Otile Brown Explains How His Ex-Girlfriend Rejected Him Despite His Efforts

Musician Otile Brown recently spoke about his former relationship with Ethiopian model Nabayet, with whom he dated for four years.

Brown revealed on Instagram that he had previously attempted to rekindle their romance, even traveling to Ethiopia to express his feelings. However, he ultimately let go due to a perceived change in Nabayet and the challenges of a long-distance relationship.

Letting go was a difficult process for Brown, and he acknowledged the significant length of time he spent single afterward. He expressed a fear of not finding someone who could connect with him like Nabayet did.

Brown commented on a song he dedicated to Nabayet, “Dear Ex,” viewing it as a vulnerable expression of their story and a potential inspiration for others.

While speaking on television, Brown showered Nabayet with compliments, demonstrating his continued respect for her despite the relationship’s end.

“Nabbi is a beautiful woman and what I like about her is that she wants nothing from me, hataki kiki, hataki Otile Brown, anataka Jack ama Juma. Ni mwananke ambaye anashughuli zake, Kazi zake ambazo anafanya kubwa tu, she is responsible” said Otile.

This happened nearly right away following the breakdown of his romance with socialite Vera Sidika.

Following Otile Brown’s 2022 sighting in Ethiopia, fans began to speculate about a potential reunion; but it didn’t.

Otile Brown Embarks On New Chapter With Manager Mumbi Maina (Photo)

Kenyan R&B artist Otile Brown has entered a new phase in his career, welcoming Mumbi Maina as his manager. Taking to social media, Otile expressed excitement about their collaboration, calling Mumbi his “newest team captain.”

“Welcoming our newest team captain @_mumbimaina thrilled to have their leadership on board as we embark on exciting ventures together. Here’s to collaboration, growth, and achievement of new heights 🚀 #newmanager,” Otile Brown wrote on social media on Friday night as he unveiled Mumbi Maina as her new manager.

Their partnership builds on Otile’s previous success with Joseph Noriega, who managed him for six years. Otile acknowledged Noriega’s significant role in his career, saying:

“Working with Noriega has been an incredible experience. His passion and support have shaped me as an artist and I will forever cherish our partnership,” he said.

“Noriega bless up king, love always. Grateful for the journey, memories made, and success achieved along the way.

Looking ahead, Otile hinted at exciting ventures alongside Mumbi. He wrote: “Excited to have their leadership on board as we embark on exciting ventures together. Here’s to collaboration, growth, and achievement of new heights.”

Vera Sidika fires back at claims Otile Brown is the father of her son

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika is furious after netizens claimed that her son Ice Brown looks like her ex-boyfriend Otile Brown.

In an Instagram post, the mother of two questioned why people would compare her seven-month-old son to a man she broke up with several years ago.

“Why does anyone think the father of my children belongs to an ex-boyfriend from years ago?” she asked.

Vera said she had been ignoring the comments for a while, but that they had gotten worse. She also attached screenshots of some of the comments to her post.

“They’ve started it again with my son,” she added.

Vera, who is known for her outspokenness, has been praised by some fans for standing up to the trolls. Others have criticized her for giving the comments attention.

It is important to note that there is no evidence to suggest that Otile Brown is the father of Vera’s son.

Otile Brown Claims Tanzanian Artists Wear Fake Jewellery

Otile Brown has taken a jab at Tanzanian singers Diamond Platnumz and his protégé Mbosso, suggesting that they may have purchased fake jewelry.

Brown’s comments come just days after Platnumz and Mbosso each flaunted their new custom-made jewelry on social media. Platnumz’s pendant, which bears his name and face, is said to have cost millions of shillings. Mbosso, on the other hand, has warned his fellow celebrities to stop wearing fake chains, as they risk getting infected.

In a social media post, Brown asked why the two Bongo artistes didn’t buy their chains from certified stores, given their financial resources. He also accused them of misleading young people into thinking that life is easy.

“Got youngings thinking this ish is easy and now nobody wants to put in the work. Its not bad rocking fugazi, they say, fake it till you make it,” Brown wrote. “Tatizo ni, if you have made it but you’re rocking it and still running your mouth. We gonna check you for the love of the game.”

Brown’s comments have sparked a debate among fans, with some siding with him and others defending Platnumz and Mbosso. It remains to be seen whether the two Tanzanian singers will respond to Brown’s allegations

Otile Brown Threatens To Quit Music If His Upcoming Album Flops

Kenyan singer Otile Brown has threatened to quit music if his upcoming album does not become one of the top three albums in Africa. The “Jeraha” hitmaker made the announcement on his Instagram stories, saying that he has put a lot of work into the album and that he deserves to be recognized for his talent.

“I got too much game on my upcoming album, real life experience and ish ttrawwww…it has to make it to at least top 3 best album in Africa,’just to be fair’ or else I am quitting music,” he wrote.

Brown’s announcement has been met with mixed reactions from fans. Some have expressed their support for the singer, saying that he deserves to be successful. Others have questioned his decision to quit music if his album does not do well, saying that he should be more confident in his abilities.

“Never tricked a fan for love/support, that’s why I don’t do kiki … the love I share with my fans Is raw and genuine,” he stated.

Only time will tell if Brown’s album will be a success. However, his announcement has certainly generated a lot of buzz and anticipation among his fans.

Noriega reveals Otile highest earning Kenyan superstar

Otile Brown’s former manager, Donself Noriega, has said that the singer is still one of the most successful artists in Kenya, despite recent complaints about his earnings from MCSK.

Noriega, who managed Brown for six years, spoke to SPM Buzz and Plug TV about the singer’s current earnings. He said that he cannot speak about Brown’s specific earnings, but he did say that “numbers don’t lie.”

“If you go to YouTube, who is the most accomplished or decorated artiste when it comes to the views? Who has the more numbers? Because the more the numbers, the more the business,” Noriega said.

He added that Brown is also one of the most popular artists on Spotify and Boomplay.

“The more the numbers, the more the revenue. So I don’t want to say he is the top artiste, but I’ll tell you if you go and sit down and you do your research, whoever artiste has more numbers on their platforms, is the one making or generating more revenue,” Noriega said.

Noriega’s comments come after Brown recently complained about his earnings from MCSK. Brown said that he was only being paid KSh2,500 per song, which he felt was unfair.

MCSK has said that they are investigating Brown’s complaint.

In the meantime, Noriega’s comments suggest that Brown is still one of the most successful artists in Kenya, despite the recent controversy.

Otile Brown Weighs in on Tanzanian Music Domination

Otile Brown performed in Mombasa on Saturday, August 5, to a crowd of enthusiastic fans. The singer and his bodyguards fought their way through the crowd to get to the stage, as girls screamed their adoration towards him.

After his performance at Mama Ngina Waterfront, Otile also performed at Club Volume, where a hyped-up crowd showed him the adoration he deserves. The show was dubbed the most anticipated show for county 001.

Speaking at the Moi International Airport, where he was received like a hero, Otile weighed in on the fact that Tanzanian musicians are dominating Kenyan music viewership lists.

In an interview shared on Club Volume’s Instagram, the “Dusuma” singer did not hold back. “I am not surprised,” he said. “Tanzanian musicians are putting in the work. They are making good music, and they are promoting their music well.”

Otile also said that he believes that Kenyan musicians need to step up their game if they want to compete with Tanzanian musicians. “We need to start making better music, and we need to start promoting our music better,” he said.

Otile’s comments come at a time when Tanzanian musicians are enjoying a lot of success in Kenya. In recent months, several Tanzanian songs have topped the Kenyan music charts, and Tanzanian artists have been performing to sold-out crowds in Kenya.

Otile’s comments have sparked a debate on social media, with some people agreeing with him and others disagreeing. Some people believe that Tanzanian musicians are simply making better music than Kenyan musicians, while others believe that Kenyan musicians are not promoting their music well enough.

Only time will tell if Otile’s comments will motivate Kenyan musicians to step up their game. However, one thing is for sure: the competition between Kenyan and Tanzanian musicians is only going to get more intense in the years to come.

Gay socialite Maxwell Mwamburi seggshually harasses Otile

Socialite Maxwelll Mwamburi had a vivid dream about Dusuma singer Otile Brown. In the dream, Otile Brown confessed his long-term desire for Mwamburi.

Mwamburi said that he was confused by the dream, but he also believes that his dreams often come true. He said that he doesn’t know what the universe was trying to tell him, but he is definitely interested in Otile Brown.

This is not the first time that someone has declared a crush on Otile Brown. A few months ago, a Kenyan girl named Kach Girl almost shed tears after Otile picked her up for a dinner date. Kach Girl had done several tattoos to honor her favorite celebrity and had been trying to contact him for a long time. The dinner date left her emotional, proving that Otile is a caring celebrity.

However, Otile Brown is currently in mourning. He lost his unborn baby a week ago and has been grieving the loss.

It is unclear whether Otile Brown will pursue a relationship with Maxwelll Mwamburi or Kach Girl. However, it is clear that both of these people are very interested in him.this is a clear depiction of sexual harassment as a member of the LGBTQ brigade is pursuing a man who has clearly stated he is a straight African man with zero interest in men.

Otile Brown In Sombre As He Gets Blamed For Contributing To The Loss Of His Unborn Son

Renowned Kenyan musician Otile Brown has recently shared the tragic news of the loss of his unborn baby.

The singer took to social media to announce the pregnancy on July 5, and just days later, he revealed that the baby had died.

In a series of emotional Instagram stories, Otile Brown expressed his grief and reflected on the profound impact this loss has had on him.

“It was a boy, dah!… It’s all good. Would have been my bestie,” Otile Brown wrote.

He referred to the child as his potential best friend, further highlighting the deep connection he had already formed with his unborn son.

Otile Brown’s fans have been offering their support and condolences, and many have shared their own experiences of loss.

The singer has said that he is taking some time to grieve, but he plans to return to music soon.

“I’ll be back stronger,” he wrote.

The loss of an unborn child is a devastating experience, and Otile Brown’s openness about his grief is a testament to his strength and courage. His fans are sending their love and support during this difficult time.

Adding to the tragedy, Otile claims the mother of his unborn baby placed the blame on him for the loss, citing his announcement on social media as a contributing factor.

Otile Brown Opens Up About Losing His Unborn Child

Kenyan singer Otile Brown has opened up about the loss of his unborn child. In a series of Instagram posts, Brown shared that he was “thrown into sudden mourning” after his girlfriend miscarried.

Brown said that he had been looking forward to becoming a father, and that the loss of his child was “something I had never experienced before.” He also said that he felt guilty for announcing the pregnancy on social media, as his girlfriend blamed the miscarriage on the “bad energy” of social media.

However, Brown said that he has since learned to “grieve differently.” He said that he has been “punishing himself” by spending money and traveling, but that he is also trying to “find peace” with the loss of his child.

“It was a boy…Dah it’s all good.

Would have been my best. At first, I hate social media for she hated me. And made me believe that its all the social media bad energy..and I kind of believed it coz for someone who never advertises his life that much on social media, Yani this one time I was lit, and excited and randomly decided to post about it while my heart telling me not to, had me feeling guilty.

But again I was like nah I can’t give these low vibration that much power. It’s either our fault, God’s plan or natural causes ..you can’t fit with me on God.”

Brown’s posts have been met with an outpouring of support from his fans. Many people have shared their own experiences with miscarriage, and have offered words of comfort and advice.

Brown has said that he is “grateful” for the support he has received, and that he hopes that his story will help others who are going through the same experience.

Otile Brown Mourns The Loss Of His Unborn Child

Kenyan singer Otile Brown has shared heartbreaking news revealing the passing of his unborn baby. The singer took to social media to express his deep sorrow and mourn the loss of his child.

In a series of emotional posts, Otile Brown poured out his feelings, sharing his pain with his fans and followers. He wrote,

“God, you know I never ask questions. All I do is smile and stay positive. But this time, I’m not sure how to feel. Our baby didn’t make it. I guess it’s not my favourite year no more.”

Otile Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Nabayet, who is better known as Nabii, also shared her grief on social media. She wrote,

“I’m so heartbroken. I can’t believe our baby is gone. I will always love and cherish the memories we made together.”

Despite their recent breakup, Otile Brown and Nabayet have shown support for each other during this difficult time. Otile Brown took to Instagram to wish Nabayet a happy birthday, writing, “You are the most beautiful and amazing person I have ever met. I will always be here for you.”

The loss of an unborn child is a devastating experience for any parent. Our hearts go out to Otile Brown, Nabayet, and their families during this difficult time.

Nabayet Hints She Is Not Otile Brown’s Baby Mama

Nabayet, the former lover of Kenyan singer Otile Brown, has hinted that she is not the mother of his child.

This comes after Otile announced on Saturday that he is expecting a baby. Some fans speculated that Nabayet is the baby mama, but she has since denied the rumors.

“Lol, I didn’t know but thank you,” Nabbi wrote on Instagram in response to a fan’s congratulations.

Otile has not revealed the identity of the baby mama, but he has said that he is excited to become a father.

“Bizeee will soon be a pope, Inshallah.. I will love you so much baby #Inshaallah,” he said on Instagram.

The 30-year-old musician has been very secretive about his relationships since his breakup with Nabayet in January.

It remains to be seen who the baby mama is, but Nabayet’s denial suggests that it is not her.

Otile Brown is set to become a father

The 30-year-old singer announced the news on Saturday evening, but did not reveal the identity of the mother or the gender of the child.

Brown has been very secretive about his relationships since his separation from Ethiopian beauty Nabayet early last year. Before dating Nabayet, he was in a relationship with socialite Vera Sidika.

There have been rumors that Brown impregnated Sidika several years ago, but she has denied these claims. In a recent Q&A session on Instagram, Sidika said that she was never pregnant during her relationship with Brown and that she would never have an abortion.

In his song “Leave Me,” Brown hinted that he left some relationships after the woman he was dating had an abortion. Some fans believe that he was talking about Sidika in the song.

Brown’s announcement that he is going to be a father has been met with mixed reactions. Some fans have congratulated him, while others have expressed their disappointment that he has not revealed more details about the pregnancy.

Only time will tell who the mother of Brown’s child is and what the gender of the child will be. However, one thing is for sure: Brown is excited to become a father and he has promised to give his child all his love.

Otile Brown and Manager Part Ways After Six Years

Popular Kenyan singer Otile Brown has announced that he has parted ways with his manager after six years.

In a statement on his social media, Brown said that he and his manager had decided to go their separate ways after a “mutual agreement.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank my manager for the past six years. We have achieved so much together, and I am grateful for his guidance and support,” Brown said.

Brown’s manager, who has not been named, helped the singer to achieve widespread success in Kenya and East Africa. He was instrumental in the release of Brown’s hit songs, including “Pole Pole,” “Diana,” and “Baby Love.”

Brown said that he is now looking forward to the next chapter in his career. He said that he is excited to work with a new team and to continue to make music that his fans love.

“I am confident that this is just the beginning of a new and exciting journey for me,” Brown said.

Otile Brown Takes Woman Who Tattooed His Name On A Dream Date

Kenyan musician Otile Brown has fulfilled the promise he made to Kach Gal, the lady who tattooed his name on her chest and dedicated a song to him.

Kach Gal spent the day with Otile’s manager, getting ready for her dinner date with the musician. She had a wonderful time getting a manicure, had her hair done and the musician also bought her a dress.

In a video shared on social media, Otile Brown picked her in his new Range Rover Vogue, embraced her before proceeding to their dinner venue.

The two enjoyed a delicious meal and conversation, and Kach Gal seemed to be having the time of her life. At the end of the night, Otile Brown gave her a kiss goodnight and promised to take her out again soon.

Kach Gal’s story has gone viral, and she has been praised for her courage and determination. She has shown that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Otile Brown’s actions have also been praised, and he has been seen as a true gentleman. He has shown that he is not only talented, but also kind and compassionate.

This story is a reminder that there are still good people in the world. It is also a reminder that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Otile Brown Buys New Range Rover Vogue

Kenyan R&B singer Otile Brown has acquired a brand new Range Rover Vogue, worth an estimated Sh13 million. The singer made the news public on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, by sharing videos and photos of his new car on social media.

The Range Rover Vogue is a luxury SUV that is known for its comfort, performance, and style. It is one of the most expensive cars on the market, with a starting price of Sh13 million.

Otile Brown is no stranger to expensive cars. Before acquiring the Range Rover, he was a proud owner of a Mercedes Benz and BMW 7 series. He acquired the Mercedes Benz E-class in 2019, months after buying his dream car.

The purchase of the Range Rover Vogue is a sign of Otile Brown’s growing success. The singer has been in the music industry for over five years and has released several hit songs. He is also a successful businessman, with a number of businesses in the music and entertainment industries.

Otile Brown’s fans are excited about his new car, and they have been taking to social media to congratulate him. The singer has not yet revealed how much he paid for the car, but it is sure to be a conversation starter for years to come.

In addition to his music career and business ventures, Otile Brown is also a philanthropist. He is known for his work with charitable organizations, such as the Kenya Red Cross and the Mathare Foundation. He is also a vocal advocate for social justice and has spoken out against issues such as gender-based violence and child abuse.

Otile Brown is a talented musician, successful businessman, and dedicated philanthropist. His new Range Rover Vogue is a symbol of his success, but it is also a reminder of his commitment to using his platform to make a difference in the world.

Otile Brown unleashes top of the range Range Rover

Otile Brown, the king of R&B in Kenya, just spent millions on a brand-new Range Rover Vogue.

On May 23, 2023, the Malipo hitmaker shared videos and pictures of his new car to announce the news to the public.

“Yet another! For yours truly, bizee, a new Range Rover Vogue! Next time, make a larger investment. Hii shuhuli ndogo, lol! Easyyyy!,” said Otile Brown.

Depending on the year of manufacture, a new Range Rover Vogue is expected to cost at least Sh13 million and more.

Otile was the proud owner of a Mercedes Benz and a BMW 7 series before purchasing the Range Rover.

2019 saw him purchase the Mercedes-Benz E-class, months after purchasing his dream vehicle.

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Otile Brown gives kienyeji crush a chance

Otile Brown is one of the celebrities who finds himself being the most desired bachelor in Kenya at the moment. As a result by now he is accustomed to dealing with a lot of female attention.

The secret formula: Why Otile Brown is so successful

So I’m sure it probably did not come as a shock to him that there is a Kenyan woman, a kienyeji, who had her eyes Set on him – if anything she was just a drop in the ocean.

But when she shot her shot at Otile Brown, she did so in a very unique way: She tattooed his name on her and while this might be a problem in her future relationships it got her the attention she wanted at the moment.

Otile Brown’s birthday post dedicated to ex leaves fans convinced he still wants her back

As a result of which, Otile I’ve decided he’s going to reward her fanaticism with a date and who knows love may blossom yet!


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Otile Brown Re-Kindling His Love With His Ex Is A Red Flag

Award-winning singer Otile Brown is on the verge of reconciling with his Ethiopian ex-girlfriend Nabby after they broke up years ago. The musician recently posted a video of himself heading to Ethiopia; which is the place that his ex resides.

Ever since their break-up. Otile has remained single & there’s been no sign of the singer being interested in dating again.

In 2021, Otile has shared a beautiful photo of his ex-lover while wishing her a happy birthday. His message insinuated that he was still in love with her. He described her as ‘the most beautiful and amazing soul he knows.

”Happiest birthday to the most beautiful and amazing soul I know @nabbi__ more life wins, and happiness,” he wrote.

He once claimed his biggest challenge while wanting to date is knowing whether a woman is genuine or not.

Otile advised other people in the industry to find love when they are still struggling.

Otile Brown pours out his heart to Vera Sidika after their dramatic breakup

Never Revert To Your Ex

Otile has had several options; considering his impeccable celebrity status. He once dated voluptuous socialite Vera Sidika. But it seems like the singer is making-up with Nabby, something which he shouldn’t do. It’s pretty obvious that what led to their break-up might manifest itself once again.


Otile Brown’s birthday post dedicated to ex leaves fans convinced he still wants her back

Otile Brown could not hold back from celebrating his ex girlfriend’s birthday – even though they are said to have parted ways a few months.

Well – despite their differences Otile Brown has always found a way to bring her up on his posts…be it Valentine’s Day or her sister’s wedding – the singer always celebrates Nabbi. Okay last i checked ex couples dont do such things….so am I missing something or Nabbi is that one girl Otile Brown refuses to let go of?

Anyway to mark another year of her life, Otile Brown through her social media pages went on to write;

Happiest birthday to the most beautiful and amazing soul I know @ Nabbi_ more life, wins and happiness.

Still an item

For some reason the caption used by Otile Brown makes it sound like they could still be together and maybe still working around long distance relationship.

Well after Vera Sidika did character development on him a few years back, Otile Brown has been limiting what he posts on his social media pages; and since then the only other woman we have seen around him is Nabbi…and looks like that is how its going to be.

Otile Brown feeling unappreciated

Otile Brown has lately been maintaining a low profile unlike other years where he’d be making news for both right and wrong reasons.

However, after his breakup with Ethiopian girlfriend, the fella then decided to stop publicizing his private life on social media. So yea it’s either projects or beef or better… inspirational posts.

Well, thanks to a new post we want to believe that Otile Brown feels that we’re living in a generation where no one wants to appreciate each other for their efforts.

Him being a singer -I’m thinking maybe he feels his music isnt receiving the recognition it needs – simply because no one cares. He wrote;

See how we sacrifice so much just to please the world people that don’t even care….

Which is true….imagine how much time he spends writing and composing a song – the budget the music costs; and when released – netizens try to pull it down by criticizing it and  the media on the other hand – doesn’t give it sufficient air play.

Not cool

Of course even you would be disappointed. But then again – Otile goes on admit that he is aware that most people from this generation have mental health issues; which is why he no longer cares about some of the shade he receives from haters.

Its a depressed generation with fly pics & fake smiles. Be happy for you.

Judging from the hashtag we also believe this post was aimed at promoting his latest song Celebration where he talks about the importance of knowing your worth, celebrating yourself and doing what makes you happy.

Mmmh clever way of marketing his music right?

Otile Brown Releases Statement Following His Deleted YouTube Songs (Screenshot)

Otile Brown’s predicaments remain unsettled after his top songs were haphazardly deleted from YouTube on 6th October. His songs, Dusuma, Aiyana, Watoto na Pombe, Chaguo La Moyo were among his best performing songs with over 3 million views each.

Otile’s manager was also in rage when he addressed the issue; and promised to take legal actions against the culprits involved.

”… Basically what it means is this is somebody who has access to the account. And for us, we already know who that culprit is… We want to make sure that as soon as this is handled, nobody will ever repeat such a thing..”

In the latest statement revealed by OB’s management, he has reiterated over taking legal actions and ensuring that he’s doing all it takes to bring his songs back.

” We cannot get into specific reasons that led to the deletion but we would like to assure you that we took up the issue with out legal team, partners and with YouTube/Google who confirmed that there had been an issue but assured us that they are working to resolve, restore and reinstate the content.

We endeavor to keep you updated as more progress is realized…”

Otile is among the many artists who have had their songs deleted from the platform. Recently Kenyan artists are being frustrated by their songs being deleted from YouTube. The root cause is yet to be established.

Otile Brown’s Manager Speaks After Deletion Of His Top Songs From YouTube (Video)

Numbers indeed don’t lie; and Otile Brown is among the best artists in East Africa when it comes to numbers. In Kenya, Otile is a top artist who has achieved a lot in terms of viewership of his songs.

Otile is currently in disbelief after his top songs were deleted from YouTube about two days ago. The ‘Dusuma’ hit maker addressed the issue to his worried fans.

”No respect 4 people who will cheat or bring others down to shine .. weak ish* .. anyways I’m currently in South Africa drinking one of the best cocktails in the world .. rocking new Versace Glases , new new balance 550 shoe, new Zara sweatshirt & a Gucci body cross bag .. let’s not talk about them lil chains please ???????? loosing my cool with y’all…”

While some artists use such stunts for kiki and all, Otile rarely does such. He promised his fans that the songs were indeed deleted without his consent; and that he’s planning to take legal action.

Otile Brown’s Manager Speaks

OB’s manager, Noriega, has also reiterated over partaking legal action. The manager states that they already know the culprit involved; adding that he/she had access to the YouTube account.

”… Basically what it means is this is somebody who has access to the account. And for us, we already know who that culprit is… We want to make sure that as soon as this is handled, nobody will ever repeat such a thing..”

Apart from Otile’s songs, Nadia Mukami, Nviiri the Storyteller, among other artists, got their songs also deleted from the platform.

Otile Brown Speaks After Deletion Of His Hit Songs From YouTube

Jacob Obunga (popularly known as Otile Brown) is in frenzy of rage after the deletion of his hit songs got deleted from YouTube. The ‘Dusuma’ hitmaker went to his Instagram live to express his disappointment after learning the latter; which occurred a day ago. After hours of being oblivious over the issue, Otile finally decided to speak up.

The deleted songs include Dusuma, Chaguo La Moyo, Aiyana & Such Kinda Love. Some of these songs had garnered over 10 Million Views; which is a rare achievement for Kenyan songs.

Beside engaging his fans on Instagram, Otile shared his sentiments on his Instagram and wrote;

”No respect 4 people who will cheat or bring others down to shine .. weak ish* .. anyways I’m currently in South Africa drinking one of the best cocktails in the world .. rocking new Versace Glases , new new balance 550 shoe, new Zara sweatshirt & a Gucci body cross bag .. let’s not talk about them lil chains please ???????? loosing my cool with y’all…”

Otile was forced to defend himself that all this was not for kiki at all. He confirmed that other songs from other artists have also been deleted from the platform.

Singer Otile Brown

Again? Otile Brown throwing shade at girlfriend after ugly fallout (Photo)

Otile Brown has lately been sharing obvious hints showing that he could be bitter; and problem is – the issue might be between him and girlfriend.

Well, he made this obvious with a new post shared a few hours ago where he talked ungratefulness; and from how he put it – believe me, this was directed to a woman. Part of his post read;

Also read: Vera Sidika is not over Otile Brown

Singer with Ethiopian girlfriend

Man! They be on they ‘feelings’ after putting them on they start feeling entitled….

Otile went on to throw shade by pointing out how humble the person he is talking about was right after they met; but now,  ‘they’ acting different.

Also read: Otile Brown has invested in an image consultant and we love it

When they first came needing you, they came humble asf. I believed in you & still gave you what you asked to be given. Why are you mad?

Otile Brown and girlfriend, Nabbi

For months we haven’t spotted these two together which leaves me wondering whether they are still together or not!

However the last time people assumed that their relationship had ended; they ended up proving many wrong!

But judging from how they’ve been on an on and off relationship; it’s evident that the long distance is making them bitter or lonely hence the online drama.

Otile Brown The Only Kenyan Listed Among Top 10 African Musicians By Boomplay, Tanzanians Still Dominating

Kenyan music has immensely improved. Even though we’re receiving massive competition from Tanzanian musicians, the local industry is becoming better and better. Recently, Shakilla had criticized Kenyan musicians for singing ‘trash’. In exchange, she wowed Tanzanian musicians and claimed local artists should copy the same.

Numbers Don’t Lie

The latter might just be true. We have all witnessed how Tanzanian artists gather a million views on their songs in just a few hours; unlike our own. The numbers are in favour of their music. The likes of Zuchu, Diamond, Harmonize and Rayvanny are posing a very stiff competition for East African artists. Harmonize’s recent song dubbed ‘Attitude’ was the most recent to break the record. Konde Boy’s song fetched over 100 K views in less than an hour. Even though he was accused of buying views, it’s evident that he’s one of the best hit makers.

However, Kenya’s Otile Brown is up to the game. To begin with, the ‘Dusuma’ hitmaker is the highest musician with most subscribers on YouTube; standing at 766K subs.

His music has been able to gather a massive audience; making him the top Kenyan musician. His latest song ‘Such Kinda Love’ featuring Jovial, already has 2 Million views on YouTube and was released just 2 weeks ago. Most Kenyan songs would take a month or more to hit such views.