Ringtone beaten black and blue after gate crushing private party in Runda

Controversial gospel artist Weezdom has gone ahead to share bloody photos of Ringtone who was allegedly beaten black and blue in Runda this past weekend.

According to the EMB signed artist, seems like Weezdom used his close sources to get the photos; which he shared on his Instagram page exposing the singer.

Ringtone exposed

Weezdom hits back at Ringtone

In his caption Weezdom called out Ringtone for being a loud mouth and busy body who is always in other peoples businesses. However, things got personal when Wezdom  brought in Ringtone’s daughter into the picture;


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Sasa huyu Mumama Anaitwa @ringtoneapoko after nilimwambia ukweli,hawezi withstand,naona hadi ameniblock! Na hii kiherehere yote anakuanga nayo, Sasa jana amegate crush kwa bash ya wenyewe hapo Runda akijiita celeb???? na mwenye bashh hajawahi skia jina yake. Si hivo ndio amepigwa kama burukenge????.


Ringtone cursed

Singer beaten black and blue

Weezdom went on to blame Ringtone‘s misfortunes on the fact that he has been a dead beat to his daughter. The EMB added that the Pamela hit maker is carrying a curse on his shoulders for neglecting the lady he impregnated a few years ago and has since refused to take responsibility of the young daughter. Bahati’s artist wrote;

Ringtone hii ni laana Mungu amekupea juu ya kuzalisha Mwanamke na kukataa kulea mtoto wako.Mungu anapiganianga watu wake????
#8MoreExposesToGo #NdioNaanza #AmevaliaNgoziyaKondoo

Ringtone and Bahati

This comes just a few days after Ringtone went on to warn Bahati about his downfall! Through his Instagram page the singer posted to say;


It is unclear to whether this is real beef or the artists are hyping an upcoming project!