Sailor’s Miracle baby flaunts huge mansion he is building for his parents (Photo)

Peter aka Miracle baby has been making headlines for the past few days thanks to his recent post where he rant out at fans for asking about Sailors whereabouts.

Judging from his post it’s evident to see that both him and members of Sailors band not only feel used; but betrayed by the same industry and people that kept hyping them from the start.

Miracle baby

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However after their nasty split with Mwalimu Rachel, it only took a few months before the boys music career went under, like seriously drown; and now it appears that they continue to blame their former manager for their current state.

Moving on

Away from that, back when Sailors was making headlines, booking shows all over Kenya and shining like the stars they are; turns out Peter Miracle baby was handling his financials the right way.

He confirmed this by unveiling a photo of the mansion he claims to be building his parents. Yes, from early 2017 to 2019’ish Miracle baby put aside enough money that enabled him to build a home for his aged parents.

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Speaking about this with Mpasho, Miracle baby said;

  I have built for my parents and they are currently not paying rent. I bought land in Membley, with the money I got from music. They are my second God. This was my main project in 2021. I will be officially opening it in a few months.

And below is a photo of the said home courtesy of Mpasho.

“Mumechoma, rape haifai ku glorifyiwa shame on you!” Miracle Baby blasts Ethic

Ethics let many down after releasing a video to their hit song Soko.

Although the audio had already been released; and Kenyans refused to listen after Ezekiel Mutua demanded to have it banned due to disgusting content.

Gengetone boy band, Ethic

Well this is no longer a topic as the song was pulled down from YouTube and will never be heard again. However a few people here and there have come out to bash Ethics for viewing women as objects in their music; and promoting rape in their lyrics!

Miracle baby calls out Ethics

Among the people on the forefront is Sailors Miracle baby who has condemned Ethics for acting like perverts; not forgetting pedophiles who will one day have children of their own!

Tbt: Sailors Miracle baby

Through his Instagram page, Miracle baby did not hold back from mentioning that Ethic had embarrassed everyone doing gengetone; and unlike other artists who are afraid of telling them the truth, Miracle baby could not let this slide.

Siwezi kimya mumechoma???? Rape haifai ku glorifiwa. Shame on you!

Miracle Baby

Ethics issues apology

In a way Ethics was quick to dismisses claims that they were promoting rape or disrespecting women in their songs.

However after Ezekiel Mutua threatened to have sue them; the boys then shared a new message on their page apologizing as they wrote;

Tedd Josiah

Tedd Josiah who is a proud father of a beautiful baby girl was also among those who couldn’t help but feel disgusted by Ethic; and the rest of Gengetone artists desperate enough to promote rape!

He went on to call out the young boys through a well detailed post where he wrote saying;

Music producer, Tedd Josiah with daughter, Jay Wendo

Kenyan artistes, let me tell you something, it is time we address the kind of content you are producing. You start talking of rape among young children, because it is like there is nothing else to talk about from gengetone artistes. And we have seen the record label’s logo. So now you think you are the greater than all of us because you are the only ones familiar with sheng? Right?

He went on to also address their greed for fame which they seem to be chasing at any cost. Tedd Josiah said;

Well, you are only making matters worse because the same government we are trying to reach, in order to support our art and pay us royalties, are not even going to take any action with your kind of content.
Wacheni kuchoma picha! It’s like pouring acid on the same seed you expect to grow into a plant.

Are you in need of ratings that bad? Is it that bad really?

Lastly he concluded his post saying;

If you had a small kid and you hear someone advocating for the rape of young children, how would you feel? I just want to ask you that question. Because I am telling you, I swear, try that with me! I am ready to go to Kamiti if anyone dares that with my kid!

Never seen before photo of Sailors ‘Miracle baby’ as a streetboy!

Sailors singer Miracle baby had it rough in life before the fame and money that has now changed his life for good!

The young man shocked many with his new photo uploaded on his page just a while ago; showing fans how his life on the streets was back in the day.

Miracle Baby

In his caption, Peter who is popularly known as Miracle baby went on to urge fans never to judge a book by its cover; since what’s on the inside is what matters!

Life on the streets

Unlike many who would try to hide their past life, Sailors Miracle baby is actually proud and very much thankful for the life he lived on the streets.

It definitely wasn’t easy but it made him strong and taught him lessons that will remain useful to his life; and probably use it to inspire those who still look down on themselves and others.

Once upon a time nilikuwa chokora. Never judge anyone with his current situation….you never know what the future holds

Sailors Miracle baby

Sailors gang

Among the top celebrated gengetone group in Kenya is Sailors that continues to make a difference in the entertainment industry!

Jesu ni mwathani

Although many are now getting tired of the gengetone music; Sailors continues to show their loyal fans what they can do and trust me, fans love it.

“I was a street boy before I moved to washing dead bodies at a morgue” Sailors member reveals

Just like most celebrities we have come to hear of; members of Sailors group have also shared their stories before the fame and money.

Well, having grown up in the ghetto the members say that life was not so easy as they struggled through out.

Speaking to radio presenter Antoneoul during an interview, Miracle baby opened up about his struggles as a street boy and working at a morgue. Miracle baby opened up saying;

Miracle Baby was a street urchin before he landed a job as a morgue attendant.


“Nikiwa myoung nilikuwa chokosh halafu nikaanza kudu kwa mortuary kuwaosha. After that nikaanza kuuza mawe pale ndederu ndio maana mi nikipiga ngoma na energy sitaki kurudi huko walai. Ni kubaya,”

Sailors open up

He went on to add that he also tried Kikuyu stand up comedy but with time God opened doors for him judging from how successful he is together with his ‘brothers.’


The groups hype man, Qoqosjuma also shared his story saying that he used to make hair and at the same time tried comedy. The other member, Shalqido talked about his hustle as a matatu tout and lastly Masilver who worked as a construction worker (Mjengo).

But through it all the boys continue to take over the Kenyan entertainment industry with their new Genge vibe!