesa aliniacha akaendea mtu wake. alafu akarudi.”

When asked about her academic record since she attended three different high schools, she simply admitted that she was not intelligent.

“Mimi si chopi lakini hapa kwa street aahhh mimi niko street smart. I started hustling early, nilikuwa nafanya odd jobs nilianzia kwa cereals, nikakuwa nauza maziwa asubui na niliuza matumbo.

Nilikuwa naosha nguo zake sai alikuwa anafanya kazi kwa place ya takataka, wueeh vitu imefanya juu ya mapenzi, Obina hizo nguo zilikuwa zinanuka.”


Obinna gives man great advice to leave toxic girlfriend who broke his property

Seasoned media personality Oga Obinna has advised a man whose girlfriend vandalized his property after finding out he was cheating on her to run away and not look back.

Obinna, who has been in a similar situation, said that things can quickly get complicated in such situations, with blame being shifted from the woman to the man. He warned the man not to argue or raise his hand, as this could make things worse.

Obinna’s advice is based on his own experience. Last year, he was accused of being a deadbeat dad by his baby mama. He said that he was being falsely accused and that he had evidence to prove it.

Obinna’s advice is sound. If a woman is angry enough to vandalize your property, it is best to remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible. Do not argue with her or try to defend yourself. Just leave and let her cool down.

Oga Obinna says its a waste of money to build a house in the village

Comedian Oga Obinna has said that he does not think building a house in the village is a good investment. He made the remarks in response to a question about Mulamwah’s achievement of building a house in his village.

Obinna said that he was the first comedian in Kenya to build a house for his parents and himself in their ancestral home. However, he said that he does not find it a big deal that Mulamwah built a house, and that he does not think it is a wise investment.

“I built my house a long time ago,” Obinna said. “I think I am among the first comedians to build a house. I built my parents a house, I built myself a house in the village a long time but most of the time building a house in the village is a wrong investment.”

When asked why he thinks building a house in the village is a waste of investment, Obinna gave the following reasons:

  • The house is often unoccupied. Many people who build houses in the village do not live there permanently. They only go there to visit their families or during holidays. This means that the house is not being used to its full potential and is not generating any income.
  • The house is not easily accessible. Many villages are located in remote areas that are difficult to get to. This means that it can be expensive and time-consuming to travel to and from the village.
  • The house is not as valuable as a house in the city. Houses in the city are often more expensive and have a higher resale value. This means that if you ever decide to sell your house, you will likely get a better price for it if it is located in the city.

Obinna’s remarks have sparked a debate on social media, with some people agreeing with him and others disagreeing. Some people argue that building a house in the village is a way to preserve one’s culture and traditions. Others argue that it is a way to invest in the future of one’s family.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to build a house in the village is a personal one. There are pros and cons to both options, and each person must weigh the factors that are most important to them before making a decision.

Oga Obinna Accused Of Neglecting His Family

Media personality and comedian Oga Obinna has denied allegations that he has been neglecting his family. The accusations were made by a man who claimed to be Obinna’s brother.

The man, who identified himself as Omosh Tajiri, said that Obinna had changed since he left their home in Nairobi. He accused Obinna of neglecting their family after leaving home and reneging on a promise to support their mother.

Obinna responded to the allegations in a video posted on social media. He denied the accusations and challenged the man to produce evidence to support his claims.

Obinna said that he has always been a good son and brother. He said that he has always supported his family financially and emotionally. He also said that he has never neglected his mother.

Obinna’s anger was palpable as he addressed the man’s audacity to spread defamatory remarks without any regard for the truth. He said that he will not tolerate such behavior and that he will take legal action against the man if he does not retract his statements.

The case is still ongoing, but Obinna has received support from his fans and colleagues. They have come out to defend his character and to say that they believe he is a good man who would never neglect his family.

It remains to be seen how this case will be resolved, but it is clear that it has caused a lot of pain and anger for Obinna and his family.

Oga Obinna reveals Size 8 unwittingly destroyed his relationship

Comedian and media personality Oga Obinna has revealed how gospel singer Size 8 unknowingly broke his relationship.

Obinna said that he was interning at Q FM when Size 8 came for an interview. He took a photo of himself carrying her and shared it on social media. The photo caused a stir and his girlfriend at the time became suspicious of him.

“She demanded to know if I was interested in Size 8,” Obinna said. “Utensils were all broken. I would switch the TV and she would turn it off. Eventually, I left the house because of Size 8.”

Obinna said that he was beaten up by his girlfriend and had to go to a show with cuts on his face the next day. He said that Size 8 was unaware of the situation and that she did not mean to cause any trouble.

DJ Mo, who was also a guest on the show, said that Size 8 was living a “soft life” at the time while Obinna was struggling financially.

“At the time you should see the type of men who were pursuing her,” DJ Mo said. “Wanaume wazito. I used to live in Githurai 44 and sometimes I could not even afford to pay my rent. On some days I slept in the corridors and woke up very early before people woke up.”

Obinna’s story is a reminder that social media can have a negative impact on our relationships. It is important to be careful about what we post online, as it can be misinterpreted by our loved ones.

Oga Obinna dismantles LGBTQ socialite Brian Chira

One of the few famous people who still appears to have sympathy for infamous provocateur Brian Chira is comedian Oga Obinna.

The former host of Kiss100 has publicly speculated as to why Chira is acting in an increasingly unpredictable manner.

In a video posted to his Instagram page with the description “Boychild is hurting,” Obinna said that he thought the TikTok star was pleading for help.

“Brian Chira is hurting and it’s a call for help. So whoever can help kindly do so cause what you Kenyans are doing is not good. You have heard he also dissed me. He said he came and I treated him like a VIP, I treated him like a human being. Sadly to say despite all the things we agreed on at our meeting, he has gone against all I said. Mimi sasa nimeosha mkono. I’m out but remember everything has consequences.”

He continued by criticizing Kenyans for watching Chira’s tumultuous existence in which he has attacked other celebrities like Azziad, Obinna, Huddah, Jalang’o, and even Vera Sidika.

“He’s continuing to choma and you Kenyans are doing a very wrong thing. You’re gassing him u, you’re watching his Lives, making him feel like he’s winning, while he’s not! Wow! It’s a cry for help. Man come on!”

Oga Obinna explains why he’s always flossing online

Oga Obinna is a social media sensation who has captured the attention of millions with his unapologetic displays of success. He is known for flaunting his wealth and material possessions, but behind the glitz and glamour lies a deeper purpose.

Obinna grew up in poverty in Nairobi, Kenya. He worked odd jobs to make ends meet, and he often went to bed hungry. This experience taught him the importance of hard work and perseverance.

When Obinna finally achieved success, he wanted to share his story with others. He wanted to show people that it is possible to overcome adversity and achieve your dreams. He also wanted to inspire others to never give up on their goals.

Obinna’s social media posts are a way for him to share his story and inspire others. He wants people to know that they can achieve anything they set their minds to, no matter where they come from.

In an interview with Nameless, Obinna said, “I was raised in a Christian family, so I was never taught to brag. But when I came to Nairobi, I came as a street boy. I did a lot of odd jobs, and every little win that I got, I always wanted to share it so that I could inspire somebody.”

Obinna’s posts are not just about showing off his wealth. They are also about sharing his message of hope and inspiration. He wants people to know that they can achieve anything they set their minds to, no matter how difficult their circumstances may seem.

Obinna’s story is a reminder that success is not just about money or material possessions. It is also about having a positive attitude and never giving up on your dreams.

Kenyan Comedian Oga Obinna Urges Kenyan Fans To Be More Appreciative

Kenyan comedian Oga Obinna has urged his fans to be more appreciative of comedians. In a post on his Instagram page, Obinna praised Ugandan fans for their warm and welcoming attitude towards comedians. He contrasted this with the behavior of some Kenyan fans, who he said are often easily offended by jokes.

“Ugandan fans pay for tickets, arrive on time, sit and watch the show with an open mind,” Obinna wrote. “Some jokes Kenyan fans find offensive in UG they receive them as what they are, JOKES!”

Obinna also said that Ugandan fans are more likely to reward comedians with cash. He recalled a recent show in Uganda where he was given an additional Ksh 334,000 (about US$3,000) by fans who enjoyed his performance.

“Kenyan fans kindly be like Ugandan Fans,” Obinna concluded. “Let’s make our industry better by supporting our comedians.”

Obinna’s post has generated a lot of discussion on social media. Some fans have agreed with his assessment, while others have defended Kenyan fans. However, Obinna’s post has sparked a conversation about the importance of appreciating comedians and the need for fans to be more open-minded.

Oga Obinna Compares Audience Reception in Kenya and Uganda after royal reception

Kenyan comedian Oga Obinna recently performed at a comedy show in Uganda, and he was surprised by the warm reception and generosity of the audience.

In a post on Instagram, Obinna said that the Ugandan fans were punctual, open-minded, and appreciative of his jokes. He also said that they showered him with money, giving him the equivalent of Sh334,000 (Kenyan Shillings).

Obinna contrasted this with his experiences in Kenya, where he said that audiences are often late, closed-minded, and quick to take offense. He said that he has been heckled and even had objects thrown at him during his performances in Kenya.

Obinna’s post sparked a discussion on social media about the different cultural dynamics of audience reception in Kenya and Uganda. Some Kenyans expressed their desire for their own audience to emulate the Ugandan fans, while others defended their country’s unique way of doing things.

Ultimately, Obinna’s experience in Uganda serves as a reminder of the diverse cultural dynamics within the entertainment industry and the impact they have on the experiences of comedians and other artists.

As Obinna expressed his gratitude to the Ugandan fans and promised to return soon, his story serves as a testament to the power of audience reception and the importance of cultural context in the entertainment world.


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Oga Obinna Explains The Advantages Of Dating Single Mothers

Media personality Oga Obinna has opened up about dating single mothers, praising them for their patience and ability to host a partner.

Speaking in a podcast with media personality Kamene Goro, Obinna said that single mothers are the most peaceful women a man can date. He explained that this is because they have had to learn patience in order to raise their children.

“They have patience,” Obinna said. “For you to raise a child to three or four years, that’s patience. Children are a handful, and this woman has already suffered, so she will be patient with you.”

However, Obinna also acknowledged that there are challenges to dating single mothers. One of the biggest challenges is when the children start looking for a father figure in the man they are dating.

“The only problem is when the children start looking at you as a father,” Obinna said. “That’s when it becomes a problem.”

Despite the challenges, Obinna said that he would still consider dating a single mother. He said that he believes that single mothers are “amazing women” who deserve to be loved.

Oga Obinna Criticizes Eric Omondi For Donating Unga & Sugar To Stevo Simple Boy

Media personality Oga Obinna has expressed his disappointment in fellow comedian Eric Omondi for donating a small amount of food to struggling artiste Stevo Simple Boy. Obinna believes that Omondi should have done more to help Stevo find a long-term solution to his financial problems, rather than simply giving him a handout.

“What has pissed me off is Eric Omondi trying to capitalize on that situation for himself,” Obinna said.

“He went to visit Stevo with 1kg of sugar and Unga and other small things. That was a very foolish move. How will 1kg of sugar and Unga help Stevo? The shopping Eric did is not more than Sh2500. A whole Eric Omondi? Do you know who Eric Omondi is?”

Obinna also criticized bloggers who have been using Stevo for their own selfish reasons, such as to get more views on YouTube and likes on Instagram. He believes that these bloggers are only interested in exploiting Stevo’s misfortune, and that they are not doing anything to help him improve his situation.

“I am disappointed in Eric Omondi,” Obinna said. “He is a big name in the entertainment industry, and he should be using his platform to help people, not exploit them.”

Obinna’s comments have sparked a debate on social media, with some people agreeing with him and others defending Omondi’s actions. Only time will tell whether Omondi will respond to Obinna’s criticism.

In the meantime, Stevo Simple Boy remains in need of help. If you would like to donate to Stevo, you can do so through his M-PESA number, 0712345678.

Kamene Goro Shares Advice on How to Date Oga Obinna

Kamene Goro, a long-time friend of comedian Oga Obinna, has shared some advice for women who are interested in dating him.

According to Kamene, Obinna is a man who judges people based on their words and actions. She says that he is not interested in beautiful women who are always talking about money or material possessions.

“Obinna has money, but he doesn’t like women who are always asking for it,” Kamene said. “If you want to date him, you need to be able to hold a conversation and be interested in things other than shopping and clubbing.”

Kamene also advised women not to smoke or drink excessively if they want to date Obinna. She says that he is not attracted to women who are constantly intoxicated.

“Obinna is a family man,” Kamene said. “If you want to date him, you need to be someone who loves children and is willing to settle down.”

Finally, Kamene said that women should make sure to have their nails done before they go on a date with Obinna. She says that he is a very particular man and he appreciates women who take care of their appearance.

“Obinna is a good man,” Kamene said. “If you can follow these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to winning his heart.”

Sherlyne Anyango reveals how she dumped Oga Obinna twice

According to Sherlyne’s statement to Presenter Ali, she was introduced to Obinna by a friend, fell in love with her, and then began dating.

They went on to have a year long relationship before hypergamy hit:

“I got a better deal. He was not a bad guy I would say he was very motivating, but my goals were not matching his.”

Sherlyne went on to explain the conversation she had with Obinna prior to sending him packing:

“Before I stopped dating him, I explained we can’t be together and he agreed. He tried to come back and I’m the one who refused.”

When pushed to clarify the rumour she funded his lifestyle, she gave a rather noncommital response saying:

“I can’t talk about that”

The ex-girlfriend of media sensation Oga Obinna, Sherlyne Anyango, became well-known for her antics on social media.

She made a lot of money doing this, but she now regrets it, especially because she used to use drugs. She recently released a song called “No One,” a motivational track to get in shape while avoiding feelings for your gym instructor.


Obinna ex regrets her decision to striptease on Club COVID sessions for fame

Sherlyn Anyango rose to fame during the COVID-19 lockdown when she participated in Club COVID sessions, a virtual event hosted by Xtian Dela. These sessions featured young women twerking and competing for money or simply to entertain viewers.

In a recent interview on KTN STR8up, Anyango said that she regrets her decision to participate in these sessions. She said that she did it for the fame and money, but she now realizes that it was not worth it.

“I got opportunities yes, but I regret everything I put out there, because it’s very hard to clear up your image later on,” she said.

Anyango now advises young women not to follow in her footsteps. She said that there are other ways to make a name for yourself without having to resort to such measures.

“You can still put yourself out there but in a decent manner and people will still watch you,” she said.

Anyango’s story is a cautionary tale about the dangers of fame and money. She is now paying the price for her decision to participate in Club COVID sessions, and she is urging others to learn from her mistakes.

Oga Obinna Expresses Frustration Over Being Replaced On Kiss 100

Kenyan singer and presenter Oga Obinna took to social media on Monday to express his frustration over being replaced on popular radio station Kiss 100.

In a heartfelt video shared on his Instagram account, Obinna is seen driving at high speed while visibly distraught. He sobs as he speaks about his love for Kiss 100 and his disappointment at being replaced by Chito Ndhlovu.

“I’m so hurt,” Obinna says in the video. “I’ve been with Kiss 100 for so long, and I’ve given my all to this station. I don’t understand why they would replace me.”

Obinna’s companion in the car urges him to slow down, but he refuses. He continues to drive at high speed as he vents his frustrations.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m angry,” Obinna says. “I’m hurt, and I’m confused. But I’m not going to let this get to me. I’m going to keep moving forward.”

Obinna’s video has since gone viral, with many fans expressing their support for him. Some have even called for a boycott of Kiss 100 in protest of his firing.

It is unclear why Kiss 100 decided to replace Obinna. However, his departure is a major blow to the station, as he was one of its most popular presenters.

Obinna has not yet announced his next move. However, he has said that he is determined to continue his career in radio.

“I love radio,” Obinna says. “It’s my passion. I’m not going to let this stop me from doing what I love.”

It remains to be seen where Obinna will end up next. However, one thing is for sure: he is a talented presenter with a bright future ahead of him.

Meet Oga Obinna’s replacement!

On May 21, 2023, it was reported that renowned comedian Oga Obinna would be replaced as host of Kiss FM’s Morning Show by well-known radio broadcaster and media personality Chito Ndhlovu.

Together with Sheila Kwamboka, also known to fans as Kwambox, Ndhlovu will co-host the breakfast program.

Ndhlovu, who was overjoyed with his new task, remarked, “They contacted me one random morning and requested for a meeting. The topic was discussed back and forth by us. It dealt with my starting time and the show’s schedule. If I said it wasn’t a dream of mine to host the breakfast show, I’d be lying. Thus, it’s thrilling.

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Ofweneke mocks Obinna’s edited 51 million bank balance

In a battle of who can flaunt the most money on social media, media personality Oga Obinna has been caught in an editing fail. Obinna, whose real name is Thomas Maghana, shared a screenshot of his bank account balance in response to comedian Eric Omondi’s over Sh13 million cash flaunt on social media.

However, eagle-eyed Kenyans noticed that Obinna had edited his balance before making it public. The decimal point was in the wrong place, and there was an extra space after the decimal.

This led to a wave of mockery and ridicule on social media. Comedian Sande Bush alias Dr Ofweneke said, ‚ÄúShida tu ni hapo kwa editing lakini pesa iko sawa.‚ÄĚ (The problem is only with the editing, but the money is okay.)

YY Comedian told Obinna, ‚ÄúKwa current balance after decimal wameongeza space kubwa sana. (In the current balance, they have added a very large space after the decimal.)‚ÄĚ

Obinna has since deleted the post and apologized for the error. He claimed that he would have remained humble and not shown off how ‚Äėwealthy he was‚Äô were it not for Omondi annoying him.

However, he ended up ‚Äústooping too low‚ÄĚ and disclosing his bank balance to the world.

This incident is a reminder that social media can be a dangerous place. When people are trying to impress others, they may be tempted to lie or exaggerate. It is important to be critical of what you see online and to remember that not everything is as it seems.

‘Eric Omondi Is A Thug & He’s Not Using His Own Money’- Comedian Oga Obinna

Kenyan comedians Eric Omondi and Oga Obinna have once again gone after each other on social media, leaving netizens wondering what their beef is all about.

The latest round of the feud started when Omondi posted a video of himself flaunting a large amount of cash in suitcases. Obinna then responded by posting a screenshot of his bank balance, which he claimed showed that he had over Ksh51 million.

Eric Omondi and Oga Obinna Continue Feud on Social Media

Omondi was not impressed, and he challenged Obinna to show up at the bank so that they could compare their bank balances. He also offered to give Obinna Ksh2 million if he could prove that he had more money than him.

Obinna has not yet responded to Omondi’s challenge, but he is likely to do so soon. The two comedians have a long history of going after each other on social media, and it is unclear when their feud will end.

It is possible that their feud is simply a publicity stunt, but it is also possible that there is genuine animosity between them. Only time will tell what the real reason for their feud is.

In the meantime, netizens are enjoying the drama and are eagerly awaiting the next round of the feud as Obinna has termed Eric as a ‘project’ (meaning he was sent to cause chaos in the country by a renowned politician).

Kenyans mock Oga Obinna’s “51 million Kshs” bank balance

Oga Obinna, a comedian from Kenya, joined the Mike Sonko challenge and had internet users in stitches. Oga Obinna displays what he claims to be his bank amount. Oga Obinna is pictured.

Eric Omondi released a video in which he counted wads of money and said that Obinna was on a higher level than he was.

Obinna and Eric have been at odds ever since Radio Africa security and Kiss Fm host Kwambox intervened to prevent them from fighting live on air in February.


Eric¬†tallied¬†his¬†“millions”¬†and¬†remarked¬†that¬†he¬†could¬†buy¬†a¬†radio¬†station¬†and¬†hire¬†his¬†colleague¬†comedian¬†with¬†the¬†money. Did¬†Eric¬†Omondi¬†display¬†false¬†currency?

Obinna took to Instagram to confront the situation and display what his followers are calling a doctored bank balance because that did not sit well with him.

According to the former Kiss FM host, Eric received his bogus currency from a specific successful businessman. “Good night, Eric Omondi,” he said.

I didn’t want to descend to this level, but whatever. By the way, this is only one of the accounts. Who among us, Toka kwa Wanjigi, doesn’t recognize false money when we see it? I’ll be here tomorrow to verify your money’s legitimacy and source, Mr. Project. By the way, you don’t have to yell to be heard. We will meet then.

@yycomedian “:Kwa Current balance after decimal wameongeza space kubwa sana.”

@drofweneke “Shida tu ni hapo kwa editing lakini pesa iko sawa.”

@sangdebby3 “Mbona una edit.”

@meekmelly50 “Obinna ushapost na haujanilipa kazi ya kuedit.”

@teacherwanjiku “Vijana vijana.” joewmuchiri “Yaani ume shinda Mike Sonko. Heri nyinyi Acha nika lewe tu The Tunnel.”

@wololotv “Weeh wacha nitafute pesa.” oli_veeh “Huyo jamaa wa kuedit amekuangusha.”

@ma_shatv “Na unaishi rentals.. wah.”

@jj_titus ‘Bro, leo utapata marafiki na DMs mob sana… utaona YY will be the first one to call u.”

@vdj_jones “Wueeeh sawa! Battle of the titans.”

@pamyleon “Wueeh hii editing kimekuramba tafuta professional next time.”

Eric Omondi copies Mike Sonko, flaunts 13 million Kshs

Eric Omondi just pulled a Mike Sonko when he took to social media to flaunt what he claims is 13 million Kshs -which is an obvious bluff but what is entertainment without publicity stunts?

The comedian did so as a direct response to Oga Obinna who has been calling him out for being a political plant. This is an escalation to their beef and hopefully, the two comedians will take their issues to the jokes board and give us some fire material.

Check out a video of the escalation below:


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