Zari Hassan responds to detractors and defends her daughter’s casual summertime outfit

Zari Hassan, a prominent socialite, has addressed concerns raised by her online followers regarding her daughter Princess Tiffah’s hair care during the summer months.

In a characteristically assertive response, Zari Hassan defended her parenting decisions and emphasized the importance of allowing her child to enjoy a carefree summer. The controversy arose from comments made by some of Zari’s followers who urged her to take better care of Tiffah’s hair.

In response, Zari Hassan delivered a direct message to her critics, reminding them that children should be allowed to be children. She explained that Tiffah’s hair appearance during leisure activities is not a cause for concern, as she ensures her daughter is well-groomed for school.

Zari Hassan’s bold response highlights the challenges faced by public figures when it comes to parenting choices being scrutinized by online audiences. Tiffah is Zari’s only daughter with her ex-lover, Diamond Platnumz.

Emotional moments as Diamond Platnumz welcomes Zari and their kids into Tanzania (Video)

Thursday, November 5, Zari Hassan and the kids landed in Tanzania ahead of their grand homecoming, 2 years since the couple part ways.

2018, is an year that lives to be remembered in the Dangote family, as the music star and his then-first wife, Zari Hassan part ways on Valentine’s day, news that blew up the Internet.

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Well, 2 years later, the family gets a chance to re-unite as Zari and the kids fly into Tanzania to spend time with their daddy, Chibu.

In videos that have since gone viral, Zari and the kids landed at Julius Nyerere International airport, with paparazzi  ambushing them soon as they got to the exterior.

Zari Hassan and the kids grand homecoming

According to Zari, she is not here to patch things up with her ex-lover, rather to have her kids spend quality time with their dad, having been 2 years since they last set their eyes on each other.

Admitting that Diamond was the one who so badly wanted to see the kids and she could only answer to his call.

The Dangote first family reunion

She however clarifies that it does not matter whether she spends the next couple of days in a hotel or in her baby daddys house, all she is here for is the kids.

The emotional embraces

But the gist of it all comes when Diamond comes to pick up his family, with the kids running up to him in excitement and zeal, which completely melts his heart.

Then came Zari’s moment with Diamond, both getting locked in a warm, tight embrace and it was indeed a sight to behold.

Zari Hassan and the kids grand homecoming

Like the man he is, Diamond opted to carry both his kids in his arms, with the paparazzis giving the family zero time to breathe or even jell together.

Meanwhile, Zari clinched on her designer leather handbag, walking side-by-side with the kids and her baby daddy as they left for his mansion in Dar es Salaam.

Have a close watch as it all went down.

Zari Hassan melts hearts with long bossy letter to daughter Tiffah (Details)

Diamond Platnumz baby mama, Zari Hassan and her daughter, Tiffah Dangote have been spending more time on TikTok than ever before.

The two boss ladies have not only showcased their prowess of the online app through social media, but have kept their fans busy with enticing moments together.

The most recent video upload is of Tiffah bragging about how those who can´t handle her ego or match her status are busy calling her out for having ´an attitude´ which she brutally condemns.

Diamond and Zari´s daughter, Tiffah Dangote

This made her mother fall so in love with her young, yet all-grown and bossy daughter who has basically followed into her footsteps.

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To this effect, the Ugandan boss lady penned a long, touching letter to her little girl sweetly addressing:

Dear beautiful daughter of mine, your beautiful, confident, intelligent, smart, special, different. Your gifted. You were born to stand out not to fit. Your talented and the whole world is ready for you.

zari thirst trap
Zari Hassan with daughter, Tiffah Dangote

Confessing that Tiffah has grown to a level that has left many with envy but for Zari, she is proud of her 4-year old baby girl.

The South-African based businesswoman however cautioned her little girl of the cruel world out here – one that is not ready to accommodate her bossy-ness, one that is filled with fake people but one she will conquer because she is a natural.

You are everything they are not and that makes them fear, because people fear the unknown. You are the next big thing, if its an attitude that you have, then so be it. Never let anyone determine who you should be, the world already has so many fakes/copies. The world needs naturals like you…… mama gatchu always????.

Princess Tiffah

Ms Hassan promised to always have Tiffah´s back, to counter-attack her enemies until she is all-grown to rule her own Queendom.

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One, because God built her for this and two, those busy pricking her back are the same ones who will pull a seat and watch her rule the world, when the time comes.

When they come for you, ill go after them but then again its just a matter of time before you handle ya biness. God built you strong, you’ll concur✊. And when you do, it will be the same people sitting back watching your success in dismay. Do you, dont let them tell you otherwise. 98% of time never take advice from failures…..

Zari Hassan

Reminding her:

Ps; mama loves that person–ality????

Video: Princess Tiffah´s intelligence and humor Wows the Internet

Diamond Platinumz took the position of ´father figure´ in his 2 kids´ lives but seems his position has a new replacement after Tiffah cries out how much he misses Zari´s King Bae.

Diamond was unfortunately too bagged up with his work that saw Tiffah cry couple times for being left behind by her daddy.

However, seems the little one has gotten used to the routine and no longer misses daddy as much as she misses her ´Big Uncle´.

In a short clip shared by Zari Hassan, Princess Tiffah is seen asking mom why she is sad, who then responds that she misses her Mr M.


The mother of 5 then asks Tiffah whether she misses her Uncle and she quickly responds ´Yes´.

The little girl then expresses how much more she misses her ´Big Uncle´ compared to Zari Hassan.



Fans are amused at the beauty´s intelligence and sense of humor expressing:

Am sure demo is almost urinating in his clothes. ????????????we miss our big uncle he is a big one????


Hahaha naye tiffa wefuze social media leero, yo so clever, I love you so much dear


Princess Tiffah You are the most intelligent little angel on earth. I just love you..

@ Zari your Baby is a blessing! ❤️


Such abright intelligent kid


Hahahah….tiffah so funny big uncle


Awwwww big uncle




Perfect tiffah


Woooow biiiiiig uncle ????







Photos of Princess Tiffah’s 3rd birthday party 

Diamond Platnumz firstborn daughter Princess Tiffah is celebrating her birthday today Monday 6th August. The birthday party is already underway in South Africa.

Photos taken from the birthday party have already started surfacing online. Diamond was quick to wish his daughter a happy birth in a heartfelt letter.

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Princess Tiffah poses for a photo during her 3rd birthday party celebration
Princess Tiffah poses for a photo during her 3rd birthday party celebration
Birthday messages galore

Zari Hassan, Diamond’s family and friends have also sent Tiffah birthday messages. The kid’s grandmother Sanura Kassin expressed her undying love for her in a message on Instagram.

“Like Dad Like Daughter. Wa kwanza ni wa kwanza na hawezi kutokea mwengine zaidi yako, wewe Latiffah ndo ulianza kufungua dimba kuwa mtoto wa SIMBA @princess_tiffah Kila nikikuangalia kiungo kimoja baada ya kingine tunajiona wenyewe wallah Yaan NAKUPENDA SANA PACHA WANGU @princess_tiffah ? Happy Birthday to you Sister TEE ❤MUNGU akukuze vema Mjukuu wangu kipenzi na kamwe sitoacha kukupenda daima❤❤❤,” wrote Sanura.

“Happy birthday to the Tanzanian Dutchess @princess_tiffah” wrote Zari.



“I feel like I owe you more than a life” Diamond jots down heartfelt birthday message to Tiffah

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan’s pretty daughter Princess Tiffah will celebrate her third birthday on Monday 6th August.

Diamond has already splashed millions to make his daughter’s birthday something to talk about. He is even flying 40 fans from Tanzania to attend the birthday which will be held in South Africa.

Can’t sleep without praying for you

Diamond took to social media to pen down a heartfelt letter to his daughter on her 3rd birthday. The singer expressed his undying love for Tiffah saying his daughter is always in his mind.

“I do love you, not because you are my Daughter…Nah! I love you because you love me more than aything in the World…. sometimes i even wonder why you Love me so….and that is the reason why i can’t sleep without praying for you… i can’t sleep without thinking about you… and most of the time when you come to my mind i feel like i owe you more than a life…Inshaallah, Mwenyez Mungu akukuze vyema, Akupe akili, Afya, Adabu, Umri mrefu wenye Furaha na Future nzuri baadae…..Nakupenda sana Mwanangu, Nakupenda sana Tiffah angu…. Happy 3 Birthday mama?? @princess_tiffah ??????,” wrote Diamond Platnumz.


Diamond’s daughter attends star-studded birthday party of the daughter of South African rapper AKA (Photos)

South African rapper AKA and his baby mama DJ Zinhle threw their daughter Kairo Owethu Forbes a lavish birthday party as she turned 3.

Diamond’s daughter Princess Tiffah was among celebrity kids that were invited to the birthday party which was held at at DJ Zinhle’s home in Johannesburg.

Kairo Owethu Forbes
Kairo Owethu Forbes

DJ Zinhle and Tiffah’s mother Zari Hassan are close friends, the two women have hosted parties together in the past including one in Uganda recently.

Swan-themed birthday

AKA gifted his daughter two puppies for her birthday. The Swan-themed birthday party was attended by several South African celebs.

See more photos below:

Princess Tiffah and Kairo Forbes at the birthday
Princess Tiffah and Kairo Forbes at the birthday


Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz daughter picks a skin disease from school, this is how it is affecting her!

Tiffah Dangote is among the most popular children we have come to know in East Africa. She is barely 5 years but so far many artists have been mentioning her name in their songs and I bet this is because she is Diamond and Zari’s only only baby girl!

Anyway just recently I happened to bump into a photo shared on Tiffah Dangote’s page revealing that she happened to catch a skin disease from school and it has now started affecting her hair.

From the caption it is easy to see that the post was shared by her mum who wrote to say,

I have beautiful hair and no it’s not the braids causing problems. I had a skin disease i picked from school. Let my hair be, it will grow back soon?good morning.

Looking at the photo shared on Tiffah’s page it’s not quite visible to see some of the effects apart from the the brownish color it has.

Check out the lady post below:

Tiffah’s post

Unlike her 1st big birthday party, this is how Diamond Platnumz daughter celebrated her 2nd bash (Photos)

Word making rounds on social media is that Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz is a father of many but so far he has only acknowledged two kids that is; Tiffah and Nilan Dangote.

His first born Tiffah Dangote turned 2 years on 6th August and unlike the first time – Tiffah did not have a big bash to mark her special day this time around.

However from her mum’s social media pages we have learnt that the little girl spent her special day in the company of her 4 brothers who have become fond of her.

The baby girl however got a special photo shoot session and from the new photos – it is clear to see that Tiffah is following in her mum’s footsteps.

Her parents on the other hand shared the special messages below as they celebrated their only princess. Zari wrote to say;

It’s princess’ world….happy birthday my one and only. My princess…may God see you through with nothing but the best. May you be blessed from this day forward. Most of all, may you be a Godly child. Without God we are nothing. Happy birthday @Princess_Tiffah

Diamond Platnumz on the other hand added to say;

Happy 3 years mama, words can’t express how much I love you my Tee.

Checkout the photos below;

At 2 years, Princess Latiffah Dangote can already walk in heels (Video)

Latiffah Dangote popularly known as Tiffah is Zari Hassan’s first and only daughter and for this reason the toddler seems to get everything she wants.

It is a new experience to have a baby girl in the house since Zari had earlier been raising 3 boys before she was blessed with baby Latiffah after getting pregnant for Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz.

Tiffah rocking her new hairdo
Tiffah rocking her new hairdo

Anyway, from what many say…Tiffah seems to be Zari’s favorite child – only because she can easily connect with the baby girl her since her boys prefer playing with cars and play stations but now she has a daughter to pamper and bond with.

In the recent videos shared on Tiffah’s Instagram page, one can tell that Zari enjoys watching her daughter play with her make up, performs and even her super expensive heels which she can actually walk in.

Tiffah walking in her mum’s heels

In one video shows Tiffany walking in her mum’s like green pumps and from the caption, Zari seems excited to watch her baby pull a move that her aunt Esma (Diamond Platnumz sister) can’t. Anyway checkout the video below;