Reverend Lucy Natasha blasted on social media after sharing words of encouragement, man tells her “peleka ujinga huko”

Kenyans are tired and fed up with positive messages from their preachers always telling them to stay strong and keep pushing; yet – the economy is not only efing them over but there are no jobs, bei ya unga iko juu scratch that….there’s shortage of flour, debts among other things.

Reverend Lucy Natasha

So yea…words no longer apply to Kenyans especially those on social media something that Reverend Lucy Natasha had to learn the hard way. Okay…you see – this past weekend the woman of God shared a post telling her followers that they were about to receive some Good news on their phones. She wrote;

Your phone is about to ring with GOOD NEWS! The delay is over!

Mmmh a sweet message that would definitely sound like music to the ears, but no…wakenya hapan tambua. Responding to the message, one fan left the rest of the netizens in the comment section after responding;

Hii ujinga peleka huko Facebook ndio watu wengi hawana akili huwa.

Kenyan ministry

Well having seen how Kenyan pastors use their ministries to enrich themselves….I’m sorry to say but looks like Kenyans are now aware that most ministries are just money making businesses.

For a minute – these preachers were able to convince our parents and those that came before them; but with this new generation- people are finding God their own way.

Well…incase these same preachers feel that this generation is ignorant…I wonder what they will say about gen Z who care less about religion.


Reverend Natasha responds to claims of organizing a three-some for a member of her Church

Just recently Reverend Natasha was accused of organizing a threesome by a woman; claiming to be a member of her church.

The woman identified as Martha Mwihaki Hinga revealed this in a series of posts shared on Facebook; where she accused Natasha of pumping her out to a Nigerian pastor.

This arrangement was apparently done secretly by Reverend Natasha, her mum and brother who hosted Ms Mwihaki for dinner. But being the innocent one -Ms Mwihaki was not aware of the other hidden agenda; which of course took her by surprise.

Speaking about this in now deleted posts, the lass wrote;

Within 20 minutes I realized that Lucy had left together with her brother and mom; and I in the company of the pastor and the aide were left, little did I know that the girl was part of the script for a Threesome. Hahaha, yes I said a threesome.

Cult practices

To make matters worse Ms Mwihaki went on to accuse Reverend Natasha of trying to recruit her in a cult as she went on to add;

I was then requested to follow Rev in a small private extension for sort of some grilling or up-close, a very small extension that could only fit two persons. She asked me to get off my shoes and enter. I think that was now the beginning of my indoctrination to a “cult”,

Plot twist or damage control?

However it appears that the story may have been cooked or is being covered that is judging from the apologies issued by Facebook blogger Derrick who was among the first people to share Mwihaki’s story on his platform.

According to the blogger, the photos used by Martha Mwihaki belong to one Diana Fumbilwa who he apologized to and went on to say;

Natasha’s statement

Being a socialite cum woman of God, Ms Natasha also addressed this issue in a short statement where she went on to say;

Today has been a tough day as various falsehoods against me were propagated and shared on social media. These lies and misrepresentations should be condemned with the strongest words possible. The apology is well received. It Is my prayer that people out there will not be quick to believe, listen and share falsehoods. I have decided to speak out because this has been a trend. Mostly always been quiet when this happens.But I believe Cyberbullying Should be condemned. #ImpactingGenerations

Popular prophetess giving her flock sleepless nights after parading well built legs in short shorts (Photos)

Reverend Lucy Natasha is not your ordinary preacher nor is she up tight with when it comes to spending money on her outfits. So far we have spotted her wearing expensive outfits and at times she even balls on designer fits!

If you think I am wrong, then below is a photo of the prophetess rocking her Versace bathing robe that is estimated to coast $420. Well, that’s a whooping Ksh 42,000  and if she can spend that on a bathroom robe; imagine how much her outfits for stepping out of the house cost.

Reverend Lucy Natasha rocking her Versace robe

Anyway, it is what it is and truth is  reverend Lucy Natasha indeed has taste when it comes to her sense of style; and judging from how stylish her mum is – it’s evident that fruit did not fall far from the tree.

Lucy Natasha parading legs in shorts

Well, away from this the minister of the word left members of church smitten after she stepped out in shorts. Don’t get me wrong, the reverend did not step out in booty shorts; but normal short shorts that left her parading her well built legs.

Judging from the photos shared on her page, it appears that they may have been going for an outdoor event; hence forcing the Oracle to try out the shorts that have now caused a stir on her page.

Well, with such a cool minister of the word – i’m pretty sure a few youths here and there no longer find this line of work boring. I mean a whole preacher with shorts makes this sound pretty cool.

Reverend Lucy Natasha
Minister of the word Lucy Natasha parading legs in shorts


City pastor Lucy Ngunjiri denies she’s having an affair with Mike Sonko: My husband isn’t mad

City evangelist and a media personality Lucy Wa Ngunjiri has refuted allegations she is dating Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

The popular pastor who has a huge following from Mt Kenya region and is a good friend to Uhuru Kenyatta, said that certain people are after tarnishing her name.

Other than being a pastor, Wa Ngunjiri is also a gospel presenter at Kameme Fm(19 years) and founder of Prayer Beyond Boundaries (PBB) situated in Ngara. She said that fraudster were impersonating her to con her followers.

“How on earth can a person accuse me of such acts, my husband isn’t mad and my family is intact, I am a preacher and my husband is a strong pillar in my ministry and those trying to bring my ministry down by propagating falsehood are defeated in Jesus name,” she said. 

A lady called Joyce Wairimu blew everything up when she emailed PBB Ministries requesting to know about the money she had been sending to Wangunjiri, her husband and Governor Sonko. Joyce had sent over Ksh 1 million so far.

“Whenever I would fail to send money, a man purporting to be governor Sonko would send me images of dead people with threatening message to kill my entire family, I had no option but to send,” Joyce claimed. 


They all received over Ksh 1 million and whenever she could fail to send cash, her mother and brother would be threatened by ‘Sonko’ and so Joyce kept on sending the cash which she was told was meant to help Wangunjiri’s family.

Wangunjiri later realized that, Joyce’s brother was now planning to hire a gunman or do anything to eliminate her as she had brought sorrow and agony in their lives.

Sexy Reverend Natasha explains why she’s been single and will remain single for long

Reverend Lucy Natasha is one religious lady any man would want to be in a relationship with. But, despite her good looks and solid clean background, the smoking hot lady is very much single — and not interested in a partner.

Why you may ask?

Because men can be tricky animals and you should always play safe. In her new book, Natasha gives relationship advice –ignoring the fact that she has been single for ages– sharing the type of women ladies should go for.

“The first kind of a man you don’t want to marry is a Solomon kind of a man. Because that man will flirt with you, will flirt with your sister, cousin, your neighbour, your grandmother, there is no boundaries. So the Solomon kind of a man is a dangerous man,” she said in an interview while promoting her book. 

Lucy Natasha
Lucy Natasha

“The second type of a man is the unbeliever man. Remember we are told by Paul, he admonished us not to be equally yoked with unbelievers, so I have never met and still yet to meet a Christian woman that married an unbeliever man that did not regret it later in life, Amos greatly said that two cannot work together unless they are agreed.  Even if the man is tall dark and handsome, this days ladies study that TDH, if he is not born again he is not right for you. Scratch him of the list.

“The third is the mama’s boy.If you marry this kind of a man, there is nothing wrong with loving your mum and being close to your mother definitely because she is the first woman in your life, but the mama’s boy you will always come second. Momma will always come first.” Said Natasha.

Women to avoid

She went on on the type of woman men should avoid:

“The Sapphira woman; Sapphira was simply the woman married to Ananias. A Sapphira woman is your partner in crime. She knows how to cover up evil, she knows how to encourage carnality, she will help you destroy yourself and you know if you are married to someone you need a woman that will keep you from destroying yourself. A Sapphira woman is simply your partner in crime if you are watching me and you are a single man run From Sapphira.

“The second woman you should not marry is the gold-digger. The gold digger is simply a woman in our generation who are not looking for love, they are looking for help.” She added.

Lucy Natasha

“I am giving relationship advice to those that are planning to get married and I am still single, you need to understand that even in a football match coaches don’t play… I don’t need the experience, I don’t need to have gone into marriage and fail to be able to advice somebody,” explained Natasha.

On whether her tips will make you die single:

“No I believe there is somebody for everyone, nobody is perfect, I am not writing this book to explain that there is a perfect man or a perfect woman… I am not single because I have been check listing and all that, it is because also of the appointed time and also getting married to the right person, it is better to wait long than to marry wrong,” reiterated Natasha.

Mike Sonko allegedly shares screenshots of his conversation with sassy preacher, Reverend Natasha (Photo)

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is said to have shared a screenshot of his conversation with Reverend Natasha Lucy. The photo which is making rounds on social media shows the two talking about an upcoming all night prayers.

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However Reverend Natasha’s main reason for their conversation is to see whether the governor would approve 2 of her church posters to land on billboards in the city.

screenshot of their conversation

Since the two are good friends, the governor probably thought of sharing the post to support the event. He went to caption the photo saying;

Thank you for remembering me in your prayers Reverend. I’ll attend the CROSSOVER NIGHT prayers at Mawingo Ha, Lilian towers during the New Year’s Eve Kesha

His Facebook followers however could not help but make fan of the two.

Goals: This is the expensive ‘toy’ Reverend Lucy Natasha rolls around in

The hottest and prettiest preacher in the country Reverend Lucy Natasha is not any average woman as she has proven to have brains, beauty and a calling which has seen her have a successful ministry which she runs.

Just recently the preacher shared a couple of new photos through her Instagram page ‘showing off’ her ride which has left many feeling jealous of the machine she drives.

Reverend Lucy Natasha

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Well, if you have not seen the car she drives then allow me to tell you that the woman of God drives a Toyota Harrier – a big classy car estimated to cost around 3 million.

Away from that the Reverend Lucy Natasha is undeniably beautiful and fashionable with a creative eye when it comes to what she wears. Anyway below are photos of her lady’s car.

Lucy Natasha
Lucy Natasha
Lucy Natasha
Lucy Natasha
Lucy Natasha
Lucy Natasha

Stunning! Back when Reverend Lucy Natasha was a little girl (photos)

If you remember a few months ago, Reverend Lucy Natasha’s photos caused a stir online as many described her as the hottest pastor they have ever come across.

Judging from how she dresses and carries herself there is no doubt that the lady is quite stylish and for this reason fans cannot stop stalking her social media pages.

Just recently she shared her throwback photos to show her followers how adorable she looked back in the day. She has not changed much but I am sure she had no idea that one day she be popular especially because she was raised in a strict Christian family.

Below are her throwback photo.

Reverend Lucy Natasha
Lucy Natasha with her siblings