Reasons for Alai’s support of Ruto over Kalonzo in Raila’s absence

Kileleshwa Member of the County Assembly (MCA) Robert Alai suggests that the potential departure of opposition leader Raila Odinga from the political arena complicates the chances of Kalonzo Musyoka defeating President William Ruto in the 2027 presidential election race.

In a post on X, Alai, known for his controversial comments, claimed, without providing proof, that Mr. Odinga’s supporters have more confidence in President Ruto compared to Mr. Musyoka.

Alai’s remarks came hours after Uganda President Yoweri Museveni hosted both President Ruto and Mr. Odinga at his Kisozi farm in Western Uganda.

The three leaders later confirmed that the discussions centered around several issues, including Mr. Odinga’s bid to become the next chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC).

He stated, “Let me tell you with a lot of certainty. If Baba (read Raila Odinga) is not in the (presidential) race in 2027 and given the choice between Kalonzo and Ruto, ODM (Orange Democratic Movement) supporters would easily go for Ruto. ODM supporters would trust Ruto over Kalonzo ANY DAY.”

In an interview with NTV towards the end of 2023, Mr. Musyoka, the leader of the Wiper Democratic Movement, declared his intention to contest the presidency in 2027.

Mr. Musyoka further emphasized that supporting Mr. Odinga’s possible bid for the fourth time in 15 years was out of the question.

Subsequently, the issue of leadership within the Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Alliance Movement has led to a tug of war over Mr. Odinga’s success in attaining the AUC position in 2025.

Despite the AUC term being four years, analysts point out that Mr. Odinga has the option to resign a year before the 2027 elections in Kenya to join the race.

Nevertheless, Ida Odinga, Mr. Odinga’s wife, has set her sights elsewhere.

At an event in Nyandiwa, Suba South, last week, she revealed her preference for nominated MP John Mbadi to succeed Mr. Odinga if his AUC appointment materializes.

“Baba has mentored many to take care of what he’s left behind as he goes to the AU. Mbadi, after all these years of mentorship, do you still need more training? Should I continue? That’s Baba’s heartbeat,” she said.

Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai Proposes to Segregate Brothels in Their Own Estates

Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai has proposed that brothels be segregated in their own estates, citing the proliferation of such businesses in residential areas.

Alai said that the presence of brothels in residential areas can sometimes be a nuisance to residents. He argued that while people need entertainment venues, they should be built in a more systematic way rather than randomly.

“We need sanity in residential areas. Yes, we need the sin side sometimes but shouldn’t be the norm. Make it discreet and interesting. It can’t be all over as it is,” Alai said.

This is not the first time that Alai has spoken out against the annoyance caused by entertainment venues near residential areas. In late November of last year, he welcomed the Nairobi county government’s decision to cancel the operating licenses of nightclubs near residential neighborhoods.

City Hall said that it had revoked the licenses for the businesses in residential zones following a public outcry. It was also stated that only nightclubs in the Central Business District would be granted licenses from this point forward.

Alai, who had been at the forefront of criticizing the clubs for causing disturbance in residential areas due to noise pollution, applauded the decision.

Alai’s proposal to segregate brothels in their own estates has been met with mixed reactions. Some people support the idea, arguing that it would help to reduce the nuisance caused by brothels in residential areas. Others oppose the idea, arguing that it would be discriminatory and that it would not solve the underlying problem of prostitution.

The issue of brothels in residential areas is a complex one, and there is no easy solution. Alai’s proposal is one possible solution, but it is important to consider all of the potential impacts before implementing it.

KRG humiliated after flossing millions as Robert Alai exposes source

Since yesterday evening, when he posted a video on social media showing off large sums of money, Kenyan rapper KRG the Don has been explaining all the difficulties he has faced.

The musician revealed in a video he posted to his Instagram stories that he struggled to get any sleep at night out of concern that those looking for money would be able to find him.

“Unadhani nimelala mahali moja usiku yote? Nimelala niki hama hama hadi asubuhi. Nimelala nyumba nne kutoka usiku hadi asubuhi.

Nalala 2 hours naona nikama wanakuja hapo natoka, nahama hiyo nyumba naenda ingine… Hiyo pesa imeniletea shida mingi sana.”

The artist acknowledged that, looking back, sending the cash bundles so late at night was a mistake. Yesterday, the artist demonstrated how he was counting stacks of cash in a 3-minute video.

After placing the cash in a gold bag, he answers a call from someone who is paying him Sh 90 million to take part in a betting promotion.

Krg declines the offer, claiming that he is a “90 million ni pesa kidogo,” a man of prestige. He insisted that betting enterprises had substantial budgets for promotions and demanded at least Sh100 million.

“For 90 million they should look for someone else. Bro, I am number one right now.”

Kenyans weighed in with their views in addition to KRA telling him that they demand a portion of Ceasar’s property.

Many were outraged by his ability to brag while oblivious to the fact that the majority of people in the community are fighting to put food on the table.

The revenue collecting agency received numerous tags from KOT that read “ifikie KRA.”

Robert Alai, an MCA from Kilimani, added his voice. On Twitter, he mocked the artist, calling him “another broke fool who is given money by former MP to flaunt.”

His remark even fueled the flames, as his admirers once more questioned whether he obtained his money honestly.


Alai uses Edday leaving to attack Samidoh

Robert Alai, a Kileleshwa County Assembly member, and Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh, a musician from Mugithi, have escalated their internet argument over the passing of interior designer Jeff Mwathi.

Mr. Alai’s accusation that the Kikuyu singer was “shielding a murderer” caused their disputes to become public for the first time.

Jeff, a nephew of Samidoh, passed away in February at the home of DJ Fatxo, another Mugithi performer, in circumstances that are still not apparent.

In light of insufficient evidence, the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has since dropped the accusations against DJ Fatxo.

Alai, however, has gone on public to assert that Samidoh, a police officer, was bought off to defend DJ Fatxo in the case.

Via Facebook, Alai said;

“A suspect is openly bragging how a serving police officer helped him escape murder charges,”

Initially promising to see that justice is done, Samidoh attended Jeff’s funeral alongside senator Karen Nyamu, who was nominated by his baby mama.

Alai, however, has gone on public to assert that Samidoh, a police officer, was bought off to defend DJ Fatxo in the case.

However, Mr. Alai took things a bit personally on Thursday when he asserted that Samidoh’s wife, Edday Nderitu, moved to the US to escape the musician’s never-ending troubles.

With her three children from her relationship with Samidoh, Edday is now on vacation in the US. The musician and Ms. Nyamu are parents to two additional kids.

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Jeff Mwathi was denied justice: Samidoh , Alai clash over bribery allegations

Mugiithi singer Samidoh has denied allegations that he was bribed to protect DJ Fatxo in the case surrounding the untimely death of Jeff Mwathi.

The allegations were made by politician Robert Alai on his Facebook page. Alai claimed that Samidoh had been bribed by DJ Fatxo to help him avoid prosecution for Jeff’s death.

Samidoh has vehemently denied the allegations, calling them “false” and “malicious.” He has also threatened to sue Alai for defamation.

“I am shocked and appalled by the false allegations made against me by Robert Alai,” Samidoh said in a statement. “I have never been bribed by anyone, and I would never do anything to jeopardize the investigation into Jeff’s death.”

Jeff Mwathi was Samidoh’s nephew. He died on May 19, 2023, after allegedly falling from a window in DJ Fatxo’s house. The circumstances surrounding his death are still under investigation.

Samidoh has been actively involved in the investigation, and he has been critical of DJ Fatxo’s account of what happened. He has also questioned the police’s handling of the case.

Alai’s allegations have further inflamed tensions in the case. Samidoh has called for Alai to retract his statements and apologize. Alai has so far refused to do so.

The case is still under investigation, and it is unclear what will happen next. However, the allegations against Samidoh have cast a shadow over the investigation and have raised questions about the integrity of the police.

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Alai vs Sonko: Insults and arrogance on display as the two clash

Robert Alai and Mike Sonko have been engaged in a war of words all morning and as you can expect, they have been trading insults and showcasing their arrogance on social media.

The beef emanates from a video the former Nairobi governor had shared on social media of himself flaunting 40 million shillings in cash (local and foreign currencies).

Robert Earl I took offence at the insults Mike Sonko was hurling as well as the jarring boasting and it would seem Mr Mbuvi had a lot of time on his hands because yesterday and earlier today morning he has been engaging his destructive on both his main account and from pseudo accounts.

Their spot has been rather entertaining as you can see from the tweets below:


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Ringtone and Robert Alai Using Courts to Chase Clout is Making a Mockery of Our Judicial System

Robert Alai and Ringtone got into a small fender bender over one year ago. This is from even before Robert got elected as an MCA of Kileleshwa. Robert Alai came out of his car very dramatically with a rungu and the whole incident was conveniently recorded by someone nearby. Do you smell clout here? I definitely do…


Even more coincidentally, Ringtone released the music video for his song “Fagia” shortly after:



And now today, they’re STILL chasing clout with this long drawn-out beef. Look at how Ringtone today dramatically showed up to court with bandages for an accident that happened over one year ago:



These two nincompoops are making a complete mockery of our Kenyan court system. Cracking jokes outside the court and even during the case. If the Kenyan judges have any intention of preserving the integrity of our courts, they should throw this case out as soon as possible! The judiciary should use this as a learning experience to reflect on the many ways people can abuse the unecessary delays in our courts. Reforming the speed of judgements should be a top priority for the Ruto government and any other government that comes after it

Misplaced priorities? Robert Alai blasts Maina Kageni for buying new 2020 BMW X6 on loan money!

Robert Alai has always been on Maina Kageni’s case since 2013; and this time around, Alai just needed to share his thoughts after learning that Maina Kageni spent Ksh 8M on new 2020 BMW X6.

According to reports the new 2020 BMW X6 is not like any other ordinary car. It is ranked as the most expensive SUV the German luxury brand has ever sold; and this is because of its performance while on the road.

Well, Maina Kageni happens to be the first person to allegedly own it in East Africa. And judging from his love of finer toys and life this is no surprise; but according to Robert Alai, this is a waste of money especially with the pandemic leaving many jobless.

Classic 105 presenter, Maina Kageni

Alai fires shots

As seen on a tweet shared on Alai’s page, he criticized Maina Kageni for allegedly taking up a loan to buy the car; adding that he would never pull such a move for luxury.

Asset finance. I am not having. Just saying!!! But one of the most useless assets.

Robert Alai attacks Maina Kageni

This is not the first time Alai is attacking Maina Kageni on social media. About 5 years ago he went on to reveal that Maina Kageni used connections to acquire his job at Classic 105.

According to Alai, Maina being termed as the best radio presenter was just unnecessary noise; since no tested all talents in Kenya to conclude that Maina’s voice was special.

Not quite sure why the blogger has strong dislike feelings towards Maina Kageni; but this time around he could be hating for the right reasons – that is if Maina indeed took up a loan to buy his new toy!

But will Maina Kageni respond to Alai’s allegations? Let us wait and see!

Huddah reveals where she goes online when she wants to know all the nonsense happening in Kenya

Which page or website do you go to whenever you want to know the latest happenings in Kenya?

For Huddah Monroe, she has a sweet source who gives her the latest happening in Kenya: Robert Alai. The socialite took to social media to share that whenever she wants to know the stupid things happening in the country, she checks the controversial blogger’s page.


We all know the type of content Alai posts on his page. It’s no what many feminists will particularly agree with.

Akothee and Victoria Kimani are many female celebrities that have had a chance to deal with Alai one on one after he shamed them online.

Robert Alai alongside fellow controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi have been first source of news happening around and revealing scandals.



Totally savage! Akothee renews attack on Robert Alai  

Akothee and Robert Alai traded crude insults on social media on Monday November 19th. The genesis of the angry showdown was an old beef.

Robert Alai insulted Akothee a few years ago and when the blogger recently approached the singer for a business opportunity, she used the chance to settle the old score.

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Have you seen my bra?

Akothee has since renewed attacks on Robert Alai. The mother of five took to social media to share a really irritating photoshopped picture of the blogger and captioned it;

Mrs ALAI : Hei bitch, have you seen my bra ? Haki huyo jamaa hatoboki hakunilipa poa ??????? any way , this Yahoo boys don’t have that much money, na hao wazungu wanapatianga
Akothee doo ,hua anawapata vipi wuoyeeee ? , haki nimechoka kuhustle hawa politicians –

Akothee : huko huko mahali unapata hao yahoo boys , shugulika mama, mungu atakuonekania, bola uhai ???? nyambura lakini kumbuka , LANES

Totally hilarious! Robert Alai makes sex comment about Citizen TV anchors, David Ndii’s response will surely make him visit Sabina Joy

There is no doubt Citizen TV has the sexiest news anchors. But Robert Alai clams Royal Media Service has ulterior motive in hiring beautiful anchors.

The controversial blogger took to twitter to complain about being served ‘soft porn’ by Citizen TV. He shared photos of Vyonne Okwara anchoring news and said RMS top honchos were just pimps.

“Royal Media is just serving us soft porn. Wachira Waruru and SK Macharia are just pimps. Sex is the content. No serious news content here,” Alai twitted.


Alai’s tweet attracted savage response from Kenyans on Twitter. Economist David Ndii was among those who hit back at Alai over his tweet.

Ndii urged Alai to visit a brothel instead of complaining about his sexual thirst on Twitter.

Robert Alai to Akothee: Injecting yourself with hard drugs is not wise

Robert Alai has taken a dig at Akothee claiming that she is doing hard drugs. The controversial blogger seems to have arrived at the conclusion after the controversial performance in London.

About two weeks ago, Akothee’s dressing code and dancing style during her concert in London sparked uproar. The mother of five thrilled fans with her raunchy dances that included lifting one of her legs up high while wearing a body suit.

Arbiters of moral correctness were quick to sound the alarm after Akothee paraded her nether regions during her performance at Wembley stadium.

Avoid the needle people

Robert Alai recently took to Instagram and shared a photo of Akothee performing in London, he captioned the photo with a message to Akothee.

Alai claims Akothee is doing hard drugs. The controversial blogger further warned the singer to avoid injecting herself with drugs.

“Someone’s mother. Avoid the needle people. Injecting yourself with hard drugs is not wise. Awuoro!!!!” Wrote Robert Alai.




Furious Robert Alai returns state commendation awarded to him by president Uhuru

Robert Alai has finally fallen out with president Uhuru Kenyatta. The controversial blogger announced he will be returning the Head of States Commendation (HSC).

In December 12th 2017 Kenyans were taken by a rude shock because of the names of people who were awarded Head of States Commendation (HSC).

Also read: Mbusi defends state commendation awarded to him by president Uhuru

Alai was awarded the HSC for pledging allegiance to Uhuru. He dumped Raila and started supporting Uhuru and he was rewarded for his move.

The fall out

Alai has halted his support for Uhuru because of betting tax. The Treasury finally sobered up and proposed to cut gaming tax from 35% of revenue to 15%. Last year gaming giant SportPesa withdrew all sports sponsorship following a tussle with the government over the 35% corporate tax imposed by the government on gaming income.

Gor Mahia was among the teams affected by SportPesa’s withdrawal of the sponsorship. But Robert Alai supports the idea of over taxing betting firms.

“I can’t support the government any more. You can’t lower taxation on betting / GAMING. From today, I have completely withdrawn my support for President Uhuru and his government. We are killing the youth of this country through this uncontrolled betting craze,” a furious Alai tweeted.

The blogger went on to announce that he was returning the HSC awarded to him. He said Uhuru should be ashamed to allow tax reduction for betting firms.

“With reduction of tax on betting, I will gladly return the HSC award. You can’t kill a generation with betting which you are not willing to regulate. @UKenyatta you should be ashamed to allow this to happen. You are killing young people with this betting craze,” Alai tweeted.

“I advised Uhuru to ban Shisha” Robert Alai confesses as he reveals other changes Kenyans should expect soon

Robert Alai has reached the upper echelons of government, he is now directly advising president Uhuru. Shisha smokers have Alai to blame for the ban.

Shisha smokers were on Thursday dealt a huge blow after the government banned its sale in the country. Health Ministry through a Gazette notice banned the importation, manufacture, advertising and sale of the product in Kenya.

“No person shall import, manufacture, sell, offer for sale, use, advertise, promote, facilitate or encourage shisha smoking in Kenya,” a notice by Health Cabinet Secretary Cleopa Mailu read in part.

Uhuru and Ruto listen to the common man

Robert Alai has taken credit for the ban on shisha smoking in Kenya. The government blogger says he advised the president and his deputy to ban shisha and they listened.

Alai also cautions that more radical changes will follow soon. He says that Kenyans should expect changes in internet use soon.

“I advised the govt to ban Shisha and it has. President @UKenyatta and DP @WilliamsRuto listens to the common man. Give them that. They listen to advice of the common man. You will see some great changes in data privacy, UAV and internet use laws,” Robert Alai tweeted.

KOT reacts

Kenyans on Twitter reacted in fury over Alai’s confession. KOT is perplexed at how fast the blogger has become influential in government ever since he switched allegiance.



Controversial blogger Robert Alai in mourning

Robert Alai happens to be one of the most controversial bloggers in the country. So far he has found himself in trouble with several celebrities but with his don’t care attitude, the fella seems unshakable.

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Away from his social media life, the blogger a few hours revealed that his sister had passed on. He shared a detailed post via twitter. The post read to say;

Alai’s late sister

From the information above it seems that the late Hellen was not ill when she passed on. Anyway, we from the Ghafla team send out our heartfelt condolences to the Alai family.

Raila Odinga is richer than Uhuru Kenyatta! Baba’s new net worth shocks Kenyans

President Uhuru Kenyatta was thought to be the richest politician in Kenya – he has appeared on Forbes list of richest African presidents. But apparently Raila is richer than him.

In 2011, Forbes estimated Uhuru’s net worth at $500 million or Kes 51 billion. Most of his wealth came from property. President owns stakes in Kenya’s largest dairy company Brookside Dairies, media company Mediamax, Heritage Hotels, Commercial Bank of Africa and hundreds of thousands of hectares of prime land in Kenya.

Robert Alai, former Raila Odinga ally who now working for Uhuru Kenyatta, has revealed that the government did an audit and they discovered that Raila’s personal wealth was in excess of Kes 3 trillion or $29 billion.

“After recent government audit, Raila’s personal wealth is found to be in excess of Ksh 3Trillion. Does it reflect in the life of his constituents? In 2007 alone, one country (Germany) gave him Ksh 110billion. He never invested the amount in his campaigns,” Robert Alai wrote.

Even though Alai probably inflated the figure, there is speck of truth in his claim given that a multi-agency meeting chaired by the Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua was held at Harambee House last Thursday, the meeting resolved to closely monitor the interactions between the political parties and foreign donors, with more focus inevitably on Nasa.

Robert Alai

The Sunday Nation reports that the committee comprises of Mr Kinyua, officials from the Treasury, the National Intelligence Service (NIS), the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, and representatives from the Kenya Revenue Authority among others.

Is Raila really a dollar billionaire or Alai is just dragging his name through the mud?



Robert Alai courageously tells Esther Passaris that she’s a gold-digger

Who’s protecting Alai? The controversial blogger repeatedly stated that Esther Passaris was a gold-digger without even fearing that she would sue him.

Robert Alai caused a stir on Twitter when he warned voters that electing Esther Passaris as Nairobi Women Representative was an opportunity for her to have more men to bed and demand pay from them.

Passaris reacted by telling him off before she blocked him, she said that Alai was irrelevant to women in Kenya including his mother and daughters.

Tweeps joined the conversations and warned Alai about his dangerous words but the blogger insisted that the only thing Passaris had to offer was between her legs.


Why Robert Alai is chest–thumping after Jubilee tribunal ruled in favor of Jaguar

Finally Charles Njagua Kanyi aka Jaguar is jubilee flag bearer for Starehe constituency in a race that now pits him against Steve Mbogo and Boniface Mwangi.

Jubilee Appeals Tribunal ruled on the disputed results of Starehe primaries on Tuesday May 2nd; incumbent MP Maina Kamanda had been declared winner with 10,374 votes, while jaguar garnered 8,391 votes.

Jaguar however disputed the results and held protests with his supporters at the Jubilee headquarters on Saturday. He demanded to be given the nomination certificate arguing that he floored Kamanda.

Jubilee tribunal yesterday May 2nd ruled in favor of Jaguar, he was declared Jubilee party winner in last week’s Starehe parliamentary nominations.

“Ahsante Starehe, I knew it won’t be an easy fight but together we did it#We won,” Jaguar wrote following the ruling by Jubilee tribunal.

Jaguar’s victory made Robert Alai gain a sense of self-assertion, he was certain Jubilee would give the ‘Kigeugeu’ singer Starehe nomination certificate even before the ruling was made.

“As I told you, Jaguar has finally been given the Starehe nomination certificate. Don’t listen to me at your own risk. #SiasaKenya” Robert Alai tweeted.


Shortly after winning a mega case against Uhuru, Robert Alai does this

Insulting Raila is what Uhuru can do. He hasn’t realized the value of the presidency. Adolescent president. This seat needs maturity,” Robert Alai tweeted back in 2014, a tweet that definitely put him in loggerheads with the state machinery.

The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Keriako Tobiko immediately instigated prosecution against him where he was arrested and sued for undermining the presidency.

Although he fought back by also filing a suit against the DPP’s office and that of the Attorney General, it has not been a smooth ride though he eventually became victorious today, when Justice Enoch Chacha Mwita declared that a section of the law that stipulates undermining authority of a public officer as an offence was unconstitutional and thus all the charges to be dropped.

You would expect that he’d hit the bar or call over some lass to celebrate(wait he’s married) but he chose to start an onslaught on twitter criticizing Raila and the whole of NASA, the same outfit he was defending at the time of his arrest.

At the same time he was also applauding Uhuru and the whole of Jubilee fraternity declaring them as the winners in the on coming elections; the same outfit that was determined to ensure he rotted in prison.

Just what exactly is wrong with this man?

Check out some of the tweets he’s been churning out for the better part of the day:




Robert Alai wins big against President Uhuru in court case

The controversial blogger has been under siege for close to three years as state machinery decided to punish him for insulting president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Sometimes in 2014, Robert Alai took to social media to rant about Uhuru Kenyatta, he referred the head of state as an ‘adolescent president’.

“Insulting Raila is what Uhuru can do. He hasn’t realized the value of the presidency. Adolescent president. This seat needs maturity,” Robert Alai tweeted.

The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) instigated a reign of terror upon Alai, he was arrested and sued for undermining the presidency.

Robert Alai in court

Alai has been fighting to be acquitted in the corridors of justice, he even filed a counter suit against the Attorney General and DPP claiming his rights had been violated when charges against him were preferred.

The High Court on Wednesday 26th directed that the DPP should drop charges against Alai. Justice Enoch Chacha Mwita declared that a section of the law that stipulates undermining authority of a public officer as an offence was unconstitutional.

And just like that the controversial blogger was off the hook for calling Uhuru Kenyatta an ‘adolescent president. What a win!

Robert Alai and Uhuru Kenyatta in a past State House summit