The socialite Ringtone has gone for after Zari rejected him and his hired Range Rover (photos)

Zari Hassan found herself in some rather slippery grounds recently after gospel singer Ringtone publicly declared his love for her. Ringtone offered to give her a brand new Range Rover but that didn’t help change the socialite’s mind who was coming from an ugly break up with Diamond Platnumz.

After months of begging, it seems Ringtone has now moved on and eyeing another Ugandan socialite called Sheila Don Zella, who, really hates Zari.

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In an interview with SDE, Ringtone said that he met with her in Uganda and even had coffee as they discussed her appearing in her new music video.

He however, confessed that he’s not ready to give her the Range Rover intended for Zari Hassan.

“Well, this Range is a 2017 model and you must be sure of the move you are making before you give it out. Besides, this is the first time I was meeting Sheila and I haven’t said there is much going on,” Ringtone said. 


Ringtone breaks bro-code as he continues to beg Zari Hassan to take him

Ringtone Apoko, a man obsessed with marrying Diamond Platnumz ex-wife, Zari Hassan, is still not giving up on chances that the flamboyant mother of five will say yes to him.

The singer was recently on social media to beg the socialite to marry him, saying that he shouldn’t be with Diamond because he’s nothing but a womanizer and he was not the right man for her. That, if you ask a lot of men, is against the bro-code.

Way out of the code

Zari Hassan

“I want God to give Zari spiritual eyes to be able to discern and define and grasp so that she can be able to see that this man, I am the right guy for her. Diamond was not the right guy for her. He loves clubbing, as a musician he has done well for himself but has totally failed as far as romance is concerned, Diamond has a pathetic love record,” Ringtone said.

He added:

”I slept I saw Zari, God spoke to me and told me Zari is the one. I am pursuing Zari because I want Zari to be my wife, my first wife.” 

Ringtone after being rejected and embarrassed by Zari: Kenyans talk too much, I will prove everyone wrong

Ghafla has been following closely Ringtone’s advances on Diamond Platnumz ex-wife Zari Hassan and to be fair, it was over before it all started. The man just needs to work harder.

Seems like he will.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, Ringtone, who was the laughing stock the whole of last week after Zari Hassan rejected him and his hired brand new Range Rover, has come out to share that he’s now not only working hard to win the divorced mother of five, but also out to prove Kenyans wrong.

“Kenyans talk too much, they even said I don’t live in Runda and I was defaulting in rent payments. Even this one time will tell, I don’t have to convince anyone, I’m not a public institution,” said the controversial gospel singer. 

Ringtone’s present to Zari

Only the persistent win

He went on to added that waving the flag is not in his plans. Zari shall be won one way or another.

“Quitters never win, I will not quit on what I feel for Zari, I will prove everyone wrong,” he said in the interview. 

Zari to Ringtone: Donate that Range Rover to Hamisa Mobetto, she has an old one

Ringtone has been topping headlines last weekend after trying to lure Zari Hassan with a brand new Range Rover. Kenyans made fan out of it and even started the Ringtone Challenge to see if Zari will accept their offers too.

Though the gospel singer hired a brand new Range Rover 2017 for Zari, the socialite rejected it, saying that she doesn’t want anything do with Ringtone and his offers.

She however suggested someone who might.

Try Hamisa

Zari took to Instagram on Saturday, May 12, to ask Ringtone to donate the fuel guzzler to Hamisa Mobetto, her ex-husband Diamond Platnumz’s lover, adding that she drives an old Range Rover model and she might need a new one.

She went on to add that she already has a brand new Range Rover –that she bought for herself and doesn’t need another one.

Zari’s comment

Singer Ringtone allegedly buys Zari Hassan a diamond ring worth almost a million

Controversial gospel singer Ringtone is not letting up in his fight for Zari Hassan. He really wants to marry her and he’s doing everything to make her dance to his tune.

The singer has yet again shared another surprising information regarding his quest for Zari claiming that he spent a clean 800, 000 shillings when buying Zari a diamond recently. But here’s the funny part, he sent the ring instead of taking it himself after allegedly meeting with Zari’s cousin who popped up in his office.

“I believed the guy as he looked really mature, sound, smart and convincing. I decided to go to a jewelry shop and bought a diamond ring worth Sh8000 00 that I wrapped as a gift to Zari after which I gave the guy Sh100,000 for his logistics,” said Ringtone. 

Fears he might have been conned

Ringtone, who claims he came from Uganda recently from another a Zari-related trip, claims that the man has not reached back to him since then and now fears he was conned.

“That was two weeks ago. Since, I haven’t heard a word from him and his phone has been off,” Ringtone said in the interview with Pulse.

Meanwhile, Zari has ignored Ringtone and hasn’t said a word about his public proposals. Ringtone explained why he avoids talking to her directly.

“It is not a problem calling Zari, but when you get someone claiming to be a ‘brother’ to the girl you are in love with, you don’t think twice. You just conform,” he noted adding: “I am not so sure the guy was a con. I am still waiting. I am still hopeful that the message was delivered.”   

Ringtone takes shots at those bleaching their skin, yes Khaligraph Jones is in the list!

Controversial gospel singer Ringtone has always been open his thoughts and as usual, he never filters what he says whether bitter or sweet.

In his recent interview with popular news outlet, Ringtone called out those bleaching their skins in order to look more attractive. This is however something that he does not support as he believed we were all created in the image of God. Speaking to Pulse, the singer said…

“If the Bible says you were fearfully and wonderfully made, why should you go on bleaching or doing other forms of body modifications? Are you a car?”

He went on to condemn the act by strongly saying the society should not entertain this…

“I mean, unless it’s there are healthy risks and out of doctor’s advice, why would you re-model your look. No! We can’t keep on entertaining this,”

Well, this comes a few weeks after Khaligraph Jones was trolled for bleaching…but did he really care? I guess not!