Singer Ray C shares the reasons behind her relocation from Tanzania to France

Renowned Tanzanian singer Ray C has been residing in France for several years now.

In a recent video on her YouTube channel, the singer revealed for the first time the reasons behind her decision to leave her homeland for the Western country.


Ray C shows off her curves in a lingerie that has left her male fans asking for more!

Ray C disclosed that after successfully overcoming her struggles with drug addiction and completing rehabilitation, she found that people still did not take her seriously.

“Despite overcoming my challenges, I felt that I wasn’t being fully respected or acknowledged,” she shared. “In 2017-2018, I returned to the studio and released some songs, but I still felt a lack of inner peace. Although I had physically recovered, my heart was still in need of healing.”

To find the inner peace she sought, Ray C made the decision to leave Tanzania.


I’m Negative! Ray C shuts down rumours she’s HIV positive with latest results

“I felt that my efforts were not being recognized, and I realized that I couldn’t force others to respect me. I believed that respect would come naturally over time. Having traveled extensively to many countries, I prayed to God to guide me out of Tanzania,” she explained.

Since relocating abroad, the singer, known for hits like “Wanitafuta Nini,” has started a family, welcoming a husband and a son into her life.

She joyfully announced her pregnancy in February 2023 through an Instagram post, expressing gratitude for God’s timing.

“On February 13th, she proudly shared the first photo of her son, Shah Rukh.”

One lesson we can all learn from Papa Dennis’ death

About a fortnight ago, Kenyans were shocked when they learnt that gospel singer Dennis Mwangi, popularly known as Papa Dennis, had jumped to his death in Nairobi’s Pangani Estate.

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What was astounding was not even how he died but the fact that he had been sleeping in the studio after his landlord locked him out of his rented apartment and he could not even afford to feed himself.

The truth is, the Papa Dennis that we all knew was filthy rich, or at least we thought so. The guy would often be seen flaunting wads of cash on social media, showing off his posh home, driving luxurious cars, name it.

Papa Dennis
Papa Dennis

The Nashukuru hitmaker even had collabos with the likes of Chidinma, Korede Bello, Flavour, Ray C, just to name a few. Anyone can tell you just don’t wake up one morning and get on a track with these artists.

I have immense respect for the dead but it does not make sense. Did he squander all his money or was he living a lie because his story does not make sense however hard you try to understand it.

There are rumors that his problems began after he parted ways with his promoter Sadat Muhindi who is the founder of Maliza Umaskini Foundation but we won’t talk about that today because it’s hearsay.

Papa Dennis

However, one thing that we can talk about and I’m hoping we can all learn a lesson from is living your truth or being yourself. This applies to celebrities, politicians and everyone – you and me.

You see, there is no need going around telling people that you are filthy wealthy and how your life is glamorous but it really isn’t. I don’t know why people even do that.

You see, eventually the truth will come out and people will hate you for being a fraud when you could have just lived a normal life like the rest of us who are not deep pocketed. Hi Kobi Kihara! Okay, that was not really necessary.

Ray C shows off her curves in a lingerie that has left her male fans asking for more!

Tanzanian singer Ray C recently left her fans gasping for air after sharing her never before seen photo rocking a while lace lingerie!

The lady who shared the photo on her Instagram page must have used this certain photo as a thirst trap that not only left fans talking but also celebrities too.

Ray c before pregnancy

This comes just a few days after announcing her plans for her music career. Ray C is currently at crossroads as she tries to figure out what actions she will take for her music; quit or continue releasing new music?

Ray C gaining weight

Anyway away from that, looking at the new photo it is evident to see that after her miscarriage; Miss Rehema Chamela aka Ray C has been putting on extra pounds thanks to baby fat.

Ray C relocated to France

She however looks better and more healthier now compared to back when she got skinny after years of struggling with her weight! Below is the photo that has many male fans pocketing too!

Ray C

Ray C talks about quitting the music industry for good!

Singer Ray C may be planning to end her career in music judging from her latest post on social media.

Well, looking at how her come back has been since the last time she had dropped a hit song; we can tell that things did not work out so good for her.

It appears that people have since our grown the kind of music she does and if not for her boneless waist; she wouldn’t still be relevant. Through her gram the lady wrote;

Ray c before pregnancy

Sauti ya kushoto inaniambia achana na muziki! Sauti ya kulia inaniambia ingia studio! Studio kibao Paris sema hata sina time!sijui…… ????????‍♀️Ipi niiskilize!?!????‍♀️

Relocated to France

Judging from her post IG seems that Ray C is permanently living in France with her lover who she continues to hide.

Ray C

Just a while back she announced about her miscarriage that left her in a bad position mentally.  She is however getting better now and has not given up on her dreams of becoming a parent – but truthfully, time is not on her side.

Away from that, Ray C has definitely made great changes in her life after quitting and overcoming her drug addiction.

Ray C putting on extra weight shortly after miscarriage

Word has it that singer Ray C has relocated to France where she is staying with her boyfriend and family.

Unfortunately the singer recently suffered a miscarriage that has left her broken since this was her first child.

Ray c before pregnancy

Well, at her age it’s quite obvious that Ray C feels that time is running out and if she had an option the lass would probably have started a family years ago.

Weight gain

Despite her pregnancy being short, seems like it did Ray C well as she appears to have added a few pounds here and there.

Ray C glowing with new weight

A while back Ray C battled with excess weight gained due to her drug addiction that saw her almost lose her life.

Ray C suffers miscarriage while vacationing in France

Singer Ray C is currently in mourning after losing her unborn child while vacationing in France this past weekend.

The lass announced the sad news through her social media pages where she confirmed that her unborn child was no more.

At first the singer went on to seek help from other mums asking them whether there are tips on how to avoid a miscarriage. She wrote saying;

Naombeni ushauri kina mama wote nifanye mimba istoke? ???????? imeniuma! Imenibidi nishee nanyi.

#mybabyisnomore???? #mwanangukaendazake ????


Ray C miscarriage

Ray C drug addiction

This is the first time Ray C has come out to talk about her private life after quitting drugs.

Well, it’s obvious that at her age she is now trying to have children of her own.

However, her man continues to stay on the low until she feels comfortable to show him off to the world.

Ray C confesses she is still ‘in love’ with President Uhuru

Bongo singer Ray C has once again gone ahead to confess her love to Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta on her Instagram page.

She went on to describe herself as the future Mrs Uhuru; and judging from her previous posts shared in the past where the lady has never been shy to reveal her obsession with the President.

Well, with her music career at a stand still I bet the only thing that can keep her relevant in the entertainment industry is her love for the Kenyan president. She shared a post where she wrote;

Future Mrs Uhuru! Jah love!

Ray C

Ray C music

It’s  been months since the lady dropped a new project and for a minute many thought she had decided to venture into the gospel industry after sharing a moving message on her Instagram.

Anyway not quite sure whether Mr President is aware that the lady is ‘madly’ in love with him but as for now check out her post below.

“I feel like killing my self!” Depressed Singer Ray C confesses on social media

Singer Ray C this past weekend left many talking after sharing a few posts on her Instagram stories. Apparently she has silently been battling with depression which has now left her with suicidal thoughts.

The popular Bongo singer went on to confess that she has now reached a point where she feels like taking her own life. Judging from her posts she blames this on the stress she had been going through for the past few months.


She however does not share much about what has been going on in her life; but in the past we have seen her struggle with drug addiction that left her overweight and homeless at some point in 2017.


Although her music career had started to pick up; Ray C confession has left many speculating that she might have started using again.

Not quite sure why the singer would pull such a stunt on social media but chances are; Ray C really needs help or the singer is hyping for a new project.

I’m Negative! Ray C shuts down rumours she’s HIV positive with latest results

Fading Bongo singer Rehema Yusuph Chalamila, known to many as Ray C, was recently forced to fire back at critics who have been claiming she’s not 100 percent health wise.

Rumours have been doing rounds on social media that the singer is HIV positive for months now. It’s not clear who or how the word started but it seems the singer has grown tired of it.

Taking to social media, the singer, who is currently in the US, shared results after a random HIV test instantly killing the rumors.


She wanted to prove that she’s still very much healthy unlike what many people are saying.

“Kiboko ya too much know know! #jijali #jithamini #selflove” she captioned the results. 

Ray C isn’t the first celeb to be forced into such actions. Other Celebs such as Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika have also released their results to prove they are negative.

“Dada yetu Rose Muhando anahangaika tu huko Kenya hana msaada” Ray C sends message to Tanzanian musicians

Bongo singer Ray C, who is residing in Kenya, has called on Tanzanian musicians to come to the rescue of gospel singer Rose Muhando.

Muhando has been making headlines ever since video surfaced online showing controversial preacher James Ng’ang’a exorcising demon out of her.

The video sparked uproar with some people claiming Ng’ang’a only wanted publicity by claiming to cast out demons from Rose Muhando while in reality her woes are attributed to drug addiction.

She’s not getting help

Ray C is now calling on Tanzanian gospel musicians and music regulatory body Basata to intervene and save Rose Muhando from her misery. She took to Instagram to pen a message to relevant people;

Wasanii wenzangu na watanzania kwa ujumla tunamsaidiaje dada yetu….Huyu ni wa kwetu sisi.Naamini kila mtu ana majukumu na shughuli za hapa na pale,lakini huyu dada ni mtanzania mwenzetu,ni dada yetu,ni ndugu yetu, anahangaika tu huko kenya hana msaada..Waimba injili wote,wasanii wote na watanzania kwa ujumla tunamsaidiaje dada [email protected] @harrisonmwakyembe @juliana_shonza ……………..Naamini akipelekwa sehemu anayofaa kuwa atapata msaada,atapona na atasimama tena.Ushuhuda wangu Unatosha kuamini inawekazana.
1.Amepeperusha sana bendera yetu nje ya nchi kupitia muziki wake.
2.Ametupa amani ya moyo miaka na miaka kupitia muziki wake.
3.Ametusaidia sana kiimani kwa nyimbo zake.
4.Tulifarijika pindi tuskiapo nyimbo zake.


Mwenye contacts za Rose pls DM?

Ray C’s plea comes after Papa Dennis also called on Kenyan gospel musicians to intervene:

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Can you imagine the president of the country offered to help me- Ray C

Singer Ray C has opened up on celebrating three years of being drug free.

The singer went to rehab after former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete funded the total cost of taking her abroad for medication.

Ray C spoke to Couture Africa and said that the president coming out to help her made her really fight for her life as much as she had given up.

“I was at a point where I was done with life and contemplating suicide but I could hear a voice say ‘I am not done with you. I will bring along people to help you and lift you up. People you cannot imagine.’ Sure enough, I did get those calls from people urging me on. Telling me not to quit; my mum, Kikwete. Can you imagine the president of the country offering to help you? It was God telling me I am important, that this is not you and that you have to get better. So I felt if people of that calibre can think of me and want to help me, who am I not to want to help myself?”

Back to normal

Now that she’s back to her normal self, the singer promised to give her fans and family her best as a new person.

“Today, I look back and see all I have done and gone through and I am still here. God is not done with me. I have so much to give to my family, my fans who support me and healed with me. They are real and they are like my family” she said. 

“Kama huna UKIMWI basi hakuna mtu ako na UKIMWI hii dunia” Netizens react to Ray C’s HIV test results

Ray C breathed a sigh of relief after getting tested for HIV. The singer took to social media to share the results of her HIV test but many people didn’t believe the results were hers.

You can tell how people think of Ray C based on the comments shared on social media after she publicly shared the results of her HIV test.

The singer tested negative for HIV but skeptics thought the results were doctored. Some people even dared Ray C to share second to second video recording of her taking the HIV test.


Below are some of the reactions from netizens after Ray C shared results of her HIV test:

lusupi_gadafi: Adi we RAYC huna ngoma basi duniani hakuna UKIMWI

ahmadjuma353: Duuuh mi siamin km una ten siamin

mchome.rKipimo: icho kama unatumia dawa mda mrefu hakioneshi kama unawo lbda upime kipimo kikubwa

angelicuostone: Weka kipimo chote hapo akionekani had mwisho

chriss__konnie: Ukapime na machine ?? hiki hua kinaongopa

blandina.john71: Utuonyeshe daktari akikutoa damu live na kuipima live. Sio kipimo peke yake bila sura yako wala kihakikisha kama ni damu yako kweli ama la… ni mtazamo tyuuuuu…. @ra

s_money_love: Mbona hujapiga kipimo chote?

hildajohson40: Toboa huku tunaona mpaka majibu tutaamini vipi kama umeweka damu ya kuku hapo

sheikh_kipenzi: Mbona damu yako nyeusi sana itakua yambuzi siyo yako

nicole_nabintu: Siku ndege ita kufa haijuwagi kuruka,wewe endelea kuonesha bipimo Maman ? sasa ingekuwa positive una waza utaweza subutu ku post ,? Akili yako ndogo?

chalemzeethe_king: Nisindikize na Mimi nikacheck ?

ruganisa: Chukua clip kuanzia unajichoma unaiweka damu humo mpaka kinasoma hapo ndio tutaamini ??

vahayesusoje ?: Kama cio chako tutajuaje!!! Dada ang

alko_dangotejr: Huu ukimwi unachagua watu aisee??yaan umemkosa @rayctanzania na alivokua kiana,, kabla ya kuokolewa, Afu maajabu hata mond utakuta et hana??

beka_princeb: Kwan dawa ishapatiakan?

baraka_star: Mbona damu imeyayuka hapo au dokta kakuficha ?

jackson_essau: Kama rayc Hana mm napataje Asa

kelvinmsambili: Unachokitafuta utakipataa???

kabekebaroja: Usichoke kupima ipo siku utapata unacho kitafuta

super_luwango: Muongo ww

angelbaseka: ???kipimo ico nica wongo ?? ukitaka kupima HIV wende hospital watowe damu kwa mkono apana iyo damu yakutoka kwa vidole hell nuh try to go to the hospital ??those are so fucking up lying I’m telling u the trough ? ????

silahange__jr: Ha…..ha….ha……ulijua ushaumia nn, tatizo mnafanya saaaaana @rayctanzania

Husband snatcher alert! Kenyan woman calls out Ray C for taking her mzungu sweetheart

Tanzanian songbird Rehema Chalamila, popularly known for her stage name Ray C, announced she had found her rib exactly a month ago.

The ‘Moto Moto’ hit maker took to Instagram on Tuesday September 18th to share a photo of her Caucasian sweetheart and her and captioned it with love emoji.

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Almost married

A UK based Kenyan lady only known as Dokky has come out to accuse Ray C of taking away her man. Dokky says the Tanzanian singer started fooling around with her mzungu man a few months after he proposed to her.

In photos posted online, Dokky and her former sweetheart are seen having a good time together before Ray C came between them.

“Ray C is taking may man, he had proposed to me and now Ray C has come to stay with him in my house, she cant even be ashamed sleeping on my bed,” said Dokky.



Ray C to Lady Jaydee: I should be the one contemplating suicide not you

A few days ago, Tanzanian songbird Lady Jaydee scared her fans on social media when she announced that she had contemplated taking her own life.

The ‘Yahaya’ hit maker took to Twitter to reveal that she was contemplating ingesting poison but only restrained herself after remembering how far she has come.

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Suicide shouldn’t have crossed your mind

Ray C has come out to lecture Lady Jaydee after she contemplated suicide. The ‘Moto Moto’ hit maker said she should be the one contemplating suicide not Lady Jaydee.

Ray C with Lady Jaydee in a past photo
Ray C with Lady Jaydee in a past photo

Ray C struggled with drug addiction and had several relapses before she finally won the battle against drug use. She was rescued from a suicide attempt two years ago after she suffered a relapse.

“Kama kuna mtu alietakiwa kufanya hili nadhani mi ndio ningekuwa wa kwanza!Kama ni kweli haya maneno umeandika wewe naomba shetani ashindwe kabisa!naelewa umepitia mengi kikazi na kifamilia ila katika watu wabishi ninaowaaminia na kuwaheshimu kwenye hii industry wewe pia umo so pls usirudie haya maneno tena!na yafute kwenye nafsi yako!Mungu hapendi…..Love you,” Ray C told Lady Jaydee in a message on social media.


Ray C tells off gospel singer Daddy Owen after he did this

Ray C publicly clashed with Daddy Owen over the recent scuffle involving dancehall star Redsan and Tanzanian music producer Sappy.

For starters, Redsan stormed into a studio and beat Sappy black and blue. It is still not clear what prompted him to assault the producer.

Anyway, Daddy Owen recently took to social media to share a photo he posed with Redsan. The gospel singer joked about the recent incident where Redsan beat Sappy.

“This guy made me understand the difference between soldier and sojaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!” Daddy Owen captioned the photo he posed with Redsan.

Redsan and Daddy Owen
Redsan and Daddy Owen
Ray C reacts

Ray C and several other netizens were totally offended by Daddy Owen’s caption and they decided to express their feeling about it.

“Disability walk founder na unafurahia watu kupigwa????shame on you!” Ray C called out Daddy Owen in a comment.

Daddy Owen eventually decided to change the caption following a public backlash, he simply captioned the photo ‘Wishing u a great day from me and my bro…@redsanmusic’.




More drama! Ray C and Hamisa Mobetto 2 month old beef takes a new twist

Ray C and Hamisa Mobetto first exchanged fire sometimes in July this year. The whole drama started when Ray C called out Hamisa Mobetto for selling substandard goods at her boutique.

Apparently Hamisa sells fake Chinese stuff at her shop while claiming they are of superior quality. Ray C says she would rather buy locally made goods instead of the counterfeit at Hamisa’s shop.

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‘Substandard’ song

Hamisa Mobetto dropped her debut song ‘Madam Hero’ a few days ago. And guess who came out to troll Mobetto over her new song?

Ray C savagely blasted Mobetto claiming her song all but bullshit. She says Hamisa was among musicians who are contributing to the deterioration of Bongo music.

“Mnaharibu maana nzima ya Bongo Flava! Acheni utani na kazi za watu! Sio kila mtu aimbe. It’s bullshit. Am tired of listening to bullshit song! #LevelUp,” wrote Ray C.





“Watu warudi kutubu kwa Mungu, wasisubiri hadi matatizo yawapate” Ray C speaks of Elizabeth Lulu’s repentance

Elizabeth Lulu appears to have given her life to Christ even though she hasn’t publicly announced it. The actress caused tongues to wag when she was seen praying and crying during a church service.

Lulu ‘moved closer’ to God after being released from prison where she spent 6 months. She was sentenced to two years in prison in November 2017 for causing the death of celebrated Tanzanian actor Stephen Kanumba.

Ray C says she was moved by photos and videos of Lulu praying in church. The songbird says she has been reflecting on her life ever since she saw the photos.


“Aisee, nimemfuatilia sana Lulu tangu ameanza kupata matatizo ya kesi yake amebadirika sana. Sasa amekuwa mtu wa kumtukuza Mungu. Yaani nikiwa namwangalia picha zake au video zake mitandaoni anazoimba nyimbo za dini mpaka machozi yananilenga, hadi fikra zinakuja maana sikumbuki mara ya mwisho lini niliingia kanisani,” said Ray C.

Don’t wait until you get in trouble

Ray C now urges people not to wait until they get in trouble for them to go back to God. She says she has learnt her lesson from Lulu’s case.

“Najiona mzima sasa na nasahau kuwa Mungu ni mkali. Hakika nimejifunza kitu kutoka kwake, nawashauri watu wajirudi kwa kutubu kwa mwenyezi Mungu kutokana na makosa waliyofanya, wasisubiri hadi matatizo yawapate.”








Ray C moved by ex-convict Lulu Michael’s video in church and promises to follow her route 

Bongo Flava singer Ray C might have released a couple of gospel songs or worked with a gospel artist here and there, but she can’t remember the last time she was in church.

And after watching a clip of Bongo Movie actress Elizabeth Michael aka Lulu Michael in church praising the lord, she’s missed just being in the house of the lord.

Praise and worship

On social media, a video of Lulu, who is just coming from a jail sentence of almost an year after killing her boyfriend and colleague Steven Kanumba in 2012, was recorded in church praising God. The video moved Ray C.

“LULU!Nimeangalia hii video zaida ya mara kumi nahisi!mpaka machozi yamenilenga kwakweli!Sikumbuki lini nimeingia kanisani!Najiona mzima sasa na nasahau kuwa Mungu ni mkali! Nimejifunza kitu kutoka kwako my dear!Kikubwa sana.  You Inspire Me…….@elizabethmichaelofficial” shared Ray C.

Lulu, 23, had been sentenced to two years in prison and was released in May.

Ray C and Hamisa Mobetto savagely shred each other on social media

Ray C and Hamisa Mobetto caused drama on social media when they exchanged fire. The whole drama started when Ray C called out Hamisa Mobetto for selling substandard goods at her boutique.

Apparently Hamisa sells fake Chinese stuff  at her shop while claiming they are of superior quality. Ray C says she would rather buy locally made goods instead of the counterfeit at Hamisa’s shop.

“Pale unapohisi umevaa@FENDI kumbe Feni!Wachina sio watu wazuri!!Bora kujishonea kitu chako
mwenyewe hukutani na mtu@wolperstylish nakuja for parashutiiii!mi staki…..#wachinashikamoo
#Hamnaadabu#Tanzaniayaviwanda Mtakuja kuvaa mpaka FFU mje mkamatwe,” wrote Ray C.

Hate and evny

Hamisa Mobetto responded by urging Ray C to open her own boutique so that she could sell superior quality goods. The mother of two further stated that Ray C was only jealous of her.

“Mwenzoko anaanzisha Biashara, Badala ummunge mkono, unakuwa wa Kwanza Kumponda, Kama
Hupendi anachouza kanunue kwingine auanzisha chako bora Zaidi. Kuiongelea vibaya Biashara ya
Mwenzako huku wewe huna lolote ni kumkaribisha shetani. Wivu na chuki binafsi havitakupleleka
popote Zaidi ya motoni, Roho Mbaya itakupeleka Jehanamu,” Hamisa Mobetto replied.

Hamisa Mobetto viciously claps back after Ray trashed her business and called her products fake

Singer Ray C recently came out to share that Video Vixen Hamisa Mobetto’s new business is not what she expected. The popular singer claimed that Mobetto is selling fake stuff collected from China, a thing that didn’t impress Mobetto at all.

Mobetto, who started a new boutique just a few weeks ago, has come out to defend her business insisiting that the singer is just another bitter person now that she’s doing good. She asked Ray C to start her own business and focus on selling legit stuff.

Start you own first

Ray C

“Mwenzoko anaanzisha Biashara, Badala ummunge mkono, unakuwa wa Kwanza Kumponda, Kama Hupendi anachouza kanunue kwingine auanzisha chako bora Zaidi. Kuiongelea vibaya Biashara ya Mwenzako huku wewe huna lolote ni kumkaribisha shetani. Wivu na chuki binafsi havitakupleleka popote Zaidi ya motoni, Roho Mbaya itakupeleka Jehanamu” shared Hamisa Mobetto.

Ray C claimed that it was better to buy locally tailored clothes than to buy fake designer.

Pale unapohisi umevaa @FENDIkumbe Feni!Wachina sio watu wazuri!!Bora kujishonea kitu chako mwenyewe hukutani na mtu @wolperstylish nakuja for parashutiiii!mi staki…..#wachinashikamoo
#Hamnaadabu #Tanzaniayaviwanda Mtakuja kuvaa mpaka FFU mje mkamatwe” 
wrote Singer Ray C.


“I couldn’t perform without drugs” Ray C opens up about being a slave to drugs during trip to Mombasa (Photos)

Rehema Chalamila famously known as Ray C has permanently relocated to Kenya. The Tanzanian singer joined NACADA to mark International Day against Drug Abuse and illicit Trafficking at an event held at Tononoka Ground in Mombasa.

Ray C attended the event in Mombasa alongside Chipukeezy who was recently appointed to the board of the National Authority for Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA).

Ray C and Chipukeezy at the event in Mombasa
Ray C and Chipukeezy at the event in Mombasa

The Tanzanian songbird was given a chance to address the audience at the event, she narrated about her own experience using hard drugs.

Couldn’t do anything without drugs

Ray C said she was a slave to drugs, she explained that her body couldn’t function without drugs. The songbird cautioned Mombasa residents against using drugs saying it has adverse effects to users.

“Addiction took three of the best of me. I was heartbroken. My brain was taken away by drug use. My brain was not working because there was something else in my brain telling me I could not perform on stage without drugs, that I could not do anything without drugs. I could not go anywhere without drugs, therefore I was a prisoner in my own soul. Wengi wanaoingia kwenye madawa, watu wanaathirika maini kwenye madawa, watu wanatumia sindano pamoja wanapata HIV, wanawake wanajiuza ili mradi aweze kupata pesa aweze kukidhi ule utegemezi wake,” said Ray C.




“Don’t play my songs when I die” Ray C’s death wish raises eyebrows

Ray C is making waves with her death wish, the Tanzanian songbird wants media houses not to give her airplay when she finally passes on.

Ray C is  irritated by how Tanzanian media houses are playing Sam wa Ukweli’s songs. Sam passed on  a fortnight ago after falling ill at a music studio.

Sam wa Ukweli
Sam wa Ukweli

Sam struggled to get airplay while he was alive but upon his death his songs have been played repeatedly on radio and TV, and this is what has vexed Ray C.

No need to support us when we’re  dead

Ray C has since sent a humble plea to Tanzanian media not to play her songs when she dies. The songbird, who now resides in Kenya, says there is no need for her songs to be given airplay when she dies because she won’t benefit from it.

“Sometimes I wonder what’s with the bongo media. You have to die for your songs to receive massive airplay including the ones that have not been officially released. What’s the purpose of supporting us when we are dead? When I die they shouldn’t even bother giving me a promo,” said Ray C.






Ray C on bleaching: I’m eating well compared to back in the day that could explain why

Ray C has been accused many times of bleaching. The singer, who has a new song with Kenyan singer Papa Dennis called “Tornado”, said in an interview that better diet and mobile phone technology has improved her looks.

“I probably have bleached my skin, or not. I cannot confirm or deny. I think I am currently eating well compared to back in the day. That could explain why I am lighter today,” she said in an interview with Citizen Digital.


“There were no photo-editing apps back in the day. Today, there are many apps that you can use to manipulate your picture,” she said.

Watch the interview below:

Ray C makes a major comeback into the Kenyan music industry with a new collabo with gospel whizkid Papa Dennis

Ray C has been struggling to make a major music comeback for years. The Tanzanian songbird has been battling drug addiction which had an adverse effect on her music career.

Rumors of a collaboration between Ray C and Papa Dennis started when the onetime queen of Bongo music traveled to Kitale to attend the burial of Papa Dennis’ sister.

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Indeed Papa Dennis and Ray C were working on a song which they have now released. The two singers have dropped a new song dubbed ‘Tornado’.

The video was  shot in South Africa by Godfather Productions – a professional production company in South Africa which specializes in filming and production of TV commercials and music videos.

It’s not clear whether Papa Dennis has quit gospel music altogether, because ‘Tornado’ sounds more of a romantic song than a gospel song.

Watch the video below:



Ray C’s romantic obsession with president Uhuru evident again as she takes a ride on SGR from Voi to Nairobi

Ray C’s love for president Uhuru Kenyatta is not fading away anytime soon. The Tanzanian singer is clearly obsessed with the Kenyan president.

Ray C opened up about her undying love for Uhuru in a telephone interview in April 2017. She also revealed the the things she would do with the Kenyan president if they ever meet.

The ‘Na Wewe Milele’ hit maker first declared Uhuru was her all time crush in July 2015. She said she dreams about Uhuru almost all nights.

“Lemme tell u a lil secret about Uhuru!!!!I love this guy to death!I have had a crush on him for soooooo long!!!huwa namuota sana sana!!!!I love everything about him!His Attitude, His accent!Total Package!!” Ray C posted on Instagram on July 17th 2015 at 3:17pm.

Am in my dream husband’s Train!

First forward to 2017, Ray C traveled to Kenya to enjoy her holiday here. The Tanzanian songbird once again revealed her undying love for Uhuru Kenyatta as she traveled on SGR.

Ray C at the train station

Ray C boarded a train in Voi and traveled all the way to Nairobi. She shared photo of herself on the train and said that she was traveling on her dream husband’s train.

“Am in my dream husband’s Train! #UhuruRocks! #ThisthingisAwesome! #VoiToNai #Adventure,” wrote Ray C.

Ray C poses for a photo on the train


Ray C at Syokimau train station

Ray C lifts her skirt in new photo to show fans what she was wearing underneath

Tanzanian singer Ray C has lately been doing fine apart from the stories making rounds claiming that she is struggling with throat cancer which has made her stop releasing  songs.

The singer however came out to brush off the rumors as she warned those spreading the fake rumors to stop the nonsense or she would take some legal actions on them.

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Anyway, the good thing is that we now know that she is in perfect condition and has even showing her fans her ‘underwear’ as seen in her new photos.

Well…she happened to share the photo through her Instagram page leaving many wondering what the whole idea was since the ‘panty’ she showed off was actually part of a body suit she was flaunting to her fans.

If you haven’t seen the photos then check out them out below;

Ray C
Ray C showing off her ‘panty’