Drama! Blogger Xtian Dela accuses Ringtone of serious theft

Beef between Xtian Dela and controversial gospel singer Ringtone continues to heat up judging from the latest diss post shared by Xtian.

Apparently the blogger claims that Ringtone has been living a fake life. This is after comes after Ringtone went on to claim that Xtian lives in a one bedroom; probably throwing shade to show who has more money.

Ringtone Apoko hits back at Xtian Dela

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To which xtian on the other hand hit back by claiming the controversial singer uses plastic plates and tables in his home which only cost Ksh 550. Shade. He went on to write;

mtu anakulia sahani ya 50 bob ya mare kwa mare na meza ya soh tano pale mtimdwa na nado anadai naishi kwa 1 bedroom…

Xtian calling Ringtone a thief?

Well, now that things seem to be getting out of hand between the two; we now have reason to believe Xtian Dela is accusing Ringtone of being a thief.

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In the same post, Xtian took pride in paying his rent; however went on to accuse Ringtone of sleeping in a stolen house. So could it be the Runda or Karen home since the singer already flaunted the mansions to fans on social media. Anyway Xtian wrote;

issorait at least I pay my rent and my conscience is clear that I am not sleeping in a stolen house

Xtians post

Well let’s see how the drama unveils.