Thee Pluto Exposes Politicians & Celebrities Making Advances To His Girlfriend

Social media personality Thee Pluto, known to fans as Robert Ndegwa, has opened up about the unique challenges of being in a relationship with someone in the public eye.

In a recent interview, Thee Pluto revealed that his wife, Felicity Shiru, has received unwanted messages from celebrities and politicians on social media. These advances, he explained, can create strain and test trust within a relationship.

“Nishai chukua hiyo simu yake siku moja nikapata hadi macelebs na politicians wako tu pale kwa DM yake. Ni challenge. Kama sahi hata hajareply but wako tu pale. Unaeza pata hata beshte yako ako pale Na yeye ashawahi chukua simu yangu akapata mabeshte wake wanaslide kwa DM yangu,” he said.

Thee Pluto’s concerns extend beyond just celebrities. He highlighted how even close friends can sometimes overstep boundaries with flirtatious messages sent directly to him. He shared experiences where his wife discovered such messages in his DMs, highlighting the potential for complications on both sides of the relationship.

This glimpse into Thee Pluto’s life sheds light on the unexpected downsides of fame and the challenges it can create for those in committed relationships.

Pluto previously announced his intention to marry his girlfriend Felicity Shiru. The news came amidst criticism surrounding his past treatment of her.

Despite the backlash, Thee Pluto seems determined to solidify their relationship.

Rue Baby assures fans she’s taking precautions against bedbug infestation in Paris

Kenyan model Rue Baby, who has been spending a lot of time in Paris recently, has assured her fans that she is taking precautions against the city’s bedbug infestation.

In a video responding to fan concerns, Rue Baby said that she is aware of the infestation and that she is being careful. She also revealed that she is about to board a flight back to Kenya.

Rue Baby’s video comes after reports of a bedbug infestation in Paris that has affected even hospitals and trains. The infestation began just before Paris Fashion Week, and videos of the terrible situation have been circulating online.

Rue Baby’s fans have been expressing concern about her travel and long stay in Paris, but she has assured them that she is taking steps to avoid bringing bedbugs back to Kenya.

Safety tips for travelers to Paris

If you are planning to travel to Paris, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from bedbugs:

  • Inspect your hotel room carefully before you check in. Look for signs of bedbugs, such as live bugs, eggs, or fecal spots.
  • Keep your luggage in a sealed bag or suitcase when you are not using it.
  • Avoid putting your luggage on the bed or floor.
  • Wash your clothes in hot water and dry them on high heat after returning from your trip.

If you think you may have been exposed to bedbugs, contact your doctor or a pest control company immediately.

Rue Baby defends her mother Akothee who revealed she’s single again

The daughter of Kenyan artist Akothee, Rue Baby, is well known for defending her mother whenever vile followers attack her cruelly online.

One admirer voiced his concerns about the singer’s “inability” to settle down in the comments section of a recent post by Akothee, where she spurred talk that she would return to the streets just months after she wed. He also commented on her age.

The Akothee post explicitly states “Niko Single Tena,” which not only drew a barrage of comments from worried fans but also drew criticism in the same vein.

However, Rue Baby joined the comments discussion after noticing a particular post that unfairly attacked her mother and overruled the supporter’s criticism.

“Tulia mama ushakuwa shosho,” the fan wrote. I’m attempting to picture how you might appear without makeup.

“No you’re not her fan,” Rue Baby quickly shot back, “you’re a jealous, bitter, hater.”

On the other hand, Akothee hasn’t commented on the post, which some of her admirers also think might be a song she’s about to release, and instead considered raising interest in its release.

It is obvious that the rumors spreading in the comment area are unnerving as her supporters eagerly await word from madam boss.

Akothee’s Daughter Rue Baby Hints On Getting A New Boyfriend (Screenshot)

Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby has been keeping her love life under wraps for long. And the only guy rumored to be dating her for the longest time was MCA Tricky. The jester could be seen on several occasions getting cosy with Rue Baby. And their social media posts further ignited the rumors.

Rue’s New Catch

Having chilled African parents who not only relate to the content of your generation but also let you enjoy it is one of the coolest things ever. And Rue Baby’s mother Akothee is just that.

Being the 2nd born, Rue Baby recently posted a video on TikTok of herself and who seems to be her boyfriend.

In the video, the lovebirds are seen dancing together. Rue Baby’s caption is what insinuated that Rue found new love.

”When we both decide to make the relationship public,” she captioned.

Rue baby then proceeded to share a cosy photo of them via her Instagram stories.

However, the model prevaricated after claiming a relationship isn’t always a romantic one.

Rue Baby’s boyfriend’s name is yet to be fathomed. I bet Akothee will be happy for her daughter upon learning she has found a boyfriend.


Photos: This is why it would be no shocker if Akothee´s daughter were to scoop the ¨Miss Kenya¨ prestigious Award

Philanthropist turned Gospel artist, Akothee is now leaving her legacy behind with her bloodline of fine black beauty daughters who are now making the headlines, for now, Rue to be specific.

Rue Baby has been in the limelight severally in the past, at times, for making men old enough to be her father, gazed at her radiant beauty, other times, for the wrong reasons.

However, this time around, the lass might be gracing your red carpets, up and on the runway, contesting for the ¨Miss Kenya¨ lucrative award.

Question comes in:

And ¨YES¨ is the answer, however you look at it.

She therefore drops the hint that Yeap, sometime, she might bag home the national award [2019/2020], if you don´t watch out.

The model has been gracing the industry time and again, if her social media pages, is anything to go by.

Actually, while away, abroad, she did cap herself the best model at the Diaspora Entertainment Awards and Recognition (DEAR) 2018 Edition.

The Award ceremony went down in Dallas, Texas, USA.

The mother of 3 daughters, out of 5 children, shared:

Congratulations my love, you girls brought light into my life, discipline is key to success.

Let me take the opportunity to thank all my fans for the mighty support.

Additionally, Rue Baby is the Face of Nivea, having been Nivea´s brand ambassador across 2017-2018.

The beauty has literally been turning heads and stealing the occasion in every event she attends, whether in the presence of her mother or all by herself.

Stunning photos

This is why the confident, petite girl will drop no shocker if she were to scoop the National prestigious Award:

Watch this space!