Prezzo mercilessly tears into King Kaka as he takes their beef to a new level

King Kaka picked a fight with Prezzo with no justified reason, maybe he wanted 15 seconds of fame. But Prezzo is now slaying him with no mercy at all.

The self proclaimed rap king started the beef when he took to instagram to taunt Prezzo who was just minding his own business.

“Na Handshake na Prezzo/Sio Yule uimba, Yule Prezzo anaRun Statoe/…, It’s Time to separate the Boys from The King,” King Kaka wrote.

Prezzo replied by firing warning shots, he cautioned the attention-seeking King Kaka to watch his foul mouth.

“Kaka sunguch best watch his mouth my cousin sista finna take care of u #Rapcellency #TulyUnruly” Prezzo replied to King Kaka.

But a defiant King Kaka didn’t heed Prezzo’s warning, he went on to make a remark on Instagram to provoke Prezzo even more.

“The Real President just called. I hope hao wengine wanaShoot Video. Hahahaha” King Kaka taunted Prezzo again.

Prezzo had enough of King Kaka’s mischief and decided to go HAM on him, he struck him with the reality of the situation.

He told King Kaka that he (Prezzo) was making real change in the country while he (Kaka) was seeking cheap publicity by picking a beef with him. Prezzo reminded King Kaka that 999 police emergency was operational because he made it happen. (Referring to the incident on the Trend when Prezzo dialed 999 and it didn’t work, police restored 999 service after Prezzo exposed them.)

“To all you rappers out there, I wanna tell you one thing. Instead of picking beef with the president, you know make change in your community, in your society, in your country, like making 999 work. I made 999 work when it never used to work before. You know why, coz am the president. And am Kenyan. And at the end of the day you better believe that…use your platform for right reasons not to pick beef with the president. Use your platform for all the right reasons don’t be looking for cheap publicity through the president, coz I gotta a good watch but I aint got time. And with that said am gonna check up on my sunguras,” Prezzo said in a video uploaded on Instagram.

Watch the video below: