Rev Lucy Natasha and fiancé to wed this coming weekend in Royal-like wedding

Both Rev Natasha and fiancé Prophet Carmel believe they are a match made in Heaven and this is because of the life events that brought them together.

According to Carmel, a common friend showed him a short footage of Rev Natasha preaching on Royal weddings and just like that – his spirit chose her.

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Natasha and Carmel to wed in Royal like wedding

Call it love at first sight or something – but all we know is that they turned out to be the perfect match who will soon be walking down the aisle.

About the wedding, well rumor has it the two love birds will be holding their first white wedding this weekend; and unlike other ceremonies you’ve seen – Carmel and Rev Natasha will marry in something like a Royal event.

Rev Natasha to wed Carmel

So far word making rounds on social media is that the couple will hold 3 weddings, that is one in Kenya another one in India and finally in Canada where Carmel resides.

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Rev Natasha with fiancé

According to the source that leaked the story – the weddings have been carefully planned out  and as far as everything is concerned Natasha will be the only princess turning heads on her special day.

Well – if the rumors are true then Rev Natasha will officially become Mrs Carmel on Saturday, 29th January.

“I slid in her DM” Pastor reveals how he managed to woo Rev Lucy Natasha

So are you the type that blue ticks or leaves people on your DM on read? If you are, then guess what – you might just be ignoring your future husband or wife; and it’s probably time to start responding. Asking why?

Well turns out that this is how Rev Lucy Natasha managed to get herself a future husband after pastor Stanley Carmel slid in her DM to catch up on a sermon they had both preached on.

This was revealed by Carmel himself in the new engagement video shared by Natasha on her social media pages.

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According to pastor Carmel, both him and Natasha had coincidentally preached on a topic dubbed ‘Royal Wedding;’ but at the time, they never knew each. However one church member who is a friend to Carmel approached him with a clip of Natasha preaching on the same topic; and boy was it like something out of the a romantic movie. He said;

After my preaching, the wife of that film director came to me and showed me a clip which was 4 minutes and 13 seconds, then she said to me, ‘last night, I was listening to the same preaching from a lady preacher from Kenya and she was preaching about a royal wedding

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Down in the DM

Having been impressed by Natasha’s way of preaching, Carmel says the feeling felt like a spark which pushed him to DM her on social media; and since 2017, life for them has been more like a fairytale. He went on to add;

I felt the spark immediately. I said, ‘I need to connect’. I slid into her DM. It was not easy but finally, after many many tries…it is very hard to get the heart of a queen, we met for a kingdom assignment in the USA and the rest is history.

And just like that, they both fell in love and could be planning their royal wedding that is judging from their engagement photoshoot that went down this weekend.

¨In actual fact Governor Mike Sonko is very God fearing¨ hot Rev Lucy Natasha shares

Hot city pastor, Rev Lucy Natasha reveals that her relationship with Governor Sonko, is purely spiritual.

She explains that her frequent interactions with Mr Sonko while he was the Nairobi Senator were nothing more than prayer sessions.

During K24´s ¨Up Close with Betty¨ she expresses:

The pictures that were going round were actually pictures that we took with the current Governor while he was a senator in his office.

They are professional pictures. And people sometimes will read into things the way they want to but in actual fact the Governor is very God fearing.

Further clarifying that despite fact that masses mistake their close relationship for something intimate, respect between the two remains.

And my connection with him is very spiritual, he is somebody I have prayed with many times concerning various issues.

I have never dated Governor Mike Sonko. I do not even know where this story came from, because even from his side he is a very respectful man, a family man.

Funny enough, Rev Natasha became a household name soon after photos of her with the former Senator, surfaced online.

This led to online fans, tagging her ´Sonko´s pastor.´