Pierra Makena responds after being accused of sleeping with more than 27 men

K24’s Beat Box host DJ Pierra Makena has fired back after blogger Cyprian Nyakundi accused her of sleeping with many men.

Nyakundi accused the DJ of sleeping with more than 27 men while also dissing other ladies on his instagram account, asking men to never take their kids. Nyakundi claimed that the women all have sponsors and no young man should take care of their kids after the sponsors ditched them.

“Kama body-count ya Kamene Goro ni 27, wadau wanasema ya Pierra Makena nikama (x 10) times ten. Ati kamemangwa sana na ma-Sponyo. Wamechangamkia burungo yake kuruka. Hamna shida. Bora msituletee hao watoi wa sponyo ati tuwalelee. Kila mtu apambane na hali yake. But I like this new wave of presenters. Not those miss goody two-shoes pretenders like akina Sheila Mwanyigha, Rubadiri, This Is Ess and Adelle Onyango. Wanajifanyanga ma-Pastor na bado tunajua wanamangwa”, wrote Nyakundi.



Makena made a calm reply, choosing not to lose her cool and fire back with insults to Nyakundi who has always attacked women. She told Nyakundi she made a lot of money from her sponsors and doesn’t need any help, especially from him.

“Aaaaaw..thanks hun for downplaying me..means a lot, I promise none of the Sponyos will take care of my babies and neither will I bring any to you to raise.. I banked alot while at it. Oh btw add one more to the list made a killing last night..waking up now,” responded Pierra Makena.

On to the next! Ebru TV replaces Brenda Wairimu and Pierra Makena with these two hotties after they left the station

Pierra Makena and Juliani’s lady, Brenda Wairimu made headlines after announcing they’ve resigned from Ebru TV where they hosted “Lets Talk show”.

After long consultations. Prayers and thinking. I’m sad to announce that I have decided I will no longer be on the “let’s talk show” and neither will I be working with the station. Sometimes in life, you feel that your happiness needs to be a priority and you take necessary steps to achieve that. I’d like to promote and build people the best way I can. I fully support the next able team that will be taking over and I do believe this show will still be the best.” said Makena when leaving the station.

Brenda left without any goodbyes.

It seems Ebru TV has not been left behind mourning and have already replaced the two hosts with new faces.  Let’s Talk’ now has 2 new hosts, Lydia KM a YouTuber and actress and Dana Katherine who you may know from “Nairobi Diaries”.

Separate announcements

Each lady took to social media to announce that they are the new guys in the show and will try as much as possible to give fans what Makena and Wairimu did.

Lidya KM

Lydia announced said: “I am so excited to announce that I am now one of the hosts of the amazing show ‘Let’s Talk’ on Ebru TV! Some of you know the journey up to this point and have shared some of my rejections with me. Just when you are about to lose hope, God says “I got you”. To my incredible support system, those who have in any way, shape or form supported me and any well-wishers…I share this amazing moment with you. Thank you so much.”

Dana Kathrine

Dana wrote:  “I told y’all the comeback was gunna be #big! Watch Friday at 6 pm for my debut as my amazing co-hosts and I interview our firsts guests of the season!”

Full lets talk cast

Pierra Makena leaves fans surprised after revealing her real age during her birthday

It’s time Kenyans start using veteran when ever they are introducing DJ and host Pierra Makena.

After turning a year older yesterday, the curvaceous DJ enjoyed several birthday wishes and thought it will be only fair if she tells her fans her real age.

This came as a surprise to many since Makena has a baby face and not many expected her to have hit 37 years.

“About to rock this 37!!!!!?? Happy born-day indeed,” she said on Instagram.


Here’s what fans had to say:

Pierra Makena: “Having this baby was the best decision I ever made!”

Raising a baby alone is one of the toughest challenges mums face. However, things have not been so hard on Pierra Makena as she appreciates the fact that she has managed to pull through since welcoming her baby girl.

For those who don’t know, Pierra Makena broke up with her baby daddy a few weeks after learning she was expecting. This is after the unknown fella confessed that he was actually engaged to be married.

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She then decided to have the baby alone despite knowing that her baby daddy was with another woman. Her mum on the other hand encouraged her not to keep the baby away from her dad but despite all this, Pierra a while back revealed that he once bounced to show up after they had agreed to meet and talk.

Ricca Pokot turns 1 year

Well, the months have since flown and the baby girl is growing into a fine young lady. In a new post shared by Pierra Makena, she says that having her has changed her entire life. They are not only bonding as mother and daughter but as future best friends. She wrote saying;

“My baby is all grown. We can comfortably snap a selfie without drama. Having this baby was the best decision I ever made…she has changed me and made me a woman I have always wanted to be. Never thought I’d make it as a single mom…but Hey…Look at me now (Chris Brown voice & dance) #PRINCESSRICCA #misspokot #pierrajnr 100% ME…..my genes. #BEYOU”