Tanzanian Rapper Rosa Ree Expresses Concern About Bad State Of Kenyan Toilets

Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree is on a tour of Kenya and has expressed her concern about the lack of bidets in Kenyan bathrooms. She posted a video on social media complaining that she has to wash her entire body after using the toilet because there is no bidet.

“Kishata kiko wapi cha kupazia jamani? Tunahangaika, tuna tengeneza mashatahafu yetu ya kiuchwara jamani msaada kwenye tuta,” she cries out showing she is forced to use a soda bottle with water to clean up.

Ree said that she is confused about how Kenyans live without bidets, and that she is forced to use a soda bottle with water to clean herself up. She appealed to Kenyans to help her by providing bidets in bathrooms.

Ree’s concern is valid. Bidets are a hygienic and efficient way to clean oneself after using the toilet. They are also more environmentally friendly than toilet paper, as they do not require the use of trees or water.

It is hoped that Ree’s video will raise awareness of the benefits of bidets and encourage Kenyans to install them in their bathrooms.

Rosa Ree serves fans with sizzling jam ‘Balenciaga’ (Video)

Award-winning Tanzanian rapper Rosary Robert, popularly known as Rosa Ree or the goddess of rap, has dropped a new track titled Balenciaga and it’s getting a lot of love from her fans, even her critics.

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Just like her previous releases, this jam is really dope. I also love that it has a small hint of ragga in it or am I the only one who thinks that it does? Anyway, all I am saying is that the sound is a bit different.

Rosa Ree has a dope flow and there’s no doubt about that. She has a unique ability to make random words rhyme. To add to that, her wordplay are out of this world. They don’t refer to her as the goddess of rap for nothing.

Rosa Ree; has dropped a new jam Balenciaga
Rosa Ree

I have listened to this track a couple of times since it was released a few days ago and every time I play it, it’s like I’m hearing it for the very first time because it’s so damn good. Believe you me, I’m not even exaggerating.

Other than the ragga vibes in Balenciaga, I must admit that the reason I’ve had it on replay is because I love the way Rosa Ree sounds.

Her voice is kind of hoarse and to add to that she has a lot of attitude in her verses. Put simply, there is some sense of authority that makes you keep listening to her.

Rosa Ree; has dropped a new jam Balenciaga
Rosa Ree

The beat on this track is sick. King Luffa really came through. Balenciaga is definitely one jam that will make you hit the dance floor without second-guessing yourself and that is not a bad thing, is it?

I loved the video concept too. It aligns well with the themes of the song which are partying, letting lose and having a good time. Props to the video director.

Watch Balenciaga below and tell us what you think.

Rosa Ree, AY, Country Boy, Xtatic and Jay Rox team up with Weusi on ‘Wapoloo Remix’ (Video)

Tanzanian Hip Hop group Weusi, which is made up of; Joh Makini, Bonta, G Nako, Lord Eyes and Nikki Wa Pili, has dropped the remix of their Wapoloo mega hit and we are really feeling it.

The remix which features; AY, Jay Moe, Rosa Ree, Country Boy, Frida Amani, Jay Rox & Xtatic has been getting a lot of airplay on both radio and TV stations since it came out a few days ago.

If you thought the original version of Wapoloo was totally dope then you’ve not seen/heard anything yet because the remix is impeccable. I have listened to this a couple of times since it came out and I am yet to get bored with it.


One of the artists who had a tight verse on the remix is of course AY. Yo! This chap had a mad flow and you just want listen to him as he does his thing. Of course, I was not anything expecting anything less.

Notably, I was also impressed by Jay Rox who hails from Zambia. The first time I heard of him was when he featured The Kansoul in Distance and I’ve been a huge fan of his since then.

When it comes to the lasses, I think they all nailed it but if I had to choose two who carried the day, then I’ll settle on Frida Amani and Rosa Ree not for any other reason but because they both have a good flow.

I like the fact that the beat is subtle because it makes you follow the artists’ punchlines and rhymes. The producer did a good job.

Listen to Wapoloo Remix below and tell us what you think.

Rosa Ree has teamed up with Frida Amani, Chemical, S2Kizzy and Mamy Baby on ‘Naona Love’ and it’s a big tune (Video)

Award-winning Tanzanian rapper Rosary Robert, popularly known as Rosa Ree, has dropped a new song with Frida Amani, Chemical, S2Kizzy and Mamy Baby and it’s getting a lot of love.

The song dubbed Naona Love, which loosely translates to I can sight love, has been getting good airplay since it was released a few days ago.

Basically, this track talks about being  blind to your haters and critics by assuming that they are people who love you but are in denial.

Rosa Ree
Rosa Ree

I really love this jam. These lasses brought their A-game. Their flow is on point and you just want to keep listening to them.

Frida Amani is so dope. I wasn’t surprised that she got the first verse. Her wordplay is totally out of this world and it gets you hooked to this jam from the moment you hit the play button.

To be honest, this was my first time listening to Chemical on any jam and boy did she ace it. This lass has some dope punchlines and I just wish that I had discovered her earlier.

As expected, Rosa Ree also nailed it. Apart form the fact that she can rap and sing, I also love her bad girl attitude in all songs. To add to that, she often switches from spitting in English to Swahili and vice versa.

The hook by Mamy Baby and S2Kizzy was very catchy. Believe you me, you will find yourself singing along to it in no time.

Frida Amani
Frida Amani

The beat, which was produced by the one and only S2Kizzy was also dope. It blends really well with the flow of these lasses and it is very likely that you will hit the replay button a couple of times.

The video concept was good. Other than Rosa Ree’s scene the others were too simple i.e. a market and a garage and I honestly feel like the videographer really brought them to life.

Watch Naona Love below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Timmy Tdat reveals the main reason he pulled down ‘Vitamin U’ raunchy music video

Remember when Sauti Sol dropped Nishike and everybody thought this the video was too explicit? Well, this all changed when Timmy Tdat dropped Vitamin U featuring Rosa Ree.

 The visuals to Vitamin U were nothing like most Kenyan music lovers would have expected; Timmy Tdat and his lady stripped leaving to imagination as they gave their fans an up-close look of their birthday suits.

With the video available on YouTube to viewers of different age groups, Ezekiel Mutua could not stomach this and demanded for the video to be pulled down as he wrote to Google asking them to delete it.

Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree
Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree

Timmy Tdat shares his side of the story

Well, it took Timmy Tdat sometime before finally pulling the video down and according to him — he did this for Rosa Ree who apparently got into trouble with the Tanzanian government.

Speaking during his interview with Mseto East Africa, Timmy Tdat opened up saying;

“Nilitoa video sababu ya Rosa Ree. Side ya Tanzania ilikuwa noma. Monday Tuesday na Wdnesday alikuwa kwa kesi tofauti. On Monday alikuwa sijui kwa akina nani, on Tuesday alikuwa kwa board ya filamu, on Wednesday alikuwa kwa BASATA yenyewe so the more ilikuwa inaendelea kukaa hapo ndio the more inakaa nikama yeye ni kichwa ngumu. You see those guys hawawezi kuelewa kwamba haiko kwa channel yake, iko kwa channel yangu na hawawezi kuelewa kwamba si ngoma yake ni yangu nimemshirikisha. Vile ameshakuwa mhusika ni noma already. Mimi kitu ningeweza kufanya the best ni kupull kwanza video, vitu zitulie alafu nipige edit,”


How much is too much? The Timmy- Rosa Ree duo “Vitamin U” that got Kenyans talking

When we thought we had seen it all from the Gengetone squad , then came the “Vitamin U” duo. Then Kenyans got excited. I mean we know that Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree are a couple, and a raunchy one for that matter. They are also not shy to display their affection to each other.

Some say they are trying to ape  the superstars Cardi B and Offset. But well we don’t know and also remember this is Kenya Papi . We play morality cops.

How much is too much?

However, one asks how much is too much when it comes to affection and body show?

The couple Timmy and Rosa Ree have dropped a new jam dubbed “Vitamin U”, its a beautiful song yes, but the visuals eiiishh!!!

Roa Ree ft Timm Tdat

The nakedness put out in this video is tantamount to what some say too much skin for the eyes. Some likening it to shear pornography. You think?

Timmy  Tdat and Rosa Ree’s video is a bit too explicit, to the extent that Kenyans  have called it out as among those that should be banned. Should it

I don’t really know what happened this week, but this Friday seems to have had the worst release of extreme raunchy music.

To ban or not to?

Look at it this way the the song by Ethic also has its negatives that got the film Classification Board Chair Dr Ezekiel Mutua banning it.

Another in the same connotation is  Ochungulo Family’s song “Dudu” you see some girls chained on a leash like a dog. I mean how?

While it maybe true that some girls are letting lose in the name of working as “vixens”  but being put on a leash? Nooo!!! that is just too much.

Surely, what the hell is going on the writing of music?  The bull that runs around in the name of creativity is getting out of hand.

In my opinion Mutua might get out hand sometimes with the bans  but I advocate for it. On the other hand, too much explicitly should not be made norm!

Rosa Ree has linked up with Fik Fameica on ‘Acha Ungese’ and we totally love it (Video)

Tanzanian female rapper Rosary Robert, known by her stage name Rosa Ree, has released a new jam with Uganda’s Fik Fameica and we are really feeling it. No kidding.

The song titled Acha Ungese has been receiving massive airplay on TV and radio stations since it was released a few days ago.

In the song, Rosa Ree, who’s also known as the rap godless, lives to her name with tight bars that will definitely leave you scratching. I always say that nothing beats Swahili rap and believe you me, this lass came throug on this jam.

Fik Fameica and Rosa Ree
Fik Fameica and Rosa Ree

Of course, her English flow is also really dope. Actually, it reminded me of her English verse in Kipopo. It would have been way better had it been longer.

Fik Fameica also did  a good job. Although I could not understand anything for the most part since he was rapping in Luganda, I have to admit that it was really cool.The beat on this jam is also great. From the moment you hit the play button, you just know that a good jam is coming your way. Props to the producer – Bin Laden of Tongwe Record.

Some people might say that the video was to simple or a copy paste of Kipopo butI have no qualms with it because it came out nicely. To be honest, this is not the kind of songs that an artist needs to go all out and splurge.

Watch Acha Ungese below and tell us what you think.

Rosa Ree has linked up with Spice Diana on ‘Jangu Ondabe Remix’ and it’s a banger (Video)

Super-talented Tanzanian singer-cum-rapper Rosary Robert, better known as Rosa Ree has featured in the remix of Spice Diana’s mega hit titled Jangu Ondabe and we really love it.

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If you thought the original version of this song, which was released in April this year, was awesome then you need to listen to the remix because it’s totally out of this world. No kidding.

Jangu Ondabe Luganda word that means ‘come and see me’ and if you are old enough, you know when lady tells you something like that it’s definitely going down!

Spice Diana and Rosa Ree
Spice Diana and Rosa Ree

Put simply, this song is full of sexual innuendos. People who are a bit polished would say it’s naughty. Anyway, if you are a prude, you should not listen to this jam. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Rosa Ree brought some of the Bongo vibe into this jam and as you know, anything sounds very pleasing to the ears if it’s mashed up with Bongo.

I also loved the visual for Jangu Ondabe not for any other reason but because both Spice Diana and Rosa Ree used it to bring out the bad girls in them. Anyway, what good is a seductive song without some naughtiness?

Spice Diana and Rosa Ree
Spice Diana and Rosa Ree

You’ll also agree with me that the beat for this jam slaps hard. Like, really hard. You could actually listen to this song for a whole day and not get tired of it, but then again maybe it’s just me. Props to the producer.

Watch Jangu Ondabe Remix below and tell us what you think.

Timmy Tdat’s bae Rosa Ree is back with a diss track ‘What You Know’ (Audio)

Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree, who’s also fondly known as the goddess of rap, has dropped a new single barely a fortnight after she released Nguvu Za Kiume.

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Dubbed What You Know, the jam is about the fact that you’ll never know so much about another person so you should not judge them.

In the song, Rosa Ree explains that most people just see her on TV but they don’t really know her or what she’s about.

At some point, she says, “How you gon’ judge me, say you don’t like me, how you gon’ feel like you’re relevant to me?”

Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree
Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree

The way I see it, What You Know is a diss track to all her haters, I’m just lucky that I am and ardent fan of hers.

As expected, Rosa Ree’s delivery on this jam is really on point. Like, really.

She infused rap with singing and the output is so pleasing to the ear, you just want to keep listening.

The other thing that struck me about this jam is the fact that she can spit bars in English despite fact that she hails from Tanzania.

The song was produced by Sakhile and he did a great job, the beat is slow but I have a feeling that you can still turn up to this jam.

Listen to What You Know below and tell us what you think.

Timmy Tdat’s bae Rosa Ree has thrown major shade in her new jam ‘Nguvu Za Kiume'(Video)

Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree, who’s also fondly known as the goddess of rap, has gone bare-knuckle in her new jam.

Dubbed Nguvu Za Kiume, the song is all about how the Banjuka hit-maker is capable of standing up to men despite the fact that she’s a woman. Put simply, she has male stamina. (At least that’s how I understood it).

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Part of the video was shot inside a boxing ring and helps paint a clearer picture of what Rosa Ree is talking about.

As expected, she really came through with some mad energy. It’s also worth mentioning that her wordplay was also on point.

Actually, she decided to throw punches at all men and make them feel a little bit uncomfortable.

There’s a a particular line that really caught my attention. It’s the part where she says, “Nawakalisha na nimevaa sidiria, sina nguvu za soda wala za bia.”

If your Swahili is terrible like mine, then you should know that she saying that she can make men sit down yet she’s putting on a bra. (Feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

I don’t know ho you all feel about this but I’m not so happy. Anyway I am just kidding, that wordplay is out of this world.

The song was produced by Ibrah Jacko and directed by Traveler.  In my opinion, they both did a commendable job.

Watch Nguvu Za Kiume below and tell us what you think.

How Rosa Ree rescued Timmy Tdat’s music career

In my opinion, Timothy Owuor, alias Timmy Tdat has Rosa Ree to thank for salvaging his music careers because let’s be honest, the Wembe hit maker was done and dusted before she appeared out of the blue.

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For the most part of 2018, most people, including yours truly, felt like Timmy was just releasing songs for the sake of it. They were not only flat but also boring, even if you had the worst taste you could not stand that kind of music.

Some of his diehard fans claimed that  his radio gig was taking a huge chunk of his time leaving him with very little time to go to studio. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not but the bottomline is that his career was going down the drain.

Timmy Tdat

Somewhere along the way, maybe after he came face to face with reality, Timmy quit his radio job and he decided to focus all his energy on resuscitating his music career which had really suffered.

As the year began, he released Atekwe alongside Redsan and this marked the beginning of his resurrection. Before we knew it, he dropped another fire jam with Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree dubbed Kipopo.

A few weeks later, Rosa Ree featured him on the remix of her song titled Asante Baba and this marked the re-birth of Timmy. Most of us realised that he still has it in him and that we should never underestimate him.

Rosa Ree managed to bring him out of his cocoon and this is evidenced by the fact that his most recent release dubbed Achika is getting massive airplay. As you listen to it, you’ll realise that he has become a better version of his old self.

Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree
Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree

Timmy and Rosa Ree both have unmatched energy. Rumor has it that they are dating and they way I see it, it’s not such a bad thing since they bring the best out of each other. I’m sorry if you feel I am becoming mushy but it is what it is.

Timmy could not have met her at a better time because chances are if their paths didn’t cross, he would still be releasing boring and flat songs that no one would bother to listen to. Props to Rosa Ree!

Listen to his collabo with Rosa Ree dubbed Kipopo below.

6 collabos between Kenyan and Tanzanian artists that we’d totally love to see

Kenyan artists have been working with their Tanzanian counterparts a lot more lately so much so that people who don’t like Bongo music, like yours truly, are starting to feel like it’s worth their time.

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We’ve seen some impressive collabos between Tanzanian and Kenyan artists in the recent past. Some of the include; Timmy Tdat & Rosa Ree, Willy Paul and Nandy, Bahati and Rayvanny, Juma Jux and Nyashisnki and so on.

In my opinion, we need to see more of these and that’s why I came up with a list of artists who I think should work together because why not? Also there’s the fact that it well grow East African music.

That being said, here’s our wish list of collabos:

1. Nadia Mukami and Juma Jux – After watching their mash up of African Lover on Coke Studio, I think these two should get into studio like yesterday.

Nadia Mukami and Juma Jux
Nadia Mukami and Juma Jux

2. Rosa Ree and Khaligraph Jones – This collabo should have happened a long time ago. I mean why not? Both artists are bad-ass rappers and they would really kill it on one track.

Rosa Ree and Khaligraph Jones
Rosa Ree and Khaligraph Jones

3. Otile Brown & Vanessa Mdee – I’m not quite sure about this but something tells me that a collabo between them would be totally fire. I’m looking forward to the day they will give us a treat.

Otile Brown and Vanessa Mdee
Otile Brown and Vanessa Mdee

4. Arrow Bwoy and Rayvanny –  I live for the day these two musicians will release a song together. Thinking about it just gives me goosebumps. If a collabo between them comes to pass, it will be the biggest song of the year.

Arrow Bwoy and Rayvanny
Arrow Bwoy and Rayvanny

5. Nyashisnki and Nandy – I feel like a collabo between these two would be pure bliss. Nandy’s smooth vocals would really blend in well Nyashisnki’s rap. Get into studio guys!

Nyashisnki and Nandy
Nyashisnki and Nandy

6. Vivian and Darassa – This is another one that I’m not quite sure about. However, I feel like a rap-infused song with Vivian’s vocals would be totally fire.

Vivian and Darassa
Vivian and Darassa

Which collabo are you looking forward to? Tell us below.

Timmy Tdat’s girl, Rosa Ree is back with ‘Champion’

Rosa Ree is back on Champion this time featuring Ruby. You mean a woman must get rich through a Niggah? Not my words but Rosa’s.  This girl is just talented. Champion seems like a diss to me, seems like she is responding to some beef somewhere.

Champion talks about women. It says that women have the power and for sure this an encouragement to women. Timmy has a girl here and am sure he saw something in her.

The rap goddess has a  tone and it really sounds good. Rosa has the power and the energy. Her merger with Ruby for this jam shows that this women are champion. The voices, although Ruby does very little in this jam it is a women affair thing.

Ruby has been silent for sometime and now this collaboration shows her making a comeback to her world.

Audio Production of ‘Champion’

There is that voice that when it hits your airwaves you definitely want to listen. Rosa Ree is that girl. The audio in this jam is well crafted and just flows. Also, the beats are great. You know that Rosa has her own tune, right? Well this is evident in this audio. Whoever works on her sound tracks is one to watch.

Champion is produced by Luffa. Well seems Tanzanians are going far and are quick in succeeding the music industry.

Lyrical Presentation

Ruby has done the chorus. It is just dope. She also plays the back up role. This is the best jam I have heard today. The words are just right. We are all used to Rosa using swahili while delivering her work, well this time she has done English and Swahili.

Her lines are not vulgar in this jam. Could she be changing to a new style? They are full of wisdom though.

There is a line that says that she has the right to do what she wants and love who she wants to. She is very right on this one. In short people should stop living a double standard life.

Click on the link below for the audio.

Timmy Tdat is slowly bouncing back after committing career suicide

If you are keen, you must have noticed that Kenyan musician Timothy Owuor, popularly known as Timmy Tdat, has gotten his mojo back. He’s slowly bouncing back after committing career suicide.

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The Welle Welle hitmaker was at the peak of his music career when he landed a radio gig in March last year. He had been handpicked to host a drive show on NRG Radio alongside Mwalimu Rachael. Perhaps he took up the job because he was getting a fat pay cheque, who knows?

Timmy Tdat and Mwalimu Rachael
Timmy Tdat and Mwalimu Rachael

Coincidentally, Timmy also broke ranks with Kaka Empire, the stable that he had been signed to for 5 years (or so), around the same time.

As fate would have it, his music career started suffering almost immediately. Although he kept releasing new songs, they were just flat. Okay, I’ll just say it as it is, the songs were boring. His punchlines were weak and not as witty as was the case in his older songs.

People who had come to admire him for his lyrical prowess, including yours truly, thought that was the end for him. He lost so many fans and it seemed like his career was over. He had hit a dead end!

Toward the end of last year, peharps after noticing that his music career had taken a nosedive, Timmy decided to call it quits at NRG Radio. His explanation was that he had to focus on his music. That’s it.

He got into studio and at the beginning of the year, he released a new song dubbed Atekwe alongside Redsan. Although the song didn’t do well, it was clear Timmy was keen on winning back his fans.

Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree
Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree

He went quiet for two months, perhaps to restrategize, and reappeared in April with a new song dubbed Kipopo that he had done alongside Tanzania’s Rosa Ree. Three weeks later, Rosa Ree dropped the remix of her hit Asante Baba featuring Timmy.

Both songs have been getting massive airplay on local radio stations. If you listen to either of them, you’ll admit that Timmy has gotten his mojo back. This is the Timmy that we all came to love and admire.

I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. I also hope that he’s not thinking of going back to radio. Clearly, that was a big mistake.

Listen to Asante Baba (Remix) below.

Rosa Ree Collabos with Kasabuni Finest Timmy Tdat for “Asante Baba” remix

Rosa Ree has dropped another BOMB! After releasing DipnWhineIt just a few weeks back, she has now come with Asante baba remix Featuring, Kasabuni Finest  Timmy Tdat.  The Tanzanian queen collabo with a Kenyan artist shows that Kenyan and Tanzanian artists can do better together. The jam was directed by Trey Juelz.

This remix is something that one needs to listen to. The voices in the song are magical and you all know how Timmy does it. I can’t get my eyes off this video. I feel that the duo should give us more collabos. The kind of love they are talking about here is out of this world. I like it when Timmy says “Sing for me mummy.” This guy is something else. The video is vulgar.


The remix video is well done. Creativity at its best. The way the actions are brought out gives the song meaning and allows one to flow with the lyrics. Aso the audio is so clear, the beats will make you abandon what you are doing and dance to the tune.

Timmy Tdat has added taste to the song. Comparing the original single by Rosa Ree you will agree with me that the remix is on point. The energy of the duo combined makes the song more lively. The actual video does not rhyme with the words and also lip sinking was poorly done. Seems Rosa Ree needed Timmy. Looking at her youtube channel the remix has more views.


You know how Timmy does his introduction, that is exactly how he started in the remix of Asante Baba. ” Ettt-Kasabuni Tongwe Records Rosa Ree”. This will make you anticipate for the whole lyrics. “Anapenda vile napiga Anapenda vile na swagga Ni msafi anapenda vile nakata Me si prof na I don’t wanna data.”  This first stanza just is all about how the girl feels about the guy. Wanna what is the second stanza? Mmm! You can only do that by watching and listening to the song.

The goddess, Rosa Ree goes on and adds sauce to the song. “Ah sing fi mi daddy Put it in my face then you say my name daddy Ah, whine for me daddy Match in this race don’t run fast daddy” This girls lyrical prowess is great.  No rush in what the song is talking about.

Although the song is good, it can only be played on clubs. The song is targeting the youths and teens. I rate the song at 6/10.

Timmy T Dat reveals his unending love for Tanzanian bad girl, Rosa Ree

Kenyan rapper, Timmy T Dat expresses his undying love for Tanzanian bad girl and fellow ¨Kipopo¨ artist, Rosa Ree as she turns 24.

Lots and lots of love are sent her way right from Kenya, by Timmy T dat, terming her an ¨Angel sent from Heaven¨.

According to Timmy, Rosa Ree is nothing short of his best friend.

However, before he calls it a day, he highlights her untamed beauty, seemingly thirsting for the hip hop gamer.


Rose Ree comments:

The realest nigga God brought into my life this year!!!! Thank youuuu best friend ????????????

This comes in shortly after the two did a remix together on a sensual music video that has left the Internet up in flames.



The two artists have shared an intimate relationship that seems to bloom every passing day.

The world around them can tell the two seem to be ´a thing´, at least, dating, however much the duo can´t confess it to the public.

Their actions speak for them, with a chemistry bond of its own kind.

Rosa Ree and Timmy T Dat are behind the jam, ¨Kipopo¨.

Comment section

Tdat na China wako hiviiii pamoja…ukifanya kazi na wao lazima muwe na ka relationship????????????????????


H.B.D to timmytdat wife be blessed with 1000 kids


Ambia kamtoto kameiva,,, ????????any way,, ????Happy birthday to her????????????


Apo sawa nawacheki, big up manze