Ringtone claims women are the reason he quit gospel music

Comedian singer Ringtone now claims that the gospel industry was full of temptation from women throwing themselves at him instead of focusing on his efforts to spread the gospel.

According to him, the women were ready to spread other things but the Gospel – something that pushed him to take a break by venturing into the secular music industry.


Just the other day, Rongtone announced his exit from the gospel industry in a video where he opened up saying;

imefika mwisho, Nimeamua kuanza kuimba malove songs, so naomba mnisupport.

Too many temptations

Having seen how these women were throwing themselves at him, Ringtone recently told Mpasho;

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I quit gospel music because instead of women following the Christ that I preach they end up loving me. That’s why I am taking a short break so that these women would focus on Jesus and leave me alone.

Mmmh not sure which women he is talking about since those he’s been linked to are now former socialites and women from his past – before the fame and money – so Ringtone what women?

Anyway as you already know is a man that does his own PR and so far – he has managed to survive with the small stunts…