Mike Sonko’s second born daughter takes a swipe at toxic family members

Out of the 3 girls Mike Sonko has, we only get to see Saumu and Sandra living their best lives; but not so much for Salma who seems to be the odd one out; who rarely appears on family portraits not forgetting events.

However thanks to her social medias we got to learn that her relationship with daddy, former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko; has not always been rosy and I’m thinking this has something to do with Salma’s late mum.

Salma hanging out with niece, baby Sasha

Anyway despite being from a rich family turns out that Salma understands rejection from friends and family quite well. Talk about beautiful but unlucky; well, she made this known in a new post that read;

Take everything personal. Your friend didn’t help you celebrate your birthday but help other friends celebrate. Take it personal.

About family

Well, since Salma can’t really wash her family’s dirty linen in public – clearly there must be some dirt; the young lass instead have obvious hints and we cannot blame her for feeling a little sensitive.

Salma Mbuvi

The same post read;

Family members invite certain family members to gatherings but not you….take it personal.


All I know is that most girls/women will always throw shade using posts like that of Salma; and hopefully next time Salma will end up sharing more.

Mike Sonko’s second born daughter unveils photos of handsome man warming her bed

By now Mike Sonko’s daughters have reached the legal age where they can date and introduce their men to fans on social media. His eldest daughter, Saumu Mbuvi has turned her private life into everybody’s business – but who are we to complain.

After nasty breakup with Ben Gatu – Saumu Mbuvi moved on (about 2 years later) moves on with Senator Loitiptip; but as the story goes – this also ended in premium tears. But si ni life?

Saumu dumped by baby daddy

Away from Saumu and Sandra Mbuvi who are well known on social media; the Mbuvi’s have another sister ‘Salma’ who has managed to stay low key for a few years after announcing about her mum’s illness on social media. For some reason, Salma seems quite different from her sisters; as she prefers staying low key than publicizing her life.

Finally we meet Salma’s boyfriend

Anyway the young lady is also not so low key as she recently went on to unveil photos of her hot boyfriend as seen on her Instagram page.

Salma hanging out with niece, baby Sasha

Well, this is definitely the love of her life as she captioned the photos on her page saying;

Salma’s better half

If I know what love is, it is because of you ????

Clearly the only Mbuvi sister not getting genuine love is Saumu Mbuvi; but how about she tries acting low key for once and see if she will bag a good man?

Salma parades handsome boyfriend
Sonko’s daughter with her heartbeat

Sonko’s daughter celebrates Diamond’s arrest and calls for tough action against him

Diamond Platnumz was arrested on Monday evening April 16th. Police took the singer into custody after he released ‘explicit’ videos on social media.

Speaking in parliament on Tuesday April 17th, Tanzania’s minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe said that Diamond would be prosecuted for violating the country’s accepted moral standards.

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Salma Mbuvi reacts
Salma Mbuvi

Mike Sonko’s daughter Salma Mbuvi is pleased that police arrested Diamond Platnumz. The Nairobi governor’s daughter says that Diamond should be locked in prison for at least a year.

“Love how karma strikes people he should have been locked up 1 year nkt shameless man,” wrote Salma Mbuvi on social media.


Salma Mbuvi’s mum admitted in hospital

Hours after revealing Mike Sonko’s eldest daughter is in hospital; happens that his other daughter’s mum is also receiving treat at popular hospital.

Through her social media pages the young Salma Mbuvi shared a post urging friends and well wishers to donate blood for her ailing mum. According to Salma, her mum needed blood type O+ to help her blood clot and allow medication to progress as expected.

She went on to add those willing to help should meet at the Nairobi women’s Adams arcade where she her mum is admitted. She wrote saying;

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Saumu Mbuvi hospitalized

The news comes shortly after learning that Saumu Mbuvi had also been hospitalized at the Nairobi hospital. Details about her whereabouts are scares but thanks to the reports online we understand that she is doing fine.

Who did it better showing off guns? 15 photos of Kenyan celebrities brandishing deadly assault rifles

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A few celebrities in Kenya are licensed gun holders. The like of Prezzo is known to carry his gun everywhere he goes. The rapper has also been caught in endless gun dramas.

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