“Huna akili” Rayvanny ex girlfriend tells singer’s baby mama as they fight over his love

You see, i have heard women say they would rather paint the road from Nairobi to their village before they think of engaging in a war of words over a human being.

And in a way i kind of understand what they mean because watu wanapigania mashamba, maisha yao – then you top it up with fighting over somebody elses son? Like they put it….can never be me!

Anyway two beauties Fahyma and Paula Kajala continue to have bad blood over Rayvanny who recently dumped 21 year old Paula as he rekindled his love with baby mama Fahyma – and this has brought nothing but drama between the two girls (let me call them girls) although Fahyma should be around 28 years by now.

Fahyma and vanny boy back together

As seen on a recent post shared by Fahyma, she went on to share a video in the company of Vanny boy and judging from her poses – ill tell you that her aim was to show off that her man may have left – but he still came back to her. Juvenile stunt, but hey – how will the haters know if she’s not flaunting their love?

Paula claps back

Well like i said, Fahyma’s aim was to hurt her baby daddy’s ex girlfriend and funny thing….it did work.

Responding to Fahyma through snapchat…(remember all this took place in the same app) Paula Kajal clapped back ex co wife saying;

Kama mpaka sasa kwa umri huo unapost status ili uumize mtu, unsuitability ya MEMKWA kwa sababu huna akili. ( If at your age you’re still posting such status to hurt others, then you need to go back to school – since you have no brains)

Well – it was bound to happen at some point and clearly Rayvanny has a type as you can see.

‘Kajala ni mama mjinga’ Socialite blasts actress for encouraging teenage daughter to date Rayvanny

Mange Kimambi has been insisting that it’s time former actress Kajala was told off for using her young daughter, Paula Kajala to get money from male celebrities in Bongo.

In short, the mother of one allegedly pimps out her 19 year old baby girl; who is currently dating Rayvanny…. talk about Uswahili.

Harmonize with Kajala and Paula

Anyway after fooling everyone that Hamisa Mobetto was responsible for hooking Paula up with Rayvanny (during the Harmonize/Rayvanny scandal); turns out that Kajala is the one pushing her daughter to the WCB artist.

Addressing this in a long post shared by Mange, the socialite based in the states wrote;

Paula Kajala

Kwa vile mmeomba sana , haya ngoja ntie neno. ???? Kajala wewe ndo mama mbovu Tanzania nzima. Yani wewe hujui maana ya kuwa mama. Na kwa sababu hii huyo mtoto 10 years from now atakuwa ulipo Wewe sasa hivi. Maana unampitisha mule mule ulipopita wewe. Yani kila mistake uliyofanya wewe kwenyw maisha yako ndo unampitisha na mwanao.


I’m not saying mimi ni mama bora. Mimi nna issue pia na binti yangu aliekuwa UK though we are both trying very hard to make things better. Ila wewe Kajala humlindi huyo mtoto na evils of this world ila unamshika mkono na unam lead towards evil

Addressing Paula Kajala’s naivety

Although many have been calling out Paula Kajala for breaking Rayvanny’s Union with baby mama, Fahyma; Mange instead insists that this girl should not be blamed as she has no one to guide her;


Paula sio wa kulaumiwa mimi pia nishapitia hiyo age ya kupenda mwanaume kupita kiasi Ila kilichofanya baadae nkarudi shule na kumaliza chuo ni sababu nilikuwa na mzazi ambae hakunisapoti hata chembe kwenye huo upumbavu.

And in conclusion, she added;

Seriously I feel so bad for Paula.Hana mtu wa kumprotect na kumlead hapa duniani. Hata kama huyo RayVanny akimuoa so what? She is too young for marriage. Huyo RayVanny atamchoka tu baadae.Then what?

Machooos! Rayvanny celebrates new girlfriend’s birthday in style leaving tongues wagging online (Photo)

Singer Rayvanny has confirmed that his relationship with baby mama, Fahyma is over and from the look of things; this guy is not about to get back with his wife baby mama anytime soon.

Just to prove things are over  between him and Fahyma, the singer recently shared a new photo of his woman Paula; to celebrate her on her birthday as she recently turned 20 years.

Rayvanny celebrates girlfriend, Paula Kajala on birthday

Although he did not caption anything on this post; it’s clear to see that he is serious with the young lass; who is 5 years younger than his baby mama Fahyma.

The photo has also confirmed the various rumors linking Vanny boy and Paula together. Although it has taken time before Rayvanny confirmed the relationship rumors; it’s obvious to see that he may be done with his first love – and this time it’s for good!

Ex couple, Rayvanny and Fahyma

Vanny boy and Paula

Word has it that Rayvanny is currently living with this young lady; and so far the WCB team supports the relationship; since it apparently helps his career as he remains relevant among the young fans.

Anyway looks like this is working for him and the views on his YouTube channel can confirm this already.

Fahyma on the other hand continues to maintain her silence but judging from her IG stories; well – she doesn’t seem so happy but she has been smiling her way to the bank.