D*Kmatized! ‘Prezzo’s bedroom skills drive me crazy’ confesses Amber Lulu

Several women have publicly confessed that once rapper Prezzo gets you under the sheets, that’s all you will be thinking about because he’s a beast when it comes to beating the P.

Huddah Monroe started it all saying Prezzo gave her the best sex she’d ever imagined and if there’s one ex on her list she’d go back to, it would be definitely him.

Rapper Noti flow also made the confession saying that Prezzo’s game drove her crazy. She even nicknamed his pipe the ‘Devil’s D’.

In Love

Prezzo’s lover Amber Lulu has revealed that she’s so much in love with the rapper and is even thinking of settling down with him all thanks to his D game.

The Tanzanian socialite said that many people might have dated Prezzo but none has had a truer relationship with him like her.

“You can be with Prezzo, roll with him but you can never be the best more than me. Love is a connection, I understand him and he understands me. I’m not trying to taunt anyone, anyone can date Prezzo, but they can never reach the level of relationship Prezzo and I have,” she told Dizzim Online.

The video vixen also went on to confess of how she’s has been d**ckmatized by the Naleta action rapper in the interview.

Prezzo’s Ex Amber Lulu now done with relationships since men don’t lover her 

A former lover to Kenyan rapper Prezzo has come out to claim that she won’t be dating any more after her recent relationship went to the dogs.

Tanzanian singer and socialite Amber Lulu, who dated Prezzo a few months ago, has come out to share that relationships have been bad for her since most men want her because she’s just famous and are not in love.

No love

Lulu and Prezzo

“Mapenzi yameninyoosha bora niyapige chini maana wanaume wengi wananipenda kwa sababu ya umaarufu wangu, lakini unakuta hawana mapenzi ya kweli kwangu. Ninaona tu huko ninapoteza muda na kuambulia maumivu, kwa hiyo bora nijiweke wazi tu, hakuna namna,” she told Global Publishers.

Lulu and the flamboyant rapper Prezzo broke up after a video clip leaked online showing the Tanzanian singer getting cozy with a man who goes by the name Nuh Mziwanda.

Prezzo and Amber Lulu expecting their first child?

It has been a while since we spotted Prezzo and Amber Lulu together. For a minute it seemed that their love ship had drowned but it seems that they are just keeping a low profile.

Well, I happened to come across a comment left by Amber Lulu under Prezzo’s photo that has left me wondering whether they are set to have a baby.

This is after Amber Lulu commented to praise Prezzo’s mum for her looks and went on to add that she hopes ‘baby Candy’ inherits her grandmother’s looks.

Baby onboard?

From what we know is that neither has a baby called Candy but they could be expecting a baby together.  Not quite sure what Amber Lulu was hinting but if indeed there is a baby involved then the couple will definitely have a cute baby!

Prezzo’s new girlfriend already missing her ex boyfriend?

Tanzanian video vixen Amber Lulu might be regretting for having left her ex boyfriend, Young Dee. The lady shared the hint on her Instagram page where fans couldn’t help but laugh off at her on and off relationships.

Before involving herself with Rapper Prezzo the lady had been dating another rapper Young Dee from Tanzania. The two always gave people a reason to talk thanks to their public display of affection.

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Looking at her photos with Prezzo, Amber Lulu also started pulling similar stunts. However, seems that Prezzo’s chilled out lifestyle is too boring for the lady who now admits to missing her ex man. She wrote saying;

Nimemic baba ake T ??ila ndo bhas tena ?

Young Dee and Prezzo

Judging from their age difference, it’s obvious to assume why Amber Lulu all of a sudden misses her spontaneous young man.

Or did Prezzo dump her?