Ringtone attacks Diana B for “promoting prostitution”

Ringtone has decided to take shots at Diana B over her song “Narudi Soko” which he claims is promoting prostitution. According to the gospel artist this song is one that he feels a married artist especially one who is married to a gospel artist (whether current or former) shouldn’t be putting out.

Diana B Criticizing Celebrities Doesn’t Make Her Song Any Better

He was speaking while being interviewed by journalists at the courts wear his case against Robert Alai was being heard.
“Hiyo ngoma ya Diana haifai kuruhisiwa kuchezwa kwasababu inatendekeza umalaya”.


Ringtone doubtless chose this dig against Diana B because of her past which is Chequered to say the least: Remember that it was she who admitted that in the past she dated men for monetary considerations which means she had sex in a transactional fashion.

Diana B is proof that prostitutes can make good wives

The song itself has earned the ire of many artists who felt they were unnecessarily targeted as it features her setting records straight about her relationship with several Kenyan celebrities some of whom she felt had disrespected her before her husband Bahati made an honest woman of her.

Diana Marua

This will be an interesting beef to watch as it unfolds because both artists are very vocal and not shy about airing their dirty linen in public. Ringtone is definitely going to be speaking more about his sentiments on her music and I do not see a future in which Diana B remain silent in the face of his criticism.

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Andrew Kibe is right about Size 8 and her miracles

Apparently, Andrew Kibe spoke sense (for the umpteenth time) and called out Size 8 for her miracle healings and whatever other nonsense Kenyan people of the cloth do to keep gullible Kenyan sheep supplying them with their hard-earned money in the form of tithes and offerings.

Size 8 Addresses Beef With Ringtone (Video)

The gospel singer cum pastor (or is it bishop) has responded to him, finally, and she says she forgives him yet she hasn’t answered the question I and a lot of logical and sane people have right at the tip of our tongues; where was she during Covid 19?

Preacher Size 8

Because let’s face it, Andrew Kibe is right in saying these miracles are convenient because when we as humanity were busy coming to grips with the pandemic, pastors, apostles and whatever else these charlatans call themselves were just as scared as we were and they too decided to lock themselves in their homes.

The Bible supports Andrew Kibe’s opinion of Pastor Size 8

Size 8 and her ilk should actually just walk into a hospital and start healing people if she wants us to buy her new spiritual power schpill. There, that’s the entirety of the article. Sio kutambia takataka ati about how she has forgiven us for doubting her or sijui Jesus will fight her battles for her. When the heroes were busy on the frontlines, we saw very clearly that these heroes were medical personnel. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical practitioners but not a single person of the cloth was to be seen.

And the last time we spoke about this, I also pointed out that the Bible itself is on Andrew Kibe’s side on the matter of not just false prophets and miracle workers but also on the matter of Size 8 not having any mandate to stand at the pulpit and preach to her congregation.

Don’t Address Men- Andrew Kibe Reacts To Size 8 Being Ordained As A Pastor

Andrew Kibe has shared what some feminists will doubtless call a hardline or even a fundamentalist stance on Size 8 being ordained as a minister in the church. He is not amused about the fact that she has been made a shepherd tasked with guiding souls to God and salvation and I have to say that regardless of what you feel, he is clearly on the right with regards to what the Bible itself says.

He has actually called out Size 8 because he knows she like all other female pastors will push the idea of prosperity gospel aside from pushing seriously flawed dogma. And the Bible itself backs up what he is asserting -I know, that sounds repetitive so let me simply push into specific Bible verses that state their support for Andrew Kibe’s stance:

1 Corinthians 14:34-35
1 Timothy 2:11-15

Size 8 when she was taken ill and needed a doctor to heal her

So perhaps before she responds to the claims she’s a charlatan miracle worker, she should first address what is in plain text for all to see in the good gospel.

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Was Ringtone’s publicity stunt too extreme?

Ringtone was recently accused by Bridget Achieng of sexually abusing her. The allegations were given in the most churlish of ways, taking advantage of the fact that there would be no burden of proof demanded by her social media following nor the feminists who seek to further their agenda by destroying the reputation of men.

I’m Not Clout Chasing!- Bridget Achieng Narrates How Ringtone Took Advantage Of Her, Claims He Did The Same To 6 More Women

That was yet another introduction we have had in the recent past to cancel culture. You see, Ringtone was accused by Bridget Achieng for something that happened seven years prior. Regardless of what you think of the matter, the fact that she allowed seven years to go before making the allegation, the fact that she took to social media rather than report the matter to the police do not sit easy with me.


And as you can see, I wouldn’t have taken the allegations lightly. Because either they mean that we have had a criminal walking among us, parading himself as a minister of the Lord or he has been falsely accused to tarnish his name. Either way, my emotions would be boiling over were I in Ringtone’s shoes.

“Kojoa ulale” Ringtone hurl insults at Bridget Achieng for accusing him of rape

But the gospel singer is more calculating than I. Rather than start jumping through hoops to defend himself, he has gone the route of doubling down. He has decided to make the situation even more absurd than we could ever have imagined.

Ringtone has a serious case of IDGAF

The guy decided to stage-manage his own arrest and boy did it work! Ringtone had his team release photos of himself getting arrested and they went viral over the Easter weekend. As a result, he was the trending topic of conversation and you have to admit that he has won it over the drama.

Socialite Bridget Achieng Accuses Ringtone Of Raping Her (Video)

He seems to be a proponent of the adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity except no publicity and he milks it whenever the opportunity presents itself. So why would we have expected him to do otherwise in this instance?

Gospel singer Ringtone

Rather than fight the allegations directly, he is making light of them by owning the narrative surrounding his “Me Too” accusation and now when we discuss them, the first thing that comes to mind is his arrest -until he decides to drop some new music, hoping he can ride this controversy to the top of the charts.

Anatafuta Beef? Ringtone Hurls Insults At Bahati And Willy Paul, Calls Them Gay

Whatever the case may be, Ringtone is actually smart to take things to the extreme in regards to how he is dealing with these extreme allegations: from extreme allegations to extreme absurdity.

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Ringtone vs Bahati: Gospel music is dying a slow death

Ringtone has set his targets on Bahati once again and this time he is claiming that Mtoto wa Diana Marua could be in the closet with all his new social media posts about Willy Paul being his woman.

Anatafuta Beef? Ringtone Hurls Insults At Bahati And Willy Paul, Calls Them Gay

Ringtone is back on his bullshit and he is not taking prisoners. He recently took to his social media account to call out Bahati who had posted a photoshopped picture that had Willy Paul’s head on a woman’s body.

He posted the following scathing message:

“You are stupid” Ringtone showers Victoria Kimani’s brother with insults


And it has to make you wonder what happened to the gospel fraternity. What happened to them putting out music glorifying God instead of attacking each other? On the one hand, we have Ringtone attacking fellow gospel artists and on the other we have Bahati toying with the idea of fully embracing secular women.

Eric Omondi should make Ringtone the next bachelor on Wife Material

And what that has resulted in is a dearth of content from those very quarters. And this is a stark contrast from a few years back when gospel music ran the entertainment scene. Infact, when Bahati first came onto the scene, the secular scene was dead.

It’s interesting that bahati enjoys wearing dresses and makeup

Gone are the days when every new artist had to be a gospel artist if they wanted to make it. Now, they need stunts because even the fans aren’t interested in urban contemporary gospel music. Or perhaps they are simply reacting to the lack of content.

Don’t Be Fooled By Social Media- Bahati And Willy Paul Come Clean On Beefing Rumors

Gospel worked alot better when artists weren’t chasing after stunts. It worked alot better when artists sort to collaborate. Back then, the message in the music was paramount and it was always about God above all else.

But as secular music began to rise in popularity, gospel artists refused to stay in their own lanes and keep making great gospel music. Instead, they began focusing and obsessing on what socialites and secular artists were doing. They kept going towards what the weren’t meant to -worldly pleasures. And Bahati and Ringtone only exemplify this fact.

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Eric Omondi should make Ringtone the next bachelor on Wife Material

Eric Omondi has been arrested for filming and distributing his show, Wife Material without permits nor a license and Ezekiel Mutua is swinging his shlong in the matter to remind Kenyans he exists.

Eric Omondi arrested over ‘Wife Material season 2’

On the other hand, Ringtone is busy throwing missives his way, complaining about his show. He is angry about the quality of women on the show trying to that they deserve to be called Eric Omondi’s wife.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi showing off his gym gains.

I would, however, argue that perhaps the best way forward for Eric Omondi, if he is permitted to continue filming his show that is, then perhaps Ringtone should be the next bachelor on it and I would think it would do well for two reasons.

Wife Material Contestants Spend The Night In Jail (Video)

The first is that Ringtone has been crying about needing a wife. The entire show is run on the premise and plot of Eric Omondi looking for a wife. Ringtone has gone to the extent of taking to the street holding up a placard and asking for a wife. So he would be the right fit for the show.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi with the winner of the first season of Wife Material

Add to this the fact that Eric Omondi would be getting a gospel artist to seek for a wife in a secular ground. This would make for some tasty scandal. Can you imagine the same ratchet women trying to win the attention of Ringtone? How would he react when they began a twerk battle for him? What about their group dates? Where would they go? I would imagine they wouldn’t b going to church.

“Funga Hii Duka Ya Ujinga, Tumechoka!” Ringtone Takes Shots At Eric Omondi About Wife Material Show

Another way that this would benefit him is the fact that he cannot actually have a third season of Wife Material with himself being the bachelor yet again. He can only push his audience to suspend belief in the premise of the show. Add to this the fact that Ringtone is actually not shy at all so he wouldn’t try and hide from the scandal and you have a winning season.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi n the day he launched

All in all, Eric Omondi has a winning idea for a show but now he needs to get some vision to ensure it remains fresh for another 10 seasons. Rington could be the key to unlocking that potential.

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Say what you will about Ringtone, but he knows how to make good music

Say what you will about Ringtone but he is really good at what he does. He has come to understand his audience, the Kenyan gospel audience, and knows what gets them going long enough for him to grab eyeballs and direct them towards his music.

Ringtone steps in to help struggling socialite after Kenyans ask lady to sell ‘ass-ets’ for rent


And unlike most of his contemporaries, he also understands that the media is simply another platform he can use to increase the potency of his brand. And he has also come to understand how to get his music across the border and into the Tanzanian scene. His last musical offering was a collaboration with Rose Muhando and this time around he is working with Christina Shusho and it is arguably one of his best songs ever.

Ringtone has a song out called Omba and it seems to have spoken to a rather unlikely individual in the shape of Wema Sepetu over in Tanzania. Granted, she admitted that she was brought to the jam by her love of Christina Shusho but make no mistake about it, this is Ringtone’s jam. It is also an interesting occurrence because we got to see a Muslim enjoy a nice Christian gospel song.

No permanent enemies? Ringtone runs to Willy Paul’s defense in new music copyright battle with producer iLogos

Unfortunately, after she rocked along to the jam, Wema Sepetu was attacked for having (of all things), a receding hairline. But what can we say, we are just happy to see Kenyan music perform so well across the border and get such a warm reception at that.

This could actually be the best strategy for Ringtone as it would see him increase his foothold in Tanzania. Can you imagine Ringtone doing more and more collabos with Tanzanian gospel artists? With the manner in which the support their own, it could be a potential source of a new audience for him.

“He coached Shakilla and even approached me with a lucrative offer” Ringtone exposes Xtian’s shady business deals in ugly comeback

And working with Tanzanians would also allow Ringtone to diversify his sound and increase his commercial base. He could be performing in Tanzanian churches and in crusades. This would be a real boon for him because he could have been making money if say, he had pursued this strategy before the Corona lockdown, he could have been busy touring Tanzania while Kenya was in lockdown. But better late than never.

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Ringtone continues to showcase his marketing genius

Ringtone is the type of man, sorry, gospel singer, whom Kenyans would like to think about as dumb. To be fair, he does market himself as being dumb and this allows him to win in low-key ways that his haters are none-the-wiser about.

Ringtone accuses Bahati and Masterpiece of secretly dating fellow men! (Photo)

You see, Ringtone has mastered the art of trolling and he has been using it to market his projects. The most recent being a song called Zoea Mawe which featured a cameo from Azziad, the newly minted Kenyan internet sensation. The song has garnered one point two million views in a month of being active.

Ringtone Apoko is the type of man who has determined that he will remain relevant, whether as a provocateur or as a gospel artist, as a politician or by simply employing satire.
He will make some seemingly off the cuff statement about other gospel artists (former or current) and then that will get under their skin and he will literally take the piss at them as they become apoplectic, defending themselves against his allegations. We have seen him employ this tactic against Willy Paul and Bahati.


On other occasions, he will carry around a placard begging for a wife. And we will watch him with bemusement. Then we will mock him for his inability to find a woman to settle down with.

Kwani zinakanyaga umaskini? Fans mock Ringtone after parading shoes worth Ksh 56,000

As a result of Kenyans underestimating him, Ringtone has managed to make yet another song fly high. The song Zoea Mawe was mocked and lampooned online and yet it currently sits pretty atop the list of popular Kenyan songs. In the meantime, his contemporaries are busy huffing and puffing till they get blue in the face and they can only count themselves lucky when their songs get to over one hundred thousand views on YouTube.


How about that for a marketing genius?


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To eat or not to eat? Ringtone’s dilemma

Ringtone Apoko recently took to social media to declare that he was a little more than confused as to what to do with regard to the fact that a politician asked to license his song -probably for rallies.


The song which features Azziad as the video vixen was recently released to a lot of fanfare and dating rumours (impressive stunt by the way). And it has resulted in what can only be a Kenyan artist’s wet dream: a politician looking to use their song for political mileage.

“Kizungu yako inahitaji quarantine!” Fans troll Ringtone after butchering the Queen’s language

Ringtone took to his social media page to ask his fans what he needs to do with regards to allowing the yet unnamed politician to use his song. Why this is usually a boon for the artist is that it could end up being used to the point of him being invited to perform the song. That would see him tour the country off the back of a politician looking to drum up support.

Ringtone Apoko

But this is also a double-edged sword as it can see Ringtone get sidelined by Kenyans who do not support the politician -and Kenyans will literally do this. Aye, Kenyans will turn their backs on an artist who is seen to be in league with a politician from the opposing camp.

Ringtone eyeing Azziad Nasenya after Zari turned him down?

So what is an artist to do?

To alienate one half of the country or to earn money. Let’s face it, Kenya is a third world shithole with limited opportunities for success and when you stumble upon one, you would be well advised to snap it up.
But what happens when your family, your parents start being harassed by their neighbours because you, their son, support someone the community doesn’t? And that is a reality.

I would advise Ringtone to take the money and never look back. Sure, five million isn’t a lot of money in the grand scheme of things but it is capital. And that could allow you to make something of yourself and for your family. And Kenyans will not support you by buying your music anyway. So I would remind Ringtone that nobody is coming to save him. He is on his own and he needs to act like it.

Martyrs are good. They die a needless death that the survivors can romanticise. But martyrs die painful deaths. And more often than not, their deaths are needless. I can only think of one martyr that actually changed the world, but his followers have largely descended into hypocrisy. And they will not support Ringtone with their coin even though they would be the first to condemn him as he does indeed make music for them.

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Ringtone is a trolling genius: Smarter than you would like to admit

Ringtone is not the hero we want but he is the hero we deserve. The gospel singer has an ain’t understand of the Kenyan condition and he knows how to hack it not only to keep himself relevant but to also earn money from Kenyans even as they continue to pile on their hate on him.

Ringtone offers Willy Paul half a million days after their online beef!

What is even more incredible is that a man who has made a career of exploiting the darkest collective Kenyan emotion doesn’t seem to bear any scars from staring at the abyss for such a long time. Aye, if anything, he seems to thrive from inundating himself in such negativity, simply going from strength to strength or at the very least, remaining relevant.

Alex Apoko alias Ringtone

Ringtone Apoko is the type of man who has determined that he will remain relevant, whether as a provocateur or as a gospel artist, as a politician or by simply employing satire.
He will make some seemingly off the cuff statement about other gospel artists (former or current) and then that will get under their skin and he will literally take the piss at them as they become apoplectic, defending themselves against his allegations.

Ringtone and Bahati
We disown you as the gospel ministry in Kenya – Ringtone to Bahati

On other occasions, he will carry around a placard begging for a wife. And we will watch him with bemusement. Then we will mock him for his inability to find a woman to settle down with.

Ringtone with Azziad
Azziad with Ringtone

The next time he pops up on our radar, it will be because he has released a song that he is promoting on social media in broken English so bad, the queen would have come to Kenya to put it down had it not been for Covid19.
But who has the last laugh? Because you see, Ringtone’s shenanigans are well thought out and he marshalls our emotions to preserve his spotlight.

“Kizungu yako inahitaji quarantine!” Fans troll Ringtone after butchering the Queen’s language

When we take sides whenever he pokes fun at gospel artists, his name is in the conversation and he trends. At the end of the day, all publicity is good publicity. He has used your anger for his own cause
When Ringtone is mocked for his inability to keep a woman, we scorn him. What a failure of a man. And women flock his social media, sending him private messages requesting to date him. He instantly becomes a heartthrob for some while his scorn keeps him in the collective conversation.
When we mock Ringtone’s broken English, it is because of our own insecurities. And those same insecurities keep him relevant.

So I ask again who has won this entanglement? Because anyone who knows the man will tell you that he is a very shrewd businessman who has an above-average acumen with greater ambitions than just being your local, cornerstone gospel artist, with many believing he will still take yet another stab at politics. So repeat after me, who’s fooling who?

For now, enjoy his latest musical release,

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“Willy Paul aheshimu watumwa wa mungu!” Ringtone claps back in fiery response!

Willy Paul and Ringtone are currently embroiled in a bitter beef that was sparked by Ringtone’s stiff rebuke of his younger counterpart’s new musical direction. For better or worse, Kenya’s Chris Brown decided to leave the gospel fraternity that for a long time had acted as a chain and ball for his creativity.

Willy Paul

“Bishana na Wamama wenzako kama akina Akothee!” Willy Paul to Ringtone

You see, Pozze is a man of the world and while he has a profound love for God, his music had increasingly begun to skirt the grey area between secular and gospel. His live performances, however, were anything but sacrosanct. And so after no small amount of introspection, Willy Pozze decided to leave the gospel arena to suffer Bahati’s charm.

Willy Paul

But even after bowing out, Kenyan gospel artists aren’t yet done with him. And Ringtone was the first to mention his name as he viciously critiqued his recent jam that features Nadia Mukami, Nikune.

What Willy Paul had to say after the President ‘read’ his letter

If you know anything about Ringtone, you know he holds nothing back so when I say he went in on Willy Paul, I mean it was quite the caustic critique of his new song -enough si for Willy Paul to not only take note, but to respond aswell.



And so we called Ringtone to try and understand what he made of Bwana Mkunaji’s scathing retort. Not to be undone, Ringtone launched into an unmitigated vexed response, and in no uncertain terms called him an idiot.

“Mjinga wewe Willy Paul. Heshimu watumwa wa Mungu!”

willy paul
Willy Paul proudly supports violence against women

You can listen to the audio of that phone call reply:

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Ringtone will go to rehab- Chipukeezy

Comedian and host Chipukeezy has revealed that gospel singer Ringtone will check into a rehab soon.

Speaking on his show on Ebru TV, the NACADA boss hosted Ringtone who has been trending for almost a year now for absolutely wrong reasons.


Ringtone started his cunning, and peculiar ways online when he first announced he wanted to marry Zari Hassan who was visiting Kenya. From there on it has been scandle after another for the singer as he posts videos and photos with wild accusations and captions.

“Hey guys, Mr Ringtone has accepted to go to rehab,” he shared.

Without sharing much, Chipukeezy said that the singer will go to rehab. Many believe the singer is depressed and and might also be using drugs.

As of yesterday, Ringtone has invited guys to his house in Karen for a visit to see how he lives.

Ringtone becomes a priest after failing to win Zari Hassan 

Gospel singer Ringtone was rejected by Zari Hassan recently after crossing rivers and hiring a Ranger Rover to please her. He’s focusing now on other things that will empower him other than the mother of five.


The singer took to Instagram to claim that he is now a priest but we highly doubt that. He even shared photos wearing clerical clothing, a thing that has surprised many because the photos look very much photoshopped.

“I am considering becoming a priest. I am sort of practicing,” he said Adding on Instagram: “Officially a Priest. Haters of the gospel will say eti I can’t. Everything is possible with God. Na iwafikie wote.”

Here are the photos he posted



Ringtone should thank God! Zari Hassan is coming to Kenya again 

Diamond Platnumz ex-wife Zari Hassan is one busy lady. Just days after announcing that she will be a judge at Uganda’s beauty pageant, the mother of five has made yet another crucial announcement.

Zari has announced that she will be back in Kenya yet again for another entertainment related gig after getting a lucrative deal from A1 Entertainment.

Without disclosing much of what will happen or her exact reasons to be in the country, she took to instagram to share some infor about the upcoming gig.

“It’s your one and only Zari the self-made Boss Lady calling on all ballers to pull up for…… (Wait for/on it powered by the Best in the game A1 entertainment bliiiiiiidat! Kenya are you ready????” she said.

Second time

The last time Zari was in Kenya was on May 12 for the Colour Purple Concert held at Nairobi’s Uhuru Gardens. The event was a women empowerment and a cancer awareness event for women in Nairobi.

Ringtone rejected by Zari after showing up at Kiss FM with brand new Range Rover for her 

Singer Ringtone is not ready to give up on Zari Hassan. The gospel artist surprised Diamond Platnumz ex-wife with a brand new Range Rover outside Kiss FM offices minutes after Zari said she has no idea who he is.

In an interview with Shaffie and Adelle, Zari said that he has never heard of Ringtone and had no idea he wants her. But either way, the answer is still NO for him even without a meeting.

Love for Range Rovers

According to Kiss, the singer took the fuel guzzler to her but it seems she rejected it. She already has another one just like that anyway.

“I was told you love Range Rovers, so I decided to buy you a small gift. I did not buy you because you can’t afford it yourself. I did not buy because haujawai panda Range Rover,” said Ringtone.

“I bought for you because I realized you like Range Rovers na nimeambiwa you have a white one. So nimeamua nikuongezee, ukue na white na black na mtu hakataangii baraka so this is not attached to like we have to get married. This is just a gift for you.”