Timmy Tdat decides to go to quarantine with “Pengting”an exciting jam for this tough times

“PENGTING” by Timmy T Dat is now out. One to get us through the quarantine season. The audio was done by Vicky Pondis, video shot by Enos Olik is now 42 on trending. “Pengting” in this context describes a beautiful girl including her features.

It has thousands of views already despite being released hours ago. His fans already flooding the comments section with positivism. Most of them noticing that Timmy has upgraded in terms of vixens in his video.

It is purely a feel-good entertainment song. Further, its  Quite ideal for this season when most people are spending time indoors. I mean who doesn’t want some fun?

On the other hand, the video is amazing featuring this vixen visiting Timmy in his house, to  “Quarantine together” as the song suggests. Trust Timmy with such!


However the lyrics to this song are just funny and quite in line with this quarantine season. He sings in Swahili, English and Dholuo his native language. He is one of the artists that have mastered the art of music.

Trikide hit maker thrives on the fact that he does music that is easy to relate to by his fans. He can bring in a comical and naughty touch to whatever he sings.

Time imefika tuingie quarantine

Nina peng-ting ndani ya quarantine

Tako yellow kama school bus

Mimi sijui mapenzi si uni-school bas

Nishafall baby girl si unipull bas

The upbeat song goes to describe what he likes in his woman.

Timmy TDat has grown massively in the industry. He has had massive hits such as Trikide, usinkazie, Kasayole featuring Papa Jones alongside other collabos Otile brown, Kush Tracey, Rosa Ree, Sudi Boy and Spice Diana from Uganda.

While gengetone still takes the airwaves, Timmy has not been left behind. He did Kimangoto featuring boondocks gang

The song that’s in context with the current corona situation qualifies to be awarded part of the 200 Million Shillings set aside for artists this quarantine season.

Rating 8/10

Guardian Angel under the PPMC drops new jam ” Corona” as a sensitization measure

As the world grapples with the wrath of the deadly corona virus, Guardian angel just as his name suggests has dropped something for his fans “Corona”.

The song realised in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage earlier today is just what Kenyans needed in the middle of all the panic in the country currently.

The artist takes just a minute to clearly put across his message. Words of encouragement and hope to a nation that is shaken by the rising number of covid-19 cases.

The Video

The video is simple civic education at its best: clear and precise to the point. Its simple in a sophisticated manner.

Furthermore, there’s nothing much going on in it besides the singing and simple gestures to help drive the message home. Its quite enjoyable to watch and Amina Mohammed’s message at the end of it gives the message the “governmenty” touch. I think I can say that.
Since its more of civic education it has the quality needed for tv and radio. It would make a good advert on air as it is relatable to persons of all ages and social classes.


The song only takes a minute to encourage Kenyans that they can beat corona if they purpose to. Quarantine Sanitize and observe social distance.

Tujitoe mhanga tupigane na hili janga
Tufunike mdomo tupigapo chafya tusanitize
Tuoshe mikono
Jichunge mwenyewe na uwapendao
Jamii yakuhitaji, nchi yakuhitaji, dunia yakuhitaji

It encourages Kenyans to take care of themselves together with their loved ones by observing the basic requirements to beat this pandemic.

Guardian angel aka the music doctor has shown or rather proven to be quite an artist. His recent upward shine in the industry is unmatched. He has made huge strides of progress since he began a few years back.

The fact that he has released at least 3 songs since this year began is a good show of his hard work.