It’s too soon for Rekless to leave Ethic Entertainment

Rekless is said to be mulling over the thought of leaving his group, Ethic Entertainment but according to some quarters, the decision has already been made. And while it is simply geometric progression for him aswell as other Ethic members to want to explore other avenues of their careers, they could always try their hand at solo projects but still remain a group.

Management responds to claims Ethic crew has split following Rekless’ alleged exit

But even that isn’t a biggie, Rekless could actually eat his cake and still have it. However, from the looks of things, he might be considering doing things on a level of permanency. So what advice would I be looking to give him? Well, it all boils down to the fact that Ethic Entertainment are still a big deal and they can actually go on from dominating the local Gengeton scene and finally ascend to superstardom across East Africa.

Rekless and his new woman(?)

Whatever is cool in Kenya soon becomes cool in Uganda, Tanzania and the greater East African region so Ethic who are not yet at the peak of their ascendancy work better as a unit. And Rekless is their Quavo. Actually, that was a brilliant example I just thought of. Look at the Migos. They decided to go their own way in everything but name and Quavo decided to focus heavily on his personal career.

Rekless releases Saliti Freestyle and this is what we need for quarantine time

Quavo who is a stand-in for Rekless, did well as a solo artist. Offset was propped up by his social genius and the abortive relationship with Cardi B. Takeoff had an album that doesn’t feature in any hip-hop conversations. And what happened to Migos? The star is rapidly diminishing.

Ethic Entertainment
Gengetone boy band, Ethic

That is the fate that could befall Ethic Entertainment. My argument is predicated on the line, the infinitely wise words from Kanye “Bonkers” West when he said,

Ethic Entertainment is nothing without Rekless

“Don’t leave when you’re hot/ It’s how Mase screwed up”

Rekless needs to contain his ambition fo the greater good. He should learn from Camp Mulla. he needs to understand that while he is a phenomenal artist, he is part of a phenomenal collective. And everyone in Ethic Entertainment is actually brilliant. Sure, society tends to pick on them by focusing on their lyrics and blowing things out of proportion but they have the winning formula.


Ethic is still destined for greatness if they keep churning out bangers. They are destined for awards if they keep churning out the unique take on Kenyan music. Music that completely shifted the culture here in Kenya. The literally shifted the culture and not many artists can claim to have done so there is clearly more in store for them.

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Rekless releases Saliti Freestyle and this is what we need for quarantine time

Rekless has come through with a blessing for your ears. And it comes in the form of a freestyle called Saliti. And with a name like that, what do you think it is about if not Judas Iscariot tendencies?

Rekless serves fans hot with ‘Lawama’ (Video)

You see, one of the biggest criticisms about his group, Ethic and himself is that they are too one dimensional but with this offering, he has come to dispel that assumption about himself.

Rekless with his babe

And he decided that to prove himself, he needs to stand alone so rather than give the jam in conjunction with his Ethic groupmates, he decided to come alone and stand on his own two feet.

Rekless comes through with ‘Geezer’ (Video)

The song itself borrows the instrumentals it uses from a Lucas Joyner diss track aimed at Tory Lanez. And this is perfect for a man whose song seeks to establish him as a stand-alone. And though he probably will be forking out all the royalties to the song to the originating artists, this is a proper jam for hip-hop heads who want to enjoy a different, ore hip-hop influenced side to Rekless.

Meet the lovely lucky lady dating Ethic’s Rekless

Known for doing most of the Ethic hooks as well as being the elder member of the group, he has decided to let his age show, forgoing popular lollipop themes for a lyrical display. He speaks about his experience as a man but also his experiences being a famous man at that.

reckless with ethic

He addresses the haters and every jolly topic you can expect a popular man to address with the main theme being betrayal. Is this a subliminal message? Only time will tell. For now, all you can do is enjoy the freestyle:

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Ethic Entertainment still controlling with Daktari

Ethic Entertainment is back with something lit dubbed Daktari. The gengetone group has made a comeback with their first tone in 2020.

Daktari is a Swahili word that simply means doctor. In this case, you need not assume that Ethic Entertainment is talking about a hospital set up. This is just the use of some words to create relevance and uniqueness in their work.

To start with,  Rekles is the loudest and most conspicuous in Daktari as he delivers his chorus. C’mon, this dude is just talented and calm.

Ethic as a team are still taking the Gengetone anthem far as they have started taking into consideration their content. Although the production of the video is lit, it seems they have been unable to part away with the twerking.

Also, women seem to have clouded their musical judgement. Like, in this case, you realise that there are women everywhere.

Ethic Entertainment still controlling with Daktari

Daktari is more of a club banger

But you people Ethic need to be tamed. Like how does one talking of having sex in such an open manner? In this case, one says that he is the Daktari anadunga inabaki ndani. I am just tired.

“Nimekucheki toka zamani Ju unataka nadhani Mi ndio hudunga kama daktari Nabaki ndani kwa ndani,” reads the chorus.

To add on, just like their fellas, Ethic Entertainment has fully failed as they see women as sexual beings. I really feel like someone needs to crack a whip on them.

“Eeh tunastep na tei inakam Tunaleft na Fay anakam Ngonga sana tear itakam Na ata akikuja booster kisub,” reads Daktari.

Daktari is a nice tune that has been drained down by a few words that are very sensitive. Women need to be respected by it in what manner. Actually, they should not be using women as their bait.

To add on, Ethic Entertainment is doing well as they have garnered a huge number of views on this one. In conclusion, Daktari by Ethic Entertainment gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.

Ethic Entertainment is nothing without Rekless

Ethic Entertainment came into the limelight with their first release Lamba Lolo. A jam was greately adopted by the young generation. Their Sheng’ prowess is something that has seen them prosper. The group is founded by a group of four where each and everyone possess some sort of different strength.

Ethic Entertainment comprises of Rekless, Swat, Zilla and Seska. The group seems to have a certain order in which and everyone of them performs their lines. For starters, it is a good thing that such young talents are being promoted.

Why Ethic Entertainment need Rekless more

It is not everyone that excites the crowd or fans often. There is that one person who wins the hearts of many. While looking at Ethic, Reckless seems to have taken the day. Recently, the group did a song in collaboration with Otile Brown.

Dala Dala is a great jam which fans were really anticipating for its release. When the song hit the airwaves frustrated fans hit the comment section on youtube expressing their disappointment. Fans were too quickly to notice that Rekless was missing in the jam.

Although Otile is a big name fans still could not keep calm for lack of Rekless in the jam.

Ethic Entertainment. Fans angered over Rekless missing in the jam

There is so much love for this guy from the fans. Also, he seems to have some kind of energy while performing his lines. Isn’t this the kind of love we want for local talent?

Recless misses out in Dala dala angering fans. Ethic Entertainment

Although Dala dala has a good number of views, I feel like it would have done much better with Rekless on board. This is not just me but going through the over 2000 views, this guy is loved. To add on that, it seems that Rekless even if he decides to go solo seems things will be good for him.

In conclusion, Ethic need this guy in all their projects. This kind brings a positive vibe.

Below is a link to the video.