DJ Pierra Makena talks about how her ideal man is prepared for a second child

Renowned female DJ Pierra Makena recently shared insights into her quest for love and her readiness to expand her family during an exclusive interview with Nairobi News.

Expressing her desire to welcome a second child and settle down, Pierra conveyed her eagerness to find the right partner to embark on this new journey with.

“I feel like now, I am ready for a second baby. I am just waiting for the right man,” she disclosed.

While expressing her aspirations, Pierra emphasized that she refuses to succumb to pressure when it comes to dating.

“No pressure on that. My ideal man has to be God-fearing, somewhat good-looking, and very hardworking. I don’t want to struggle, and I don’t want whatever I have built to be misused. It doesn’t have to be a wealthy person, but someone who is hardworking and will complement me,” she elaborated.

Pierra further disclosed that she often receives romantic advances from celebrities and politicians via her social media direct messages (DMs).

However, she clarified that none of these interactions have developed into meaningful connections.

“I get many love advances in my DMs, but I haven’t spiritually connected with any of them. I find celebrities and politicians hitting on me all the time. I might fall in love with one of them, but they need to be the right one,” she clarified.

DJ Pierra made these revelations during an interview at the launch of NipNap Premium Baby Diapers, where Nameless and Wahu were introduced as the brand ambassadors.

In a recent candid interview on YouTube, DJ Pierra Makena further discussed her views on love and marriage, emphasizing her reluctance to settle down for societal expectations.

“Who says there’s an age one should be married? I’ve had people saying I make certain statements because I’m not married. I don’t want to marry the wrong person just to please society. I haven’t met that one person who I can say, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with them,’” Pierra shared.

When questioned about her approach to expressing interest in a potential partner, Pierra revealed her reluctance to make the first move due to fear of rejection.

“I would never hit on a man. What if he says no? I can show interest, but I can’t be direct about it. I’ve been rejected a couple of times before,” she admitted.

Pierra Makena blasts her baby daddy

DJ Pierra Makena, a celebrated female DJ and actress, has recently spoken out about her baby daddy’s absence in their daughter’s life. She has moved on and does not wish to force any man to be part of their child’s life if they are not inclined to do so.

“I have forgotten about him; that means he is not in the life of my child. I would rather push a cart than beg a man to love his own flesh and blood,” she said.

She is currently single but is looking for someone to marry. She wants to find someone she connects with well and believes in marriage for life.

DJ Pierra Makena has successfully kept her personal relationships out of the public eye. The mother of one has been linked to several notable public figures, but the identity of her daughter’s father remains a closely guarded secret.

During her daughter’s fourth birthday celebration, Pierra Makena commented on the role of fathers in parenting, emphasizing how some women may initially feel anxious about raising children without their fathers, only to discover their own capability.

I admire DJ Pierra Makena’s strength and independence. She is a role model for many single mothers. She is showing the world that it is possible to raise a happy and healthy child without a father.

“I just don’t give a f*ck” Pierra Makena responds to trolls dragging her about her cameltoe

A while back Pierra Makena came out hun blazing attacking young female DJ’s for using their bodies to entertain fans instead of using their talent to create networks and bigger platform for their projects.

For a minute – the lady sounded like a mum watching out for their kids or wait…an older sister keeping her younger sisters in check – simply because her times up and doesn’t want them to ‘waste’ themselves.

Tbt: Pierra Makena

Of course we laughed off after reading what she’d said about young female DJ’s during that interview. Like come on – haven’t she been doing the same over the past years…like before the baby and all?

If my memory serves me right, back then Pierra Makena always used her body to keep the crowds coming…I mean it’s her body that made me notice her and not her mixes. Sasa mbona nikudanganye….for some reason I wanted to have her curves when I get to her age….update on the body goals is that tutapewa mwili mpya binguni.

Pierra Makena a hypocrite?

Well seeing that her advise was only aimed at female DJ’s who really don’t care about her opinions; the mother of female DJ’s in Kenya seems to have joined the bandwagon – cause clearly she was about to win this ‘decency’ case with Z gens!

I guess this is why she recently shared a couple of thirst trap displaying her githambutha cameltoe to the world. Seeing this, fans quickly called – out Pierra Makena for dressing indecently yet she’s a mum.

With the many mean comments, Pierra finally decided to respond saying;

SWEETHEARTS MKO AJE LEO? Listen….years ago I was dead terrified about what will people say!! I Was overweight..I got trolled and peoples opinion became my daily bread… I covered myself..I was not proud of myself and I hated me all because of few peoples opinions. One day I turned around and realised that I don’t need to take it. And my life changed.

For the first time in a long time, Pierra Makena says she was able to work through her self esteem issues and now more than ever – she doesn’t really care what fans think of her.

I started loving me and everything that is me. So if today you see me doing me, with all due respect keep your opinion of me to yourself.. on a scale of 2017 to now I DGAF. Otherwise NAWALOMBOTOVU!!!!!! ION I have a new work out plan if you want to join me…..

“I went through h*ll” Pierra Makena opens up on struggles as a single first time mum

Nothing beats being a mum but the sad reality is that, life as mum is tough, demanding and can leave you drained especially the first 3 years. So imagine being a single mum without a supportive baby daddy to chip into daily expenses!

Pierra Makena with all grown up daughter

Well, this is a life DJ Pierra Makena understands so well after her alleged baby daddy, Jomo Gacega dumped her while still pregnant. According to an interview done by Pierra Makena a few years ago;  baby daddy had already moved on by the time she discovered she was pregnant. Wow. Speaking about this she said;

DJ Pierra Makena and daughter Ricca Pokot

He had moved on and dating by the time I discovered that I was pregnant and didn’t want to disrupt what they had just because I was pregnant…he started dating while we were not together so it’s all good.

Struggles of a single mum

However during a new interview on Chat Spot, Pierra Makena opened up about life as a single mum; and judging from what she says, life hasn’t been as easy as she thought. Speaking about her experience, Makena said;

I went through hell trying to figure out how to be a single mum how the bills will be paid. There was so much going on and I couldn’t work. I was going through a lot of pressure and trauma. I also could feel I had become heavy and I could not do the things I used to do.

Weight gain

Apart from having to deal with the fact that she was now a single mum; Pierra went on to address the body shaming comments she received after gaining 45kgs after pregnancy.

Sassy female DJ Pierra Makena with daughter

The popular DJ says she moved from 50kgs to 94kgs – which is common with a few new mums; but in her case, she had to face harsh trolls from fans criticizing her body. She went on to add;

I used to be 50 and shot to 94 kgs, One day I woke up and found a whole newspaper column written about how I had added weight That is why I addressed it. It was hard but I have gone back to where I used to be. Those people who body shame people are cowards.”

DJ Pierra Makena In Frenzy Of Rage After Being Thrown Out Of Her Own Event

Renowned Kenyan disc jockey Pierra Makena has thrown shade at the government for using COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to block her off her planned Meru event.

Pierra Makena’s Meru Event-IG

According to Pierra, her event followed the COVID-19 safety protocols; and didn’t deserve to be cancelled. Filled with extreme anger, the DJ blamed both Mutahi Kagwe and Kiraitu Murungi for the failure of the event.

@mutahi_kagwe254 how else do you want me to be part of the solution???? Why are you doing this to me?? I was told orders came from @hon_kiraitu_murungi … that even true???

Pierra Makena continued to explain further how she was mistreated by the police; along with her team;

”Authorities were sent to close my event. The only explanation they had was kuna covid. I asked if they know that i curated my event to fit the new normal and they said they have been told not to allow me thats it..mkubwa amesema. Since i have no powers and no freedom in my own county let alone in my country..i set down and left.. immediately i left the police cars and trucks well known as mariamu followed and left. …and all i was getting now was pictures of my event venue getting full…i changed my car and drove their…we parked and one knew i was there. But sherehe ikaendelea. Guys in their cars only now my investment was going to the dogs…”

Inside Business?

She concluded by writing a cryptic message on her page; insinuating that someone with power sent authorities to disrupt her event;

”It doesn’t matter the powers or connections one has. What is yours shall remain yours. It doesnt matter the money one has to manipulate for one to be frustrated. All i can say is its your turn now..the music stops on your side but God will not change my creativity. When the tables turn i shall be the one on the chair. Ni hayo kwa sasa.”

Body goals! Pierra Makena giving many sleepless nights with drop dead gorgeous figure (Photo)

Pierra Makena who is one of the most popular DJ’s in the country; has been working tirelessly working on her body for years.

DJ Pierra

Just like most first time mums, Pierra Makena ended up battling baby fat for close to 5 years; and surprisingly, all that fat is gone!

Ghafla confirmed this with a new photo shared on Pierra Makena’s page and judging from the flat flawless tummy; one would never say she has ever carried a baby to full term.

DJ Pierra Makena with her daughter

Baby fat where?

Her fitness journey has however not been easy; as we saw Pierra struggle with baby fat for close to 4 years.

But thanks to consistency and discipline, Pierra has managed to shed off all her baby fat; and currently looks like a 20 something year old girl. Slay mama slay!

Pierra Makena

Well, could be that the excess weight was caused by the stress she suffered after baby daddy walked out on her; months before their daughter was born.

From what we know, is that Pierra is a dedicated single mum for now; but hey it’s been 5 years since the nasty breakup up…probably it’s time to move on. Yes?

Check our the new photo below;

Pierra Makena flaunts figure


DJ Pierra opens up after being discharged from hospital following serious food poisoning

DJ Pierra was allegedly rushed to hospital after suffering food poisoning which got worse after arriving for a gig at the carnivore grounds this past weekend.

As seen on a post shared by Pierra Makena from her hospital bed; the popular DJ went on to apologize to fans who had availed themselves for the event but did not get a chance to see her perform.

Through her Instagram page, the yummy mummy went on to explain her situation saying;

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Situation as of yesterday night. Thank God I managed to pull the Park and Chill event before getting worse. Apologies if I didn’t see you yesterday, and thanks for your prayers. I’m better and home now. Hopefully up and running soon. Love you guys!

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Pierra back and better

Well judging from the new post shared by Pierra Makena through her IG page, we understand that she has already been discharged from hospital and is now recuperating from home.

This is after the serious life threatening experience that left her scared for her dear life. However thanks to a team of good doctors who saw her; Pierra is now doing better as seen on her post. Updating fans about her whereabouts the popular female DJ wrote;

Pierra Makena back and better

Food poisoning can be a pain in the A*$%. But thank God today I’m starting to feel a little better. Thankyou for the messages and check ups. God bless you .

Pierra Makena takes fans by surprise after parading her swollen face in new photo

DJ Pierra Makena has been on a busy schedule since welcoming her daughter 4 years ago. Lately the mother of 1 is all about her work and baby but thanks to her social we also get to keep up with her.

Anyway just a few days ago Pierra went on to share new photo showing off her face but what caught most people’s attention is the fact that it was swollen. So is everything okay? Was she involved in a fight?

Well turns out that none of the above happened as her swollen face was caused by a toothache.

Pierra’s swollen face causes a stir on social media 

According to the female DJ, she had opted to withstand the stand the pain due to her phobia for dentists; but realizing the situation wasn’t getting any better, she took her to the nearest one.

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Through her Instagram page the lady went on to explain saying;

TOOTHACHE!!! Uoga wa dentist umenifikisha hapa! I can’t……Oh btw im okay tusi panic. @official_clarett_lounge thankyou so much for the soup!!!!!!????????????????????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️

Fans troll Pierra Makena

Apart from feeling sorry for this super mum, a few characters in the comment section couldn’t help but make fun of her situation.

However time and time again the lady continues to prove to many that she is indeed a super woman!

We have watched her take care of herself through an entire pregnancy; knowing very well that the person responsible had moved on with somebody else!

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DJ Pierra Makena with her daughter, Ricca

She then gave birth and according her has been raising her daughter all alone and judging from how happy Ricca appears; let’s just say it worth it all!

“Never ever force a man to be in his child’s life” Pierra Makena takes pride in being a single mum

Despite the curves, gorgeous looks and brains, Pierra Makena ended up becoming a single parent. This is after realizing she was pregnant for the man she had parted ways with back in 2016.

Unfortunately, the guy moved on quite fast and being a good woman – Pierra chose not to disrupt anything her ex had started with his new found love.

He had moved on and dating by the time I discovered that I was pregnant and didn’t want to disrupt what they had just because I was pregnant. He started dating while we were not together so it’s all good.

Pregnant Pierra Makena

4 years as a single parent

Having chosen the path of a single mother, Pierra Makena says this was the best decision ever! According to Pierra, being a single parent has taught her the art hard work and importantance of being independent.

Through her Instagram page, Pierra went on to celebrate her daughter’s 4th birthday saying;

Pierra Makena with daughter, Ricca Pokot

Im soo proud of my years as a single parent than i have ever been in my life.

I thought Raising my child without the father will be disastrous only to realise we just panic and think we can’t do without a man’s help…yet we are capable and strong.
I have become more hardworking…independent and super hero!!

Deadbeat dads

And to women pushing their unwilling exes to be involved in their kids lives, Pierra had the following to say;

If a man does not want to be in his childs life…never ever force him……assume his position and raise the child for him.


The reason for my post you ask…? Coz people have been asking how i make it as a single mum and always happy and killing it… yes its coz i dont believe a man holds the key to my success and happiness. Shit happened we move on……CHEERS TO ALL PARENTS RAISING THEIR CHILDREN …KUDOS!

DJ Pierra with her baby girl, Ricca

And in conclusion Pierra went on to wish her lovely Ricca Pokot a happy 4th birthday saying;


Pierra Makena flaunts her booty in tiny pink bikini!

Female DJ Pierra Makena is not joking around  with her awesome body despite the weather being bipolar.

Just recently the mother of one left team mafisi ogling at her big booty which she paraded on her Instagram page for the world to see.

In the two photos shared on her Gram, Pierra Makena is seen rocking a pink bikini which left acres of skin out in the open tempting her male fans who openly couldn’t stop praising her big booty!

After work…now time for a break and a little fun!???????????????? spotted.  Tired AF though. #mombasaraha #BEYOU

Pierra Makena’s booty

Mother of 1

Well, Pierra Makena gained a few pounds after delivering her first child and her body keeps getting better!

Anyway she continues to keep her baby daddy on the low and even after 3 years, Pierra Makena still insists on keeping him private since he is a married man with another family looking up to him.


Pierra Makena

Female Dominion: Dejaying in Kenya slowly becoming a woman’s thing too

For a long time dejaying was considered a joke in the Kenyan societal environment. To the extent that memes were created with intent to kill the dejaying art.

However in recent years Dejaying has turned out to be filling career for many.

Basically this art goes beyond  the little mixing we think happens in gigs and clubs.

In Kenya we have successfull dejays that can proudly stand before legends when it comes to  music mixing and creation. With the  likes of DJ Kalonje who has clearly stood out in the Kenyan Music Industry for the longest time.

Other dejays that have made a name for themselves include gospel DJ Mo, DJ GG, DJ demakufu, Jones ,2one2,Dj Tabz, Dj shanize,sammy flinch,Dj,Pierra Makena  among others.

With gigs allover this art has become one to run to for many people especially with the unemployment rates in the country .

And as at now it is no longer just a man’s affair. Many young ladies are now taking up the challenge of becoming dejays. Stereotype or not they have taken it up.

Female Deejays

The Kenyan music scene has clearly embraced these female Dejays such that with recent rating the top influential Secular dejays in Kenya now is a lady.

This is non other than super Dj Pierra Makena with 372k following. Checking through her Instagram posts, the mother of one  aprreciated her fans for the love.

“Thank you Fam!!!!We did it!!!!I appreaciate you so much……” read her post

This being a clear indication that she has set the pace for her fellow female dejays and the upcoming ones.

Resilience and hardwork being the design of the  work considering the time it has taken for one Makena to get to the top.

As the industry grows I believe that women might just be the definition of music dejaying just like any other career.

I mean female dominion in the industry won’t be so bad after all.


Dj Pierra Makena throws lit party to mark daughter’s 3rd birthday! (Photos)

DJ Pierra Makena this past weekend ensured to that her daughter celebrated her birthday in the best possible way.

From the photos shared on her Instagram page we understand that the lady threw her baby girl one special private party to mark her 3rd year in the world.

Ricca’s 3rd birthday

As expected only close friends and relatives were invited to the party as the lass as always ensured to keep her daughter’s life private.

In one photo, Pierra Makena poured out her heart to her baby girl in a lovely message that left many in tears.

So far it has been 3 years since baby Ricca was born and still Pierra has chosen to keep her baby daddy life on the low since he moved on with another lady.

Lit birthday party

Below are just a few photos from Ricca’s 3rd birthday party as shared by her mum, Makena.

Ricca’s 3rd birthday
Ricca’s 3rd birthday
Ricca’s 3rd birthday
Ricca’s 3rd birthday
Ricca’s 3rd birthday
Ricca’s 3rd birthday
Ricca’s 3rd birthday

DJ Pierra Makena narrates how a gunman approached her while she was taking selfies at a popular club

DJ Pierra Makena has opened up on an incident that left her scared to death while at a popular club in Nairobi.

According to the DJ, she was busy talking selfies with fans when a man carrying a gun crushed their party and ordered her to follow him. She ran away to the bouncer for help.

“I pretended that I had not understood him and looked away. I knew that if I acknowledged him or tried to decode his signal he would do something dangerous. I quickly made my way to the club bouncer who was nearest to me and stuck by him until I was safe. That is the day I learnt the importance of having tight security,” she said in an interview with Parents Magazine.


The mother of one also confessed that she always attends club gigs with her own security just to be on the safe side regardless whether the club are providing security for her.

“I always have two security guys in every gig I go to, whether provided by the club or myself. My small brother and personal assistant are always in every show to ensure I am safe,” she added.

Deadbeat dad? Pierra Makena sad after baby daddy misses daughter’s first concert

The identity of Pierra Makena’s baby daddy has remained a puzzle since her daughter Ricca Pokot was born sometimes in July 2016.

Pierra herself has remained tight-lipped about her daughter’s father, there have been several rumors about the guy with some saying that he is a popular young businessman-cum-politician.

2-year-old Ricca recently had her first concert and her mother couldn’t be much happier. Pierra’s daughter performed alongside other kids and she impressed.

I wish the father would have seen this

Ricca’s father missed out on her first performance and this saddened Pierra. She took to social media to express her joy however noting that she would have been much happier if Ricca’s father was present to see his daughter perform.

“This week has been one great one.. but the highlight of it..was my baby’s 1st concert…I was literally in tears and over joyed at how mature and composed she was…… It was such a proud moment and for a minute I wished the Father would have seen this but again the ones who were there for her gave more real love….one thing I have learned is that so much of what we learn about love is taught by those who never loved us,” wrote Pierra Makena.




Thirst trap! Pierra Makena gives many sleepless nights after stepping out dressed like this (Photo)

Female DJ and mother of one, Pierra Makena seems  to be embracing her new size. Well before her baby arrived about 2 years ago the lady was petit with huge hips that made most ladies jealous.

After she however gave birth, the lady gained a few pounds here and there; but she seems not to be bothered by this either! Lately she has been spotted showing off her curves in the short videos shared on her Instagram page.

What caught my attention is what she stepped out wearing this past weekend. Judging from yet another video on her page it’s evident to see that Pierra Makena was out to slay.

Pierra body hugging bodysuit

Dressed in a sheer lace sequin body suit, Pierra’s figure was left visible from all directions. Looking at the photos and video from her page and comments we can all agree that some were willing to give anything to have her look their way.

Anyway checkout the video below courtesy of Pierra.

DJ Pierra on being bullied online: I need to think before I click 

DJ Peirra Makena understands what cyber bullying means. The popular DJ was trolled after gaining weight a few months ago.

She has now come out to address the issue saying that at first she was in denial but later understood that working out, instead of attacking online bullies will help her eventually.


“After I gave birth I was going through depression and my weight was not adding up. My doctor insisted that i eat more because i needed to gain weight. I woke up one morning and i was 64 kilograms, you have no idea how that felt. So when somebody posts on social media how i looked terrible with my weight it broke me down,” said makena in an emotional speech.


“So for someone to wake up and say that i look terrible with my new weight, at first i took my phone and hurled insults. I picked all the f-words, n-words and all words that you would never want to use in front of a baby. Them i deleted them. I realized i need to think before i click and ever react to anything.”

Pierra Makena sheds tears as she narrates how she was trolled for getting fat (video)

Pierra Makena is currently hitting the gym to shed off the extra weight she gained when she was pregnant with her daughter. The mother of one gained a staggering 35 kilos.

Pierra gave birth to her daughter Ricca Pokot in July 2016. She didn’t bother going to the gym for two long years after she became a mother.

The sultry presenter on Monday got emotional and broke down as she narrated how she was cyberbullied for getting fat after she delivered her baby.

Hisia Campaign

Pierra was speaking during the launch of Hisia Campaign, an initiative by Jimmy Gait who is has been a victim of cyberbulling multiple times.

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“So when i woke up one morning and i was about 64 kgs. You don’t know the joy that my family had. My sisters, my family were happy every day and people would bring me food. So for me it was such a joyous moment and my family and my friends knew what it meant to have the weight. And just to get someone to post up on this pages and say how I look looked terrible with my weight it broke me down. At first I held my phone and I hurled insults. I put all the
“f” words, “n” words… all words that you never want to use in front of a baby,” Pierra Makena narrated in part.

Watch the video below:


Pierra Makena: I’m ok with the way I look but my doctor says I have to drop some weight 

Pierra Makena is hitting the gym to shed off the extra weight she gained when she was pregnant with her daughter. The mother of one gained a staggering 35 kilos.

Pierra gave birth to her daughter Ricca Pokot in July 2016. She didn’t bother going to the gym for two long years after she became a mother.

“DAY 1….???? 59 to go….. It was terrible …2 years of not working out. I feel like i have trainers tell me that my body will soon relax and I’ll get the hang of it…don’t get me ok with the way i look but my doc says i have to drop some weight …???(well he has a point),” wrote Pierra in part.

60 days 7kgs

Pierra reveals she has been tirelessly working out for the last 60 days. The mother of one says she has dropped 7 kilos since she started working out.

“After my baby..i gained 35kg…. i was 85kgs ????…i decided not to pressure myself since i was trying to figure out how to be a great mom to my LO. I believe im ready now to drop the kgs and im doing 60 days first to kick start me. So far without working out and all i have dropped 7 kgs. Im now at 78kgs,” wrote Pierra.

The sultry presenter wants to shed 18 more kilos before she can be comfortable with her weight. She is also on a strict diet beside working out.

“My target is 60kgs. So i have 18kgs to drop….??????? WISH ME LUCK.Thanks to @ultrafitness_gym you guys rock…cant wait to see the transformation….oh today my DIET…..??????? i was a mess i tried portions but by the end the day i had pork ribs??? not proud of myself..but day 2 will be better….??? #BEYOU,” said Pierra.


“My happiness is more important than my work” Pierra Makena on why she quit Ebru TV

Pierra Makena took many by surprise when she quit Ebru TV shortly after her 37th birthday celebration. The sultry presenter insists that her happiness is her priority.

Pierra used to host ‘Let’s Talk’ show on Ebru TV alongside Brenda Wairimu, Elle Ciiru, and Monique Angelyn Bett. She however quit because she was not happy.

“After long consultations..prayers and thinking..I’m sad to announce that i have decided i will no longer be on the “lets talk show” and neither will I be working with the station. Sometimes in life you feel that your happiness needs to be a priority and you take necessary steps to achieve that.. I’d like to promote and build people the best way I can. I fully support the next able team that will be taking over and I do believe this show will still be the best,” wrote Pierra Makena.

It’s was so much fun

Pierra thanks her former co-hosts for the time they enjoyed together on their show. She tells Brenda, Elle and Monique that she had a lot of fun working with them.

“I consider myself very fortunate for having a chance to work with @ellainspired @brendawairimu_ @moniqueangelynbett . Working with you was so much fun!! I really value the knowledge and insight you have.
And to all my fans thank you for the Love and support.. I have some exciting news for you….just keep it here …will say soon. Lots of love?? #BEYOU,”


Pierra Makena: “Having this baby was the best decision I ever made!”

Raising a baby alone is one of the toughest challenges mums face. However, things have not been so hard on Pierra Makena as she appreciates the fact that she has managed to pull through since welcoming her baby girl.

For those who don’t know, Pierra Makena broke up with her baby daddy a few weeks after learning she was expecting. This is after the unknown fella confessed that he was actually engaged to be married.

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She then decided to have the baby alone despite knowing that her baby daddy was with another woman. Her mum on the other hand encouraged her not to keep the baby away from her dad but despite all this, Pierra a while back revealed that he once bounced to show up after they had agreed to meet and talk.

Ricca Pokot turns 1 year

Well, the months have since flown and the baby girl is growing into a fine young lady. In a new post shared by Pierra Makena, she says that having her has changed her entire life. They are not only bonding as mother and daughter but as future best friends. She wrote saying;

“My baby is all grown. We can comfortably snap a selfie without drama. Having this baby was the best decision I ever made…she has changed me and made me a woman I have always wanted to be. Never thought I’d make it as a single mom…but Hey…Look at me now (Chris Brown voice & dance) #PRINCESSRICCA #misspokot #pierrajnr 100% ME… genes. #BEYOU”

“Have mercy please I’ve just lost my dad” Mishi Dorah begs Pierra Makena to drop the lawsuit

Mishi Dorah was forced to drop the ‘don’t care’ attitude after she received a letter from Pierra Makena’s legal team. The Nairobi Diaries actress has now eaten the humble pie.

Pierra Makena is actually very lenient to Mishi Dorah. The sultry DJ is not seeking compensation for damage caused by Mishi Dorah’s defamation.

All Pierra wants from Mishi Dorah is a written apology within 7 days. She served Mishi with the letter from her legal team that stated her ultimatums.

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I’ve never been this crashed in my life

Mishi Dorah indirectly apologized to Pierra Makena in a post on Instagram. The actress didn’t mention Pierra’s name but earnestly asked for forgiveness for all her indiscretions.

She says the death of her father was punishment enough for her. Mishi Dorah lost her father at the same time she was embroiled in a scuffle with Pierra Makena.

“So I’m here writing this while in tears…. I know I’ve wronged so many people.. but if you keen enough then you’d know that I never go looking for trouble.. trouble always finds me… I always talk of what i know.. not a reported speech…i’m a cast in a reality tv show… meaning everything that is being aired there is reality… but hey, I also I have a life away from all the cameras… I’ve just lost someone very dear to me.. my dad.. and he is never gonna come back to me.. I’m mourning this man with everything in me…. I’ve never been this crashed in my life apart from also seeing my daughter sometime back almost dead.. I beg you to let me mourn in peace… you have any personal problem with me then deal with me.. coz as a human being i belive that i have my shortcomings, thus not making imperfect ….but please respect my dead old man… if he was a live then it’s understandable…. curse me all you want coz of what I did during the reunion but kindly do let the dead be…. I’m actually at your mercy at this point…if me saying sorry will make you’ll help me wish him well.. then I’M SORRY… Yes.. that’s how much I love him and miss him already,” wrote Mishi Dorah


5 annoying things that made Pierra Makena decide to sue Mishi Dorah

It turns out Pierra Makena did not body shame Mishi Dorah like she claimed. The sultry DJ has decided to take legal action to settle a matter.

The bootyful Nairobi Diaries actress defamed Pierra without confirming whether the person who body shamed her on WhatsApp group was indeed Pierra Makena.

Pierra Makena has revealed the things that pushed her to file a lawsuit against Mishi Dorah. She noted 5 things in particular:

1. The phone number used to body shame Mishi Dorah is not hers

2. She has never met Mishi Dorah or have any beef with her

3. She has never body shammed any woman

4. Mishi Dorah dragged her child and baby daddy on her vile Instagram post

5. Mishi Dorah refused to apologize to her

Those who know me know that it was not me

“IF my accuser had done a little digging then she could have found out that I was not the owner of the number in their whatsapp group.This week has been interesting but I chose not to respond rudely to the vile/bodyshaming post..As a hard working woman and a friend I do not approve of body shaming insulting and use of foul language to communicate. I have decided to clear the air.. though those who know me know that it was not me.I would like thank all my fans and friends and clients for your kind words and supportive messages.
Always remember” when people are rude to you,They reveal who they Are,not who you are.dont take it personally” cheers #BeYou,” wrote Pierra Makena.





Pierra Makena finds new love after baby daddy left her heart broken

Top Kenyan female DJ and TV host Pierra Makena has admitted to finding new love. She has since moved on from her baby daddy who left her hanging  just when their relationship was growing strong.

During this time she realized that she was pregnant and unlike many women, she chose to love herself for the sake of her unborn child. 9 months later she welcomed a healthy baby girl and surpringly Pierra Makena has never revealed her baby daddy’s identity.

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A few months ago we were left wondering whether DJ Mo had fathered the baby girl but he denied. This was after Ladashabelle and baby Ricca’s resemblance could not go unnoticed.

Size 8 and Pierra Makena's daughters
Size 8 and Pierra Makena’s daughters

Pierra opens up about her new man

Anyway while hosting her show with her co hosts on Ebru TV, Pierra revealed that she had found herself a man. She however went on to add that the fella had to work his way out of friendzone before she fell in love. She said;

“You know I’m seeing someone, he was in the friend zone for a while before we started dating,”

Congratulations to her and the new mystery man.

Pierra Makena leaves no room for imagination as she flaunts her sexy figure and flat belly at X/S Millionaires Club

Pierra Makena partied the night away at X/S Millionaires Club on Thursday. The sultry DJ turned up at the club rocking a sexy dress that brought out her body contours in a titillating way.

Pierra headlined X/S Millionaires’ ‘Powerball Thursday’ on December 21st. She was on the spinning decks dusk to dawn just dropping a cocktail of music to revelers.

Dressed to kill

The mother of one was the center of attraction when she arrived at the club. She rocked a dress that had a long slit on the front.

Pierra Makena when she arrived at X/S Millionaires Club

Three quarters of Pierra Makena’s wondrous thighs could be seen from the revealing dress she wore. She completely looks lovely and sexy.

Pierra Makena going about her work at X/S Millionaires Club



“Actually Pierra is a good friend of mine” DJ Mo finally addresses rumors he’s the father of Pierra Makena’s daughter

Most people have admitted that DJ Mo’s daughter and Pierra Makena’s daughter look alike. This is the genesis of claims that DJ Mo is also the father of Pierra Makena’s daughter.

DJ Pierra Makena has refused to unmask her baby daddy leaving room for speculations. Her daughter Ricca Pokot and DJ Mo’s daughter Ladasha Belle tend to look alike.

Some people claim Mo could have also fathered Pierra’s daughter. The gospel DJ however dismisses these allegations as mere jokes.

We laugh about it with Pierra

Mo says Pierra Makena and him are only good friends. Speaking on Dr. Ofweneke’s ‘The Tonight Show’ on Ebru TV, Mo said he laughs whenever someone says he is Pierra’s baby daddy.

He reiterates that he’s not Ricca Pokot’s father. Mo further says he jokes with Pierra about him fathering Ricca through osmosis.

“No am not the father. Actually Pierra is a good friend of mine. Like the other day we were laughing and am like kwani this thing happened and we didn’t know. It happened through osmosis,” Mo jokingly said.

Watch the clip below:


“A fat DJ is a no no!” Pierra Makena left speechless after receiving this comment from a fan

Celebrities often receive heartbreaking comments from their fans but since fame comes with a price, most often choose to avoid getting tangled in the comments since it never ends well.

The latest lass to be fat shamed on Instagram is Pierra Makena who received a shocking from a fan who thinks that she has stopped taking care of her body which grown bigger after welcoming her first child.

DJ Pierra

According to the fan, Pierra should do something about her body since she is now apparently making the young girls think it’s fine to give birth and keep gaining the excess weight without thinking of hitting the gym.

After reading the comment, the female DJ cum TV show host shared a screenshot on her Instagram asking fans what she tell the lady (Saumu). The comment read to say;

Pierra’s post

However…we can say that the lady who posted the comment as insensitive as baby fat weight is something almost 90% of women struggle with and even after hitting the gym, it sometimes proves to be hard but it’s normal.