“I have not Twa Twa Twa for 7 years now” Says Ringtone

Gospel singer Ringtone has come forth to say that he has not been intimate with any lady for  7 year now.

The controversial artist shared the post on his Instagram page giving his fans the opportunity to roast him for seeking attention with his posts.

He went on to post saying;

????????????????????????HAVE NOT TWA TWA 4 OVER 7 YEARS ????????????????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️


Looking for a wife

Well after he failed to win Zari, Ringtone claims that has not been involved with any other woman – and now his entire social media family knows that he has not been sexually active.

Not quite sure how true is post is but chances are that the singer is pulling a fast one on his fans. Anyway, do you think this is true?

Ringtone is trying too hard, what’s his problem?

Everytime you hear the name Ringtone you immediately know that he’s doing or has done an outrageous thing to catch people’s attention. He’s willing to go to any length to make people talk about him.

If he’s not gossiping about his fellow gospel artists and washing their dirty linen in public, he’s taking a hired Range Rover to present to Zari as dowry. Sometimes, he’s writing a letter to himself to complain about the non-existent cows that he is rearing in Karen.


The latest of Ringtone’s stunts is that he’s looking for a wife. He has been walking around with a placard that describes the kind of woman that he wants and we all thought it was fun and games until he released a song to that effect.

Ringtone’s demeanor makes me wonder what kind of attention he craves and why. What’s his problem because to be honest this is not normal at all. I think he should see a psychiatrist before it’s too late and I’m not throwing shade.

In my opinion, he’s a very talented musician. I, however, feel that he’s not giving it his best shot because for one reason on the other he decided to focus on  the things that don’t even matter to anyone and he’s just taking us for fools?

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Who would believe that Ringtone can’t find a wife with all his purpoted wealth? Who would believe a letter that has so many grammatical errors and purporting to warn him about some cows that he’s rearing in Karen? Who would believe that he was ready to offer a Range Rover that he had hired to Zari?

I don’t know what it will take for him to realize that he’s making a fool of himself but the sooner he does the better for everyone. He should not forget what he was supposedly called to do as a gospel muscian.

Watch Ringtone’s latest single dubbed Natafuta Bibi below.


Ringtone’s desperation to get a wife in ‘Natafuta Bibi’

Ringtone’s desperation to get a wife turns out to be a song Natafuta Bibi. I am left wondering if this guy is psychologically fit. However, it seems like this guy was looking for publicity and better shots to use in this jam. Recently he was thrown out of the JCC church and two days later he releases a jam Natafuta Bibi.

The gospel artist has been a drama king in the streets of Nairobi. In this song Ringtone asks for prayers from men of the cloth and asks God to bless him with a wife. I once remember him buying Zari Hassan a Range rover still in search of love.

Also, he states the kind of a wife he is looking for. Anyway, thanks to whoever asked him to do a song about this.

What is the message?

The song basically talks about his personal journey of searching for a wife. The Song is thrived from proverbs 31 that talks about a lady who is a wife material, the song narrates the qualities she needs to have in order to be pleasing on earth and in heaven.

Production of ‘Natafuta Bibi’

You all know that Teddy B  is a super audio producer. He has given  this jam a good feel. It is a super audio. Also, the video has been directed by Hanscana. This video has all aspects of art. Look at the graphics and the creativity displayed. It has met the international standards.

I’d gladly say that Natafuta Bibi is a great jam.


In addition to the good video, Ringtone has delivered this jam in the best way he could. I am in love with the lyrics. It is well scripted. Although Ringtone’s world is full of drama, he never fails to write good lines.

He quotes the words from The Holy Book in this song.

In conclusion, lets continue getting this guy a wife. The song gets a rating of 6/10.

Below is the link to the video.

Why Ringtone Apoko was accused of promoting prostitution at popular university

Word making rounds on social media is that controversial gospel artist Ringtone was earlier arrested at Cooperative University for promotion prostitution and causing confusion at the premises.

Apparently the singer had gone there hoping to find a wife but seems that his plans did not work out as he thought.

For a while now the singer has been running a campaign hoping to meet his better future partner; however as it appears this might just be a publicity stunt to continue appearing relevant.

Asks for prayers

Anyway through his Instagram page the singer went to confirm that he had been arrested; but was now seeking prayers from fans and family. He posted saying;


This comes after his efforts to get Zari Hassan hit rock bottom leaving him desperate to get a new lady; but from the look of things seems that this ain’t working out either!

¨Jamani shetani anawaibia jaribu Yesu¨ Ringtone´s piece of advice to Diamond, Rayvanny and Harmonize

Controversial Kenyan Gospel singer, Ringtone, has struck again.

The Tenda wema nenda zako hitmaker is done hitting at Willy Paul or Bahati for now, he´s now onto the Tanzanian bongo music scene.

WCB record label artists, (from left) Diamond Platinumz, Harmonize and Rayvanny

Diamond Platinumz, Rayvanny and Harmonize are now his victims.

All, who are signed under Diamond´s WCB record label.

The letter

Dear Diamond, Harmonize and Rayvanny, I write to you, not because I hate you, but because I sympathise with you.

The gospel singer began with the opener.

Imagine the devil is misusing you guys.

He continued with the same horrible grammar he was recently put down with:

According naile bidii na kazi mmefanya kila siku hamlali kazi ni kutoa mawimbo.

Yaani shetani anawazungusha sana.

Anawainamisha, anawafanya mvue nguo, mranderande dunia, mkose usingizi lakini kwa kweli mapato ni madogo na hata mkipata shetani anamake sure mmepoteza na warembo.

Ringtone clearly seems to be pretty conversant with what the devil has been doing to these three.

To be honest if you guys were singing gospel music right now mngekua mabillionaire na ma range rover, ma LX 570, manyumba hapo masaki, ndege zenyu etc.

He however seems too honest for life:

Honestly how come hamjahama vijijini, magari bado mnakodesha, nguo mnavaa mitumba, chain ambazo sio original etc

Red light: Shades thrown!

Sisemi kuishi kijijini ni vibaya but kwa ile bidii mmeonesha jamani shetani anawaibia jaribu yesu.

The artist vocalised his message to the bongo flava artists sympathising with them and reassuring them that ´kwa Yesu kuna raha´.

Yaani Yesu ni mzuri sana, nyimbo zangu hazijaenea kama zenyu, sina followers na views kama nyinyi lakini mapato ya Mungu anayafanyia multiplication ndio mnaona ninadanga na kutesa kuwashinda nyote wasafi pamoja.

He proudly admits.

Try Jesus you will thank me later.

Gospel artist, Ringtone

This was the piece of advice that Ringtone was trying to put across to the Wasafi record label artists.

Was the message driven home?

Let´s wait and see.


Mixed reactions

Katika msafara wa mamba kuna mburukenge ?, wewe ni mburukenge ???, unataka kukula mabaki ya mamba na huna makali ???

iammkenya did not spare the controversial gospel artist.

Ringtone that was good, but the approach of making Jesus known is not godly.

We don´t serve God to get money but to win sould to Christ.

m_cecil_kenya supported but corrected Ringtone on that.

shida yako inakuanga gani, si uende uchunge ngombe zako

clyve_caleb had that to leave to the singer to meditate on.

Ukweli huuma, but ringtone has spoken the truth, Jesus is the only way thank you so much for saying this be blessed.

A lovely lorainekevy shook his hand in agreement.

Wewe ndio the biggest devil ?? we nk nani wa kujudge wengine, kubali uli sha isha fashion, acha kuletea wengine njaa zako

One monicaa_ke gave the artist a piece of her mind.

If you are truly a man of God and anointed by the Holy Spirit, go talk to them face to faceand the Lord will be with you and they will listen to you and maybe be convinced to change and follow the God you serve..bibilically you´re not suppose to embarrass the people you want to change publicly.

min2082 gave the artist a sincere piece of advice.

It is definite that Ringtone´s post aroused mixed reactions but their point is, Ringtone did take a brave step but not necessarily the right way.

¨We are gathered here to pray for your English brother Apoko.¨ Kenyans troll Ringtone for his terrible Grammar online

Alex Apoko, the Gospel singer known by his stage name ´Ringtone´, has been known for killing the Queen´s language.

Unfortunately, the ¨Tenda Wema Nenda Zako¨ hit-maker has Kenyans up on his heels for his terrible grammar on social media.

¨Please encouraging me I feel like am not smartly dressed today my heart needs an inspiration???¨ the post read.

Ringtone´s image that accompanied the post

Ahem! What did he say again? ¨Please encouraging me I feel like…¨

No comment.

Like the Kenyans we are, we could not hold back but go after him.

¨The only encouragement you need is please enroll in some English classes. You and English are in long distance relationship like Murkomen´s teeth.¨ went Jedd Leackey.

Too deep!

¨That English only can cause miscarriage……kindly visit maternity clinic before its too late!¨ Abidal BranBill replied.

Way deeper!

¨And you are fighting Willy Paul with that grammar? ´Encouraging me´??#emoji#¨ a part of Pepe Noel´s comment read.

Hehe. I think next time Ringtone should sit tight and spare himself the traumatizing responses Kenyans give more often than not.

awuor okombo´s commented ¨Lemmie comment on the English first. dressing code ni next post.¨

You haven´t seen gee_mkenya_di_champ response yet:¨You need to dress up your brains 1st, izo zingine will just flowww.¨

This last one ¨We are gathered here to pray for your English brother Apoko.¨ Nyar Chris didn´t spare him.

These are just but a few of the responses the Gospel singer gathered on his post.

Kenyans urged Ringtone to first enroll in English classes to avoid future embarrassment and to also help create employment.

Too bad.


Ringtone reveals the real reason Bahati’s wife had Mr Seed’s wife arrested

Lately the gospel industry seems to be having more drama than we would expect. After DK and Hope Kids scandal; Ringtone unleashed information about Bahati and Mr Seed’s fallen friendship.

According to the controversial gospel artist, Bahati and Seed no longer see eye to eye after Diana had Mr Seed’s pregnant wife, Nimu Gachuiri arrested.

This allegedly happened during Bahati’s event on New Year’s Eve; where Seed’s wife had offered herself to sell coffee during the all night event.

The Bahati’s jealous?

Apparently this idea did not excite the Bahati’s. For this reason, Ringtone claims that Diana convinced her husband to call the cops on their pregnant friend.

Ringtone shared more details about the incident while speaking to Chipikeezy recently. Below is a clip from the interview that has left many calling out Diana Marua.


Diana Marua forced Bahati to call police on Mr Seed’s pregnant wife, that’s why they are splitting up – Ringtone claims 

Singer Mr Seed recently announced that he’s has left Bahati’s record label EMB where had been signed for two years to further his solo career being the only reason why he left.

But apparently, fellow gospel singer Ringtone knows the real reason why the two are parting ways.

On an instagram video, the controversial singer claimed that Bahati called the cops on Mr Seed’s wife, Nimo Gachuiri on December 31st after being forced by his wife Diana Marua.

Hiding something

During Bahati’s New Year concert at Thika Stadium, Ringtone claims in the video, Mr Seed’s heavily pregnant wife Nimo wanted to indulge in some business that Marua didn’t like. She was jealous according to Ringtone.

“Bahati’s wife became jealous prompting the musician to call the police,” Ringtone said before urging the two to speak up and stop lying to fans.

Mr Seed, while making the announcement, insisted that there was no bad blood between them and promised to address any issue that will arise thereafter.

Watch Ringtone’s video below:



Ringtone: Am not in love with Pendo, am still single

Gospel singer Alex Apoko alias Ringtone has come out to set the record straight about his alleged romantic affair with ratchet socialite Pendo.

Rumors ran rife the two were dating after Ringtone showed up at Deliverance Church in Kasarani on Sunday January 20th while in company with Pendo.

MondayBlues recently published a story detailing Ringtone’s love affair with Pendo. The daily claimed that Ringtone and Pendo had also been spotted shopping together at Karen mall.

Last Saturday the pair spent the entire day giving clothes and food to Korongocho residents. Pendo was also reportedly seen driving Ringtone’s Range Rover.

Am in love with Jesus

Ringtone has since come out to deny claims that he is in love with the Nairobi Diaries actress. He stressed that he was still single and that he was only in love with Jesus alone.

“Am only in love with JESUS all of you are my brother and sisters.????,” wrote Ringtone.




Ringtone: Am lonely, I need a wife to live with in my 10 bedroom house in Runda

Gospel singer Ringtone has not been lucky when it comes to love, the exotic women he desperately wanted to marry all turned him down.

Sometimes in 2015, Ringtone said he was ready to marry Ray C, this was after the Tanzanian singer took to social media to launch a husband bid. Ray C however rejected Ringtone’s offer.

Then came Zari, Ringtone was desperate to marry the Ugandan after she broke up with Diamond Platnumz. He even bought her a Range Rover but Zari still declined his marriage proposal.



Ringtone is now willing to marry any woman, he revealed he was lonely while giving a a testimony at the ATG Church recently during a church service.

“You know am you son, I was seated here and was wondering should I come or not. I live in Runda in my 10 bedroom house and I live alone, now that’s the problem. Today, I was jealous because I saw a lady getting married in this church and am just here. Now pastor I just want you to pray for me so that I can get mine too,” Ringtone was quoted by the Star.



“I cry alone in a Ksh 100 million mansion” Ringtone desperate to find a wife after Zari rejected him

Gospel singer Alex Apoko, better known as Ringtone, has been very unlucky when it comes to love, the women he wants all turned him down.

Sometimes in 2015, Ringtone declared his interest to marry Ray C but the Tanzanian singer rejected his request to be his wife.

Also read: Ray C declines Ringtone’s offer for marriage and insists she wants her all time crush

Then came Zari, Ringtone was desperate to win Zari’s love when she finally broke up with Diamond. The Kenyan gospel singer even surprised Zari with a Range Rover when she came to Nairobi but still he was rejected.


Ringtone has now taken to social media to narrate the pain of being a senior bachelor. He claims that he cries daily in his Kes 100 million mansion asking God why no beautiful girl wants to marry him.


“Mimi ni mpweke sana. Am so lonely. Miaka yangu ya kuoa imefika but sijui ntaoa nani. I cry alone daily in my 1m dollars mansion. I ask god why all the beautiful god loving girls dont want me. Please pray for Me??????,” wrote Ringtone on social media.



The socialite Ringtone has gone for after Zari rejected him and his hired Range Rover (photos)

Zari Hassan found herself in some rather slippery grounds recently after gospel singer Ringtone publicly declared his love for her. Ringtone offered to give her a brand new Range Rover but that didn’t help change the socialite’s mind who was coming from an ugly break up with Diamond Platnumz.

After months of begging, it seems Ringtone has now moved on and eyeing another Ugandan socialite called Sheila Don Zella, who, really hates Zari.

On to the next

In an interview with SDE, Ringtone said that he met with her in Uganda and even had coffee as they discussed her appearing in her new music video.

He however, confessed that he’s not ready to give her the Range Rover intended for Zari Hassan.

“Well, this Range is a 2017 model and you must be sure of the move you are making before you give it out. Besides, this is the first time I was meeting Sheila and I haven’t said there is much going on,” Ringtone said. 


Ringtone launches vile attack on Diamond 

Ringtone will do just anything to win over Zari Hassan, including speaking about Diamond Platnumz in a spitefully critical manner.

The Kenyan gospel singer been trying to woo Zari since February 14th when the mother of five announced that her relationship with Diamond had hit rock bottom.

Ringtone even bought Zari a Range Rover when she visited Nairobi in May. Diamond’s baby mama still rebuffed the ‘Wacha Iwe’ singer despite all the attempts he made to win her over.

Diamond has a pathetic love record

Ringtone has now resorted to dragging Diamond’s name through the mad after failing to woo Zari. The gospel singer demonize Diamond in a recent interview with Tuko.

“I want God to give Zari spiritual eyes to be able to discern and define and grasp so that she can be able to see that this man, I am the right guy for her. Diamond was not the right guy for her. He loves clubbing, as a musician he has done well for himself but has totally failed as far as romance is concerned, Diamond has a pathetic love record,” said Ringtone.

Ringtone further asserts that he will not stop pursuing Zari until he finally convinces her to marry him.



Ringtone stops his car to help diabetic man who collapsed while walking (Photos)

Alex Apoko popularly known as Ringtone wowed Kenyans with his random act of kindness. The ‘Tenda Mema’ hit maker did exactly what he sings about in his hit song.

Ringtone talks about being a good Samaritan in his song ‘Tenda Mema’. The gospel singer showed a total stranger an act of compassion.

He stopped his to attend to a diabetic man who had collapsed on a road. Ringtone was driving by when he witnessed the man collapse.

Passersby flee

Ringtone says he was forced to attend to the diabetic man because people who were walking close to him fled after they saw him collapse.

“This gentleman is diabetic, he fell down due to low sugar level and people around ran away. I stopped my car came out found sugar in his pocket which I administered to him and then he became well. #tendawema #tendawemanendazako #thisyear,” wrote Ringtone.



Zari: Who is this Ringtone? I don’t Know him

It’s a moment singer Ringtone has waited for months but now that it’s here, there’s a problem. Zari Hassan is in Kenya to grace The Colour Purple event this weekend at the Uhuru Gardens. Ringtone has been doing everything possible to get her attention and now that she’s in Kenya, he has been optimistic that they might finally meet, and maybe wed.

Zari, however, has no idea who this Ringtone guy is.

In an interview with Kiss FM, the Ugandan opened up that she doesn’t know him and doesn’t have an idea how much he’s into her.

“I don’t know Ringtone and I have never met him. This is actually news to me. I have over 3.9 million followers on Instagram and I wouldn’t know who follows me,” she said in the interview.

Zari in kenya

Can’t give him my number

While Ringtone has been feeding Kenyans a lot of tales of how he’s trying his best to win the mother of five, Zari, has been sharing how she doesn’t need a man. In the interview, she was quick to say that she wouldn’t give ringtone her number.

When asked if she can share her number with Ringtone, she said,  “I wouldn’t want that to happen (laughs).”


Ringtone on his way to Uganda with two elders to seduce Zari to marry him, Zari says she wants money not men 

It seems gospel singer Ringtone has his eyes on the price, not matter the challenges. That’s how his life has been even when he was just a street kid with no idea where he’ll sleep or eat.

The singer will not give up on Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz ex-wife, and has announced that he will be heading to Uganda soon with a couple of elders to ask about Zari’s bride price.

“I’m going to Uganda to visit Zari’s home and I’m going with some of my friends and one or two elders. We are going to seek to know if we can be able to pay dowry,” said the controversial singer who has been obsessed with Zari ever since she ditched Diamond after he cheated on her. 

Ringtone claims that he has always wanted to be with Zari, but, Diamond was always on the way. Now that he’s gone, he feels this is his only chance.

I’ve loved Zari but I’ve restrained myself knowing she was in love with another person, as a person with integrity you can restrain yourself but it gets to a time when that person is free you get her.”

Zari is not interested

While Ringtone is having sleepless nights thinking how he’ll impress the former socialite, Zari, on the other hand, is tossing and turning in her bed thinking how she’ll be able to keep pestering men off her life and focus on getting money.

Ringtone: My net worth is approximately twice that of Diamond Platinumz

Alex Apoko popularly known as Ringtone has continued taking shots at Diamond. The gospel singer says that he is richer than Diamond thus he’s better off to take care of Zari.

Ringtone is determined to win over Zari by all means. The controversial gospel singer bragged about his ability to meet Zari’s needs during an interview with Citizen TV on Wednesday.

He talked about his source of wealth during the interview. Ringtone says he made his first million by selling his music CDs in schools.

“Currently, I own businesses in the hospitality industry, I bid for tenders.Basically, I am a young, rich entrepreneur,” said Ringtone.

Am richer than Diamond

Ringtone revealed his net worth is double Diamond’s. In an interview with BET way back in 2015, Diamond said his net worth was Kes 400 million.

“Probably i could be double Diamond (net worth). I can afford a chopper, i can afford good life…. I think am worth good enough…” said Ringtone.

Watch the full interview below:



Zari Hassan explains why Ringtone has zero chance of marrying her anytime soon

Zari Hassan has finally addressed the possibility of her falling in love with another man. Her explanation comes after Ringtone insisted that he wants to marry her.

Ringtone has been adamant he want Zari to be his wife after she broke up with Diamond. The controversial singer even said he was ready to take 42 cows to Uganda as Zari’s dowry.

Also read: “Diamond hakulipa Mahari” Ringtone buys 42 cows which he wants to pay as dowry for Zari

The ‘Wacha Iwe’ hit maker recently wrote Zari an open letter. Ringtone tells Zari that he loves her so much just like God loves her.

“Dear Zari Jesus loves you so much na amenitumia Mimi Leo kukuambia kwamba ana mipango poa na wewe. Mimi alinitoa from the streets Mahala sikua na family, Nyumba hata lishe but now magari, hela na amani ninavyo tele. Don’t waste time you never know tomorrow. I love you the same way God loves you. Yours faithfully, Ringtone,” wrote Ringtone.

Am trying to find myself

Zari however reveals that she is not interested in getting in a new relationship. Speaking to BBC, the mother of five says she is trying to find herself after breaking up with Diamond.

“No am not looking…. No! Look, love only sweeps you off your feet at unexpected places and unexpected time so you can never say never. Lakini this time saa hivi am trying to find myself because ukiwa kwenye relationship most of the time you will lose yourself as an individual in the relationship. So for me this time is about finding myself. But saa hivi am not looking…. Baba wa watoto wangu (Ivan) amefariki, kukawa nimedate mtu kabla sijamdate Baba Tee (Diamond)…Sasa saa hivi baba Tee katoka tena watoto wanaona kuna mtu mwingine? it’s also traumatizing for them. I think i need to be off the dating scene for a while and just give it time. And before actually nitoe mtu kumweka kwenye public, i really need to make sure it is different. Otherwise for now kabisa my mind is not there,” said Zari Hassan during an interview with BBC.


Ringtone says Diamond did not have enough money to support Zari’s lifestyle

Ringtone has made it obvious that he is now interested in Zari Hassan now that she is a single woman.

In a recent interview the gospel singer came out to ask for Zari’s hand in marriage as he is ready to settle down unlike Diamond Platnumz.

Also read: “I won’t talk about Diamond Platnumz and husband whores” Zari lashes out after being asked what led to their breakup 

Speaking to Pulse Magazine Ringtone has gone further to reveal when he is so interested in the lady even though he knows he cannot have her. He said,

“I have been following the Zari story for a long time. She is a nice lady who needs the good life and Jesus as well. First of all, I want to help her see the light. She needs a born again man, I have what it takes to get a lady of her class. In fact, I am ready to get my Karen house ready for her.”

Diamond Platnumz is broke

Ringtone went on to suggest that the reason Zari was tired of Diamond Platnumz is because she finally realized that he has no money to support her.  Anyway, but as for him he is willing to give her everything she wants and much more just to ensure she is happy.

“It’s not like I’ve been praying for their separation but since it has already happened, that is just life. Diamond was pretending that he can support her expensive life but he doesn’t have the money for that, the way I do. Probably Diamond just confused her with all that celebrity hype but it didn’t help. The boss lady cannot be contained in Tanzania, but Kenya.”


“Diamond hakulipa mahari” Ringtone buys 42 cows which he wants to pay as dowry for Zari

Ringtone’s obsession with Zari Hassan is only gaining momentum. The controversial gospel singer was quick to declare his intentions the moment Zari announced she had dumped Diamond.The ‘Wacha Iwe’ hit maker asked for Zari phone number in a viral post on social media. Ringtone said that he was ready to accept Zari with her five children.Also read: Ringtone offers to marry Zari, promises to take care of her five children

Zari Hassan with her sons

Dowry paymentRingtone has since bought 42 cows which he wants to pay as dowry for Zari. The gospel singer argues that Diamond didn’t pay dowry so he doesn’t have any claim over Zari. “Leo tumenunua ngombe 42 ambazo tunapanga kupeleka Uganda kwa Akina Zari wakati ukifika. Na kieleweke vyema KAMA MWANAMME HAJALIPA MAHARI BADO HUYO MSICHANA SI WAKE.Ama namna gani????? Na please mwambieni Diamond asimtolee Zari wimbo aende atoe mahari Kama all serious. For us tuko tayari kwenda Uganda na tulipe wala hatuogopi tunafunga na kuomba Mungu atupe ushindi,” wrote Ringtone.

Ringtones shows off the cows he bought

Ringtone offers to marry Zari, promises to take care of her five children

Kenyan gospel singer has offered to marry Zari Hassan following the breakup with Diamond Platnumz. Ringtone is prepared to take care of Zari together with her kids.

Zari Hassan announced the split with her baby daddy on Valentine’s Day. She cited Diamond’s infidelity as the reason why she opted out.

Ringtone is now capitalizing on Zari’s vulnerability to woo her into marriage. The gospel star has been looking for a wife from Tanzania for years.

Ringtone previously offered to marry Ray C but she turned down his marriage proposal. The ‘Wacha Iwe’ hit maker has had a serious crush on Ray C for years.

Zari needs Jesus

Ringtone says Zari needs a man who will lead her to Church and to Jesus (the man in question being him). He asked anyone to provide him with Zari’s number ASAP.

“Zari Hassan needs a man to lead her to church and to Christ. Diamond can’t offer such.Naomba namba yake Zari. inbox me asap if you have it. MWANAMME NI YULE ANAJUA YESU NA MALI ANAYO NA WAKO WENGI HAPA KENYA. By the way wakisii hawananga shida bibi akija na watoto,” Ringtone announced.



While he plans to spend Ksh 200 million on a chopper, this is how Ringtone’s kitchen look like

Controversial singer Ringtone has become the topic of discussion after revealing plans to spend Ksh 200 on a private jet.

Having bought himself a home in Karen and is said to be driving guzzlers; there is no doubt that he can afford a plane.

Also read: Ringtone reveals where he got the Ksh 20 million to purchase an helicopter

However not many know where he gets his money from but according to him, he runs a couple of businesses in Nairobi.

So far Ringtone is among the top rich gospel singers. Even without dropping any songs, he still makes sure to trend on tabloids thanks to his controversial stories.

Photo of his average looking kitchen

Anyway now that everyone is aware he is planning to buy a plane, fans can’t help but troll him kitchen. This is after he had shared a photo some home made mandazi’s but what caught many people’s attention is how it looks.

Well, instead of spending all that money purchasing an aeroplane, I bet it would be fair for him to change/upgrade his kitchen. Right?


Ringtone reveals where he got the Ksh 20 million to purchase an helicopter

Gospel singer Ringtone is actually serious about purchasing an aeroplane. From his recent interview the guy revealed that he has been saving up to buy one that costs around Ksh 200 million.

This comes a few days after he went on his Instagram to announce the news. He shared a post asking whether there was anyone willing to sell him the chopper.


Speaking to eDaily Ringtone opened up saying he is looking for something that costs around Ksh 150 to 200 million.

“I have set aside Ksh200 million for the acquisition of a used chopper. Though, if I can get one which goes for Ksh150 million; and it is in good condition, I wouldn’t mind going for it,”

His plans for the chopper

Apart from flying it around for his pleasure, Ringtone is planning to make some money out of his new toy. He went on to add saying;

“Besides my personal use, I will hire it out to willing people, who can afford it for few hours,”

Is the money legit?

Since many have been asking where he gets his money from, Ringtone finally answered their questions saying;

“My businesses helped me raise the Ksh200 million. This country has a very conducive environment for one to do business. So, I am one of those people doing business in this country. I am not an idle musician; I am an entrepreneur, who engages in several trades. I won’t disclose details about my businesses. When one does something good with his life, God blesses the work of his hands. I am blessed. Watu waache wivu. And you cannot judge a book by its cover. Just because I walk around the streets of Nairobi; it doesn’t mean you know the amount of money stored in my bank account. It is only God who knows my worth. I have many businesses not registered under my name; I won’t reveal their nature.”

He concluded saying;

“Watu waache kujudge wengine kwa kuangalia sura na miaka,”

Lanes! Controversial gospel artist Ringtone planning to buy himself an aeroplane, where does he get his money from?

Rich gospel artist Ringtone Apoko has unveiled his biggest 2018 plan leaving his followers speechless. According to his latest post, he wants to buy a plane to add to his fleet collection of expensive belongings.

The singer who is popularly known for his controversial stories not only owns a multi million mansion; but classy cars which he rolls around in.

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Though music pays, many are not convinced as to whether his career has contributed to his current wealth. In the past he has been linked to other ‘side hustles’ which he denied being involved in.

Plans to buy an aeroplane

Being an artist who loves living the first life, chances are Ringtone plans to turn the plane to his personal jet. Through his Instagram page Ringtone wrote to say;


Will Ringtone ever settle down?

With money on his mind, the singer has maintained a low profile about his personal life. However now that his age mates are settling down…he probably needs to look into it too!


Ringtone: I don’t hate Willy Paul but Jigi Jigi is the worst song i have heard from him

Ringtone has renewed his beef with Willy Paul even though he claims his attack on the ‘Jigi Jigi’ hit maker is only positive criticism and not hate.

It should be noted that it’s not the first time Ringtone is taking a swipe at Willy Paul, in November 2016 he sensationally claimed Willy and Pitson conspired to create and publicize a pregnancy scandal to ruin my reputation and career.

Ringtone claimed that the two gospel artistes were out to ruin his reputation because his song ‘Tenda Wema’ which he featured Christina Shusho  was doing well at the time.

Fast forward to 2017, Ringtone was interviewed at Kiss FM and once again he took a jab at Willy Paul, this time round he had issues with his new song ‘Jigi Jigi’.

“I don’t hate Willy Paul. Kuna zile wimbo za Willy Paul napenda kama ile waliimba na Gloria Muliro. If I was to rate the worst song I have heard from Willy Paul, I’d say this one Jigi Jigi,” Ringtone told Kiss FM’s Chito Ndhlovu.

The controversial singer who is currently riding high with new song ‘Wacha Iwe’ featuring Gloria Muliro, said that he would never write a song like Jigi Jigi. Ringtone explained that the Bible is what inspires him to write songs.

“Naeza sema sasa anazoea, ile time aliimba na yule dem wa Jamaica tulisema okay. Sasa tena ingine, hatuwezikua tunaimba around dem and sisi ni gospel artistes. We have one job, to make Jesus Christ known. I am going to write the best word of God from the Bible, sitachanganya. Mimi sitasema ‘Jigi Jigi’ na haipatikani kwa Bible,” said Ringtone.




“The video is on point” Kenyans shower Ringtone with praise as new song with Gloria Muliro starts trending

Ringtone and Gloria Muliro have collaborated to drop a new song that has been described as ‘marvelous’ by most people.

Ringtone knows the trick to creating hit songs with the artistes he choses to work with for collabo songs; he did it with Christina Shusho and guess what, ‘Tenda Wema’ is still a banger to date.

The next collabo saw Ringtone work with Gloria Muliro – another gospel music heavyweight who boasts of multiple hit songs.

The two singers dropped a song dubbed ‘Wacha Iwe’ some six days ago and it’s already moving up the charts, the song is currently trending on 42nd spot on YouTube.

Kenyans have lauded Ringtone for droping a new song that is on point, the video is superb and the beat is also amazing.
Watch the video below: