“Hukuniambia humeangi nywele” Actress Catherine Kamau blames husband for daughter’s baldness (Photos)

Actress Catherine Kamau remains as one of Kenya’s or rather Africa’s finest actresses; and what makes her even more interesting is the fact that her personality is to die for.

She is not only a go getter but hard working mum who juggles both her career and family like a boss. Unlike most actresses, Catherine Kamau has not been dragged into any scandal – but as usual – never say never.

Catherine Kamau with husband, Phil Karanja

Her husband Phil Karanja on the other hand was almost caught up in some drama involving Kibe’s minor girlfriend; but luckily the damage control was done fast and carefully enough not to notice.

Hair genes

Away from that, Catherine Kamau has come out to blame her husband’s (Phil Karanja) hair genes which were passed down to their daughter.

This not being the first time Catherine is complaining about her daughter’s bad hair; this time around she was calling out Phil for not being open about the baldness gene in their family.

Catherine Kamau alias Kate Kamau with her adorable baby girl, baby K

Of course the aim of this post was to give fans a reason to smile; but also shows how people walk into relationships only to learn about the bad stuff later on.

Catherine Kamau with bald Baby K

Him : yaani zile breakfast za 6am zilikuwa PR
Me: Na wewe hukuniambua humeangi nywele hapo mbele ????????‍♀️
@phil_director sasa tuko na picha tatu

Catherine Kamau with baby K

Hopefully baby K will one day rock a ponytail whether in a few years or in her teenage years. But we still love her!