Pritty Vishy on why her mum still questions God for having blessed them with a younger sister

Pritty Vishy has turned her social media pages to her diaries, that is judging from how much information she keeps feeding her followers about personal life; and unfortunately there’s no one to tell her that such information should be kept off the online streets.

So far we’ve had her talk about her relationship with Stivo not forgetting other personal stuff about her mum, but then again – fame comes in all ways and if talking her people is putting food on the table then why not.

Anyway this past weekend Vishy unveiled a new photo introducing her youngest sister who she also says is gifted differently. Well, from her post, we understand Vishy’s baby sister was born with Autism; a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact.

However according to the socialite, this doesn’t make her look her baby sister any different.

Pritty Vishy with younger sister

Yes she’s my baby sister????and she is abled differently but that doesn’t make me feel she isn’t able.

 Mum questioning God

On the same post Vishy makes it known that her mum questioned God after realizing she’d given birth to a child with Autism.

Maybe because she knew how others would look and point fingers at her; mostly because they’re not educated on what Autism means and why it should not be considered as a mental disability….I mean, we’ve heard of Doctors and other genius people living with Autism, right?

When my mum knew she has AUTISM????????she questioned God????????not knowing she will be a blessing to us????????

However with time looks like Vishy’s mum made peace with her daughter’s condition; and is now comfortable raising her daughter without caring about being judged.