The Sailors vs Mwalimu Rachel debacle is a lesson

Alot has been said about the partnership and eventual rift between Mwalimu Rachel and the Gengetone group Sailors. And people are divided on either side; supporting Sailors or Mwalimu Rachel, the NRG radio presenter.

What Mwalimu Rachel told Sailors after crawling back to her in 2021

However you chop it up though, there are valid points on either side of the divide. What we should however not do is try to sanitize Mwalimu Rachel who attacked a man and attempted to castrate him by grabbing onto his testicles and squeezing them as tightly as her marriage isn’t knit.

Now that I have gotten that statement pout of my system, I can say that she is however right, in a legal sense, to have taken away the support and platforms she controlled. Those include the group’s YouTube account which she set up for them. It holds with the letter of the law but not the spirit of it but we aren’t here to debate morality.

“I did not kill their careers” Mwalimu Rachel addresses beef between her and Gengetone artists, sailors

What of Sailor’s situation to date? Well, they signed onto an international record label, Black Market Records and this is a mistake that far too many African artists make. You see, Kenya and Africa at large has a different business model for it’s music and entertainment industry.

Miracle Baby

In the west, as the singing group realised, music releases have to be timed and done so in a manner in which the record label’s marketing team deems it prudent. Whereas African flood the market with jams then go on tour, a lot of international record labels hold onto their artists material, keeping it on the shelf in fear of brand dilution.

That is why when you look across Africa, you will see that most artists such as D’Banj, Xtatic, Wizkid, Naiboi and the lot of them end up complaining about being frustrated by their record labels. Sailors could really have used a mentor but at the point at which they were signing their record label, they were going hungry and needed to secure the bag.

Mwalimu Rachel facing assault charges

Ultimately, this situation described above was created by the falling out between Mwalimu Rachel and the group. Could it have been avoided? Sure, with hindsight but you also have to admit that you can see why it would probably have been in everyone’s interest to call it quits on their dalliance. Mwalimu Rachel was abusive. I do not care what you do for a person and his friends, you cannot put your hands on them to hurt them simply because they do something you deem as irresponsible. They aren’t your children, they are your business partners.

Bitter till the end: Mwalimu Rachel not doing herself any favours by ribbing Sailors

As for Sailors, they have no one to blame but themselves for the predicament they find themselves in because in truth, they could have navigated their way out of their separation a little better had they the patience to actually look through the contract they signed. Beyond that, they can rebrand and continue releasing music. Naiboi did it. He went from being Rap Damu to who he currently is. Wizkid did it. While stuck in the mire of his contract, he began releasing music as Starboy. It is a very difficult thing to do indeed but it can be done.

Presenter Mwalimu Rachel

They could go from being Sailors to Pirates and actually continue to release music. Or if they cannot associate themselves to seamen (pause) then they can call themselves any other name and make it cool because they did so with a dumb name like Sailors.

I just hope that other young acts are watching what has unfolded and are learning from this mess. In life, while it is advisable for you to keep good relations with people, no one is irreplaceable but you will have to do more hard work to surmount certain situations you put yourself into. Is that the lesson here? Maybe. Moral of the story however is that Sailors need to stop being lazy and actually start ideating creative solutions for their conundrum. They need to detatch entirely from Mwalimu Rachel (that includes not running back to her for help) and actually seek out other mentors. Then they need to redouble their efforts on their craft and start churning out new music again.

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Mwalimu Rachel has exposed the hypocrisy of Kenyan feminists

Mwalimu Rachel doubtless knew her situation with Sailors was going to be brought up even as debate raged about whether or not Shaffie Weru, DJ Joe Mfalme and Neville had done anything wrong when they discussed recent crimes that Kenyan feminists had turned into a gender war.

Bitter till the end: Mwalimu Rachel not doing herself any favours by ribbing Sailors

You see, criminals perform crimes. Bad people of both genders exist so for a group to dogmatically demonize their counterparts and call them dangerous or to argue rape-culture exists is to simply push gender wars and ignore the fact that bad things happen in the world as a result of deviants who want to do harm but civilisation, in general, is peaceful and lawful as the threat of force that backs up the law (police officers, prisons and soldiers) do a great job of keeping most of the deviants in line.

Mwalimu rachel, Sailors
Mwalimu Rachel with Sailors before she tried her hand at castrating one of their friends

And it was with this backdrop of unfortunate crimes and Kenyan feminists pushing divisive dogma that Mwalimu Rachel found herself get brought up as a counterweight to expose the hypocrisy of Kenya’s middle class.

The arrogance of Mwalimu Rachel in dispute with Sailors is off-putting

You see, there was a time when Mwalimu Rachel, an NRG Radio presenter, was also managing Sailors. However, she had a falling out with them when she assaulted one of Miracle Baby’s friends (he is the lead member of the group) and the assault culminated in her squeezing the young man’s testicles. His offence? He had gone to a funeral with Miracle Baby and they had arrived late for a commercial shoot. Allow me to break that down into small pieces for you to swallow. She attempted to castrate a man for the mistake of her artist who had gone for a funeral.

Mwalimu Rachel
Mwalimu Rachel was charged with robbery with violence

Kenyan feminists decided not to address that topic and instead kept silent leaving more balanced men and women to raise this as an example of misandrist bias they and their corporate members not only espouse but enforce.

Mwalimu Rachel speaks after Sailors Gang drag her into yet another money scandal

Mwalimu Rachel has not been accused of being a man basher. She has not been accused of being part of rape culture, and no corporates have turned their backs on her. Hell, she still has her job and is for all intents and purposes, thriving as she grows her brand from strength to strength. Meanwhile, they bayed for the blood of Shaffie Weru for merely speaking about a topic their dogma tells them is a cardinal sin.

Mwalimu Rachel
Mwalimu Rachel spent a night behind bars following assault on upcoming artiste

How then can we take the sycophants of this dogma seriously? In truth, we as intelligent, civilised people are being conned into accepting a fallacy, a very evil fallacy that serves one purpose: to fracture the fabric of society. If these feminists wanted balance, they would address Mwalimu Rachel. They would dispense with the lofty hypocrisy of saying “discussing crimes against women should not be countered by raising crimes committed by women”. And they employ this flimsy argument because their position does not withstand the eye-test.

Mwalimu Rachel: Sailors have no one to blame but themselves

Mwalimu Rachel should be held to the same lofty ideals of morality that Shaffie Weru has been. Why is Ezekiel Mutua, the low IQ man’s answer for a prayer to protect them from the task of having to think for themselves, deafeningly silent? Why did he say nothing about the conduct of this particular radio personality? Not a peep. Why the doublespeak?

Like misogyny, misandry has no place in a civilised society. To address one, address the other. When calling out one, call out the other. And what we need to focus on is criminal deviancy in our country. Bad men are voted into office so we grow up learning that evil and crime are rewarded. We need to start first at the very pinnacle of our failings as a society in order to deal with basic crime.

Sailors Gang Vs Mwalimu Rachel, a case of exploitation, malice and utter greed

And even as feminists demonize Shaffie Weru and issue blanket statements about men, they need to do so with equal fervour against women who perform criminal acts against men. Do you see how absurd that sounds? Here, we are dealing with criminals. Address crime and address all these failings in society.

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Bitter till the end: Mwalimu Rachel not doing herself any favours by ribbing Sailors

Mwalimu Rachel is back to talking about Sailors -or rather referencing them in a subliminal message and no one is here for it. It should be remembered that she was at one point their manager and financier before they had a very public and brutal falling out.

Still bitter? Mwalimu Rachel mocks Sailors Gang months after parting ways with the ‘Wamlambez’ hit makers!

When the issues first came to the fore, it was found that Mwalimu Rachel was exercising an inordinate level of control over their YouTube channel and even certain aspects of their careers. This flew in the face of the fact that they were going through some severe financial times.

Mwalimu Rachel
Presenter Mwalimu Rachel

When the Kenyan public was made aware of this, they were not happy about what Mwalimu Rachel was doing, with many beginning to view her as part of the system that preys on the talents of young, naive and inexperienced artists.

“Sail On” Mwalimu Rachel and Sailors finally part ways in peace

So why she would choose to take a potshot at Sailors is beyond me. She actually did it in a way that was interesting, boasting about her ability to have organized for them a collaboration with Jamaican Dancehall star Konshens.

Mwalimu Rachel
Mwalimu Rachel spent night behind bars following assault on upcoming artiste

But this raised the question of “Who asked you?”

The arrogance of Mwalimu Rachel in dispute with Sailors is off-putting

She is seeming more and more like a petty tyrant, someone who is incapable of simply letting bygones be bygones. She seems to derive some perverse pleasure from whipping at the young men rather than moving on to discover the next hot Gengeton group.

Mwalimu Rachel
Mwalimu Rachel’s Tweet

You see, Sailors themselves do not reference her anymore. They are focused on whatever it is they are doing but Mwalimu rachel isn’t one of those pursuits. So it smacks of latent anger that she is still talking about them.

Mwalimu Rachel: Sailors have no one to blame but themselves

There is a song I like by Jay Z called “Lost Ones” in which he starts off by referencing his falling out with Damond Dash where he says “I heard some motherfers say that they made Hov/ I’m like, well, Ok, make another Hov”.

Simply put, if Mwalimu Rachel believes she is the person who made Sailors who they are artistically, then let her focus her energies on creating another group rather than telling us things no one has ever asked her about.

Because it beggers the question of whether she was behind the collaboration between Ethic Entertainment and Konshens. But at the end of the day, only Bitter Bettys sit back and continue to pine about past relationships. The smart play here is for her to finally move on once and for all.

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How the lull in Gengeton has led to popularity of Amapiano

Gengeton is a Kenyan genre that evolved from Genge, the hiphop subgenre born out of California based Calif Records which had acts such as Nonini and JuaCali. The subgenre had died once its luminaries stopped producing music. Actually, at that point in time, Kenya’s entertainment scene was bereft of content, not talent. We still had the likes of Sauti Sol but due to the lack of Kenyan music, we turned to Naija for entertainment.

Meet Gengetone singer Mejja’s beautiful daughter 

Gen Z however, has come back to rediscover, reimagine and recreate Genge hence Gengeton was born. And my word they have been churning pout music in such a prolific rate that we finally had market saturation. Regardless of what you wanted to listen to, you would find it.

Ethic Entertainment
Gengeton group Ethic Entertainment

Gengeton was a complete hit in 2019 when it began to take off. But come 2020, with the quarantine period enforced by GoK, Gengetone artists such as Sailors, Boondocks Gang and Ochungulo family could no longer perform. Especially since the strictest form of the curfew was in place for the better part of the year -it is still in place in some form right now.

Exray apologizes to fans after flopped Gengetone festival in Machakos (Video)

Artists could no longer perform so there was no money being earned or circulated within entertainment. So why bother churning out as much musical content? Might as well focus on something else to help you pay your bills. As a result, in Kenya, we have witnessed the rise in popularity of Amapiano, a South African subgenre of Kwaito.

Boondocks Gang and Sailors Gang
Gengeton groups Boondocks Gang and Sailors Gang

As they say, dunia ni duara and things really do go full circle. We have witnessed the rise and fall of Genge (and other Kenyan genres) which was then replaced by Naija-pop. From there, we saw the rise of Gengeton which made it popular to declare your love for Kenyan music. Now, however, we are experiencing the rise in popularity of Amapiano.

The second wave of Gengetone is here and it’s unstoppable

The simple way to look at this turn of events is the fact that whenever we have a strong culture and the vehicle being music, Kenyans embrace and celebrate their own. But when it is absent, we have no option but to jump on whatever is hot from abroad.

Genge rapper Mejja transitioned to doing Gengeton

If we want Kenyans to embrace Kenyan culture, we have to feed their hunger for Kenyan content. And this is where the gauntlet is thrown to Gengeton artists. Clearly, there is a hunger for the sub-genre and our most talented artists need to fill that niche. Proof of the fact is how Kenyans have embraced Otile Brown and Sauti Sol and they are cornering their market by being consistent.

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The arrogance of Mwalimu Rachel in dispute with Sailors is off-putting

Mwalimu Rachel thinks her response to the queries surrounding her management of Sailors is a smart response from “an independent woman who don’t need no man™” but it is the type of trash manipulative slave drivers spew when they think they are above reproach. Not because they handled their affairs above board but because they are aware their victims can’t do anything to hold them accountable.

Mwalimu Rachel speaks after Sailors Gang drag her into yet another money scandal

You see, she is speaking about a group of artists whose talents, whose artistry is meant to pay their bills. Chances are high that they have no other focus or even skillset outside of their artistry. And they have been embroiled in a war of words with their former management team spearheaded by Mwalimu Rachel whose husband, K-Letta, by the way, is an artist (one has to wonder why she didn’t take advantage of him like she is doing with these boys).

Mwalimu Rachel
Mwalimu Rachel charged with robbery with violence

She on the other hand has been in the entertainment industry for quite a while so she knows the ropes. She also knows how to play with the naivete of these lads and she decided to “permit them to use her YouTube account to promote their music”. Thing is, she is the one who benefitted from this “risky” move. It begs the question of why she didn’t teach them how to create their own channel and understand the rules of YouTube including monetization. The more we delve into the topic, the more questions are raised about Mwalimu Rachel.

Mwalimu Rachel: Sailors have no one to blame but themselves

You see, when someone brings an issue to you that touches on how they pay their rent, feed themselves or take care of their loved ones, one of the worst things you can do is for you to come off as callous or to attempt to posture yourself like you’re above discussing certain things. If you’re going to be silent, STFU! If you’re going to speak up on things, you cannot have the nonsense of acting pompous.

Mwalimu Rachel
Radio personality, Mwalimu Rachel

To put this into perspective, she decided to manage some kids who no one really knew. She decided to take on that risk of her own volition. Did she help the kids? Yes. but she was a slave driver too and in today’s world, you cannot run a business like a plantation. And Mwalimu Rachel is on the record for having squeezed Miracle baby’s (the frontman of the group) friend’s nutsac and she joked about that too. So now we have a pattern becoming clearer.

Sailors Gang Vs Mwalimu Rachel, a case of exploitation, malice and utter greed

Now that her product has begun to take off, she feels she is owed their success. And that is a problem. That entitlement is off-putting. Let the boys go. if they fail, you were right all along. Go you. If they succeed however…

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Mwalimu Rachel: Sailors have no one to blame but themselves

Sailors played themselves in their situation with Mwalimu Rachel. The first time we heard about a falling out between this manager and artist duo, it was when she was accused of pulling down their video and holding them hostage aswell as her tirades against the Sailors members friends.

Sailors Gang Vs Mwalimu Rachel, a case of exploitation, malice and utter greed

The reports didn’t bode well for a sustainable professional relationship and even the manner in which damage control was handled showed an aloofness to criticism as well as a superiority complex. That said, sailors had to face whatever issues they were being shown on a constant basis so they should have known to expect it to continue. The one incident that comes to mind that lets me know these young men chose to ignore the red flags is when they had a video shoot after a funeral for a childhood friend.


Sometimes, as these things go, the funeral ran late and they were subsequently late for their video shoot. Mwalimu Rachel is said to have attacked one of the young men she found with the Sailors young men. That is not a normal reaction for a manager to have over her trustees. That is not even normal behaviour for a woman to have with her children. Why Sailors didn’t think they would be affected is beyond me. They should have known that people who are capable of squeezing your friend’s testes are capable of squeezing yours too.

Krg The Don Vs Sailors: Where mentorship fails

Now we find ourselves at the point where they should have handled a long time ago: setting up their own YouTube account. They kicked the can down the road one too many times and they are now at the point where they are essentially re-inventing themselves without necessarily having a plan.

Sailors Gang

They sunk all their efforts into growing Mwalimu Rachel’s YouTube account because lord knows it was stunted prior to Sailors putting their content on it but there is a silver lining. Depending on who owns the masters to the music, they should report her channel for copyright infringement and have the channel either taken down or their content taken off the channel. This ofcourse is in lieu of her dropping the one point five million shillings she claims Sailors owe for her managerial services.

NRG´s Radio presenter, Mwalimu Rachel´s scathing act that saw her spend a night behind bars

Yes, things got so bad to the point Mwalimu Rachel is now calling to collect on the monies she claims Sailors owe her for the managerial services she provided and perhaps this is the point at which Sailors should take an L, relinquish their claim to the musical content on her channel in exchange of their freedom. And again, they have no one to blame but themselves. You see, this is where mentorship is important. The reason for that is because a mentor who has been in the game for longer could have seen the pitfalls of the toxic relationship between the artists and their management and warned them to end the dalliance.

Teen socialite Shakilla faces Kenyans’ wrath after siding with KRG the Don and insulting Sailors as streets rats 

KRG da Don could have been that for Sailors. They shafted themselves when they insulted an OG who could have guided them. But the silver lining is that they are still young and they can still rebuild their career.


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Gengetone Kings Sailors gang back on the scene with another exciting song “Dunda”

‘Cessation or no cessation, Kenyans must Dunda,’ was the thought Sailors Gang had in mind when they did this song. Done to mark the first anniversary of their hit song “Wamlambez” and to also celebrate the birthday of Miracle Baby, one of the gang members

Dunda is sheng for party is surely a party

hit. The song is an awesome banger. Too bad the clubs aren’t operational otherwise this song would have been played in every single club in town.

The gang, widely known for their “Wamlambez” hit song. The song stuck on the minds of many and was trending for a very long time.

They have also done other songs including Jesu ni Mwathani, Wainame, and Pekejeng. They have also done collaborations with artists including Octopizzo, Nadia Mukami, Boondocks Gang, Joeffes.

Further, they are hailed for being among the few brains behind Gengetone music in Kenya.

Despite the controversies that emerged from their songs when they first began their art, the gang has stuck together and are determined to stay in the very competitive industry.


Dunda starts with their trademark screams at the beginning of the song.Sang in Swahili and their trademark language sheng.

Leo kuparty ni dunda

Na madem toka runda

Bibi ya Onjivo dunda amekam kunimunda

The sheng in this song needs a translator my friends.  But that’s beside the point, who needs to understand the lyrics of a song while they are partying. It’s the song one dances to when drunk or sober.

Video or no video the song is complete and is entertainment enough for any normal human being. Their fans are happy with just the audio as it is already trending.

We wish Miracle baby a happy birthday as we wait for more good music from this Gang in the future. For now, LET’S DUNDA!!!But hey remember to wash your hands.

Rating 9/10.

Below is the link enjoy.

Gengetone now becoming a nuisance to many Kenyans

Gengetone gave the entire Kenyan audience an opportunity to come back home and listen to Kenyan music in late 2018 and whole of 2019.

With small boy groups emerging almost simultaneously. They dropped what some felt was “too dirty” or raunchy for them. The shame crept in till it became a norm!!

They stirred a series of mixed reactions from Kenyans with a bunch of them like Sailors Gang, Boondocks gang, Ochungulo Family among others receiving accolades.

Well, as time went by, despite the cry to silence them they managed to curve their way to the hearts of a bunch of Kenyans that have been dancing to their tunes.

Furthermore, the groups have been lashed at in terms of content. Many would say that they thrive on vulgarity and nudity -which to some extent is true.

God’s Gengetone??

While we are still preparing for the Sunday service gengetone crept its way to the gospel industry when Sailors Gang gave us “Jesu Ni Mwathani”.

Well, we danced to that but with little whispers on how we are familiarising ourselves to God as though He is our mate.

When we thought that was the end then came to another Akorino group with another song about God dubbed “Piga Darama”

I mean don’t get it twisted am not judging a way of worshipping or praising but imagine “Piga darama” in the list of praise songs during a church service. Yes, your guess is just like mine, impossible!!!

Point is, this kupelekwa na rieng thing has now taken things to another level where we are now accepting nonsense. Sheddy empire messed it up further by doing a song in diapers something that many thought was going overboard all in the name of making music.

Gengetone nuisance

Gengetone producers are working hard every day to segment its audience within a particular geographical space of this country.

Despite the hullabaloo of accepting them we need to acknowledge the fact that they are now becoming a nuisance. Why? For publicity gain.

But for the sake of sanity and talent growth, there needs to be a control system on how this gengetone music should be done!!

Because God is to be respected there is no in-between and creativity doesn’t need you to sing about “mapunyeto” to gain an audience.

If you doubt, ask Khalighraph  Jones, he is the best rapper in Nigeria!!!! Ok am out!

Gengetone becoming a cliche?

For the better part of the year we have enjoyed dancing to the newly found Kenyan sound Gengetone.

With big songs like the recently banned ‘Kenyan anthem” Wamlambez  by Sailors gang, the Kaa na Mama yako by Ochungulo family are just but some of the big songs we have been jamming to.

So far the  gengetone groups have enjoyed or rather are still enjoying th elimelight that came with their new vibe.

They have had a taste of success in the ever changing music scene of the Kenyan dynamism. As time goes by you notice that the love for this groups is now at a dwidling stage.

Ochunglo Family with Ethic
Ochunglo Family with Ethic.

By this I mean their popularity is slowly fading.

For group like Ethic they have had their love hate kind a situation in the industry coupled witjh the scandals that befell them.At the same time the rumors of whether Swat had  left the group or not is something that we got our eyes on.

On the other hand  Ochungulo Family started of on a high note too with immense support from big artists like the Kansoul.Slowly their music turned and sounded exactly like their mentors which to some fans was really a turn off.

Before we could absorb that they did another song “Kong’o” which we thought we’d enjoy long enough.

However ,that didn’t happen because the song was pulled down.Reason we are yet to know.

Are they a cliche now?

As we ponder on reasons that have been pulling the gengetone groups down.

One is left to wonder are they turning out to be cliche?

Look at it this way before the wamlambez ban the gengetone anthems had ruled over the airwaves but now it seems like its now playing low.

The drumbells that were playing all over seem to be going off slowly.

Are we getting tired of these anthems?

Well, I hope not.

What inspires Kenyan Musicians stage names?

What inspires Kenyan Musicians stage names? Kenyan music is really trending and also an inspiration to some people around the world.

It has really been a struggle trying to keep the name up there. Majorly because of poor marketing in our own local stations. As time passes the  debate and cries of musicians have been heard.  As we can see lately, our music being well marketed in our own local channels.

What inspires Kenyan Musicians stage names?

Why some of this stage names?

Majority of the Kenyan artists do not use their real names or stage. Besides a few in which majority are the gospel artists. We find that most of the secular artists names tend to have been derived from sources, which we can not by ourselves understand why.

Looking deep into the secular industry most of the musicians are risen talents from the ghetto life. Many of the ghetto risen musicians tend to have  names they call ‘mtaani’ names.

What inspires Kenyan Musicians stage names?

Some are nicknames from friends or family, majority of the slang names have a meaning with the a sheng versions of it. In such a scenario we can say perhaps they do so to remind themselves where they came from.

Kenyan musicians on the other hand especially the young upcoming artists, on my opinion they do random lifting of names perhaps from vocabularies just to capture attention. Taking an example of “Ethic, Sailors, among others whatever the content they happen to sing in the secular industry is not what their names perhaps mean or should be delivering to their audiences.

Another lot is that group which just comes with random names that even we can’t tell what is  their inspiration? Should we call this the lost lot? Like Mr Yoo, we can’t even tell the reason behind such a name on stage. Majority of the musicians have random names which  they can’t  tell what the names on stage mean.

On the other hand to sell into music or rather to capture fans attention, we must agree this weird names serve them well.

Does a stage name really matter?

Among other people those names serve them well  and thus they enable them have lots of fans. Looking back some musicians like the likes of Nyota Ndogo, Jua Kali, Nameless, this  are among the few names which we can tell a meaning. This stage names are more of attention  and that’s what enables them to get known.

What inspires Kenyan Musicians stage names?

After all it is  all about how they sell to attract the public otherwise we can as well call it a waste of time and resources. Should we confront a number of them and get their opinions on the same? Perhaps it will serve our question better which you and me can’t resolve now.


Ghetto anthem artists are like ‘Small Kiosks’

Ghetto anthem artists are like ‘Small Kiosks’. It is a time when new age music is really taking over the Kenyan music industry. This is the kind of music that we refer to as ghetto anthems. We are a time where content does not matter. Everybody is singing about sex, drugs, women and twerking.

Ochungulo family ghetto anthem

To start with, today everybody is forming a group in their hood and before we even know it they have a song. It is said that music is an art and it goes hand in hand with talents.

We have producers who have really tried to promote our musicians and it is a good thing. We are only lacking honesty to tell people that what they are singing is trash. First, we need to ask ourselves which direction our music should go.

Why are they Like small kiosks?

To start with we all know what kiosks are. This are small structures either in an estate or at the side of the road. They are so many that they have to compete for customers. In the same ghetto anthem artists can only be compared to kiosks. Why? Today we have more than 10 groups all singing in the same style.

Rico Gang; Ghetto anthem

With this I call them kiosks because we are tasked to choose where we should buy or invest our energy. I mean look at all this people

Ethic Entertainment

Rico Gang

Boondocks Gang

Ochungulo Family


Zzero Sufuri and so many others.

There is a question that all these groups need to ask themselves. What makes them unique from the other group? If they cannot answer this then they are as good as dead.  Common sense dictates that they will be out of the market even before they know it.

You know that music is a competition. We as the fans are the judges in this case and all we will have to do is say may the best team win.

Even the shops when the consumers are tired and not interested in whatever is being sold they shift making the other shop to close. In the near future we will be forced to listen to only one group.

Why so?

If all this group stick with the same style then we will have to chose from others. They only need to restructure their music before their target audience is tired. I will pose these question here, Who do you think will carry the day in this ghetto anthems in future?

Be the judge. Do not argue with me on this because you’ll later come to confirm this when maybe only Ethic or Sailors or Ochungulo will take the day. Am not a prophet or a judge but truth be told.