Rayvanny announces exit from WCB, Diamond Platnumz reacts

We can’t really say we never saw it coming or hadn’t heard rumors of Rayvanny leaving WCB for his own NLM records after 6 years of working with Diamond Platnumz and team.

Well, months after the rumors singer Rayvanny has now officially announced his exit from WCB as seen on his latest reels shared on Instagram. Thanks to the video, Rayvanny gets to appreciate his former boss saying;

Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny

It’s been six years since we started working together. My team, my family WCB Wasafi, love and unity has been very instrumental in the success of our team.

Adding that working with WCB made him the first TZ artiste to win a BET award and also got to perform on big platforms he’d never imagined even in his wildest dreams.

I have learned a lot and also we have achieved a lot together. I was the first Tanzanian artiste to win a BET award. I have been the first artiste to perform on big platforms like the MTV EMAs stage, Dubai Expo and many more.

Thanks former boss and bestie for elevating his life

Although there’s a lot he remains grateful for – Rayvanny went on to thank his boss for his successful career; and for opening doors which have come in handy in terms of giving his family a better life.

I have been the first artiste to enter the billboard charts, first artiste from East Africa to hit 100, 000, 000 views on Boomplay. All this happened when we were together. Thank so much my family WCB Wasafi and my bother Diamond Platnumz for giving an opportunity so that the world can witness my talent that I was blessed by God to be able to help my family and reach where I’m now with lots of success.

Lastly to his boss Diamond Platnumz – Rayvanny went on to say;

My Brother Diamond Platnumz, my respect to you will never fade or cease. I value so much your contribution in my life and my God bless you always. And all that you have done to me, May God continue to bless you abundantly. God bless you Simba.

Diamond Platnumz reacts

Seeing how emotional the video was, Diamond Platnumz decided to respond in the comment section saying;

NLM PRESIDENT! ???? let’s goooooo  ????

Meaning they’re still supporting each other in the industry….but Mmmh wouldn’t mind some drama in future, right?

Proof that singer Rayvanny quit Wasafi records (Photos)

Just a year after Harmonize packed his bags and walked away from Wasafi records; another artist, Rayvanny seems to have parted ways with his former boss – but unlike Konde boy, Vanny walked out silently.

This comes months after many couldn’t help but wonder why Rayvanny seems distant with his former colleagues; and thanks to a new photo shared by Diamond, we might as well confirm that Rayvanny is no longer part of WCB.

As seen on the new photo shared by their boss; Rayvanny appeared to be the only artist missing in the picture. Well, as much as they try to keep his exit private; we also noticed that the Mwanza hit maker removed WCB from his bio which makes it even more obvious.

The WCB Gang

His reasons for exiting the record label also remain unknown for now; but after Harmonize revealed some of the hardships he faced under WCB management – seems that Rayvanny also couldn’t handle the pressure.

Lokole abusing Rayvanny’s wife

Diamond Platnumz friend, Juma Lokole who is known to handle Simba’s dirty online work has lately been attacking Rayvanny’s baby mama on social media; which could also confirm Vanny Boy’s exit from WCB.

Rayvanny removes WCB from bio

On normal days this would never happen, but lately many have been witnessing how Lokole has been abusing Fahyma on Instagram; and through it all Rayvanny chooses to maintain his silence probably to avoid a repeat of what Harmonize went through.

Well if indeed Vanny boy is out, then in a year or so we wouldn’t be shocked to see Mbosso do the same; especially now that Babu Tale is also joining politics with the help of Diamond Platnumz fame.