Queen Darleen comes clean about beef with step sister, Esma Platnumz (Video)

Esma Platnumz and Queen Darleen share one thing in common and that is, Diamond Platnumz. Esma is the time eldest daughter of Mama Dangote while Queen is Baba Diamond Platnumz eldest daughter.

With such a blended family you find both sisters attached to their brother who is said to be a multimillionaire for now. However with a busy schedule the sisters get to see him once in a while; and so far Diamond Platnumz has proven that both are equal as he has done everything in his power to ensure they live the best life.

Mzee Abdul and Queen Darleen

Of course just like any other family, they too have issues and so far word making rounds on social media is that Esma and Darleen are currently beefing. This is after mutual friends went on to inform Darleen that Esma and mama Dangote have been bad mouthing her.

Darleen responds

However speaking during a recent interview with Dizzim Online, Ms Darleen for the first time set the record straight about her relationship with step sister Esma.

According to the new mum in town, Esma is not a friend or any random buddy she met on the streets; but a big sister! To her, the rumors making rounds on social media do not benefit her with anything; and as long as their family is fine – fans can say whatever they want.

Darleen said;

Wanatakiwa kujua kuwa Esma sio mashikaji wangu, Esma sio rafiki yangu – ni ndungu yangu! Kwa hiyo ni kama ndungu – sisi ndio tunabaki kuwa ndungu iweje iweje.

This confirmed that all might not be well, but this does not mean that they will hate each other since they are siblings! I mean it happens in most families, right?

Watch the interview (4:50) courtesy of Dizzim online.