Already? DJ Pierra Makena hints on baby number 2

Sassy celebrity DJ Pierra Makena is a proud mother to a 4-year old gorgeous baby girl but she now feels it is time for baby number 2, 3 and more.

The 39-year old who wears many hats, was deserted by her baby daddy after realizing she was pregnant.

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Since then, the media personality has had to bring up her stunning daughter, Ricca Pokot, single-handedly. But in as much as the heartbreak left behind painful wounds, she believes motherhood is beautiful.

The disk jockey has never thought twice about giving her daughter the very best life, who is an almost complete replica of her. Right from the bossy attitude, to the dashing looks, to the sense of style and fashion.

The adorable Ms Ricca Pokot

Ricca Pokot might be an upcoming model, who the world is not prepared for yet.

More children?

Anyway, the two were out on a breathtaking, knight-themed photoshoot that left the Queen and her princess marking their territory just in case the enemy was in vicinity.

The two look adorable, contented with life and living each moment like their last.

The Queen DJ Pierra and her princess

For the mum who has time and again proven her unconditional, overflowing love for her baby girl, admitted that maybe it is time she bore more children.

A PROUD MOTHER!” she starts off.

Going ahead to add “I think i need to get another of this humans…???????? I’m not soo badly off.”

DJ Pierra and daughter stun in knight-themed photoshoot

You ask why and she has the answer;

“I thought bringing up a child would be a disaster but heey….look at me now! ( chrisbrowns voice).”

Unlike what she thought the journey of motherhood entails, it actually turned out sweeter than bitter and cannot help but look forward to making many more such irreplaceable memories.

DJ Pierra Makena with her daughter

Motherhood for her has borne more good fruits than bad and for this, she is thinking of getting kore.

What are your thoughts?

Deadbeat dad? Pierra Makena sad after baby daddy misses daughter’s first concert

The identity of Pierra Makena’s baby daddy has remained a puzzle since her daughter Ricca Pokot was born sometimes in July 2016.

Pierra herself has remained tight-lipped about her daughter’s father, there have been several rumors about the guy with some saying that he is a popular young businessman-cum-politician.

2-year-old Ricca recently had her first concert and her mother couldn’t be much happier. Pierra’s daughter performed alongside other kids and she impressed.

I wish the father would have seen this

Ricca’s father missed out on her first performance and this saddened Pierra. She took to social media to express her joy however noting that she would have been much happier if Ricca’s father was present to see his daughter perform.

“This week has been one great one.. but the highlight of it..was my baby’s 1st concert…I was literally in tears and over joyed at how mature and composed she was…… It was such a proud moment and for a minute I wished the Father would have seen this but again the ones who were there for her gave more real love….one thing I have learned is that so much of what we learn about love is taught by those who never loved us,” wrote Pierra Makena.




“Actually Pierra is a good friend of mine” DJ Mo finally addresses rumors he’s the father of Pierra Makena’s daughter

Most people have admitted that DJ Mo’s daughter and Pierra Makena’s daughter look alike. This is the genesis of claims that DJ Mo is also the father of Pierra Makena’s daughter.

DJ Pierra Makena has refused to unmask her baby daddy leaving room for speculations. Her daughter Ricca Pokot and DJ Mo’s daughter Ladasha Belle tend to look alike.

Some people claim Mo could have also fathered Pierra’s daughter. The gospel DJ however dismisses these allegations as mere jokes.

We laugh about it with Pierra

Mo says Pierra Makena and him are only good friends. Speaking on Dr. Ofweneke’s ‘The Tonight Show’ on Ebru TV, Mo said he laughs whenever someone says he is Pierra’s baby daddy.

He reiterates that he’s not Ricca Pokot’s father. Mo further says he jokes with Pierra about him fathering Ricca through osmosis.

“No am not the father. Actually Pierra is a good friend of mine. Like the other day we were laughing and am like kwani this thing happened and we didn’t know. It happened through osmosis,” Mo jokingly said.

Watch the clip below:


Did you know Pierra Makena learnt that her baby daddy was engaged to another woman when she was 2 weeks pregnant? (Details)

Pierra Makena has not had it easy especially after realizing she got pregnant for a man who was engaged to another woman.

Speaking to True Love Magazine interview, Pierra for the first time opened up about her baby daddy who she broke up with two weeks before learning she was pregnant with his baby.

The popular female DJ talked about some of the things she faced while pregnant and judging from what she said I am convinced that she is the definition of a strong woman.

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During the interview Pierra said it took her a while to inform her baby daddy that she had one on the way,  simply because she was not really sure whether she needed him in her daughter’s life.

However, after speaking to her mother (Ricca’s grandmother) she had no choice but to let him know about her pregnancy.

She however made it clear to the fella that he did not have to be involved in their child’s life but he insisted on meeting to talk about the issue and just like any unreliable man he did not make time to see her while she was pregnant this is because he was engaged to another lady…something that she did not see coming.

“And even though he mentioned that we should at least meet and talk about it, he never made the effort to reach out again. I found at later is because he was getting married.”

Pierra went on to add that he resurfaced after Ricca Pokot was born where he said that he would take responsibility and support the baby girl…Pierra could not say no to this since he had every right to support his child and therefore she gave him the chance to prove what he wanted to be to his daughter… a father or a dad, which he yet to decide.

She however made it through despite needing him when her pregnancy was young.

DJ Pierra: Daughter Ricca Pokot looks JUST like Ladashabelle (Photos)

Ricca Pokot and Ladashabelle look as though they could be sisters and if they could have been born in the same year the two would actually be confused for twins.

This was confirmed by DJ Pierra herself as she tagged DJ Mo and Size 8 in a photo she shared of her daughter on Instagram. Judging from the photo Pierra posted one can’t help but see how the two resemble each other especially around the mouth area and the eyes.

There similarities don’t end there, which is why this is freaking us out a little. They both have the same smile and if they were to be photographed together no one would say they are not from the same parent.

Pierra’s comment was also a clear addiction that she agree’s that her baby girl has a look alike who happens to be a celebrity baby too. She jokingly wrote, @Size8 and @DJMokenya please come for your daughter

Pierra’s daughter

Though we still don’t know who Ricca’s dad is, there is no doubt that he also has good genes. Checkout photos of Ricca and Ladashabelle then be the judge.


Ricca Pokot
Ricca Pokot