Ringtone joins the secular industry after years of making money off ‘Gospel music’

The gospel industry has been reduced to a joke and now that Ringtone says he quit it to join the secular music industry confirms – this was just another business where the lucky few made some cash and bounced!

So what next? Well I guess the secular industry is the only option there’s artists have been left with; most talking about venturing into love music…..wait hii kanairo? Love songs? Wanaimbia nani?


Anyway Ringtone has announced that he will continue to compete with the likes of Willy Paul and Bahati – who he hopes will not have bad blood now that he is about to give them a a run for their money. Mmmh, you asked for entertainment and entertainment it is!

Future brighter as a secular artist?

As seen on a video shared by Ringtone – he confirmed his exit hence thanking the likes of Guardian Angel, Moji short baba and Mwash Mwana who stood by him as the chairman of gospel industry.


Speaking about his new journey – Ringtone said;

imefika mwisho, Nimeamua kuanza kuimba malove songs, so naomba mnisupport.

Well, kazi ni kazi as long as it pays the bills.