Lucky man! Wild reactions as Eric Omondi man handles Vera Sidika’s huge derriere(video) 

Comedian Eric Omondi has managed to switch national football teams battling for a cup to two countries in East Africa trying to prove which has women with the best behinds.


We all know some of you like to troll Vera for “being plastic” but given a chance, you won’t help but be all over her.

Taking to social media, the Omondi posted a video with Sidika at her palour playing around with her buttocks something that really fired up social media.

The video which is all meant to promote AFCON watching packages was been enjoyed over 300K times on Instagram alone.

“TANZANIA ni nini munayo nyinyi ati @wemasepetu Sisi tunaye Vera na hamtamueza????????????????????????????????… This being single will kill me???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? @queenveebosset

Catch all the action live and in HD. All packages. #TukoNdani #Afcon2019

Here’s how fans reacted:

Minsrih Uliachwa na chanty lakini naona unacheza kama wewe… Kucheza na mapanty..

Sammy_kioko Si unaskia poa tuache mambo ya ball kesho

Phil_director @ericomondi I think unaongelea ball tofauti sana

Mcharuko_ Mnaturingishia vera sisi huku kuna huyo anaitwa sachiiii na huyo anaitwa poshqeen ni fayaaaaaa hizo za wema weka pembeni joooh hmtuwezi hata

Mr_puaz Weee @ericomondihujui tupo na nini?? Tupo na @idrissultan tupo na @albertomsando tupo na @hajismanara , tupo na @pierelikwidi na zaidi tupo na @jaguarkenya 

Kenyans can’t believe socialite Vera Sidika lost her virginity just 9 years ago, at age 20

Socialite Vera Sidika recently opened up on her sexual life, shocking many after revealing when she first had sex.

Celebs of late have been opening up on when they first had sex and for Vera, it all happened when she was 20 years. Okay, Vera is 29 years old now. Many have claimed she has been 29 for the past 3 years a thing that has always disturbed fans.


Anyway, according to the socialite, it all happened after taking Amarula, which, was also her first time to take alcohol.

The socialite was speaking in a question and answer session on her instagram page where she revealed several other things such as dating Kabogo’s son(she didn’t) and hoping to be a mother soon.

She also claimed she’s a friend of American superstar Drake and they speak once in a while.

Is Vera Sidika finally pregnant?

Kenyans for a long time have waited for that day when socialite Huddah Monroe or Vera Sidika will finally announce that they are carrying a baby.

Several socialites, including Risper Faith and Bridget Achieng have already been through this phase and now eyes are back to Vera and Huddah.

Well, it seem that day has finally come, going by a recent status update from Vera that is.

The socialite, who is currently in the US enjoying life, hinted on Instagram that she might be expecting a baby soon but didn’t share any more details about the pregnancy.


“All my girls with kids tell me this every day. pregnancy is a special sacred and pure bliss. a beautiful journey I would be so excited to experience,” she posted. 

“Counting months,” she added. 

She has been avoiding photos, just like the last time she was in the US when fans started speculating she’s PGed. This time, however, Vera might be pregnant for real.

Surprisingly, Otile Brown has also been throwing hints that he wants a baby this year. The two last year exposed their ugly secrets after Otile came out to share that Vera aborted his baby.

Vivian responds to trolls, vows to walk from town to Karen to prove she’s hardy

Singer Vivian became a laughing stock during the weekend after sharing that she used to walk from Nairobi West to Nyayo to save bus fare which she later used to record her first songs.

The distance between Nairobi West and Nyayo, if there’s any, is actually not more than 500 meters.  Kenyans trolled the singer for her comments in an KTN interview after she shared her humble beginnings.

Vivian appeared in the just-launched KTN program “Behind the music” where she shared her story leaving many in stitches.

“I used to walk from Nairobi West to Nyayo to save fare,” she said.


“Even when I was working, I used to steal some hours to go to the studio.” 


It’s seems she has taken the Vivianchallange serious and now has promised that she will walk from the CBD to Karen. That’s about 20 km.

“Word on the street is that she can’t walk for long distances. Let me prove you otherwise. Who wants to walk with me from Nyayo House to Nairobi West then to @moran_house in Karen?” she said on social media. 

For those who don’t know, Vivian used to be a hawker. A Mali Mali guy. And these guys can walk up to 30kms in a day so she might actually successfully do it. Don’t let the pretty face fool you.

Otile Brown takes a swipe at Vera Sidika after she claimed he’s behind news her parlor is dead 

It seems singer Otile Brown and Vera Sidika are back at it again.

While Vera was away, rumors started flying that her new palour Vera Sidika Palour was dead and that she has even fired all her employees.

Otile had first hinted that the new business was struggling, badly, and that Sidika shouldn’t be living so flamboyant but focusing on it.

Now that Sidika is back, she has addressed the rumors that her business is dead saying that she was told one of her ex was spreading the rumors. We believe she was talking about Otile Brown.

Still opened

“I was told that some ex was spreading these rumors. They wish. NEVER closed at all. Only on Christmas Day. People like it when they see you fall. So even when you ain’t falling they’ll force others to believe you have,” said Vera in response to a comment by a fan.

It seems Otile got wind of this and fired a long post saying that some people( probably Vera) are praying for his downfall and talking ill about him in different chat groups.

He said that he has never prayed for anyone’s downfall and he’ll never do so in the future.

“Tofauti yangu na wewe ni kua unaniombea mabaya na kunisema vibaya kila kutwa kwenye group yenu ya WhatsApp wakati mimi mtulivu sana .. unapowashawishi watu kua mimi nimbaya kitabia ata kimaisha wakati sivyo ,watu wanakuchamba wewe kua vipi uka wai kua kwenye mapenzi na mtu kama mimi,” he said. 

Read the full post below:

Otile Brown releases new song dubbed ‘Samantha’ (video)

Singer Otile Brown has released his new song dubbed “Samantha” weeks after parting ways with Vera Sidika.

The song comes after several assumptions that the singer has already moved on and gotten himself another hot bae after his ugly spat with the socialite.

The song was produced by Teddy B and the video shot by popular Tanzanian video director Hanscana.

Warm reception

The song comes just a day after Otile released an audio dubbed “Niende”. According to Otile, he decided to release the two songs back to back because one was delayed.

“Hii ndio zawadi yenu nlio wapangia ila last week nilichelewa kui releases nikaona ni release #Niende ili nisiwa disapoint kisha hii #Samantha ni release mwanzo wa wiki hii amabapo ndo leo .. Nisiwe mnafiki huu mwaka umekua wa mafanikio kwangu na yote kwaajili ya Mungu na support yenu , natumai mwaka ujao utakua ata zaidi mana nimepanga kujiongeza sana .Asanteni and God bless y’all.” he said. 

Unlike several other Otile songs that he released while with and after break up with Vera Sidika, this one has gotten a good reception from fans and is already number one on trending list.

Watch the video below:

“I’m scared of opening his messages” Vera exposes super-thirsty ‘Fisi’ always in her DM

Socialite Vera Sidika has many men…and maybe women too, willing to do whatsoever just to land a date with her and maybe enjoy her goodies like singer Otile Brown once did.

The socialite, we now, gets hundreds of messages on Instagram from thirsty fans who try to get her for a date.

There is however this one fan that has been on Vera’s case for so long that the socialite confessed she’s now afraid of opening his messages because of their content.

Naughty messages

On Instagram, the socialite exposed the Team Mafasi Member sending her thirsty messages almost weekly in a series of screenshots and they are a true definition of thirst.

The fan has been telling Vera how he wants to bed her because everything about her turns hims on.

Here’s the screenshot Vera posted:


Sources: Otile Brown wrote Vera Sidika’s song ‘Nalia’

Kenyans had been doubting Otile Brown’s relationship with Vera Sidika the moment it started and it seems they might have been right after all.

A close friend of Otile Brwon has come out to expose the two saying that they tricked Kenyans with the relationship to further their careers.

The source opened up to Dizzim saying that there was no love between the two at all.

“Do you know they used this fact to push their brands and get influencer business, tours and concerts just like that. Their’s was a love that was brewed and put together for social media influencing,” the source said.

Otile wrote her debut

The source also claimed that Otile Brown wrote his own diss song. Yes. Vera’s “Nalia”, which she released after the break up, was penned by Otile Brown.

“Vera used the drama to released her single Nalia. Otile is the one who wrote the song for Vera. Also, Calisa is Otile’s close pal, he hooked Vera with him to be the video fox in the music video. Hence the stunt of buying him a brand new pristine white Mercedes Benz.” said source. 

Calisa was paid well for the gig and people in Tanzanian actually fell for the prank.

“The fact that the publicity stunt worked out so well and it was believable saw Vera gain fans in Tanzania just like that, without breaking a sweat. It also helps that she also sells out her weight loss brands as well,” the source added. 

Vera Sidika’s exposes Otile Brown in her new song ‘Nalia’

Socialite Vera Sidika is switching things up yet again and this time she has joined the music industry.

The socialite has released her new song dubbed Nalia, in which she gives a detailed look of what transpired between her and her estranged lover Otile Brown.

Vera’s music video features Wema Sepetus’ former lover Calisah, who is seen posing next to a white Mercedes Benz which she had claimed she bought for him earlier.

Gave her all

The controversial socialite explains in the song how she gave her all in vain, just to keep her lover satisfied, including giving him money to help him out in times of need.

“Chochote nilikupa bila hofu support one way, kuhusu pesa ukiomba nilihisi zaidi ya kupea,” she croons before chorusing it up with nalia nalia.

Otile Brown: I’m not ready to settle down anytime soon 

Singer Otile Brown has told fans that he’s not ready to settle down.

His comments comes just days after the singer was in an ugly fight with Vera Sidika after she came out to accuse him of begging money from her.

In his instagram post, Otile shared a video singing his new song No body that was released during the drama.

‘Them: Otile Brown when are you settling down?” 

“Me: ”I wanna drink some more, smoke some more, niwacheni nile Maisha” 


In the song, the star also claimed Vera was being clingy even after he had dumped him.

Otile said nobody can take away his happiness and all he wanted was to just have fun.

Revenge? Vera Sidika introduces new boyfriend after breaking up with Otile Brown

Vera Sidika might have bagged herself a new man judging from her recent post that left many women lusting.

Well, this past weekend she shared new photos of an unknown fella wishing him a happy birthday. Judging from her caption, it was evident to tell that the two were more than just good friends; leaving many wondering what happened to Otile Brown.

The photos came at a time when Vera Sidika and Otile Brown had met while in Dubai sparking more rumors about their relationship. The two also started acting romantic towards each other confirming that they had rekindled their love affair despite their bitter split!

Vera’s new catch

However seems that Vera Sidika had other plans with a new man. Her Instagram inlaws were quick to congratulate her as they dismissed Otile Brown in their comments.

When asked whether the fella was single, Vera Sidika said ‘No’ which could only mean that she is the lucky woman in his life!

Vera’s effect! Otile Brown surprises fans after stepping out wearing an underwear only( photos)

Singer Otile brown surprised his fans recently on social media after posting a video wearing an underwear only.

Otile, who is now back with Vera Sidika and the two caught many by surprise after announcing their reunion, if there was any break up in the first place, did it while in Dubai.


And just like his woman, it seems Otile has also been bitten by the semi-nudes bug. In his insta-stories on Instagram, Otile shared the video wearing a black boxer and dancing next to a swimming pool.

In the video, the Baby Love hitmaker is only clad in a black underwear that leaves little to the imagination of his fans. He captioned it that he’s currently enjoying the best of his life.

The singer is currently back in Kenya after a week long vacation with Vera in Dubai.


Vera hits the gym to get her sexy back after being dumped by Otile

Socialite Vera Sidika has really added weight this year, especially after meeting with singer Otile Brown. But now after their bitter break, it seems Vera is looking at getting her fly body back.

She recently shared that she is back to working out and wants to shed a few kgs especially around her thighs and ass which have ballooned in the last few days.

Vera Sidika and her trainer Shiverenje Simani.


Vera told fans that she is currently 76kgs and wants to lose 10 kgs so she will be spending 4 days a week in a gym. She will be making sure she’s at the gym by 8:30 am then leave for work.

“So I made Gym a morning routine 4 times a week & I’m still shook at how disciplined I am. I drive from Kitusuru to Ngong Road & By 8:30am already at the gym, damn!
In love with my flat tummy. Just need to lose 10kgs of thighs & ass. Currently weigh 76kgs, Had to carry forward make up from my photoshoot, it was too good to wash of,”
 shared Vera Sidika.


Has Otile Brown already moved on? Checkout the stunning lady he was spotted spending time with (Photos)

After Vera Sidika announced her break up with Otile Brown, the two seem to have moved on from what was.

The two no longer follow each other on social media and if anything they no longer speak to each other. From Vera’s Instagram activities we now understand that she hangs out with her new best friend; who happens to have a diva’ish sense of style.

Away from that, word has it that Otile Brown was recently spotted hanging out the a stylish 22 year of by the name of Maya Abedi.

Otile finds new love?

Judging from the lady’s photos, well, she is not any average lady and we can understand why Otile enjoyed her company during his visit to Mombasa.

According to Mpasho, a close source revealed that the singer was seen in the company of the lady even before the two graced Nizamu and Fatuma wedding where the singer had a surprise performance.

In one photo shared by the lady, you can spot Otile comfortably holding on to her waist; bringing confusion to the nature of their relationship.

Anyway below are just a few photos of the lady.


Fans beg Otile Brown to impregnate Vera ASAP after her recent baby posts

Socialite Vera Sidika is seeing babies left right and centre, we are not sure about Otile Brown. Sidika, is having a serious baby fever and has been posting random photos of cute babies almost everyday on her Instagram page.

This has forced fans to put pressure on Otile Brown to make a manly moves and impregnate the socialite with baby number two before another man does.  The two, who were rumoured to have parted ways a while back, confirmed to fans that it was all a stunt after they released their new collabo: Baby Love.

Love babies

Vera has been admiring other people’s babies and sharing their photos on Instagram, something that fans have stated is an indirect message to Otile that she needs a baby. ASAP.

Or, maybe she’s just promoting her new song.

“Oh my God! Cutest thing I’ve seen today. Don’t blame me. Been seeing 1,000 babies daily on explore, elevators, malls. Literally everywhere. Don’t laugh at me,” she posted.

Here’s what fans had to say:


Otile Brown gets emotional: Wish my mum could be here so I can spoil her

Singer Otile Brown recently showed his emotional side, remembering her late mum who passed on while he was just a young boy. In the process, the singer was forced to sell Changaa to survive. He was only 12 years old.

Now at 25 years, things are looking up and his new video Baby Love featuring Vera Sidika has garnered more than half a million views in just two days. He wished his mother was here to witness his success.

“Appreciate and love your mama…feeling kinda emotional tonight. Wish she could be here so I can spoil her,” He posted.

Hard knock life

In an interview with Daily Nation sometime back, the singer confessed how losing his mum affected his life.

“My mom died when I was about to turn 13. I don’t like talking about it but I don’t shy away from speaking about it because I know it could motivate someone. Sometimes when I would get caught, the officers would frog march me past the school compound where other children would see me. It was embarrassing. I didn’t like doing it but I had to survive,”  he told the Nation.


Now famous Otile forced to expose night club using his name to make money behind his back 

Singer Otile Brown has exposed a popular night club that has been using his name without his consent.

The singer, who is now famous more than ever, took to IG to blast a popular club in Busia Town called One On One, that was claiming the singer would be performing there on 4th, 2018.


He promised to take legal action on the club that might have made millions already from other such lies.

“Fraud Fraud Fraud .. Busia msiibiwe bure Sijui kuhusu hii Show .. and the club that is doing this , it’s so wrong and you’ll be held responsible when we decide to take legal action,” shared Otile Brown on Instagram.

He shared the posters of the club on his social media to prove that it was fake.

Kamenuka sasa! OTI also unfriends and delete Vera Sidika’s photos 

Just when we were warming up to couple Vera Sidika and Otile Brown, it seems it was not meant to be after all.

Kenyans woke up to news that Otile and Vera Sidika might not be together anymore after the socialite(Vera) unfriended Brown on Instagram and went on to delete his photos. She has probably blocked him too, but we are not sure.

To hell

Anyway, after a lot of thinking, it seems Otile also said to hell with this relationship and unfriended Vera. He also deleted her photos. We are not sure if he blocked her too but we highly doubt.

That’s all for now but more is on the way from these two dramatic lovers and Ghafla will be here to inform you.

Not now Oti! Vera Sidika not yet ready to have kids

Socialite Vera Sidika recently opened up about becoming a mother and it wasn’t good news –or maybe it was– to lover Otile Brown who has dated her for almost six months now.

Vera took to social media to tell her fans that as much as she’s in love with Otile, kids are not something shes want currently. Because babies always cry and when they do, they freak her out.

Vera and Otile are also taking things slow but have hinted once in a while that they are thinking of a wedding. They have also introduced each other to their parents.

Otile Brown forced by Kenyans to stop skipping leg day after trolls that he has skinny leg

Kenyans recently took to social media to bash Vera Sidika’s boo, Otile Brown for having skinny legs and buffed hands all thanks to his imbalanced workout routines.

Many were quick to troll, and advise the popular singer to hit the gym but work on his legs too instead of his upper body only.

Otile took it to heart and actually decided to follow their advice.

“They’ve been making fun of my legs. Some of us are not luhyas, please understand. Working on it though,” he wrote.


He shared a few photos actually working on his legs and soon, we might actually see a balanced Otile and may be, just may be, a happier Sidika.

Otile continues fighting with Kenyans after they catch him buying Cassava ‘mwitu’ for Vera 

Over and over again singer Otile Brown has stated that socialite Vera Sidika is in love with him. Not because he’s a rich guy, cause he’s not, but because he’s just a nice guy.

The singer has been fighting with Kenyans lately, especially women, who have been claiming Sidika made a huge mistake going for him and should go for someone richer. Like she used to in the past…or like Huddah does.

Lifestyle audit

Otile annoyed these women yet again after he shared a photo buying Sidika Cassavas after a short drive in Mombasa town.

The problem is, these cassavas never came out a five star hotel like most of the things Vera eats, but they came from the roadside vendors in Mama Ngina street.

Here’s what Otile had to say:


Otile Brown thanks God for Vera Sidika after posting her in see-through pants(photo) 

Ever Since Otile Brown and Vera Sidika came into the picture, the two lovers have been the talk of town as they continue to broadcast their love on social media.

They have fallen head over heels for each other and are even planning to have a wedding in the near future. Vera and Otile are currently in Mauritius for a sponsored trip by Bonfire and have been leaving Kenyans in complete awe with their photos.

Thanking God

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika.

Otile surprised her fans on Instagram after sharing a photo of Vera Sidika wearing a see-through pair of trousers which showed her behind. Otile thanked God for the blessing by captioning the photo: Neema za Allah ?

Here’s what fans said:

  • mjacan_tzSeeYouAtTheTop
  • am_faaaayNo man that truly loves you will allow such pictures of you posted on the net,yes you on the beach,haiya si akuvalie akufurahishe basi? Thought she left all this behind,a floral or dark kimono would have done her justice,
  • justelsie_@real.finnest.larry advice* live*
  • lucresiouscuteyTako fake,nyonyo fake, nywele fake, sura yako rangi fake, uchi nao fake , kucha fake , macho fake yani kila kitu fake fake na penzi nalo litakua fake fake fake yani fake fake
  • jennajanettGn to that irregular big whooty
  • jennajanett@lucresiouscutey 100000% not hate but pure truth
  • nayomithedivaplease ignore the Haters… and live your best life…… ???????
  • _c.h.a.m.p.i.o.n_b.o.y_@that_suspect_kidkujaa uone mahali improper fraction huapply in real life???
  • stanleysupremoDamn!! People be hating @otilebrown and @queenveebosset. like they are saints, mara plastic, mara ooh, some y’all can’t even post your own pics coz you ain’t confident is yourself.(low self esteem). If you are having a miserable life stop hating on people who are making something out of theirs . Get up and do something about your life and stop hating.
  • selectormafrrHehe
  • pritykirera@queenveebosset & @otilebrown may God continue to elevate you. Those who are saying mara mungu apendi uchi sijui nini. We came from our mothers wombs naked none of you had anything on. Infact if otile & vee were in the garden of Eden wangekua uchi. So stop bringing us izo, let them have fun and enjoy to the fullest.. nawapenda otile&vee
  • pritykirera@abdirazz so are you God. God is even greaffull that otile is thankful …. ?
  • vendysurvivalcaseYou right brother???
  • jack_sparrow_undefeatedAnafirana
  • alibin254Simchezo Bro kweli neema za Allah @otilebrown
  • official_mr_stuff@otilebrown I love your reply to him….I’m Nigerian and I’ve been following your music and your social life…..I must tell you that you’re good….Ignore that guy….that’s the major problem facing Africa….#RELIGION
  • sophie_kui_@p_ap_s ??? manze ninenotice pia
  • jackie_rensonWatapata tabu sana….kula vitu zako otile dady…best couples ever…iko love
  • khans_da_gorgeoushahaha sure bro kula bata kabisa chezea mtoto vera weye #bikini_upande_upande??????
  • amalnasse56Ivo viguu???
  • rayampenziThat holy. Name Allah ??? Delete it plz its disrespectful…to the almighty
  • iambakameKijana Usiende peku tu ??
  • malembakerryHiyo matako pia ni plastic? Ama kitu ya kukojolea ndio alieka plastic

Trust issues? Why Vera and Otile Brown keep going for HIV tests almost monthly 

In just five months Vera Sidika and Otile Brown have been together, they have gone for HIV test three times. That’s almost every one and a half months.

Encourage others

Otile Brown, however, opened up on why they have been having these visits saying they just want to be sure of their statuses and encourage others to have such tests.

Otile spoke to Wasafi TV where he shared it all.




Otile Brown’s TBT photo leaves Kenyans laughing and finally believing ‘you aren’t ugly just broke’

Otile Brown’s photo way as a young kid has left many in stitches from his ashy looks. Many times Kenyans have used ‘you aren’t ugly just broke’ to explain how celebs have changed once they get money.

Otile Brown’s photo is the perfect example.


He was born and raised in the coastal city of Mombasa. He is the last born in a family of five – three brothers and one sister. Otile discovered his talent at tender age of 12. He started singing and writing music at age 13. Once he stepped into Nairobi, the singer has really changed and now that he’s with Vera Sidika, expect nothing but more changes.

Here’s the photo:

Otile watch out!! Vera reveals why she ditched her Mzungu boyfriend for Otile 

Socialite Vera Sidika has come out to share why she ditched her white boyfriend just a few months after they started dating and went for Otile Brown.

In an interview with a top website, the socialite, who has just launched a new beauty spa in Westlands, said that distance and age played a huge factor when parting ways with the guy.

“That situation is very tricky. First of all the long distance and he is young. He looks very buffy because he is a bodybuilder. He looks like he is probably in his 30’s.”

Need an older guy

She went on to add that she want’s an older man since she’s about to hit 30. Surprisingly, Otile is barely 24 — if we go by the age he claims.

“He was 26 as of last year and I was 27. Most people think he was older than me or my sponsor. He is a very young guy with dreams and goals he is still chasing and I felt like the distance thing wasn’t going to work. I want to focus on building this brand as i am almost 30. In two years i will be thirty so…..” added Vera. 


Otile Brown? P-unit attack younger entertainers who floss on Instagram in new song

P unit, after what seemed like forever, have made a comeback after releasing their new song, “Chocha”.

The song, which has been produced by Magix Enga and video made by Enos, has the veterans dissing younger entertainers who are living a flamboyant life on Instagram but in real life are broke as hell.

A much needed reunion

Frasha is coming off a failed political launch after his MCA dreams crashed and burnt. Gabu has been busy starting his own record label which is yet to make enough noise in the business and Boneye has been dealing with family matters.

In the video, the trio show how they play big unlike other artists who are out here leaving a fake life. Question is, do they really play that big?

Watch the video below: