Why Kenyans need to embrace Omosh and every failure in him

Kenyans need to stop attacking Omosh and embrace him. Why? Because he is a reflection of who we are. The alcoholism and perennial victim mindset, the constant begging for help is who we are.

You see, for those of you who have been living under a rock somewhere in the deepest recesses of Moyale, allow me to recap what happened real quick… And we will start with the fact that he begged for help during an interview.

Omosh caught on camera in May,2021 drunk as a skunk

And Omosh cried and Kenyans came to his aid and rallied around him to donate money, a house, land and it appeared as though he was set for life as he even cleared his debt. Then he resurfaced a few months later asking for more money.

Hilarious reactions as KoT ruthlessly roast Omosh Kizangula

There has been a split in opinion as to whether the pledges he was given previously as been honoured and he begged for more but Jalang’o is an example of an individual who took the allegations that the pledges weren’t honoured poorly accusing him of squandering all that had been donated.

Drunk Omosh

Omosh went on another interview and cried to be given equipment for him to ply his trade and indeed he eventually got the camera, stands and microphones he asked for but I do not think we are expecting much from him.

“Bibi ako worse” Neighbor exposes Omosh Kizangila’s alcoholic wife

But why did Kenyans react so badly to his failure? Afterall, we all knew he was an alcoholic and we had simply given him money instead of insisting he get help before he gains access to that money…


It is because we are all too aware that Omosh is a representation of who we are as Kenyans. And having to see ourselves so raw and unfiltered is repulsive to us. Think about it, why have a lot of memes been comparing our president to the actor?

‘Badala Ya Kuenda Mbele Anarudi Nyuma’ Hon Alinur Angry After Omosh’s New Video Of Him Drunk

Why have these memes not only been funny but satirical with quite the gut-punch? It is because there is a lot of similarities they share. And we see that we the Kenyan electorate would probably vote for Omosh were he to vie for political office.


The helplessness we see in Omosh we see in ourselves. The substance dependency we see in him is something we can identify with -only that we wake up from our weekend stupor and go to work from Monday to Friday and get back into our numbing stupor.

‘Some People Never Learn!’ Jalang’o Blasts Omosh For Claiming He Received Less Than Ksh 1 Million

Perhaps what we need to do is embrace Omosh and the caricature of us he depicts and address the real issues therein.

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The curious case of Omosh and why handouts don’t work

This entire fiasco involving Omosh, whose real names are Joseph Kinuthia, has reminded me of a saying, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.

‘Some People Never Learn!’ Jalang’o Blasts Omosh For Claiming He Received Less Than Ksh 1 Million

That sentiment can be applied to his circumstances because he came out afew months back and sensationally admitted to having sunk into the abyss of alcoholism and suffering from the resultant poverty that usually deepens when one hits the bottle.

Omosh has come out once again asking for help

Kenyans came through in droves and showed him support by donating what they could to various charities set up in Omosh’s name and out of that he got a home and some small land and we all thought our job was done as now he could fend for himself and his two wives and the children by them.

‘Umezidi Sasa!’ Fans Tell Actor Omosh After Pleading For Financial Help Yet Again (Video)

But as time has unveiled, that was not the case. He has now come out to reveal that he is still struggling as the money that was donated to him was not enough for much after he was done clearing his debts and Kenyans are livid that they are being asked to potentially donate again.

Omosh’s parents whom he has to support

Actually, on this one, Omosh could be telling the truth and the magnitude of his debt was much deeper than earlier estimated. I would wager that indeed, he is telling the truth that after his debtors had come to collect their pound of flesh, he was left with a pittance and he found himself back in the same hole he was in previously.

From Omosh to Alvan and David Major: Kenyan celebs cannot keep lying that we do not support them

Now Bwana Joseph Kinuthia needs to figure out how to make more money and he has come out to ask for tools of his trade but this part was missed by Kenyans. He wasn’t asking for money but for cameras, microphones and afew lights so he can begin to produce what he knows how to; shows. Kenyans instead have been led by their emotions and have reacted to this badly.

The next time a celebrity comes out and like Omosh, they ask for a handout, what we should instead do is ensure their mental welfare first. If they are struggling with substance addiction, then we need to get them professional help. From there, we need to stop fixing their immediate problems. We need a more holistic approach to helping people (and indeed, even in the political landscape.

Omosh needs to learn that not everyone helping him is doing so out of altruism

What Omosh shows us is that when we merely focus on digging someone out of their most pressing fixes and leave them to their own designs, they are left helpless and they subsequently return back to the default factory settings we found them in.

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Kenyans will forever be asked to save celebrities who fall on tough times

It isnt anything new nor novel. But Kenyans are always being asked to help celbrities who fall on tough times. The irony of all this is the fact that a lot of celebrities accuse Kenyans of not supporting them.

From Omosh to Alvan and David Major: Kenyan celebs cannot keep lying that we do not support them

I had spoken about this earlier in the year when I pointed out the fact that this is a false notion but it all boils down to a very selfish and self centred view of the world. You see, you will often hear Kenyan acts complain about not receiving votes during continental award shows or Kenyans not buying their music.

From Omosh to Alvan and David Major: Kenyan celebs cannot keep lying that we do not support them

Sometimes it is thespians saying that we do not support their craft by buying tickets to plays or going to see their movies but all this is hogwash when you take into account the fact that when things get thick for all Kenan celebs, it is not the government of Kenya that swoops in to save the day. It is not politicians who come in to help.

Kenyan celebs only get political when their stomachs are threatened and that is not wrong

It is always invariably Kenyans and to be honest with you, this is a unique problem situation because we have allowed celebs to nurture this belief. Think about it, every time they appeal for help, we rally together to do something for them.  When Alvan needed help with his rent, we arose to meet the challenge. When David Major needed to get to a rehab centre, we helped.

David Major

And we went above and beyond for Omosh. So why would other artists who have fallen on tough times not think we would do the same thing for them? And while this is a testament to just how charitable and good natured Kenyans are but now we have created a monster.

Kenyan celebs are growing bold in their complaining about GoK

You see, we live in a third world reality which means that we have to be aware of our circumstances and actually factor that in regardless of our craft. That means that if you’re an artist, do not simply live for today. Actually plan for what you will do when those concert performances dry up. If you’re an actor, plan for what you will do once that sitcom that gives you your daily bread comes to an end.


That is the prudent thing to do. And do not feel pressured to do anything for the sake of maintaining a public image.

But at the end of the day, what does it matter? When you fall on tough times, I am sure Kenyans will be there to bail you out. Afterall, we are reaping what we sowed.

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From Omosh to Alvan and David Major: Kenyan celebs cannot keep lying that we do not support them

Kenyan celebs have one main complaint when it comes to Kenyans; that we do not support them. Whenever you hear them discuss issues, this is the main bone of contention.

I Was On Rehab For Three Months- Omosh Actor Opens Up On Challenges He Faced While Broke

And the reason I am of this opinion is the fact that in recent years, we have seen Kenyan celebs cry out for help and they have received it. Whenever a Kenyan celeb, be they an actor or a comedian or a musician, whenever they cry about falling on hard times, Kenyans rally and help them.

David Major
David Major Ogola rescued from the streets and Kenyans have given him a helping hand

Omosh is the most recent example of this but there are more examples such as Alvan and David Major. I mean, Kenyans actually took the latter to rehab for crying out loud.

“I also slept at Koinange street for 2 months,” DJ Shiti pens moving letter to rescued TPF star David Ogola

So whenever you hear artists complain, you have to understand that there is a great disconnect between them and their audience. Why? Because we have to appreciate that Kenya is a third world shithole as Trump so eloquently put it.

Omosh has been bailed out of his financial problems by Kenyans

That means that a majority of our population is either living beneath or at the poverty lines. So when they give what they can to help an artist, they are doing so out of a genuine desire to help. They get nothing in return and this is charity that is not tax dedactable.

Former Tusker Project Fame star living on the streets finally rescued after his plight went viral (Photos)

And it grinds our gears hearing all this and then still being subjected to complaints. Sure, I will be the first to say that there are areas of our support that we can improve on but there must be an appreciation of the fact that kenyans help where they can.

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Omosh needs to learn that not everyone helping him is doing so out of altruism

Omosh recently was revealed to be struggling financially and he was on the verge of being kicked out due to rent arrears he had accrued. He cried out for help in getting a job, not financial aid and that is why alot of Kenyans rallied to help him out.

The former Tahidi high actor, however, has become part of a media circus whose acts include aspiring politicians and celebrities and rallying to help him by donating land, money and even clearing his rent arrears on his behalf.

Omosh got alot of help when he asked for it

So what do I think about all this charity? The world isn’t filled with altruistic people. That means that he is probably servicing the agendas of alot of people. The thing that makes me think this is the fact that while I was in high school, I recall a couple of street urchin who had tied the knot with one hundred shillings.

Kenyans (read Kenyan companies) rallied around them and tried to give them a dream wedding and dream honeymoon. It was brilliant because it was the stuff of fantasies and alot of guys long for so it really inspired an “Aaaw” moment.

Former Tahidi High actor Omosh had accrued 100K in rent arrears

But where are the couple right now? they are nowhere to be seen. They have been forgotten after they served the nees of the companies that came forth to help them. That is something Omosh has to watch out for. He was given and. that is a very useful gift. He needs to research its commercial viability.

The money he was given is great for digging him out of his immediate hole but what comes next? Did anyone offer Omosh a job or some form of training? That is something that he needs to look into while the sun shines and the spotlight gods favour him.

Omosh with OJ back when they were on Tahidi High

You see, the guys who needed political mileage from Omosh’s misfortunes have probably already gotten as much as they can. They are probably milking the last dregs of proverbial milk that they want. The celebrities have done their CSR. They are done because not alot more can be done.

As for the companies that came through, I have to wonder whether they actually did give Omosh the title deed and whether that land is commercially viable or if he will be left to set up a tent on the land as building a house is actually expensive.

Whatever the case may be, Omosh is lucky. But I hope he will have the intelligence to help him get the most mileage out of this good luck that he got. I would not like to see him cry out for help once more in the next couple of months simply because he chose to ignore Law 40 of the 48 Laws of Power: Disdain the free lunch.

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