Still bitter? Mwalimu Rachel mocks Sailors Gang months after parting ways with the ‘Wamlambez’ hit makers!

Mwalimu Rachel is back to trolling Sailorz members months after she handed over the YouTube channel to their new manager.

Of course this was not easy for either of them as Sailors new management involved lawyers and so did Mwalimu Rachel.

However after a legal understanding, Sailors got back their YouTube channel; and their former manager, Mwalimu Rachel bagged herself a million or so from the Gengetone group. This is because of the breached contract between her and the boys; but oh well – all that remains in the past.

Mwalimu laughs off at Sailors

Seeing that they haven’t been doing much for themselves since parting ways; Mwalimu Rachel recently decided to throw shade as seen on a tweet shared on her handle.


The NRG radio host went on to laugh off at the fact that she could have linked Sailors with international Jamaican star Konshens; but since they opted for a much more better ‘manager’ then that’s how they lost the numerous opportunities to grow.

Through her twitter handle Mwalimu Rachel wrote;

Wale maboyz ningewa organizia collabo na Konshens sahii chap chap! ???? LIFE ????????‍♀️????????????????????????

Mwalimu Rachel’s Tweet

Well if that’s not Mwalimu Rachel reminding Sailors that they played themselves; then I guess she’s just mocking them having no new interesting projects!

“Sail On” Mwalimu Rachel and Sailors finally part ways in peace

NRG’s Mwalimu Rachel is no longer in charge of Gengetone group, Sailors. This comes about a month after Sailors went on to accuse Mwalimu Rachel of refuting to handover their YouTube logins; as she demanded for Ksh 1 million as compensation for the time and effort she invested in the gengetone group.

However, judging from the latest post shared by Mwalimu Rachel; we now understand that she is no longer involved with Sailors nor is her team from MRX Media. In a post shared by thee Mwalimu Rachel, she wrote;

Mwalimu Rachel with Sailors

Also read:

It is well ????Proud of what my team at @mrxtotheworld and I were able to achieve. ????????We shall no longer be taking any bookings on behalf of Sailors nor represent them. #SailOn ???????? We wish them well.

Sail on Sailors

Judging from her caption, it’s clear to see that there was no bad blood between Mwalimu Rachel; and the sailors group she had earlier been managing.

Also read:

Not quite sure whether she got paid the Ksh 1.5 million by the group; but all i Know is that there is no way she could have handed over her YouTube channel for free. However, despite the MRX media losing Sailors; it appears that they have a few new talents that they will be introducing soon.


Sailors Gang Vs Mwalimu Rachel, a case of exploitation, malice and utter greed

Over the weekend, Sailors Gang revealed that they had fallen out with their manager Mwalimu Rachel and that she was demanding a total sum of KSh 1.5 million from them.

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The worst thing about this whole story in my opinion is that she has taken hostage of their YouTube channel so they had to start a new one.

Sailors Gang

This story is saddening especially if you remember that when the Wamlambez hitmakers were starting off, they had to post the music on Mwalimu Rachel’s YouTube channel until the public protested and asked her to allow them to have their own channel.

As we speak, Mwalimu Rachel’s channel is at 126,000 subscribers, which is largely because off Sailors Gang’s effort because her own videos used to get dismal views until she started posting their music.

Interestingly, the channel that the media personality is now holding hostage also has 126,000 subscribers and I believe they could be more if Mwalimu Rachel had allowed them to have their own account from the get-go.

The channel that they have now started only has 1,020 subscribers and this pains me because they have struggled to build both channels and now they have to start over.

Although I don’t know more details about the fall out, I believe that Mwalimu Rachel who was using them is now mistreating them for no apparent reason.

Granted, Sailors Gang approached her when they were starting out but that does not necessarily mean that she made them who they are today.

She may have helped them in one way or another but they got to where they are today not just because they are talented but because they pushed themselves hard.


For some reason, managers feel entitled to a big fraction of artists earnings because they are the ones who do help them plan or open certain doors but this is utterly wrong, the best word that describes this in greed.

We’ve seen many artists falling out with their managers after they become big or have a big hit because of the same greed that I’m talking about.

From the very beginning, artists need to lay out the terms of the agreement between them and the managers if they don’t want to see such ugly scenarios. They should seek the services of a lawyer if necessary.

This sense of entitlement by managers must also stop. If you want to help someone in their career because you think that they are talented, then do so without a hidden agenda. Enough said.

Watch their latest jam dubbed Kulewa Kuchuchuma below and tell us what you think.

“I was a street boy before I moved to washing dead bodies at a morgue” Sailors member reveals

Just like most celebrities we have come to hear of; members of Sailors group have also shared their stories before the fame and money.

Well, having grown up in the ghetto the members say that life was not so easy as they struggled through out.

Speaking to radio presenter Antoneoul during an interview, Miracle baby opened up about his struggles as a street boy and working at a morgue. Miracle baby opened up saying;

Miracle Baby was a street urchin before he landed a job as a morgue attendant.


“Nikiwa myoung nilikuwa chokosh halafu nikaanza kudu kwa mortuary kuwaosha. After that nikaanza kuuza mawe pale ndederu ndio maana mi nikipiga ngoma na energy sitaki kurudi huko walai. Ni kubaya,”

Sailors open up

He went on to add that he also tried Kikuyu stand up comedy but with time God opened doors for him judging from how successful he is together with his ‘brothers.’


The groups hype man, Qoqosjuma also shared his story saying that he used to make hair and at the same time tried comedy. The other member, Shalqido talked about his hustle as a matatu tout and lastly Masilver who worked as a construction worker (Mjengo).

But through it all the boys continue to take over the Kenyan entertainment industry with their new Genge vibe!

‘Wamlambez Wamnyonyez’ hit makers have dropped a new jam ‘Queen B’ and it’s getting mad love (Video)

Sailors Gang, the boy group that became a household name after releasing Wamlambez and Pekejeng, is back with a new jam and it’s getting a lot of love from local music fans.

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Dubbed Queen B, the song praises lasses who are endowed with a bee-like figure i.e. what most people refer to as a Coca Cola shape. Do you get it? I hope you do.

As expected, Miracle Baby, Shalkido, Masilver and Lexy Yung really came through with some dope verses in this jam. Well, you’ll only notice that if you don’t focus on the raunchiness of their lyrics.

Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

For one reason on the other, I was really impressed by Masilver’s lines. I have a feeling some of you might disagree with me but it is what it is. I feel he did better in Queen B than their two previous releases.

This jam is very infectious. The part where Miracle Baby says, “Kako na Queen B machine sema Queen machine,” and then the others respond “uuuuuh Queen B machine” will stick on your mind the first time you listen to this jam. Dabonge style to the world!

The video, which was directed by Irush, was also on point. They shoot location is a club and they picked some voluptuous vixens who can really twerk afterall that’s what the song is all about.

Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

I also loved the beat and how it blended with the lyrics. It has a dancehall vibe and at the same time it has a hint of Genge. At some point I almost thought I was listening to Boomba Train. Big up to Kwesh, the producer, he outdid himself.

Watch Queen B here and tell us what you think.