Weuh! “I want to work with Johnny Sins” Zari Hassan’s son reveals (Photo)

At this point we honestly cannot laugh at Zari or the posts shared by her teenage son, Raphael. Most parents will tell you that raising teenagers is quit hard but in this case; Raphael is driving his mother crazy!

A few months ago the young man came out to announce that he was gay; and blamed those raising him for lying that boys only date girls. This is after realizing that he finds guys more attractive; so yea, meaning he is not straight.

Raphael comes out

This post was however deleted really fast by his mum who later issued a statement saying that her son is straight; and if not she would fully support if he indeed turns out to be gay.

Pornstar career

Well, like we said – this is not a laughing matter especially now that Raphael has once again shared a controversial post claiming he wants to work with pornstar, John Sin.

The 13 year old boy shared this in a QnA post which was later deleted; but thank heavens for screenshots. In the post a friend asks Raphael what he would want to be in future saying;

What is your dreams? I mean who you want to be in future.

To which Raphael commented with a photo of adult actor John Sin and wrote;

I wanna work w him

Zari’s son into porn actor, John Sin

Well – let’s just say that Zari is not having an easy time as a mum especially with one teenager giving her sleepless nights. But come to think of it, could this be a cry for attention? Or is he