Ringtone Opens Up About Financial Struggles & Recovery

Gospel artist Ringtone recently released a song titled “Lawyer,” inspired by a difficult period in his life. In a past interview, he addressed rumors of depression, clarifying that he wasn’t clinically depressed but understandably unhappy due to financial troubles.

A few months ago, a government agency froze Ringtone’s accounts due to a legal case.

“I faced life challenges,” he said. “They locked my accounts, and I lost access to everything.”

Suddenly faced with financial limitations, Ringtone had to adjust his lifestyle significantly.

“I’m used to a certain standard of living,” he explained, “but I couldn’t even afford basic necessities.”

The situation took a toll on Ringtone’s emotional well-being. “There was a moment I considered ending my life,” he confessed.

Fortunately, Ringtone seems to have regained access to his accounts and is back to his usual online presence. His new song, “Lawyer,” reflects on his struggles and serves as a testament to his resilience.

Ringtone: I nearly ended my life

Singer Alex Apoko, popularly known as Ringtone, has shared the story of the lowest point in his career, explaining his long hiatus from releasing music.

“I was facing life challenges,” he explained.

He revealed that his bank accounts had been frozen after receiving a notice from a certain government institution.

“I received a letter from a government institution, and they locked my account. I faced difficulties and lost my happiness,” he began.

“I’m used to a certain level of pride, knowing I have money in my pocket. I typically carry one hundred thousand shillings as my daily budget.”

He mentioned that certain individuals started to envy him, “They began taking away some of my property.”

“There came a time when I almost took my own life. I was very emotional, I gave up, and I wanted to hang myself.”

Despite these struggles, Ringtone has made a comeback to the music industry with a new song titled ‘Lawyer’.

Nicah calls out Ringtone for thirsting after her in her DMs

Following the breakup between gospel singer Nicah The Queen and her partner DJ Slahver, prospective suitors are DMing and calling her phone in an attempt to woo her.

She does, however, seem to be publicly calling out in a brief rebuttal.

A day after announcing her breakup with her fiancé, the gospel singer used to Instagram to criticise Ringtone for contacting her at odd hours.

“Lakini @ringtoneapoko saa hii ni saa ngapi unanipigia???kwanza na WhatsApp??? Ama unanitaka🤣🤣🤣🤣 eeeeeh saa hii Mimi siwezani na soprano ya mkisii🙄🙄🙄

Fans of her on social media, such as Milly Chebby, don’t believe her narrative and maintain that Nicah is pursuing fame before putting out a song.

According to Milly Chebby: “TOA HII KITU BWANA 😂😂😂

Nicah replied, “@millychebby aki si song wa Mwangi😂😂😂😂,” implying that there was genuine beef.

This may also be the case given that Nicah exposed Emma Jalamo earlier this year in a similar manner.

In January of this year, she came clean and admitted that the Luo Benga singer had been offering her trips and money.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Nicah addressed the Ohangla singer and said that Emma’s relentless pursuit of Slahver had an impact on her life.


Ringtone Explains Why He Doesn’t Want Children Despite Being Rich

Kenyan gospel musician Ringtone Apoko has shared more about his love life and his future plans to start a family.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Ringtone said that he loves children and would like to have seven in the future. However, he also expressed his fear of bringing children into this world, as he does not want them to suffer like he did growing up.

“Yes, I’m afraid, I’m very afraid of bringing children into the world who will go through hardships like mine, and I’m very afraid,” he said.

Despite his fears, Ringtone said that he is determined to give his children a good life. He promised to reward the mother of his seven children with seven gifts for each child she bears.

The controversial gospel musician also hinted at settling down and starting a family soon. He said that he is currently in the process of selecting a suitable woman to be the mother of his children.

“I have many girlfriends, when I finish my selection I will be able to tell you the girl I will choose,” he said.

Ringtone’s plans to start a family have been met with mixed reactions from his fans. Some have expressed their support for his decision, while others have questioned his motives.

Only time will tell whether Ringtone will be able to achieve his dream of starting a family. However, one thing is for sure: he is a passionate man who is determined to give his children the best possible life.

Ringtone Apoko Denies Landgrabbing Claims, Says He Was Robbed

Renowned musician Ringtone Apoko has denied claims that he is a landgrabber and said that he was robbed during a raid on his Karen home.

Ringtone, who was arrested on Saturday, said that the people who raided his home took things including his studio equipment. He also said that he was physically assaulted during the raid.

In a video address to vloggers, Ringtone said that he was being targeted by people who are jealous of his success. He said that he has worked hard for everything he has and that he does not deserve to be treated this way.

“I am a hardworking man,” Ringtone said. “I have never stolen from anyone. I have never grabbed land from anyone. I have worked hard for everything I have.”

Ringtone said that he is going to sue the people who raided his home and assaulted him. He said that he will not let them get away with this.

“I am not going to let them get away with this,” Ringtone said. “I am going to sue them and I am going to make sure that they are brought to justice.”

Ringtone’s case is still under investigation.

Ringtone arraigned in court for attacking wazungu

Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko was charged with assaulting five foreigners and damaging their property on Tuesday, July 25, 2023. He was arraigned in court alongside five other suspects, who all denied the charges.

The six suspects were accused of assaulting Kongkong Paulino, Gabriel Paulino, Stephen Gatwech, John Paulino, and Chuang Emmanuel at their residence in Lang’ata, Nairobi, on July 21, 2023. They were also accused of damaging chairs worth Sh5,000 belonging to the victims.

The prosecution did not disclose the motive for the alleged assault.

The suspects were released on Sh50,000 cash bail and a surety of the same amount each.

This is not the first time Ringtone has been in trouble with the law. In 2019, he was arrested for advertising to the public that he was desperately looking for a wife. He was also arrested in 2018 for “prostituting and causing confusion at Cooperative University” while on a similar mission.

The case will be mentioned in court on August 15, 2023.

Gospel Singer Ringtone Apoko and Politician Cassypool in Brawl

Popular gospel singer Ringtone Apoko and politician Casypool were involved in a brawl in Kahawa West, Nairobi county on Tuesday evening.

The video of the brawl was shared on social media by 2mbili, and it shows Ringtone getting out of his car and angrily going to attack Cassypool while he was chatting with the comedian YY.

In the video, Ringtone is seen taking off his shirt and clenching his fists to hit the politician while accusing him of ruining his name.

“I am an orphan, you are ruining my name. I live in Wanyee?? I am an orphan, you cannot ruin my name? I live in Wanyee??”

Ringtone was heard shouting at Casypool as YY tried to separate them. The gospel singer accused Cassypool of spreading rumors that he was being kept by a white woman.

In his defense, Ringtone denied the allegations and made it clear that he personally struggled to finance his luxurious life in Runda.

The brawl was eventually broken up by bystanders, and both men were taken away by police. It is unclear what charges, if any, will be filed against them.

The brawl between Ringtone and Cassypool is the latest in a series of high-profile incidents involving Kenyan celebrities. In recent months, there have been several reports of violence and threats between celebrities, including musicians, comedians, and politicians.

This trend is worrying, and it raises questions about the state of celebrity culture in Kenya. It is important for celebrities to set a good example and to behave in a way that is respectful of others.

Ringtone supports of cult leader Paul Mackenzie

Gospel singer Ringtone has come out in support of beleaguered cult leader, Pastor Paul Mackenzie who is currently under arrest for leading his “flock” to the slaughter like the Judas sheep.

Ringtone attacks Diana B for “promoting prostitution”

Speaking in an interview with Nichola Kioko, he attempted to sanitise the man’s reputation by saying that all he did was ask his congregants to fast which is an activity that the Bible endorses.

He went on to say he is sure that everyone who has died due to fasting under Mackenzie’s tutelage have gone to heaven and Ringtone’s logic, the cult members showed a dedication to God.

I Used To Sleep With Several Women Before ‘Kuokoka’- Ringtone

Ringtone clearly doesn’t know about Proverbs 12:15-16…

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Ringtone shows off old Mercedes

Braggart Ringtone Apoko today has shown off this old Mercedes in his driveway. The gospel artist usually loves to brag loudly about how he owns the latest things, but today he showed off a 12 year old Mercedes. Perhaps we can call it a vintage?

This is the problem with bragging and setting fake standards online. First of all, this guy is a gospel artist who shouldn’t be doing all this ungodly behavior. If I may point you to Proverbs 25:14


People who brag about gifts they never give are like clouds and wind that give no rain


Furthermore all this bragging and fake setting of standards also takes a toll on the person themselves, as they struggle to keep up with the false image they portray in public.

Ringtone and Robert Alai Using Courts to Chase Clout is Making a Mockery of Our Judicial System

Robert Alai and Ringtone got into a small fender bender over one year ago. This is from even before Robert got elected as an MCA of Kileleshwa. Robert Alai came out of his car very dramatically with a rungu and the whole incident was conveniently recorded by someone nearby. Do you smell clout here? I definitely do…


Even more coincidentally, Ringtone released the music video for his song “Fagia” shortly after:



And now today, they’re STILL chasing clout with this long drawn-out beef. Look at how Ringtone today dramatically showed up to court with bandages for an accident that happened over one year ago:



These two nincompoops are making a complete mockery of our Kenyan court system. Cracking jokes outside the court and even during the case. If the Kenyan judges have any intention of preserving the integrity of our courts, they should throw this case out as soon as possible! The judiciary should use this as a learning experience to reflect on the many ways people can abuse the unecessary delays in our courts. Reforming the speed of judgements should be a top priority for the Ruto government and any other government that comes after it

Ringtone is desperate to find love: ‘I am hoping I will get someone to love me’

Ringtone is one of those artists we have had in the game for the longest time…and although his music career hasn’t hit that much, he continues to fight for his spot in the entertainment scene and yea – he ain’t stopping anytime soon.

Ringtone with bestie, Ezra

The singer recently revealed he’d quit making gospel music and was now part of the secular music industry as he plans on releasing love songs…keep in mind…not gengetone. Songs that can be played at a wedding ceremony or something like that.

Well with his embarking on this journey, Ringtone recently revealed his latest stage name….and waah enyewe people are hustling out here but back to the singer’s new stage name which is Ringtone Blington KE adding;

My expensive pieces of jewellery will be my identity. I am an expensive artiste and Kenyans want to see me perform for them.


Just research and see where I have performed before. I used to perform in church and crusade concerts, but I have not performed in clubs


Desperate to find love?

With the new stage name already revealed, Ringtone says he will also be dropping his first secular song this week; a song he hopes will help him bag a woman who will finally love him for who he is.

The song is called ‘Mpenzi pamoja’. I wrote the song and I am hoping I will get someone to love me since I am now singing love songs.

And come to think of it, how comes Ringtone rarely gets linked to scandals concerning girls; I mean, apart from the alleged baby mamas he’s said to have – have you ever heard of him linked to any ladies around? Mmmh….slate too clean to be true?

Ringtone claims women are the reason he quit gospel music

Comedian singer Ringtone now claims that the gospel industry was full of temptation from women throwing themselves at him instead of focusing on his efforts to spread the gospel.

According to him, the women were ready to spread other things but the Gospel – something that pushed him to take a break by venturing into the secular music industry.


Just the other day, Rongtone announced his exit from the gospel industry in a video where he opened up saying;

imefika mwisho, Nimeamua kuanza kuimba malove songs, so naomba mnisupport.

Too many temptations

Having seen how these women were throwing themselves at him, Ringtone recently told Mpasho;

Tbt: DJ Mo and Ringtone exchange blows at Panari Hotel

I quit gospel music because instead of women following the Christ that I preach they end up loving me. That’s why I am taking a short break so that these women would focus on Jesus and leave me alone.

Mmmh not sure which women he is talking about since those he’s been linked to are now former socialites and women from his past – before the fame and money – so Ringtone what women?

Anyway as you already know is a man that does his own PR and so far – he has managed to survive with the small stunts…

Ringtone joins the secular industry after years of making money off ‘Gospel music’

The gospel industry has been reduced to a joke and now that Ringtone says he quit it to join the secular music industry confirms – this was just another business where the lucky few made some cash and bounced!

So what next? Well I guess the secular industry is the only option there’s artists have been left with; most talking about venturing into love music…..wait hii kanairo? Love songs? Wanaimbia nani?


Anyway Ringtone has announced that he will continue to compete with the likes of Willy Paul and Bahati – who he hopes will not have bad blood now that he is about to give them a a run for their money. Mmmh, you asked for entertainment and entertainment it is!

Future brighter as a secular artist?

As seen on a video shared by Ringtone – he confirmed his exit hence thanking the likes of Guardian Angel, Moji short baba and Mwash Mwana who stood by him as the chairman of gospel industry.


Speaking about his new journey – Ringtone said;

imefika mwisho, Nimeamua kuanza kuimba malove songs, so naomba mnisupport.

Well, kazi ni kazi as long as it pays the bills.

‘Nikama Nitakufa’- Ringtone Complains Of Severe Headache After Being Hit By Blogger Alai (Video)

Gospel artist Ringtone is still in pain after allegedly being ‘hit’ by popular blogger Robert Alai on the head. The musician has taken to his Instagram to disclose that he will be undergoing surgery soon yet again.

”Habari ya asubuhi? Najaribu kufanya mazoezi, kichwa kinaniuma. Sijalala. Ile rungu niligongwa apa ilini affect. Nataka kuenda kufanya operation. Sioni kama nta survive, nikama ntakufa. Tafadhali niombeeni. Najua Mungu anaeza niponya.”

Alai, who is keen to join politics ahead of the 2022 general elections, was arrested in the wake of a physical altercation involving the musician in Nairobi after they had a slight car accident.

Alai was charged with causing grievous harm to Ringtone and malicious damage to property following an altercation on July 23 along Cotton Road in Kilimani.

It was alleged that the blogger took out his ‘rungu’ and hit Ringtone on the head. The musician would later on go abroad for treatment.

I Did Not Hit Ringtone- Robert Alai Denies Beating Up Ringtone With A 'Rungu'

The alleged altercation between Alai and Ringtone attracted a huge crowd, who took videos and photos as the incident unfolded.

On July 29, drama was witnessed at the Kibera Law Courts after Ringtone showed up in an Ambulance.

Speaking to the press, Ringtone said that he was still in pain and will probably need to travel to South Africa for further medical attention (Head-scan).

He states that he is yet to recover. Is this another kiki stunt from Ringtone or is he stating the truth?

“Kojoa ulale” Ringtone hurl insults at Bridget Achieng for accusing him of rape

Bridget Achieng shocked many on Monday, 29 March after sharing a video where she is heard accusing Ringtone or taking advantage of her back in 2013.

According to Bridget Achieng this gospel singer at the time did not care about being exposed by a ‘nobody;’ but now that she has her own millions – the lady feels that she is ready to fight for justice.

Bridget accuses Ringtone of rape

The story widely spread on social media however received a few mixed feelings here and there; but all I can say is that fans want to believe Bridget Achieng but judging from how she has lied before – it’s hard to say.

Ringtone on the other hand continues to receive criticism from fans who feel that he could have sexually assaulted Bridget Achieng; that is looking back at some of the stories he has been accused of before.

Clap back

Anyway after hours of maintaining his silence – controversial singer Ringtone has come forth to distance himself from the accusations saying;



Ati ngombe imenona imejaa maziwa iko round  inaanza kuongea…alafu mnaanza kuniambia mmmh mmmh

As seen in a video shared on his page, the singer told off Bridget Achieng for trying to use his name to get to the top. Although he does not deny nor confirm whether he used force on the socialite; truth is – these two are the only ones who know what really happened on that fateful day.

Watch the video below.




Anatafuta Beef? Ringtone Hurls Insults At Bahati And Willy Paul, Calls Them Gay

Gospel artist Ringtone has been going after celebrities when he gets the opportunity. He made headlines during Eric Omondi’s Wife Material show since it premiered. During season 1, he offered Ksh 100K to the female contestants to walk out of the show. During season two, he insulted Eric and termed him as not having respect for women. He went ahead and offered Ksh 100K to whoever burned down Eric’s house where the show was being conducted.

Ringtone’s Message To Bahati And Willy Paul


He is now on Willy Paul and Bahati’s necks. After a photoshopped picture emerged of Bahati and Willy Paul emerged, Ringtone posted it and claimed the two are gay. Additionally, he says that gay behavior is not accepted in gospel. Forgive his poor English, but this is what he wrote,



I’m sure Willy Paul will give a comeback on this issue. We know how hard it is for him to keep calm after being insulted. But it’s high time Ringtone avoids unnecessary beef with his fellow celebrities.

‘Looks Like Jesus Decided To Embarrass Me’ Ringtone Speaks After His Failed Prayer Of Buying New Car

After a long wait for Ringtone to buy the new BMW I8 he had fasted and prayed for, it seems like he wasn’t able to bag the ride. The gospel singer had previously promised that if God doesn’t gift him the car in 4 weeks, he would quit gospel music. He added that during that period, he would go into fasting and prayer for God to gift him the ride.

Ringtone has taken to social media to reveal his expectations have not turned out the way he intended.

MONEY MOVES!!! Why Ringtone Apoko is bringing this monster machine to Kenya  - Jalango TV - Kenya No.1 Online TV


”BREAKING NEWS ???? ???? ???? RINGTONE QUITES NOW ???? ???? ???? AM SORRY PLEASE????????????


He has however, not been clear whether he is quitting gospel music or not. In the video he posted on his Gram, he said something contrary to what he has written.

”Looks like Jesus decided to embarrass me.”

In the same video, the gospel singer reveals that he has already bought a helicopter. How can he buy a helicopter and fail to buy a BMW I8? This was the same thought that comedian Jalang’o had. He replied to Ringtone,

”Chairman you will kill me with wisdom…You just bought helicopter but you cant buy BMW i8?”

If he’s as rich as he claims, the car wouldn’t be a big deal to buy.


‘I’ve Told Jesus To Give Me A BMW I8 So That I can Ashame Secular Musicians’ Ringtone’s Message To Netizens

Alex Apoko, alias Ringtone, has once again took to social media to remind Kenyans that he has given Jesus one week to give him a BMW I8 that he asked for days ago. The gospel musician posted a video of himself while driving in his car, reminding netizens of his previously stated expectations. He also adds that the car would be a reason to ashame secular artists.

7 times we questioned Ringtone Apoko's sanity ▷ Tuko.co.ke

” Yeah, good morning everybody, my name is Ringtone. I am the most handsome gospel musician from East Africa. And I am the richest musician in both secular and gospel from East and Central Africa. And today, I just want to say I am reminding you that I have given my God, Jesus, the Lord Christ an Ultimatum that him being my father, who created me with good reasons and I posses his DNA, I have given Him one week only.

I’ve given Jesus one week to give me the BMW I8. I should have asked for a Lamborghini. But because my father in heaven is too rich, in heaven dust is gold, I’ve just told him I just want a BMW I8 so that I can ashame the secular musicians. They can’t afford it and they’re refusing Jesus…”

The musician had previously posted the yellow BMW on his Instagram page. His reminder is merely a week before he posted the same.

Even though his reason for being gifted the car remains questionable, we’re patiently waiting for him to be blessed with the car.

Ringtone Promises To Quit Gospel Music If God Doesn’t Answer His Prayers In 40 Days

Popular gospel singer Alex Apoko, aka Ringtone, promised to quit gospel music if God does not give him a BMW i8 in 40 days. The singer is known to be among the wealthiest artists in the country, driving big cars and living in the most affluent neighborhoods.

In an Instagram post, the gospel singer said that he’s going into prayer and fasting for 40 days and he’s expecting to own the car afterwards.

” A now go into prayer and fast at 40 days. Am pray for God to give me this BMW i8. People are despice gospel singers that they can’t drive good cars. My fans please no breakfast and lunch up to 40 days.”

As a kid, Ringtone was a street boy and refused to live with his relatives, who he said mistreated him.

However, after all the hardships, he declared himself the richest musician in Kenya. He took to social media and crowned himself as Kenya’s richest musician by giving photographic evidence to prove his status. He has an estimated networth of Ksh 800 million and this BMW i8 doesn’t seem to be the last car that he will own.

Ringtone Apoko- Photo Credits- Google

On the same Instagram post, one of his fans told him,

‘Si ungelete bibi kwanza mtumishi’

But Ringtone said that after getting the car, the wife will come.

”Nikipata gari italeta bibi”

Ringtone seems optimistic about owning both the BMW and getting a wife afterwards. Will God be faithful to him this time?

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“Boss, mimi ni Kichwa mbaya” Drama as blogger Xtian Dela threatens to expose Ringtone Apoko for his ratchet ways

Bwana Chairman, Ringtone is in trouble following a short video clip where he called out Xtian Dela; for apparently using young women to promote prostitution on social media.

According to Ringtone, the blogger should avoid using his name in his petty live interviews; as he has no plans of being dragged down in a dirty scandal.

Ringtone went on to threaten Xtian Dela that if he continues with such behavior, he would then send a coupe of gay men to rape him.

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Controversial gospel singer, Ringtone

The video which has since  been pulled down by Ringtone seems to have Xtian Dela to a point of the blogger deciding to expose Ringtone and his ratchet ways.

Dirty exposee

Responding to Ringtone’s video, Xtian Dela not only threatened to expose Ringtone for who he is; but it appears that he will be getting help from a few of his blogger friends.

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So far Edgar Obare has reposted a post from Dela’s stories requesting any ladies with dirt on Ringtone to come forth.  In yet another post, Xtian went on to write;

Boss, I havent even started and he has already deleted the video he posted! Mimi ni Kichwa mbaya no going back!! Na video niko nayo tayari. Kararuliwe kushona baadaye!!!

Xtian Dela

Well, today would have been a good day for the controversial singer – but he forgot to mind his business! Let’s wait and see how things play out.

“Maringo itakumaliza” Ringtone humbled by fans after his Ksh 26 million Range Rover fails him in Maasai Mara

Controversial singer Ringtone has left talking wagging on social media after parading his Range Rover stuck in mud at the Maasai Mara.

However the reason why fans flooded his comment section is after he mentioned that this particular car cost him Ksh 26 million; and just like cars that cost 1 million or less – the expensive ride still let him down.

Through his instagram page the gospel singer went on to share a photo showing off his black sleek ride stuck at the Maasai Mara; before listing some of the luxury features the car has. He went on to write;


Also read:Ringtone continues to showcase his marketing genius



Well, since he had forgotten that a while back he revealed that the car was a 2019 model; most of his fans told him off reminding him that everything money can buy is vanity.

One fan went on to throw shade saying that a probox – which costs way cheaper is more reliable; compared the expensive but useless Range Rover.

Also read:Ringtone accuses Bahati and Masterpiece of secretly dating fellow men! (Photo)


Probox ni 100k na haiwezi kwama hapo????????????

However, lets just say Ringtone is good at making the public talk; and with his latest posts… I can assure you that he definitely rubbed his fans the wrong way especially with how bad the economy is.

Ringtone accuses Bahati and Masterpiece of secretly dating fellow men! (Photo)

Controversial gospel artist Ringtone is back to making headlines thanks to his unfiltered words! After keeping a low profile for at least a week, Ringtone is back to his usual ways!

Well, this time around the singer has come out to strongly suggest that Bahati and singer Masterpiece date fellow men! This is after Masterpiece stepped out wearing full makeup and a dress; a move that left many tongues wagging on social media.

Although we understand Masterpiece was seeking attention when he shared the video where he is seen dressed as a woman; Ringtone did not let this slide as he came out to strongly condemn such acts being pulled ‘gospel’ artist in Kenya.

Kenyan celebrity bahati

As seen on his post, Ringtone went on to throw shade at Masterpiece saying;


Blames Bahati

According to Ringtone, the gay character was started by Bahati; and now it appears to have affected a few gospel artists who can’t help but step out looking like drag queens.

We however cannot confirm how true the accusations are; but we also can’t help but wonder why these gospel artists end up pulling such stunts knowing very well people will criticize them. Ringtone went on to conclude saying;


Masterpiece and Ringtone

Anyway, we cannot act like we are shocked since the Kenyan gospel music industry has proven to be more controversial compared to the secular industry.

Artists making praise and worship seem more attached to making headlines on tabloids; than spreading the word as they claim to be more spiritual than anybody else!

As for now, let us see what Baba Heaven and Masterpiece have to say after being accused of being gay!

“Kizungu yako inahitaji quarantine!” Fans troll Ringtone after butchering the Queen’s language

Ringtone has fallen in love and rumor has it that his latest lady is Azziad! Yes, the lady with a gorgeous contagious smile giving many men sleepless nights on Instagram!

Well, a few hours ago new photos showing the new ‘couple’ in town emerged shocking fans as no one saw it coming! There are those who have congratulated the two while others called out Azziad for choosing Ringtone’s money and not love!

We can however not confirm how true the dating rumors are; but all we know is that Ringtone is in love to a point where he cannot construct a proper sentence. As seen on his Instagram page, Ringtone questioned fans whether it’s a crime to fall on love a question that left fans correcting his grammar!

The controversial artists wrote;


Azziad and Ringtone

Thanks to new photos showing Azziad rocking a grown baby; we are now convinced that these two linked up for a new project that is set to be released soon!

However judging from the question asked by Ringtone on the above post, I am guessing the new song will be about love or a heartbreak! This is however a big relief for Ringtones fans who have been waiting for the singer to release new music.

Azziad working with Ringtone on new project

Ringtone and Willy Paul

After helping Willy Paul promote his new song with the on and off scandals on Instagram; we now await to see whether Willy Paul will be returning the favor!

Also, after shaming Bahati for wearing women’s clothing; Ringtone has found himself in the same situation thanks to his stylist who picked out a multi colored denim jacket with fur that appears to look feminine.


Or did he pull this stunt to keep fans talking now that he has a new project set to be released soon? Well, with Ringtone one can’t be too sure!

Controversial gospel singer Ringtone refutes death claims

Rumor making rounds on Facebook is that singer Ringtone is dead.

The reports which were first shared by a certain Facebook user identified as “Timoh Yeazzinny Young” shocked many after claiming that Ringtone was beaten to death
after following his crush into a certain unnamed bar!

He went on to announce the singer’s death saying;

“R.I.P papa ringtone…. sadly announcing the strange death of our kisii, kenyan gospel artist: ringtone apoko. he was beaten up to death when he followed his crush to a bar…????????????????????????…. what a hell???????????????????????????????????… r.i.p brother ringtone apoko”

Ringtone speaks

However Ringtone who happened to come across the post went on to refute the claims saying that his haters were behind the post.

However, judging from the broken English used on his post, seems like fans felt more comfortable laughing off at the guy; rather than spreading word around that Ringtone is still alive. He wrote;

Please help me get a word out here that me is well and not death as my hatters are wish me

Controversial ways

This is just one of the many posts Ringtone has come out to complain about on his Instagram page.

However, it seems that fans these days feel that the singer is more of a drama ‘queen’; like his fellow gospel artists who seem caught up between the gospel and secular music industry.

Anyway, Ringtone remains alive but we can’t say the same about his music career that continues to remain inactive!

Ringtone beaten black and blue after gate crushing private party in Runda

Controversial gospel artist Weezdom has gone ahead to share bloody photos of Ringtone who was allegedly beaten black and blue in Runda this past weekend.

According to the EMB signed artist, seems like Weezdom used his close sources to get the photos; which he shared on his Instagram page exposing the singer.

Ringtone exposed

Weezdom hits back at Ringtone

In his caption Weezdom called out Ringtone for being a loud mouth and busy body who is always in other peoples businesses. However, things got personal when Wezdom  brought in Ringtone’s daughter into the picture;


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Sasa huyu Mumama Anaitwa @ringtoneapoko after nilimwambia ukweli,hawezi withstand,naona hadi ameniblock! Na hii kiherehere yote anakuanga nayo, Sasa jana amegate crush kwa bash ya wenyewe hapo Runda akijiita celeb???? na mwenye bashh hajawahi skia jina yake. Si hivo ndio amepigwa kama burukenge????.


Ringtone cursed

Singer beaten black and blue

Weezdom went on to blame Ringtone‘s misfortunes on the fact that he has been a dead beat to his daughter. The EMB added that the Pamela hit maker is carrying a curse on his shoulders for neglecting the lady he impregnated a few years ago and has since refused to take responsibility of the young daughter. Bahati’s artist wrote;

Ringtone hii ni laana Mungu amekupea juu ya kuzalisha Mwanamke na kukataa kulea mtoto wako.Mungu anapiganianga watu wake????
#8MoreExposesToGo #NdioNaanza #AmevaliaNgoziyaKondoo

Ringtone and Bahati

This comes just a few days after Ringtone went on to warn Bahati about his downfall! Through his Instagram page the singer posted to say;


It is unclear to whether this is real beef or the artists are hyping an upcoming project!

“We disown you as the gospel ministry in Kenya” Ringtone tells Bahati

Gospel singer Ringtone seems fed up with Bahati’s recent activities on social media. And for this reason, the controversial artist has gone ahead to write a letter letting ‘mtoto wa mama’  know that he now needs to check himself!

In the letter, Ringtone shares a few examples showing why Bahati’s actions will cost him his career and opportunities in the future.

Check yourself Ringtone warns Bahati

For the very first time, Ringtone pointed out that Bahati‘s biggest mistake was taking fellow artists to court; and calling the police on them. He went on to add that Bahati abusing a female fan also proved that he had no respect! The controversial artist said;


Dear Bahatii, Your Recent chain of events on show that u were prepared for your fall from grace.
1) How can a big gospel artist take an upcoming young gospel artist to court???? Even 50cent ,Eminem and Dr Dre never went to court when they had beef and they are secular artists.
2) Recently a female fan posted a bad comment on your IG post and you told her ( aende ajipige mafinge ????).

Abusing G Money

Well thanks to Bahati’s latest post we now understand that good boy Bahati has now gone bad!

Bahati Reality out for ratings and numbers on You Tube

After DJ G Money denied knowing him, the gospel singer was left hurling insults adding that G Money is a gay man. With this already making headlines on social media, Ringtone also pointed it out in the letter he wrote to Bahati. He went on to add;

3) you used to live with Alex Mathenge and later called police on him and he was locked up in police cells.
4) Now you areAbusing G-Money with unprintable words even dreaming him that he is gay just because people are tired of this action s you are doing that make Christianity, Jesus and God look bad.

According to Ringtone, the gospel ministry no longer wants anything to do with Bahati adding;

Kasolo responds to Bahati´s arrest of Peter Blessing

We disown you as the gospel ministry in Kenya. You dont represent the values of Christianity. You are unscrupulous businessman who has been conning Gods people and now your true colours are out.
We would like to warn the media to stop calling you a gospel artist hence forth. On behalf of everyone that is hurting and suffering from the heinous and demonic actions of this fallen one we pray that our Jesus will heal you and repay you.. May the holy spirit comfort you dear ones????????????