5 times Rayvanny has stepped out wearing lady-like hairstyles

Wasafi records Rayvanny has lately been keeping a low profile on social media; and rumor has it that the father of one is no longer the man we used to know.

About 6 months ago, Rayvanny broke up with baby mama over infidelity allegations pointing at Fahyma as the cheat. Word has it that she had been seeing one of Rayvanny’s close friends; however, during an interview with Clouds FM, the fella denied having been involved.

Away from all that, fans are now worried about Rayvanny; and others keep questioning whether he is still a straight man or otherwise. This is because for the past few months, Vanny boy has been experimenting on lady like hairstyles that are now raising eyebrows on social media.

Rayvanny rocking soft locs

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Vanny boy coming out of the closet?

His latest hairdo as seen on social media has left tongues wagging as it clearly appears to be a female hairdo! As cute as it looks, we have also started wondering whether the WCB singer is trying to pass a message across; yet we keep ignoring it!

Nothing about the new hair do screams ‘male fashion’ as the curls bring out a female vibe. For this reason many are now asking the young singer to hold back from such styles if indeed he is straight! This could also be a strategy to make him more relevant; especially since WCB artists have been quite for a while now.

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Anyway, check out some of his lady hairstyles below!

Vanny boy with hairstyle 1
Rayvvany and Queen Darleen rocking similar hairstyles
Vanny boy
Baba Jayden rocking a puff bun
Ray wearing a Soft locs

Proof that singer Rayvanny quit Wasafi records (Photos)

Just a year after Harmonize packed his bags and walked away from Wasafi records; another artist, Rayvanny seems to have parted ways with his former boss – but unlike Konde boy, Vanny walked out silently.

This comes months after many couldn’t help but wonder why Rayvanny seems distant with his former colleagues; and thanks to a new photo shared by Diamond, we might as well confirm that Rayvanny is no longer part of WCB.

As seen on the new photo shared by their boss; Rayvanny appeared to be the only artist missing in the picture. Well, as much as they try to keep his exit private; we also noticed that the Mwanza hit maker removed WCB from his bio which makes it even more obvious.

The WCB Gang

His reasons for exiting the record label also remain unknown for now; but after Harmonize revealed some of the hardships he faced under WCB management – seems that Rayvanny also couldn’t handle the pressure.

Lokole abusing Rayvanny’s wife

Diamond Platnumz friend, Juma Lokole who is known to handle Simba’s dirty online work has lately been attacking Rayvanny’s baby mama on social media; which could also confirm Vanny Boy’s exit from WCB.

Rayvanny removes WCB from bio

On normal days this would never happen, but lately many have been witnessing how Lokole has been abusing Fahyma on Instagram; and through it all Rayvanny chooses to maintain his silence probably to avoid a repeat of what Harmonize went through.

Well if indeed Vanny boy is out, then in a year or so we wouldn’t be shocked to see Mbosso do the same; especially now that Babu Tale is also joining politics with the help of Diamond Platnumz fame.

Wasafi’s Rayvanny ready to make peace with Ali Kiba? (Video)

Most artists signed under WCB have always followed into their bosses footsteps.  Meaning anyone beefing with their boss, Diamond Platnumz automatically becomes an enemy to them too.

About 2 years ago, Harmonize was photographed snubbing Kiba at a Agnes Masogange’s funeral. Probably Harmonize never saw the day he would would leave WCB; but after it happenend the guy was left on his own, a mistake Rayvanny is not willing to commit.

Rumor circulating on social media is that Vanny boy could be leaving WCB following a few issues here and there. For that reason, he has not been as active as before on social media.

However during a recent interview with Wasfi Tv, Rayvanny shared unknown details about his relationship with Alikiba.

No bad blood

Unlike many know, Rayvanny is actually at peace with Alikiba and to prove this; the father of one recently graced an interview on WCB where he named one of his favorite projects done by Kiba.

According to Ray, Kiba’s latest song dubbed dodo was the best project ever done by the Veteran Bongo artist. He went on to describe the song as straight from the heart and inspiring.

This is the first time Rayvanny is publicly praising Kiba; knowing well that chances are, things back at the WCB camp won’t go so well.

Ms Mobetto with Alikiba

Divorce with Fahyma

According to reports, Fahyma is rumored to have cheated on Rayvanny with the singer’s best friend; identified as Rash Don boss.


Many claim that Rayvanny decided to walk out on his baby mama following rumors linking the guy to his wife. He is said to be the one who ‘helped’ Fahyma everytime Ray travelled abroad for his shows.

However Ray has refused to address the rumors especially since they involve the mother of his child.

Rayvanny recruits Dulla Makabila for ‘Miss Buza’ (Video)

Award-winning Tanzanian singer Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa, better known as Rayvanny has released a new track with his countrymate Dulla Makabila and it’s a big tune.

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The jam titled Miss Buza has been ruling the airwaves since it came out a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it.

Dulla Makabila

From my understanding, this jam is about a beautiful lass who is giving the singer sleepless nights because he’s very much in love with her.

However, he is not pleased with her bad behaviors as she likes to steal things and does not know how to take care of herself.

To be honest, the first time I heard Miss Buza I thought it was so whack but with time the song grew on me and now I can’t stop listening to it.

Miss Buza is beautiful composition. One of the things that I love about it is the wordplay. Rayvanny is a dope lyricist and to add to that, his storytelling skills are really on point. He gets you hooked from the moment you hit play.

Rayvanny Profile

He also has an amazing voice, the kind that you just want to listen to over and over, gender notwithstanding. I must also say that I was impressed by Dulla Makabila because this guy also has impeccable vocals.

The beat on this track is also dope, especially because of its’ fast tempo. The fact that the musicians could even keep up is worth writing home about.

I absolutely love the video. Although the concept is simple, the execution is brilliant. I also loved the dramatization, choreography, locations and flawless scene transitioning.

Watch Miss Buza below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

“She wanted to kill herself!” Rayvanny’s close friend exposes Fahyma

Rayvanny and Fahyma are back together but this happened after the lady got suicidal!

According to Juma Lokole who shared yet another video shading Fahyma; the alleged gay man revealed that after the lady begged Vanny boy for forgiveness to a point where she got suicidal!

Juma Lokole

Well looking at the video on Lokole’s page, seems like he was irritated by the fact that the lady was showing off her love; yet Rayvanny did it out of pitty!

Lokole’s post

Through his private Instagram page the fella went on to write saying;

Lokole’s post

Msitutishe nyie …… Najuwa sana Kama fahima umelia weeeee na misamaha kama yote umeomba mpaka kutaka kujiuwa ???????????????? kusudi utusutishe wambea ???????????????? Rayvany njo nikupe mtoto wa kihabeshi umzalishe …… uyo bibiye akauze nazi Tanga ???????????????????????????? coronaaaaaaaaa

Fahyma expensive lifestyle

Word has it that the lady had been living quite an expensive lifestyle that drained Rayvanny’s bank account.


Unlike most ladies in relationships with celebrities; Fahyma was a stay home mum popularly known for dressing up to take Instagram photos – for laughs and giggles!

Anyway, seems that the couple is back together – but after Rayvanny tasted other waters; will he be able to settle down this time around?

Rayvanny and Lokole

Being an employee of Wasafi records, Rayvanny and Lokole have no choice but being friends since Juma is alleged to be Diamond Platnumz close relative!

However now that Lokole exposed his wife, will the two remain good friends like before?

Flower boy Rayvanny teams up with Dulla Makabilla to bash gossip monger ” Miss Buza” in new jam

Rayvanny is one musician we can say is overworking when it comes to music creation. This time he teams up with fellow Tanzanian star Dulla Makabila in “Miss Buzza.”

Days after the release of his valentines EP dubbed Flowers we thought he’d take a break, but oh well here we are.

For one this jam is an all self-explanatory as it has this usual Tanzanian when they want to bash someone fro wrongdoings. Something they call kupiga vigodoro.

Dulla Makabilla also worked on this jam and he executed it so well. I mean better than I expected such that I wonder why he is underrated.

For a guy that has been in the industry for so long, he deserves the recognition from East Africa. With what we can call a definitive career in the industry Makabila did a good job in this collaboration.


Miss Buza

Miss Buza is a lady that is always in people’s business despite all the warnings she has gotten. Its time to pass the vigodoro -lash out to her

In this jam, Rayvanny starts off the song by mocking Miss Buza for how she looks physically and I can tell you the words are not good to the ears.

He describes how she bleached her skin to the extent that it’s now messed her skin that she looks like banana peelings, he says the wig on her head is smelly that the stench it can cure Corona Virus!!!!! I mean how?

Whatever Miss Buzza did I think she should apologize for this kind of bile from people is not good.

Basically the musicians are telling people to always mind their business. You know those that are always trying to pull you down no matter what? The snoopers the gossip mongers among others are what Rayvanny and Makabilla are referring to as Miss Buzza.

As we wait for the video we trust it will have the usual dera women doing their thing around a certain character.

However, we expect lots of juice and drama in the video who knows maybe this time Mariah Carey will dance to this jam just like Alicia Keys jammed to Lavalava and Meja Kunta’s Wanga.

Rayvanny back with his baby mama after nasty break up on social media!

The WCB family seems to have outdone themselves on International women’s day as seen on their social media pages.

Well, Rayvanny also seems to have borrowed a tip or two from his boss Diamond Platnumz who also celebrated the special women in his life!

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Rayvanny on the other hand did not feel the need of parading his mother and siblings on social media. For this reason the singer opted to use this opportunity to announce that things between him and his wife were now back to normal.

Through his Instagram page the singer went on to post a photo of his baby mama Fahyma and their son Jayden to which he captioned;

Happy women’s day

Fahyma with son, Jayden

Rayvanny and Fahyma’s breaks up

The WCB singer’s post comes just a few months after the two parted ways on Instagram. Rumor making  rounds on social media is that Vanny boy cheated on his wife with a certain video vixen, Nanah; but Fahyma says something different!

Speaking during an interview, Fahyma revealed that she was facing some family problem that did not involve Rayvanny cheating on her. She said;

“My family and I have our issues, family issues, and it is not betrayal, there are totally different issues.(mimi na famiia yangu tuna matatizo yetu ya kifamilia, sio usaliti, ni mengine sana tofauti),”

Anyway, it appears that the two have worked out their issues and are ready to build their family!

Rayvanny denies sharing controversial post rooting for Diamond Platnumz ugly habit of impregnating and dumping innocent women!

Rayvanny has come out to distance himself from a controversial Facebook post; praising Simba for being quite the “Jogoo ya mtaa!”

As seen on the post, Rayvanny allegedly praised; and encouraged his boss to take pride for impregnating women around East Africa; adding now that he is done with the region – he should spread his talent to other countries. He allegedly wrote saying;

????????????????????????Asanteni kwa watoto ???????????? Tumemalizana na East Africa ???? Je mnataka simba asongee Nchi gani tena? ????????????

Vanny boy

As expected the Facebook post attracted quite a number of insults; as many believe that money changed the singer from being a sweetheart and the only responsible man from Wasafi Classic brothers to a bully!

Unfortunately pseudo account has earned  Vanny boy quite a number of hater on social media thanks to the insensitive post.

It wasn’t me!

Anyway through his Instagram page the WCB has now distanced himself from the post saying he was not responsible for the post adding that he no Facebook account!

Rayvanny with special valentines gift Vumilia
Rayvanny denied sharing ugly post

In the post Vanny boy made it clear that he was not responsible for whatever was written — since this was putting his image and name in jeopardy especially with die hard fans who can literally go to extremes for their favorite celebrity!

Through his Instagram page the guy wrote;



Rayvanny and Fahyma

For months now Rayvanny and his baby mama Fahyma are said to have parted ways and no longer see eye to eye.

Rumor has it that the two were thrown out of their Mbezi home due to unpaid rent since Rayvanny could no longer afford living in the lavish home. He is however said to be involved in a Kenyan lady who has been driving him crazy for weeks now!


Rayvanny laughs off after Tanasha Donna walks out on baby daddy, Simba

WCB’s Rayvanny is back with his jokes after Tanasha Donna dumped his boss and returned to Nairobi!

According to reports, Tanasha decided to pack up and leave – after learning that her baby daddy had travelled to the States with Jeje’s video vixen.

Diamond Platnumz ‘Jeje Model’

Tanzanian tabloids have gone ahead to report that there are more reasons as to why Tanasha dumped Diamond and now people can’t wait to hear what the lass has to say.

Rayvanny’s post

With the break up making headlines on most tabloids; Rayvanny has asked fans to name a new country where Diamond Platnumz go ‘donate’ his seed since he is now done with East Africa. The singer wrote;


???????? ???????? ???????? Asanteni kwa watoto???????????? Tumemalizana Na East Africa ???? Je mnataka Simba Asongee Nchi Gani tena??? ????????????

Vanny boy

He then followed with another post where he corrected himself saying;

oooh!!! Poleni Bado naskia Rwanda na Burundi ndo tumalizane na Mambo ya East Africa????????????


Rayvanny’s baby mama drama

This comes just a few months after Rayvanny and Fahyma parted ways following infidelity rumors. The popular singer was said to have cheated on his wife with a video vixen from his hit song I love you.

The two have since been living separate lives but rumor has it that Rayvanny already moved with a different lady from Kenya.

So far both Diamond and Vanny boy from Wasafi have been accused of being players; but looking at the number of women they are often surrounded with, this is no big surprise.

Anyway, as for now we cannot determine what really drove Tanasha away from Diamond Platnumz; but hopefully the Kenyan singer will soon open up to reveal unknown details about her break up.

“Teamo” by Rayvanny featuring Mozambique’s Messias Maricoa gives you every reason to fall in love

As the lovers’ date 14th February approaches, Wasafi’s Rayvanny treats fans to some romantic tune dubbed “Teamo”.  In the song, he features Mozambique’s Messias Maricoa.

This is among Rayvanny’s six releases for Valentines set to rock the valentines day and he termed the songs Flowers.

The multiple award winner is well known for his success in music thus he drops an array of songs that are merely about love.

I mean the jam posses the kizomba vibe that not many Africans can dance to but just wish to. Do you think am lying? Watch the video and tell me if it’s not dreamy.

Messias Maricoa, who hit the spotlight last year and has remained a resounding success to date, was the only Mozambican to win a prize at the Kizomba Music Awards.


Maricoa won the trophy in the Mais Kizomba category at the world’s largest Kizomba platform.

His input in this jam has contributed to selling Rayvanny’s music to their region. For that, I say, good job guys.


Now let’s do some little breakdown of this jam. “Teamo” is a Spanish word that means “I love you”. Yes, the song is about a guy expressing his feelings to the woman he loves.

Well, as I always say love is a beautiful thing and this video just shows every attribute of love. For me, Rayvanny did a good job in this song.

The ambience given in the video too is superb. You know those that guys use to propose to their loved ones? Clearly, the song carries every scene of such places.

The lyrics too are worth listening to. Rayvanny praises his woman telling her to what extent he can go to just show the world their love.

He further describes her beauty and tells her how much he loves her. Then we are shown some ladies dancing to the song with graceful Kizomba moves.

Basically its just perfection all in one. Watch and tell us what you think.

Meet the young man responsible for impregnating Rayvanny’s rumored side chick

A lot has been said about Rayvanny and his alleged side chick Nanah who was featured on his latest song I love you just a few months ago.

From the stories making rounds online is that this two allegedly hooked up during the video shoot – something that forced Rayvanny’s baby mama to walk out of her home,

Rayvanny with Nana

Well, the latest news about Nana is that she is pregnant but fans can’t seem to understand who is responsible since she has a husband and was said to be involved with Rayvanny.

Nanah’s husband

Anyway, since she is a married woman the only explanation about her pregnancy is that her husband is responsible for it and from the posts share online we can confirm that he is quite proud.

Nanah’s husband

Through his Instagram page he went on to praise his wife for being the best thing that ever happened to him. He went on to wish Nanah a happy birthday saying;


Video vixen Nanah pregnant with Rayvanny’s baby?

Rayvanny is rumored to be expecting his second child with video vixen, Nanah who he featured on his latest hit song I love you.

Rayvanny and vixen, Nana during the shoot of his ¨I Love You¨ hit

Though the two have not said anything concerning the pregnancy; Nanah has already gone ahead to release a new photo from her baby bump photo shoot leaving many of her fans speculating that Rayvanny is responsible!

Well, this also comes just a few weeks after the lady married the love of her life who she introduced on her Instagram page a while back.

Nanah pregnant

Fayvanny pregnant

If the stories are true then this means that both Fayvanny (first baby mama) and the video vixen are both pregnant with the singers babies.

Fahyma pregnant

Fans have also gone ahead to hint that this could also be the same reason why Fahyma chose to walk away from her marriage despite Rayvanny’s wealth.
Anyway as for now all we can do is wait and see how the story unfolds!

Meet Rayvanny’s handsome twin brother

WCB artist Rayvanny has finally gone ahead to introduce his ‘twin bro’ on his social media pages.

This is however the first time Rayvanny is talking about his alleged brother – however what we have learnt is that the two fellas not actually twins but blood brothers and this can be seen in their striking resemblance.

The two brothers definitely did take after each other but since Shadrack prefers keeping a low profile when it comes to his life – then this could be the main reason very few knew anything about him.

Congratulatory message

Through his Instagram page Rayvanny went on to congratulate his brother who graduated this past weekend from Ardhi university in Tanzania.

Congratulations twin Broda!!! @shadrack_32

Check out the photos below and be judge…do they look like twins?

Rayvanny with his twin, Shadrack
Rayvanny with his twin, Shadrack
Rayvanny with his twin, Shadrack

Is Rayvanny faking his break up with his baby mama? He responds

WCB singer Rayvanny is being accused of pulling a fast one on his fans. This is after he allegedly broke up with Fahyma who also happens to be his son’s mother.

The two are said to have parted ways following Rayvanny’s involvement with his latest video vixen, Nana.

Rayvanny with Nana

Apparently Rayvanny cheated on his baby mama with the vixen and after Fahyma found out she decided to pack her bags – as she was not ready to share her man.

Rayvanny responds to kiki allegations

Anyway while others think this is a publicity stunt, Rayvanny has gone ahead to refute saying he would never use his relationship for the sake of fame.

Rayvanny confirms breakup with baby mama, Fahyma

He went on to open up saying;

“Kusema kweli nitafute kiki kwa kipi sasa wakati mungu amenijaalia natoa ngoma zangu watu wanapenda. Lakini kama ni kiki , kuna mambomengi ya kufanyia kiki , sio swala ambalo ni sensitive kivile. Sisi tumegombana hata kabla yay a ile deal yake ya juzi ya Diapers. So kwa wale wanasema tulitengeneza kiki si kweli. Sisi familia itabaki kuwa familiana muziki utabaki pale pale. Na kilichotokea kimeonekana na kibaki hivyo maana sina ytime ya kuongelea famiy life yangu sasa hivi”

Kenyan musicians have so much to learn from their Tanzanian counterparts

I’m not a fan of Bongo music. I only listen to Tanzanian songs when I have to, for instance when I am doing a review or when they are randomly played at a club, party or in a matatu.

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On the flip side, I admire so many Tanzanian artists not for any other reason but because they really work their asses off. I could list them but their names would take up all this space. So, I’ll save you the agony.

WCB arists
WCB artists

Bongo music has always been big deal  not only in Tanzania but across the continent and it’s bout time we – or rather our artists – borrowed a leaf from them.

They should ask themselves questions like,”What can we learn from Tanzanian musicians?”, “What areas should we work on?” and “What are they doing differently?”

One of the Bongo artists that I really admire, just like most of you is Diamond Platnumz. Despite being accomplished and all, he has never been content with his success. He keeps pushing each and every day.

Since the year begun he has released more than 30 songs, perhaps more, including collabos. As a result, he is always at the top of people’s minds.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

It always seems like he is a pacesetter for the Tanzanian music industry since most people – including his stablemates – like Rayvanny, Lava Lava, Mbosso and Queen Darleen want to keep up with him.

The local music industry lacks a someone who keeps artists on their toes as is the case with Tanzania and this means that very few musicians, if any, give a hoot about consistency.

The truth is that people get bored very fast. I doubt if any of the people who are reading this article can have a jam in their playlists for more than a week and this means that artists need to release more music. There is no other way.

Many of you will be quick to point out that new age artists such as; Sailors Gang, Boondocks Gang, Ochunglo Family, 34 GVNG, Gwaash, etc. are constantly releasing music but let’s be honest, that is not serious music.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

In as much as we find the songs by these youngins catchy, they rarely transcend our borders. It’s what it is. To add to that, the quality is always wanting.

I’m talking about the likes of Nyashinski, Nadia Mukami, Octopizzo, Khaligraph, King Kaka, Redsan, Nameless, Jua Cali, Avril etc. Will they ever wake up from their deep slumber? If so, when? Enough said.

TZ Video vixen continues to fuel romance rumors with Rayvanny

Rayvanny and his new alleged girlfriend, Nana are clearly enjoying their honey moon phase if indeed the two are involved with each other.

Nana in love with Rayvanny?

After the WCB went on to reveal that he is officially single – after break up with his baby mama; the singer couldn’t hold back from praising his latest video vixen saying she is one  unique woman.

Through his Instagram page Baba Jayden went on to write saying;

Yani Nimeshoot na kina dada Tofauti katika video tofauti lakini huyu dada sijui anatatizo gani? Au kipi kipo tofauti ETI JAMANI ? SIKO KATIKA MAHUSIANO NA MTU YOYOTE

Nana responds

Although the two have denied being together, their Instagram posts seem to say something different.

Nana on the other hand went on to respond to Rayvanny’s post using one of her hot photos which she caption;

Rayvanny’s new catch

New catch? Rayvanny leaves many talking after showering video vixen with praises

Rayvanny must be falling in love with his video vixen, Nana who was featured on his latest project dubbed I love you.

Rayvanny with Nana

So far the two have been accused of being an item despite Rayvanny living with his baby mama Fahyma who is said to have walked out on the singer after learning that he had been cheating on her.

Well, in a new post shared by Rayvanny we now have every reason to believe that the WCB artist has developed some feelings for Nana  – who he recently went on to praise on a photo shared on his Instagram page.

Vanny boy went on to caption the photo saying;

Rayvanny with Nana

Yani Nimeshoot na kina dada Tofauti katika video tofauti lakini huyu dada sijui anatatizo gani? Au kipi kipo tofauti ETI JAMANI ? SIKO KATIKA MAHUSIANO NA MTU YOYOTE

Nana and Rayvanny in a relationship?

Well going through Nana’s Instagram page, it’s obvious to see that she might be in a secret relationship with Rayvanny.

This is judging from her posts where she goes on to express her feelings towards Rayvanny and even calls him ‘my baby.’

Nana in love with Rayvanny?

Anyway not sure if this is just for the cameras or whether Rayvanny is completely done with his wife.

“Siko katika mahusiano na mtu yoyote!” Rayvanny confirms he is now single!

WCB singer Rayvanny is now a single man and couldn’t be any proud of this new phase in his life.

This comes after his long term girlfriend Fahyma decided to walk out on the fella after he allegedly cheated on her with a video vixen known as Nana.

Apparently this pushed Fahyma to break up with Rayvanny walking out with their 2 year old son Jayden who she says will remain dead to Rayvanny if he chooses to continue seeing other people.

I am single

Rayvanny on the other hand went on to share a screenshot of the threats he had been receiving from his baby mama – conforming this is why he is now single. He went on to caption the photo saying;

Fahyma vs Rayvanny


Anyway in a new post shared on his Instagram page, Rayvanny has left many talking after showing an interest with the new vixen featured on his song I love you. He went on to praise her saying;

Vannyboy-Rayvanny reminds us to trust in love as he brings us new jam “I love You” and its worth your time(Video)

A love song never goes wrong, especially when it reaches the heart directly from the very first minute.The popular Tanzanian artist; Rayvanny  alias Vannyboy is back with “I love You”  a song that speaks of matters of the heart.

Recently the renown artist  released the audio ‘Forever’ on you tube has shown is clearly a force to reckon with in music industry.

Signed under the WCB Wasafi Record Label, Rayvanny has released countless songs and has done collabos with  other artists .

The spirited artist has gathered a huge fan base in Tanzania, Kenya and East Africa at large. Despite all the little dramas that tend to follow him once in a while, Vannyboy is keen on his music.

Rayvanny of I Love You song

The interval at which he produces songs has kept his fans hooked and this new song is just one of those that has us playing it on repeat mode.

I love you

In this song he portrays himself as a hopeless Romantic. He makes love sound so beautiful. In what seems like a love message to his baby mama, Rayvanny reminds his woman how much he loves her. Message for Faima-Fayvanny?

She is not the one in the video so relax people. He describes the kind of  emotional safety she provides him with that kind of love.



A look at the songs Lyrics will make you want to fall in love or rather cry as we remember the love we lost. Sad right?The bitingly expressive lyrics instantly reaches the heart.

Especially when he says,“ilikuwa safari ndefu yenye mateso, Machozi, mizigo vikwazo Ila yote umenitua

It’s the redeeming kind of love that comes after a long hopeless wait. Vannyboy goes on to say,“Na vilehujui kununa, fundi wa kudeka,Hata sijakutekenya unacheka Ooh tambua, ushaniteka  Hata bila chakula nanenepa my love….”

I mean who knew Swahili could be this romantic? More so, I feel like writing down the whole song in a book, remember those days??

Further,  instrumentation was well done, simple, and the exceptionally captivating voice dominates the rather slow tune.

They say at the touch of love everyone becomes a poet and Vannyboy  demonstrates just that with this captivating tune. Poetically arranged with a little English and a little Espanol-Spanish.

The song is ideal for lovers relaxing on a couch, in bed or on the dance floor hand in hand. For those on the waiting bench, it’s a song that rekindles hope.

This is definitely worth your time.Your thoughts?Please share them.

For rating I will go with 8/10.

Rayvanny wooing the West as he teams up with Nigerian rapper Phyno for new jam “Slow”

Rayvanny seems to be on a “woeing” mission in the Western Part of Africa. This time he has teamed up with one of Nigeria’s biggest Rapper Phyno to bring you their latest jam ‘Slow’.

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In what looks like a praise to the African woman Rayvanny has incorporated the Swahili language. To many it may seem like an urge to reach every audience in the continent but he is keen to keep his roots intact.

Phyno on his part used his baritone voice to bring out the musicality in the song.


This is a feel good love song. A son g that has man in love and only thing he can do is appreciate his  woman using his lyrics.

Rayvanny of "slow"

In the beginning  Rayvanny starts off with a description of why he loves his woman.

He says, “You got the power in the beauty Quality, unarembua au makengeza Vicheche namba nishadelete  Kibinti, fujo mi sikuziweza….’

In other words, he won’t let go of her no matter what.

Of course with incorporation of metaphors in the Swahili lyrics. That I must say is another beauty in Rayvanny’s music.

As the song goes on, he keeps telling the girl about his love and how he loves it when she dances and whines her waist thus,You kill me Slow slow slow slow down My beiby taratibu nyonga kidogo.

Later in the song, Phyno inputs his voice of course with pidgin there that we couldn’t translate either but worked for the song.

Video Production

The blend of Afro-fusion in the video is what sells this song most. Use of vixens dancing in ankara was beautifully done.The photo  studio set up was also well done.

I mean African clothing are just magical.

The song was done by the ever magical Wasafi man Lizer Classic  and S2Kizzy. The visuals done by Mr. C.


However, for as much as Rayvanny is still on the hunt for audience in the West, this jam was way below his standards. He does much better even on rap. Well that is just what I think.

For rating I will go with  a 6/10.Tell us what you think.

Vanessa Mdee’s new jam with Rayvanny titled ‘Bado’ is getting mad love (Video)

Sultry Tanzanian songstress Vanessa Mdee, also known as Vee Money, has released a new jam with Rayvanny and it slaps really hard.

The song dubbed Bado, which is a Swahili word that means ‘not yet’, is about a man and a woman who are really into each other and vow that nothing will come between them.

If you are a huge fan of Vee Money, like yours truly, then I’m sure you love this song as much because it’s such a good composition. Actually, the word that best describes it is impeccable.


Here voice is beautiful as always. As I was listening to this song, I kind of felt like she was talking to me, like I am the lover who is giving her sleepless and if you think of it, that is not a horrible idea. I digress.

Rayvanny also came through on this song. He totally aced it. His musical approach is quite different from that of Vee so it helped spicing it up and the end result was really on point.

The beat is also decent. I love that it’s quite different from the Bongo beats that we all used to. The producer, S2Kizzy tried to vary it a little and to be honest, he really did a good job. Props to him.

Listen to Bado below and tell us what you think.

Rayvanny finally drops the contested hit “Chuchuma” days after Willy Paul dropped his

Weeks after Wily Paul dropped his much contested single ‘Chuchuma’, Rayvanny of Wasafi Records is also out on the scene with the same title song.

Well, when you thought you had had it with the drama that Willy Paul put with claims of Rayvanny  stealing his song, the two songs are now out.

Compare and contrast? Similarities?

Also read:Bwana Mkunaji ameamua!’Chuchuma” is the new track by Willy Paul 


Chuchuma is a feel good song that celebrates women and dance.  From the look of it  this song was just to quell the thievery allegations. In his part Willy Paul claims that Rayvanny had stolen this song just after they had the  ‘Mhhhh’ song collaboration.

Consequently, this was after Rayvanny released a short clip of the now out song “Chuchuma”. Who is telling the truth that? That we don’t know but we will keep our ears and eyes out and of course we will let you know. In the meantime we can do  some dancing to both.

Further on, Rayvanny in the song clearly enjoys his work. In the video you see a host girls dancing to the words of the song. Basically, the choreography team did their work well.


As methodical and proverbial as they he can get, Rayvanny obviously embraced the metaphorical approach of creation.

Especially when he starts off with, “Chuchumaa kama vile unafua Mama unapika basi nije kupakua Chuchumaa kwenye choo cha mabua Ila chunga mchanga usiingie kitumbua”

In that he is asking the girls to Chuchuma- more like Twerk.In the long end he is asking them to show the world what their waist can do. Be it cooking, dancing and other co-curricular activities in the house. No??Right, you  got it. Here is the point its all naughty , juicy and most of all dance able too.

“Kimbau mbau, tukunyema Pilau lau, nipe supu tena Mashau shau kana sinema Yaani kanakula ndizi bila kumenya”. This doesn’t even need any further translation!


The song’s video was shot and directed by Director Kenny From Zoom Production. The other production clearly done under Wasafi records. As we still ponder on the ownership of the “original  version” we thank both Willy Paul and Rayvanny for both Chuchuma’s.

For now I will give this an 8/10 rating. Watch and tell us what you think.


Singer Rayvanny’s special message to Diamond Platnumz as he celebrates his 30th birthday

WCB’s Rayvanny has joined the hundreds of thousands celebrating Diamond Platnumz as he turns 30 years.

Unlike the rest, Rayvanny has gone ahead to pour out his heart in a detailed post dedicated to Diamond Platnumz.



In his post Rayvanny praises Diamond Platnumz for being an understanding boss and one who has helped many since his career picked up.

We all love you

Well due to the many challenges Diamond Platnumz has faced in the past few months; Rayvanny goes ahead to remind him that this does not change how his fans and family view him.

He went on to post saying;


Rayvanny talks about his alleged affair with Elizabeth Lulu Micheal!

After being linked to Elizabeth Lulu Micheal, WCB Rayvanny has finally opened up about his rumored relationship with the actress.

According to Rayvanny, he was invited to Ms Elizabeth’s party and just like any friend he decided to attend.


However after the short video he made with Lulu surfaced online, many gossip tabloids decided to come up with their own stories that almost cost him his own family.

Speaking during a recent interview, Rayvanny opened up saying;

Unapomsema Lulu na unapomsema Rayvanny unaongelea familia. Lulu yuko na familia yake, mimi niko na familia yangu. Kwa hiyo unaposema kitu chochote kuhusiana labda mimi na Lulu kaa ukijua kwamba kuna sumu ambayo unaitengeneza ambayo ni kubwa sana.

Family man

Rayvanny went on to reveal that he respects his family to an extend that he wouldn’t want to put them through pain.

For this reason he remains faithful to his wife. He concluded by saying;

Mimi nina familia yangu ambayo naiheshimu sana Lulu mahusiano yake na familia yake ambao yeye anaiheshimu sana na mimi nayaheshimu sana. mimi nilienda kwenye party yake as a guest kama ninavyoalikwa sehemu zingine na kwa sababu tu ni Lulu na mimi watu wakaanza kutengeneza story. Ni vitu vya mitandao. Ni vitu ambavyo viliniletea mimi matatizo kwa mwanamke wangu.

“Natongozwa sana na wanaume DM” Rayvanny’s wife reveals

Rayvanny’s wife Fahyma is undeniably one beautiful woman and of course many men wish they could have her; but the lady seems contented with her man.


As people continue to think that Fahyma is after the young singer’s money; turns out that the lady actually has a lot of suitors in her DM but according to her, she wants nothing to do with other men.

Natongozwa sana na wanaume DM, wengi wananitaka kimapenzi lakini siwezi kuwa nao kwa sababu mimi tayari ni mke wa mtu na nampenda sana mume wangu (Rayvanny).

Tena sijawahi kufikiria kabisa kumsaliti kwa sababu ananionyesha upendo wa kweli na kunijali pia.

Jealous foes

Speaking during a recent interview, Fahyma also told off those hating her relationship with with Rayvanny. She opened up saying;

Unajua watu wengi hawapendi mapenzi yangu mimi na Rayvanny, yaani wanatamani hata kesho tuachane, lakini hicho kitu hakiwezekani kwa sababu mambo ninayompa tukiwa wawili sio rahisi kunisahau, kwa hiyo wanapoteza tu muda. Bora waendelee kufanya vitu vyao vya maana kuliko kufuatilia maisha yetu

Rayvanny’s baby mama responds to rumors linking her husband to Elizabeth Micheal

Rayvanny’s baby mama has finally opened up about rumors claiming her man has been having an affair with actress, Elizabeth Micheal.

This is after the singer and the actress released a short video from Lulu’s new clothing store leaving many wondering whether the two have been low key friends.

Well, a few weeks later word has it that Rayvanny and the actress have been dating after Lulu find out that her ex fiancé, Majizzo fathered a son while she was locked up.

Not true

Speaking during a phone interview, Fahyma denied the story saying that her man is not capable of playing her. When asked how sure she was, Fahyma went on to claim that her man loves her.

Check out the interview below;