Risper Faith has revealed plans for a new cosmetic procedure aimed at enhancing her hips

Nairobi businesswoman Risper Faith continues to be transparent about her cosmetic surgeries and other procedures she undergoes.

In recent weeks, she has expressed her hope that her doctor will approve another surgery following her gastric sleeve procedure. She has now shared exciting news: she will be undergoing a fat transfer procedure.


Risper Faith Declares Interest In Bleaching- ‘All Nairobi Men Like Light-Skinned Women

In a video showcasing her body, she encouraged her followers to break bad eating habits, discussing how emotional eating has affected her.

“Hey guys, I hope you’re well. Good morning. If at this hour you’ve already had three slices of bread with a lot of sugar in your tea, throw that stuff away, because in three months you’ll be sitting pretty. You see? Here’s me last year, shooting this video, thinking about what to cook for lunch. It’s all about food, you see?” she said.

She then announced her upcoming fat transfer surgery, explaining it was prompted by body shaming related to her lack of hips.


Risper Faith: I won’t leave if my husband cheats on me

“Anyway, the doctor has given me the green light for another surgery, and I want to do a fat transfer. I want to transfer it to my hips or fill in my buttocks,” she said.

She confidently stated that after the surgery, she would return with the biggest hips.

“In three months, Body By Design will fix me up, and you’ll be amazed,” her voiceover continued.

For context, fat transfer involves taking fat from one part of the body and injecting it into areas that need more shape and fullness. Liposuction is typically used to remove fat from unwanted areas such as the bra roll, flanks, waistline, hips, and thighs, and then fine cannulas are used to transfer the fat to desired areas.

Risper Faith Declares Interest In Bleaching- ‘All Nairobi Men Like Light-Skinned Women

Kenyan socialite Risper Faith has spoken openly about her weight loss journey and her desire to get a boob job. These are both personal choices that she is entitled to make. However, her decision to go for the same have been backed up by her opinion on lightskin women.

“Lazima zisimame. Zimelala. After September, I am allowed to do any surgery I want. We are doing together with Amber Ray- We are doing at the same place, twin boobies,”  Risper started off

It is important to remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. There is no one right way to look, and everyone is beautiful in their own way.

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Risper On Bleaching

Risper Faith also said that she uses expensive oils to lighten her skin. This is a controversial topic, as there are some who believe that skin lightening is a form of self-hatred. Others believe that it is a personal choice that should be respected. Ultimately, Risper Faith claims that it’s important for her to bleach her skin as ‘Nairobi men’ love lightskin women. This is according to her.

“Nairobi lazima tushine. Let me tell you something. All Nairobi men, they like light-skinned women. Just go to a club and sit with a light-skinned friend. See who they will talk to,” she stated

Risper Faith also admitted to have undergone liposuction before to control her weight after giving birth.

Risper Faith: I won’t leave if my husband cheats on me

Cosmetic entrepreneur Risper Faith has disclosed that she would stay with her husband even if she discovered he was cheating. She shared this during an interview with Oga Obinna on his show, “Obinna Show Live.”


Risper Faith Opens Up About Weight Loss Journey (Video)

“I would ask him why he cheated,” she stated.

“These days, there’s no such thing as parting ways. I don’t want to go back to Webuye. I will stay in Kitusuru, at the mansion, until the end.”

Risper mentioned that in such a situation, she would listen to her husband, understand his reasons, and address any shortcomings on her part.

Risper and her husband Brian tied the knot in 2018 in a private ceremony attended by close family, celebrities, and friends. The white and blue-themed wedding took place at the Radisson Blu in Nairobi.


Risper Faith upgrades wedding ring on 7th wedding anniversary

On their third wedding anniversary in 2021, Risper recounted how a friend once told her she would never get married.

“This year I will be celebrating 3 years in marriage, thank God. I remember a certain friend said to me once, ‘Risper, you will never get married,’ but who is God?”

She encouraged her followers, saying,

“When you believe in Him, He will never disappoint you. Just put your trust in Him. My parents in the background looking very proud—love you, Mum and Dad.”

Risper Faith Opens Up About Weight Loss Journey (Video)

Kenyan social media personality Risper Faith recently discussed her weight loss journey in an interview with Obinna TV. She revealed that childbirth contributed to her weight gain, and more importantly, it was affecting her intimacy.

“Nilizaa nikanona nikiwa 120 kilos, siku moja on a Sunday nimeamka tuh hivi bwana ananiambia nimpandilie juu kumpandia juu magoti ikaanza kulia kakaaa…kaa miguu ilikataa.

Hapo ndio nilifika nikaona hii ni rock bottom ya unono. I have to do something about this body weight. Imagine hata huwezi, please mwanaume wako. Style ni ile moja ya kitanda. Aii nikaamua ni hivo na hii weight.” she stated.

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Risper also addressed the tendency for women to accentuate their chests. She suggested it might be linked to breastfeeding, both for their children and partners, and that this practice is a natural consequence of breastfeeding.

“Shida ni sisi tushazaa na tushanyonyesha so…vitu zimelala so lazima niziinue…juu zimelala na lazima tuziamshe.

Previously, Risper had called on critics to focus on self-improvement rather than commenting negatively on her body transformation.

Watch Risper Faith’s full interview;

Risper Faith upgrades wedding ring on 7th wedding anniversary

Socialite Risper Faith and her husband Brian Muiruri are joyously celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary with a touch of glamour. Brian surprised Risper with a stunning Fendi Forever ring, symbolizing their enduring love.

Taking to Instagram, Risper shared the exciting news along with a photo of her new accessory, expressing her delight. “Y’all, I have been upgraded to a Fendi ring 💍. Mtakomaa Mara iiii. Happy anniversary to us baby @brayo79,” she wrote.

The Fendi Forever ring, valued at an impressive $290 (approximately Sh47165.60), showcases a luxurious design that reflects Risper’s refined taste. Crafted from palladium-coated metal, the band features a striking combination of silver-tone and gold-tone hues, adorned with the intricately carved iconic Fendi logo.

The inner band is elegantly engraved with the brand’s logo, adding sophistication to the exquisite piece. Online stores provide further details, highlighting the impeccable craftsmanship and premium materials of the coveted ring.

Risper and Brian’s love story, which began on social media, continues to captivate hearts. Risper recently shared advice with women not to overlook the potential of their DMs, emphasizing that she found her husband through this digital avenue.

The celebrity couple exchanged vows in 2018 and welcomed their first child into the world, marking the beginning of their beautiful journey as a family. Risper’s story of finding love in the DMs resonates with several other celebrities who have also embarked on meaningful relationships through online connections.

Kenyans debate Risper Faith’s body changes

Socialite Risper Faith has made people laugh by releasing amazing photos of her newly toned body.
The curvaceous social media celebrity astonished her fans with her new body, leaving many to wonder if she underwent cosmetic surgeries or if she simply edited her photos.
When Risper Faith candidly discussed her weight reduction journey with her fans on Sunday, December 17, the full impact of her body metamorphosis became apparent.
She opened up on the difficulties of being a woman in the public eye and the pressures from society to live up to stereotypes in an honest post.

“As many of you know and understand, being a woman and well-known in the public eye comes with pros and cons. But let’s be real, even if 1000 people tell you you look good, and one person shames you, you’ll forget the 1000 people who loved you and focus on the one hate comment. It’s life,”

In her examination of the demands society places on women, Risper Faith acknowledged the pressures women face to meet predetermined ideals of beauty.
She talked about the feedback she got about her appearance and emphasized how strong she was in the face of criticism.

“But one thing about me, I’ll always turn any hate into a driving force. It’s not about what you want, it’s about what you believe, and I believed I can and always will be a better version of me. My weight loss journey has been the most beautiful challenge I have ever done, and the results make me so DAMN proud of myself,”

But her fans’ responses to the announcement were not all the same.
Comments ranged from praise to worries about the apparent discrepancy in the photos, with some wondering if the amazing transformation was the product of picture editing or cosmetic operations.

keshy527, remarked, “Unakaa poa kutoka nyuma….very stunning…..lakini kusema ukweli hapo mbele inaboo kwanza kwa kiuno kuteremka inakaa uji baridi” (You look good from behind…. very stunning…. but to be honest, the front looks a bit cold in terms of the dropped waist).

lydear_: Someone didn’t edit the legs vizuri but looking good.

re.my8021: Editing collapse..one big and slim leg..but uko fiti dear.

vinnah_045: People out here giving negative comments and advices abt someone’s body…. Lol! Like what? Making it worse being stressed about her looks people should heal!!

the_good_nurse_nairobi: You did a liposuction 2 yrs ago does that mean the results work after 2 yrs coz at first u were still big. Tell us the truth did u do a gastric balloon?

She had previously stated in an interview that she had not followed the post-operative guidelines, which was the reason her 2020 liposuction did not produce the expected effects.
Her spouse paid for her initial surgery, which cost Sh460,000 at the time.

Risper Faith Opens Up On Losing Weight After Previously Weighing 125 Kg

Risper Faith, a well-known social media personality and businesswoman, has been open about her experiences with body image and health. Recently, she’s embraced a more holistic approach to wellness, focusing on her overall well-being rather than just physical appearance.

Sharing her story

Faith was previously known for her curvy figure, but she has openly discussed her challenges with maintaining a healthy weight. She’s shared her experiences with liposuction, highlighting the limitations of such procedures and the importance of sustainable lifestyle changes.

Being one of the pioneers in Kenya to openly talk about my plastic surgery Journey has not been easy.
I was ridiculed, made fun of and body shamed… I was one of the first people in Kenya to openly share my liposuction journey…but this came with a negative side to it. While I inspired sooo many, spiteful comments on my weight always popped up which would one way or the other get to me.

“As life Happened, my body went through so much. Food became a comfort feel and felt safe to me at the time. But this became quite a dangerous habit and affected my health…My weight skyrocketed to 125kg. Clothes couldn’t fit, my waist trainer couldn’t hide anything anymore. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror!! Simple chores for me became real tasks. I was getting to my breaking point….I needed to do something about it.

“@bodybydesignkenya was able to guide me through this life-changing journey. I can’t wait to show you all my progress and journey in this weight loss transition,” Risper Faith wrote.

Risper Faith remains one of the most voluptuous Kenyan socialite- among the likes of Vera Sidika and Sherlyne Anyango.

Former Nairobi Diaries Actress Risper Faith Mourns the Loss of Her Father

Actress and socialite Risper Faith is grieving the loss of her father. She has taken down almost all of her social media posts and replaced them with images of her father and a candle.

On November 19th, Faith shared a picture of a candle with the caption “DAD 💔”. This was the first indication that she was going through a difficult time.

Over the following week, she shared several photos of her father, capturing special moments from his life and highlighting his zest for life.

On November 28th, Faith posted a photo of herself and her father, accompanied by a heartfelt eulogy. She expressed her love and admiration for him and shared the impact he had on her life.

Faith’s social media silence and the somber posts dedicated to her father serve as a testament to the deep bond they shared and the profound loss she is experiencing. Her fans are offering condolences and support during this difficult time.

Risper Faith reveals tricks she used to Nairobi finesse men

Risper Faith, a socialite and mother of one, deceived over 30 men into giving her money by pretending to be in an accident. She shared her story on social media to encourage women to think strategically about making money.

One day, while driving to a rugby event in Nakuru, Faith and her friends came across a car accident. She decided to stop her car and take photos of the scene. To make the photos look more realistic, she applied some blood to her face.

Faith then went to a nearby hospital and bribed a doctor with KSh 3,000 to stage a photo of her being admitted to the emergency ward. She sent these photos to her 30 admirers, explaining that she had been in an accident and needed money to pay her medical bills.

The men began sending money immediately, and within a day, Faith had raised KSh 256,000. Upon returning to Nairobi, she used fake bandages to convince her admirers that she was still injured. They would visit her, bringing her whatever she asked for.

Faith’s story has generated a lot of controversy, but she defends her actions, saying that she was simply trying to make a living. She encourages other women to think strategically about making money and to not be afraid to take risks.

Risper Faith blames photoshopped photo on social media pressure, says everyone is faking it

Risper Faith has been makking news for the last few days following an expose on a photoshopped photo shared on her page. From what we understand is that the socialite stole a photo from an American content creator – which she then ‘replaced’ the model’s face with hers; and both having similar curves – many fell for it.

However njia ya muongo ni fupi which brings us to her latest interview with Mungai Eve where she opened up on the expose – and to our surprise Risper Faith says she posted the photo on purpose to boost her sales. Apparently she decided to pull the prank towards end month – since she knows everyone will be discussing her hence more attention to her businesses. Okay….not what I expected her to say but then again…socialite…right?

Anyway speaking about this with Mungai Eve, Risper Faith said;

Ni showbiz, what’s wrong with me photoshopping my photo? It’s my Instagram, I can do whatever I want.


Mimi nilidecide tu ni end month, sales ziko down, so acha nipige kelele kwa mtandao ndio watu wanikumbuke wakuje kwa shop wanunue products…

Social media pressure

When asked about the original photo she had photoshopped herself on – Risper Faitj siad it belongs to;

A USA model, I follow her, and I like her content, so this photo really struck me, and I sent it to my photographer and asked what we can do with it.

Well being human, of course she feels embarrassed in a way which explains why she said;

I don’t know what came over me. Pia, unataka kuchangamsha watu, people have to talk about you, to be out there.

But then again – no regrets on her side since she believes that;

Everyone on Instagram is faking it

and in conclusion, the mother of one said;

You want your Instagram to look good, the pressure, mimi nilipata hii picha nikasema let me post and tell people good morning, asubuhi watu hukunywa nini? si ni chai, coffee na strong tea.”

Risper Faith photoshops her face on another woman’s body following failed weightloss journey, netizens react (Photos)

Risper Faith must be facing some self confidence issues that is judging from her photoshopped photos. Let me remind you that this did not start today or yesterday – she has been doing it for a while now thanks to her photographer who seems to be good at editing.

Risper Faith exposed for photoshopping face on Trendy Curvy’s body

The first photo she was accused of photoshopping not only saw her get dragged online but so did husband and son. Since then, she’s been avoiding putting them in the same position – but as for her, she’ll keep faking until she makes it.

Anyway, the mother of one is back to makimg news after she allegedly photoshopped her face on Trendy Curvy, a renowned content creator also known as Ms Kristine. Looking at the original and the photoshopped photo – it’s evident to see that Risper’s photographer only editted the face and colors of the outfit….but why? I mean desparate must Risper be? With all that wealth?

Failed weightloss journey

However we cannot forget that Risper Faith has been struggling with her belly since having her son amd even after liposuction – she went back to her old lifestyle hence making no difference on the weightloss journey that saw her spent Ksh 500,000.

So yea, with the potbelly determined to shed off – Risper Faith must have felt that the only way to look sexy on social media is by using Ms Kristine’s photos since they both have the same figure….but fortunately for Ms Kristine, she has no stubborn baby fat ruining her waist line. Perfect target.

Anyway, having been exposed for the edit – fans in the comment section had this to say;

Back to the streets? Risper Faith serving thirst traps days after claiming marriage is scam

Risper Faith is living life to the fullest! You see, a few days ago she went on to share a post talking about marriage being a scam. A quite popular saying that has been quoted by many after realizing there partners are cheating.

With the post (which she later deleted) we all assumed there’s trouble in paradise but since she did not share much…we also felt chances are that she’s clout chasing especially now that she hasn’t been making news. I mean, they all clout chase….look at Size 8 and husband DJ Mo…anything to remain relevant right?

Anyway now that she might be single, Risper Faith is busy parading acres of skin on her social media pages and to caption one of the posts she wrote kuwakunywa….and indeed she serving body goals.

Bringing her sexy back

Like i said, we cannot confirm whether her post  was based on her marriage with Brayo….but again why would she post that of its not describing her current situation with husband Brayo?

Well…whatever the case, Risper Faith is now entertaining her followers with thirst traps photos and with this Nairobi cold….I bet Bouchard wouldn’t have had it any other way. Like I said…she said implied it the  kuwakunywa caption right? Haya sasa…kazi Kwake. Check out the photos below.

“Jokes on me” Risper Faith throws shade at her small circle of fake friends

Socialite Risper Faith night just need to cut off some of her so called friends following an incident that went down this past weekend.

According to the socialite she’s always been the kind of friend who is willing to support her friends projects; however after this past weekend – she got to learn that not everybody you call a friend is truly rooting for you.

Risper Faith With her fiancé, Brayo

From her post, we understand that Risper had planned for a lavish intimate event allowing only close friends to attend. To her surprise – none of whom she considers as friends turned up.

Speaking about this, the mother of one uploaded a photo in the company of her husband and the only friend she currently has and captioned;

None of my “friends” attended my event na vile Mimi hu support watu????????????????????????????joke on me Thanks @biancah_ironlady , @brayo79 for supporting me

New life new friends

Before meeting husband, Brayo – Risper Faith had friends from all walks of life but after getting married and upgrading her lifestyle – of course she had to let go of some of her old friends.

Risper Faith’s mansion

Mainly because to elevate your life, sometimes you have to separate yourself…and this is what she did – however judging from the post shared above – chances are that she did not sieve all the fake friends the first reduced her circle.

But now that she see’s things abit more clearer – chances are that she might just turn to her hubby for friendship too.

‘My Value Is Increasing’- Socialite Risper Faith Celebrates 30th Birthday

Flamboyant and curvy socialite Risper Faith is today celebrating her 30th birthday. In an exquisite photoshoot, she penned a sweet note to self as she hit ‘3rd floor’.

Happy birthday to me

Year after year this gorgeous queen only gets sexier!
As I celebrate my 30th birthday I am keeping all the happy moments today, so that I can turn them into a fine cushion for old age.”

Lady Risper celebrates 30th birthday-Instagram(courtesy)

In her message to celebrate herself, she also connoted that her value is increasing;


In relation to this, a week earlier, Risper stated how immensely her rate card has increased over 10 years period that she has been working on herself.

She shared a throwback photo of herself and wrote;

”This is me 10 years ago,was called to host an event for 3k,and ended up not being paid…right now the same event is happening and I just charged them 200k staki ujinga”

Risper is still maintaining her curvy figure after her exorbitant plastic surgery that made her one of the most curvy socialites in the country.

Happy 30th birthday to her!.

Risper Faith is pregnant, expecting baby No. 2 with hubby, Brayo

After undergoing liposuction worth Ksh,500,000 and trying all sorts of diets; Risper is pregnant for the second time.

This is probably because she wants to get done with having babies; before embarking on her journey to achieving a sexy body.

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Risper after liposuction

The former Socialite who is a married to Brayo made the announcement through her Instagram page; adding that unlike other pregnant mums, she hasn’t stopped taking her favorite drink, liquor.

Where the party starts and ends….don’t ask me question yes am pregnant and I love my liquor.

Risper Faith’s family growing

Also read: Risper Faith opts for Gastric bypass surgery after failed KSh 500k liposuction

If what Risper Faith is true then I guess this will be her second baby; 3 years after she had her first child through normal birth.

Risper Faith

Anyway, seeing how pregnancy hormones affect her body; I bet Risper must be spooked out – now that she has to deal with different hormones for 9 months; before baby arrives. And oh, even after birth.

Congratulatory messages

With the cat out of the bag,  Risper Faith now doesn’t have to wear the body shapers that leave her awkward; just to impress her fans and online users.

Risper Faith pregnant

Anyway, fans have not only congratulated her for the second pregnancy; but have asked the socialite to keep her pregnancy on the low.

This is because Vera Sidika has made everyone follow her pregnancy by force; and clearly they  don’t need to keep up with another socialite baby.

Risper Faith flaunts 3 story mansion built for her by mother in law, ‘mama Brayo’

Risper Faith recently told off some of her husband’s friends for claiming that Brayo failed in the United States; only to return home broke – and is now living off his mother wealth.

Lady Risper with her man, Brian Muiruri

Well, guess what – whether broke or not, believe me Risper Faith is definitely living the life; that is judging from her latest post where she parades ‘her stunning mansion’ as seen on her page.

Although there are those who claim this mansion belongs to Mama Brayo; believe me, Risper is the one enjoying the mansion more than the alleged owner who lives in the United States.

Sharing the photos on social media, Risper went on to caption the post;

Chilling at my mansion like ???????????? ????????????????

Risper Faith’s mansion

How Brayo changed Risper’s life

Well, if you had a chance to listen to Risper’s interview on Jalango TV; then you will understand why the former socialite is determined to fight online bullies picking on her hubby.

From a roach-infested one bedroom in Thindigua to a mansion in kitisuru is a no joke; and yes – I now get it why  Risper has to insult fans on behalf of husband.


“We slept together on our first date“ Risper Faith shares unknown details about relationship with hubby, Brian

Women/girls from this generation have been taught about the 90 day rule; but trust me – it’s actually a rule many don’t follow; and for those who do – they might be very much single! Just saying.

Anyway…there are women like Risper Faith who don’t mind dishing it out; not to everyone (just those who deserve it) and luckily for her this is how she managed to bag a husband. That is judging from her interview she did with Jalang’o just a few hours ago.

Brian, Risper and Jalang’o

Speaking about how she met her hubby, Brian – Risper Faith says the fella sent her a DM on Instagram; and just like that their relationship began and became serious online for a couple of months.

First Date

However having promised to come to Kenya from Kentucky, USA – Risper says she waited for this man for months; not knowing whether he would accept her for who she is – considering she was living in Thindigua and the apartment wasn’t up to his standards (judging from his lifestyle on IG) so she thought.

Lady Risper with her man, Brian Muiruri

However, just as planned Risper says Brayo jetted into the country and went straight at to her apartment.

“He came to my house straight from the airport. I had cooked ugali with chicken but it was so soupy so she refused to eat and asked us to order takeout. Cockroaches were just roaming in my house as I had no fridge.”

Talks about their first time

Judging from how Risper narrates her first experience with Brian; she sounds that she or rather had it all planned out.

Speaking to Jalang’o, the mother of one said;

Eeh alilala huko. Nilikuwa nimenunua duvet ya pink nimeosha na sta soft weeeuh, alilala. Sister yangu aliniukiza yaani huyu alitoka US na amekuja kulala Thindigua basi huyu mtu anakupenda sana.

(yes he slept over the first night. Infact I had just bought a pink duvet and washed it clean for us. My sister seeing that he wanted to sleep over; she then assured me that this man must have been really in love with me.)


Aaah hiyo siku ni seal na nikasign kila kitu

Meaning she did not hold back from giving her man the best night of his life; and look – he ended up marrying her later on.

“Nimemfunga na uchawi ya wabukusu” Risper Faith reveals secret behind successful marriage

Risper Faith recently decided to address haters claiming husband Brayo is a failure from the US; and apparently the money she keeps on her social media’s actually belongs to Mama Brayo and not Brayo himself.

In short, the guy is bum but good at showing off what belongs to his mum.

Lady Risper with her man, Brian Muiruri

However having heard such rumors spread about hubby; Risper for the time got to address the allegations through her Instagram Live; where she told off a certain follower for claiming Brayo is a failure who couldn’t get his life together while living in the United States.

Of course at this point Risper must have been really mad that Brayo’s close friends are using his past to attack his current lifestyle; but being the good wife she chose to fight his battles.

Risper weds Brian
Risper weds Brian

Brayo has kids in Atlanta

During the live, Risper also got to address rumors claiming husband has a kid or rather kids in Atlanta where he relocated from before coming to Kenya.

However according to Risper, these are just rumors aimed at ruining her marriage; but what they don’t understand is that she will never leave him whether the rumors are true or not!

At this point while still angered, Risper went on to give her reason as why Brayo will never leave her either saying;

Risper Faith With her fiancé, Brayo

Nimemfunga na uchawi za wa Bukusu

A statement she probably regrets uttering; especially with how most of Nairobi slay queens are known to use Juju to score wealthy men. I mean, look at Amber Ray and ex husband Zaheer; and now, Jimal is also said to be under her spell.

But oh well, si ni

Risper Faith opts for Gastric bypass surgery after failed KSh 500k liposuction

Whether Risper Faith likes it or not; truth is – she needs to reduce the amount of Junk food she keeps consuming in her day to day life. Why?

Well, after spending half a million on cosmetic surgery Liposuction – Risper got back her 28inch waist; which unfortunately lasted for a few weeks before all the fat cake tumbling down her belly.

Risper after liposuction

I’m pretty sure with a 28inch waist; the lass did not think that consuming unhealthy foods; would bring back her old 30 something inch waist that came after pregnancy.

Risper looking pregnant at Vera Sidika’s gender reveal

This past weekend the mother of one left many talking; after appearing to look pregnant while at Vera’s gender reveal party.

If you ask me, Risper’s belly actually looks bigger than that of Vera; which explains fans thought bibi ya Brian is heavy with child.

I don’t know who needs to hear this (mostly Risper) but liposuction; is done by disciplined people willing to give up their bad eating habits; and above EXERCISE!

Opting for gastric bypass surgery

Anyway now that she wants to go back to her skinny body; Risper Faith recently reached out to fans asking about Gastric bypass surgery. She wrote;

Risper Faith

Well, unlike liposuction – gastric bypass surgery is a whole lot of complicated surgery. I say this because – judging from how Wema struggled with her health to a point of almost dying; means that this surgery is just too risky.

But again, being a stay home – with a babysitting schedule and series to keep up with….why not just workout?

“Huyu atanona tu tena” Netizens react to new photo of Risper enjoying junk food weeks after liposuction surgery

Risper Faith is back to enjoying her junk food now that her snatched waist is back to behaving.

Well, about 3 months ago the mother of one underwent a cosmetic surgery to remove the excess fat gained after her son was born in 2018. According to the lady she gained almost 40 extra Kgs that left her feeling like mtugi ya keg; her words not mine!

Risper Faith

However after the surgery, Risper snapped back and in a few weeks; one couldn’t tell whether she was the same Risper who looked like a person struggling with obesity. Right after the surgery she however revealed that she wouldn’t go back to living an unhealthy life.

Back to cheat days

Well, barely six months into her new body and the former socialite was once again spotted enjoying some junk food. As expected fans couldn’t hold back from talking about how she wasted Ksh 500,000; only to jump right back into fatty foods.

Risper Faith undergoes liposuction

Most went on to give her just a few days before she starts gaining her old weight back. They wrote;

Risper Faith

Those complaining is it your body? Was the lipo money yours? Is she eating on your bill?

While another went on to say;

Huyu atanona tena

Botched? Risper Faith forced to explain why she wears corset after 2 months expensive cosmetic surgery

Risper Faith should have probably kept her liposuction surgery a secret since fans cannot help but follow up with the lady; as they wait to see the transformation Ksh 500,000 can do.

Well after her surgery, Risper Faith made fans believe that she would bounce back in 6 weeks; something that has proven to be quite hard and fans cannot help but troll for wasting money.

This is probably because she did not know that after liposuction; one has to take time (months) before they achieve their desired bodies. But having given fans false hopes – the same fans have now decided to use her figure against her.

Risper Faith undergoes liposuction

One of her fans recently went on to question Risper for stepping out with a corset; as she expected the lass to have a small waist by now. She wrote;

 just a polite question why I you still waist training and you underwent liposuction?@ladyrisper?”.

To which the socialite responded saying;

hi am not fully healed it takes time to be healed if I remove the corset I tend to bulge given the fact that I was removed a lot of fats so it might take time 6months”

Botched booty?

While others focus on the waist, the rest cannot keep their eyes off her big booty which apparently looks unpropotional. Most of Risper’s fans did not shy from leaving all sorts of comments as they seek answers as to whether her big booty was a result of the liposuction surgery.

Below are a few comments from the curious fans looking for answers.

“Nikama umekalia Honda!” Risper Faith trolled after flaunting weird looking big booty (Photo)

Lady Risper Faith recently had liposuction to help remove the unwanted fat in her body. According to the lass whose son will be turning 2 years in a few weeks; she had struggled with baby fat since giving birth and despite hitting the gym, she continue to gain weight.

However about 7 weeks ago, the former Nairobi Diaries actress had her liposuction surgery which seemed to work miracles. So far she has lost most of the fat on her waistline but judging by how her arms look…. well we can understand why fans feel she looks weird.

The photo shared on her Instagram page may have been shared to show off her tiny waist and big bum; but fans in the comment section could not help talking about how ‘unproportional’ she now looks. One of the fans wrote;

M@tako juu juu kama breaks za Honda

Which many found hilarious but true.

Hilarious reactions from fans

While others were busy criticizing her arms and shoulders; many could not stop from trolling her big butt which they claim should have been reduced.

Of course Kenyan and Tanzanian fans are always ready to hit where it hurts and for this reason they did not have any mercy on Risper. So far she has muted her comment section, but below are a few screenshot showing comments from fans.

Top 5 female celebrities who have undergone cosmetic surgeries to enhance their looks

With  technology advancing every day, women now have the opportunity to alter their bodies however they want. I mean, one can buy from booty, breasts, waist, short toes to a fake smile; but this is only possible when a person has money.

So far we have had a few socialites in Kenya and Tanzania open up about their surgeries; while others continue to insist that their bodies are natural due to diet and healthy living. However for the likes of Huddah and Vera Sidika; we all know they paid to get their banging bodies.


Huddah Monroe pens advice to fans

Huddah claims to have only done breast surgery which was aimed at slightly increasing her boobs. However some claim that she also had butt implants but chose to go for a smaller size


Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika

Former socialite Vera Sidika on the other hand has been quite open about her surgeries. She not only went for butt implants but also had a boob job. Others also believe that she may have been getting liposuction for her small waist; but the lass claims her veetox tea is the reason she slimmed down over night. But question is, why is it not working for her now?

Risper Faith

Risper Faith looking gorgeous after liposuction

After battling with baby fat for close to 2 years after her son’s birth; Risper recently went in for liposuction and judging from how quickly she has snapped back to her old size… I bet it’s okay to say that money can also happiness.

Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu´s massive weight loss, worries masses

Unlike Risper Faith who chose liposuction; word has it that Wema Sepetu travelled to India for Gastric bypass. Unlike other surgeries, Gastric bypass is surgery helps a person lose weight by changing how their stomach and small intestine handle the food one eats. Well, so far fans can see the results and from how skinny Wema now looks; but very few would want to try it out.

Hamisa Mobetto

Tanzanian model, actress and singer Hamisa Mobetto

Although Hamisa Mobetto has always had a petite waist and a bum; most Tanzanian gossip tablets claim that she also had cosmetic surgery to enhance her entire physical look. Judging from photos taken during her modeling days in Nairobi and those shared on her IG; well it’s easy to believe the rumor…. but as for now all we can do is speculate.

Meet Risper Faith’s hot and curvy sister that will leave you drooling! (Photo)

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Risper Faith has lately been making headlines thanks to the transformation she underwent thanks to liposuction. According to the lass, she was weighing a whooping 116kgs before the cosmetic surgery; but in a few weeks she will be unveiling how much she now weighs!

Away from that we also understand that Risper Faith is a very private person despite being a celebrity in Kenya. Almost 2 years after giving birth; the socialite is yet to unveil her son’s face and fans can’t keep calm.

We also know very little about her parents and in laws as she chooses to keep them off social media; but judging from her latest post – I bet very soon we shall be meeting the entire family.

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Risper Faith undergoes liposuction

Risper Faith’s hot sister

Although the lady claims she was over weight due to baby fat; fans on the other hand believe that the curvy body runs in their genes by looking at her sister.

The former socialite for the first time shared a beautiful photo of her sister who looks exactly like Risper Faith, but minus the make up. She is the typical African woman with well built body structure that has left many lusting over her.

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Her Colgate smile can easily brighten someone’s day  and if you thought Zari’s legs were anything to drool over; then have a look at this lady’s legs. Anyway below is the hot photo that has left many talking in the comment section.

Isn’t she lovely?

Risper Faith’s sister

New photo of Risper Faith a month after surgery leaves tongues wagging

Barely weeks after undergoing a costly liposuction, a new photo of former Nairobi Diaries reality star, Risper Faith has left many speechless.

Lady Risper Njunge broke the news of her roughly 6-month surgery early in the month, after an alarming weight gain in unwelcome places following the birth of her 2-year old son.

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The frustrations caused by the weight addition had become too much, forcing her to splash a good KSh500k on liposuction that has now left her an envy to the ladies.

Her new look

It has been 4 weeks since she left the surgery room and had time to heal and her comeback is what has grabbed the attention of many.

Risper Faith

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In a recent post, a dear Lady Risper, opts for sassy, black, body con dress that shows off her every curve and in the right places.

She complements the sassy look with a pair of white heels and a fashionable pair of glasses.

Forget the dress, her wasp-like waist is what caught the attention of fans who have been left mouths agape.

“Good morning loves. As we wait for the reveal pics am glad am now at the 4th week after surgery,” she addresses.

Clarifying; “…and I’ve been discharged to wear heels.”

Risper faith flaunts wasp-like waist

For the ladies, Risper Faith is nothing short of their body goals. Have a look at some of the comments;

Risper Faith flaunts hourglass figure days after undergoing plastic surgery (Photo)

Girls saying ‘I’m only with him for love and not money’ should take a moment and read this! This is because money has proven to make the world go round; and if you’re not independent then bag a man who can take care of you like Brian does with Risper!

22 months after welcoming their son, Risper Faith says she gained some massive weight that left her feeling kama mtugi ya Keg; but thanks to the new cosmetic surgery being done in town, the young mum was able to achieve her body goals the easy way out!

Risper Faith undergoes liposuction

This past weekend, Risper Faith admitted to having undergone liposuction to hell reduce fat around her arms and belly! According to the lass, the plastic surgeons managed to remove 8kgs of fat from her belly and lower back. This is because of the unhealthy eating she has been doing for the past few months. Risper opened up saying;

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“8 litres of fat was removed from my stomach and lower back through surgery called liposuction by @bodybydesignkenya ,at this point my life has completely changed no more eating unhealthy…”

Snatched back to waist 28

Well, it has only been a week and Risper Faith’s small waist is back to where it was before she conceived her son. The young mum revealed this through her gram where she shared a photo; parading her tinny waist which she says is size 28.

Through her Instagram page socialite wrote;

Brayo’s wife, Risper Faith before surgery

Also read:“Nakaa tu kama mtungi ya keg,” a stressed Risper Faith weighing 116 Kgs undergoes liposuction 2 years after giving birth (Photo)

Day 7 post surgery,just done with today’s massage and my waist is already at 28inches thanks to @bodybydesignkenya am aiming for waist 22…

As anyone can imagine, social media are reacting to her decision to change her shape. A lot of her fans simply commented on this fact, anticipating a slew of critiques about the socialites new figure.

Checkout the new Risper below.

Risper Faith shows new figure