Paula Kajala allegedly pregnant for popular Tz artist & no its not Rayvanny

If you thought Nairobi was one big bedroom then i guess you dont keep up with Tz news. Well you see down there, everyone in the entertainment industry ends up sharing an ex or a partner….like you see Diamond had Wema Sepetu then Hamisa Mobetto and word has it that both ladies also dated Fred Vunja bei….a wealthy tycoon in the entertainment industry.

Paula with Hamisa

Then there was Harmonize who is now engaged to Fridah Kajala, mother to Paula Kajala who is also said to have datee Harmonize before moving on to Rayvanny..…yaani its just a mess. But then again – who are we to judge when they all seem to be enjoying their lives?

Anyway thanks to the same sharing – rumor has had it for days that Paula Kajala is pregnant…..which takes us back to that video Harmonize had shared flaunting a grown bump claiming ‘he’s gonna be a daddy’ more of like a step grandad to Paula Kajala’s and wait for it…..Juma Jux baby.

Paula Kajala

Okay hold on….Jux? I bet Vanessa Mdee’s fans can only think Karma is at work. Right?

Abortion rumors

With blogs talking and gossip tabloids reporting on the alleged pregnancy – Popular Gossip monger Mwijaku also reported that the pregnancy had already been terminated since Juma Jux did not want any of that.

But wait….didnt Paula Kajala and Rayvanny breakup just the other day? And now she is or was pregnant for someone new? Anyway through his IG, Mwijaku wrote:

Tayari dada yet ameenda kutoa unaudited. Ameona wanapo elekea ni uneconomic freedom kwa familia.


Unfortunately we can’t really confirm how true the rumors are….but chances are that there is some truth to the circulating rumor.

“Huna akili” Rayvanny ex girlfriend tells singer’s baby mama as they fight over his love

You see, i have heard women say they would rather paint the road from Nairobi to their village before they think of engaging in a war of words over a human being.

And in a way i kind of understand what they mean because watu wanapigania mashamba, maisha yao – then you top it up with fighting over somebody elses son? Like they put it….can never be me!

Anyway two beauties Fahyma and Paula Kajala continue to have bad blood over Rayvanny who recently dumped 21 year old Paula as he rekindled his love with baby mama Fahyma – and this has brought nothing but drama between the two girls (let me call them girls) although Fahyma should be around 28 years by now.

Fahyma and vanny boy back together

As seen on a recent post shared by Fahyma, she went on to share a video in the company of Vanny boy and judging from her poses – ill tell you that her aim was to show off that her man may have left – but he still came back to her. Juvenile stunt, but hey – how will the haters know if she’s not flaunting their love?

Paula claps back

Well like i said, Fahyma’s aim was to hurt her baby daddy’s ex girlfriend and funny thing….it did work.

Responding to Fahyma through snapchat…(remember all this took place in the same app) Paula Kajal clapped back ex co wife saying;

Kama mpaka sasa kwa umri huo unapost status ili uumize mtu, unsuitability ya MEMKWA kwa sababu huna akili. ( If at your age you’re still posting such status to hurt others, then you need to go back to school – since you have no brains)

Well – it was bound to happen at some point and clearly Rayvanny has a type as you can see.

Alaar! Rayvanny to sponsor 19 year old girlfriend’s College education in South Africa

WCB’s Singer Rayvanny must be really in love with Paula Kajala; that is judging from the new information shared by close sources in the WCB family.

Well, after Rayvanny took Paula for a vacation about two weeks ago; we now have reason to believe that the singer will be paying her college fee in South Africa; where she is set to travel for her further studies.

Rayvanny and Paula

The information on Paula’s education was shared by popular rumor monger, Juma Lokole; who is said to be Fahyma’s (Rayvanny’s baby mama’s) number one hater;  which would explain why he leaked the information online.

Speaking to popular news outlet, Lokole went on to spill the details saying;

Paula anaondoka anaenda chuo kusoma South Africa mwezi wa kumi na moja. Rayvanny anaclear kila kitu, si ndio faida kuwa mwanaume.

Wedding Plans

The education investments will however come after the WCB singer introduces the young lady to Mbeya; a move that confirms that the two might just be talking about a long term commitment.

Rayvanny and Paula Kajala

Lokole went on to spill more details saying;

Paula na Rayvanny ni wapenzi, Wanaficha nini? Wale ni wapenzi. Na very soon Paula anaenda Mbeya kutambulishwa Kwa wazee wa Rayvanny.

If what Lokole says is true then it means; Paula will be the second woman to be introduced to Rayvanny’s parents; but at 19 years and fine looks – is Rayvanny really betting that this fine lass will not bag a better man or rather wealthier man in SA?

Machooos! Rayvanny celebrates new girlfriend’s birthday in style leaving tongues wagging online (Photo)

Singer Rayvanny has confirmed that his relationship with baby mama, Fahyma is over and from the look of things; this guy is not about to get back with his wife baby mama anytime soon.

Just to prove things are over  between him and Fahyma, the singer recently shared a new photo of his woman Paula; to celebrate her on her birthday as she recently turned 20 years.

Rayvanny celebrates girlfriend, Paula Kajala on birthday

Although he did not caption anything on this post; it’s clear to see that he is serious with the young lass; who is 5 years younger than his baby mama Fahyma.

The photo has also confirmed the various rumors linking Vanny boy and Paula together. Although it has taken time before Rayvanny confirmed the relationship rumors; it’s obvious to see that he may be done with his first love – and this time it’s for good!

Ex couple, Rayvanny and Fahyma

Vanny boy and Paula

Word has it that Rayvanny is currently living with this young lady; and so far the WCB team supports the relationship; since it apparently helps his career as he remains relevant among the young fans.

Anyway looks like this is working for him and the views on his YouTube channel can confirm this already.

Fahyma on the other hand continues to maintain her silence but judging from her IG stories; well – she doesn’t seem so happy but she has been smiling her way to the bank.


Heartache! Rayvanny unveils new young girlfriend confirming end of his romantic relationship with baby mama (Photo)

Rayvanny has joined the list of WCB ruthless boyfriend club – making women cry because of their love. This comes after his latest post where he is seen in the company of young and hot lady, Paula Kajala; the same lass who was said to be warming the singer’s bed a few months ago.

Fahyma and Rayvanny
How it started; Fahyma with Rayvanny

The new relationship post comes just a few weeks after Rayvanny and Harmonize’s nasty beef; that also exposed Paula for being a money lover – as she was willing to share Harmonize with her mum.

Well, it’s not that Rayvanny did not hear about the stories linking girlfriend to Harmonize ; but it appears that  he chose to over look as he remains smitten and in love with Paula. Introducing her to his fans, Rayvanny share the post below and captioned;

How it’s going: Rayvanny with Paula

Baby mama Fahyma

Not sure what Fahyma might be going through at the moment; but the truth is that she continues to hang in there hoping the young singer will come back to her.


Fans in her comment section have been sending heartfelt messages to comfort Fahyma for the nasty breakup; but si ni life?

Anyway, let’s see how long the new relationship will last…but fans are predicting that this too will end in premium tears.

Rayvanny issues apology to the mother of young lady he was accused of raping

WCB singer Rayvanny was recently accused of forcing himself on a certain young lady identified as Paula Kajala. This is after the singer shared a few videos warming up to the ‘school girl;’ not knowing that her mother would end up dragging him to court.

Rayvanny and Paula Kajala

From the rumors making rounds online, we understand that actress Kajala who is Harmonize’s girlfriend; threatened to have Rayvanny behind bars for preying on her 19 year old; knowing very well she was in High school but still chose to record their nasty moments.

Rayvanny facing rape charges

However after the matter was taken to court Kajala and family decided to have this settled on the low; hence the silence over the past few weeks.  However now that Rayvanny has issued an apology – we can assure you that  chances are – the matter was resolved.

Vanny boy’s apology

As seen on Rayvanny’s latest post – the singer apologizes to both Kajala; and online parents he may have offended with his petty actions on social media. Through his IG, Vanny boy wrote;

18 year old Paula Kajala

Duniani wakati mwingine kuna vitu tunavifanya ambavyo pengine kwa macho yetu ya ujana tunaona ni sahihi; lakini tunasahau upande mwingine wa pili ambao ni wazazi wanaoumia kwa namna moja au nyingine . Nichukue nafasi hii kumuomba radhi dada angu @kajalafrida; na kuwaomba radhi wazazi na yoyote ambaye nilimkwaza kwa kupost video ambayo inawezekana imetafsiriwa vibaya. kwasababu sisi ni binadamu na kamwe hatuwezi kukamilika

Rayvanny facing rape charges over intimate video with a minor

Singer Rayvanny made the biggest mistake of his life by posting a video where he is seen exchanging saliva with, Paula Kajala; a school girl who will soon be joining form 5.

According to reports, the contents of the video shared by Vanny boy; disgusted Paula Kajala’s mum, actress Kajala Masanja; who has decided to seek help from the government following the inappropriate clips shared widely online.

Rayvanny and Paula Kajala

As seen on a post shared by Kajala Masanja;  the actress accuses Hamisa Mobetto of pimping her daughter Paula Kajala to Vanny boy. This statement however caught the attention of the Tanzanian police (Oysterbay police station)  who decided to summon both; Rayvann and Hamisa Mobetto on Tuesday, 16th.

Rayvanny maintains silence

So far word has it that Rayvanny will be maintaining his silence as his lawyers do all the work; but as for now, he is expected to report to Oysterbay police station where he spent most his evening yesterday.

According to blogger Original East, Rayvanny is facing rape charges for the kissing video; and although Paula is over 18 years – she is still considered as a minor by the government until she completes high school.

Hamisa Warned

Hamisa on the other hand is also in trouble for hanging out with the minor; and sharing their videos on social media! This is because Paula Kajala remains as the government’s ‘property’ until she turns 21 years.

Rayvanny facing rape charges

Well, this a lesson to all! But what if Paula is learning these tactics from those around her? Isnt her mum Kajala Masanja dating Harmonize who is 14years younger than her?

Rayvanny caught on camera getting cozy with a minor (Video)

WCB singer Rayvanny is said to have spent his Valentines Day with a minor, Paula Kajala. As far as the story goes is that Vanny boy and Paula Kajala – who is the daughter to Harmonize’s new girlfriend Kajala Masanja have been involved for a while now.

This was confirmed by a video shared by Rayvanny where he is seen in the company of the 18 year old lady who is still in high-school. Apparently this was a mistake for the WCB singer to openly show that he is in a relationship with young girl who is still in form 5.

Rayvanny and Paula Kajala

With their videos making rounds – from one social media platform to another; Paula’s mum who is a renowned actress addressed this issue through her social media pages. She however went on to blame Hamisa Mobetto for being the link between her daughter and the singer. Through her page Kajala wrote;

Mimi ni mzazi ambaye namlea mtoto wangu kwa katika mazingira magumu sana kutokana na tofauti moja mbili tatu na baba mtoto wangu lakini mimi nilikuwa nikipambana na kumpa kila anachotaka mtoto wangu ili aweze kutimiza ndoto zake kama msichana mana kesho nitakuja kumtegemea. Lakini pia nilikuwa nikikumbana na changamoto tofauti tofauti ambazo zinamkumba paula kama msichana lakini shutuma nyingine huwa zinanijia mimi direct kama mzazi wa paula sina budi ya kuzipokea na kukumbana nazo as long as Mungu anajua ukweli wangu ,jinsi gani namtunza mwanangu na kiasi gani napambana kwa ajili ya mwanangu,basi yote yaliyotokea ya kunichafua na kunifanya nionekane mbaya kwenye jamii huwa namwachiaga Mungu tu.

Kajala exposes Hamisa Mobetto

From Kajala’s post, it’s evident that she feels Hamisa may have introduced her daughter to prostitution; something she as a mother dreads. Through her gram Kajala went on to add;

18 year old Paula Kajala

Ilikuwa tarehe 9 saa 6 mchana hamisa mobeto aliniomba kutoka lunch na mwanangu, sikuona haja kumkatalia kwa sababu nilijua yeye ni mzazi ambaye ana mtoto pia wa kike,kumbe ndo hiyo siku alitake advantage kwenda kumkutanisha na rayvanny kwa manufaa yake binafsi,walimrubuni mtoto mdogo kwa kumnywesha pombe,wamemrecord video Chafu sawa mimi ni Mnyonge siwezi wafanya Chochote basi Hata Muogopeni Mungu Kama Mungu Hamumuoni Hamuiogopi serikali ? na kuvujisha video bila woga wakati ni mtoto mdogo anasubiria mwezi wa 6 kuingia form 5 siamini kama kuna alie juu ya sheria Katika taifa hili kama leongo lilikuwa ni Kudet Mtoto Mdogo ili Kutimiza Matendo Haya Machu Ya Kustaajabisha haitoshi mnampatia mtoto pombe na kumrecord Video chafu lengo lilikuwa nini Kama sio kuharibu Maisha ya msichana wa kitanzania ?

The lady went on to add;

Paula Kajala with her mum

Nimeumizwa mno na Hamissa mzazi mwenzangu hata kama iwe paula ndo alimwambia anaenda kukutana na rayvanny kama yeye mzazi ange Vaa kiatu changu na kujiuliza kinachoenda kutokea ni kitu gani au kama ni mimi nafanyiwa hivi ningejisikiaje? nimeshikwa na bumbuazi sina nguvu naomba Mamlaka husika wanisaidie kwenye hili mana hili pigo ni lawazazi Wote Duniani
Paula ni msichana mdogo sana ana ndoto zake leo hii ameharibiwa profile nzima Je mmefikiria maamuzi gani anaweza chukua huyu mtoto kuona video kama hizi zinatambaa mtandaoni kama akiamua kujinyonga je?.
Naomba sana msaada serikali yangu na mamlaka husika juu ya hili. ????

Hamisa responds

Seeing that she was being dragged into a nasty mess; Hamisa Mobetto on the other hand distanced herself from the stories saying;

  Jamani hata kama HAMISA MOBETTO ndio jumba bovu lenu la kutupia takataka ifike mahala ifike ukomo. Siamini kama baada ya kukaa na kutafakari cha kuexplain kuhusu haya mmeona mimi ndio ninaweza kuwa Damage Controller. Kajala hiyo tarehe 9 mwanao aliniomba nimtoe Lunch, nikamwambia inabidi niongee na wewe kwanza, na nikakupigia ukaona ni sawa tu.

Paula with Hamisa

According to Hamisa Mobetto, all she did was take Paula for lunch; but whatever happened after that is all Paula’s plan. Hamisa went on to add;

Nilimtoa Lunch na muda wote nilikua naongea na wewe kwenye simu mpaka nimemrudisha hapo Gym kwako Mimi mwenyewe soon after lunch. Na huoni Kama unaongea uongo hadharani bila woga?? Siku ninatoka na Paula alikuwa na nywele hizo za kwenye videos? Naomba nilaumiwe kwa kukubali ombi la kumpeleka mwanao lunch na si vinginevyo. Mimi ni Mama, mfanya biashara, mdau na balozi wa makampuni mbali mbali. Brand yangu nimeijenga kwa muda mrefu hivyo ningependa iheshimike na isichafuliwe kwa shutuma za uongo kama hizi. Mimi pia ni mzazi na mtoto kwa mama yangu kama ilivyo wewe.

Lawyers involved

Well of course Hamisa will not be letting her name be tarnished for no reason; and to help solved this, she promise to have her lawyers handle this.

Nimeona nisafishe upepo mchafu huu uliouelekezea kwangu siku hii ya wapendanao, lakini zaidi you’ll hear from my lawyer. Rest assured sitaliacha hili lipite bure, nafikiri itakuwa fundisho zuri na kwa wale wooooote ambao wamekua wakichafua jina langu kwa upuuzi wao.